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Soul Travel Secrets Revealed by Eckankar

Soul Travel Secrets Revealed by Eckankar

The science of soul travel is something that has intrigued seekers of the spiritual path since the beginning of time.

Soul travel is something that every person on planet earth does every night when they sleep. The different bodies travel to their prospective planes of consciousness. I personally, am an advocate of soul travel as opposed to astral travel.

Soul travel is where you separate from your physical body and travel to the higher dimensions of God’s universe. Astral travel is where you separate from your physical body and travel to the astral plane.

If you travel in your astral body, the highest and only plane you can travel in is the astral plane. The astral plane is again, the plane of glamour and illusion from the perspective of the Ascended Masters. If you travel in soul body you can travel through the astral, mental, up into the soul plane itself.

It is also possible to travel in our mental body and, in truth, in all of our seven bodies. When we become Ascended Masters we will travel in our glorified Light body.

People travel in their mental body all the time and don’t realize it. When you intensely think about someone and maybe intensely wonder what they are doing, you are projecting your mental body there and trying to tune into them. Those who are on the spiritual path go when you are sleeping, in your soul body to the ashram of the Master with whom you are associated on the inner plane of your particular ray time. Now here comes the big question. If all this is going on how come we aren’t aware of it?

The answer to this is that sometimes we remember faint recollections of this when we wake up in the morning. We may remember attending classes or learning some important information or guidance or direction. Sometimes we remember flying in our dreams, which is usually a sign that we have been astral traveling.

Sometimes we may remember visiting someone in our other bodies. Other times we may have a lucid dream, which is where we are dreaming but we are totally conscious while we are dreaming. This is definitely a form of soul travel, for we are awake in our dream body. If you have this type of lucid dream definitely use your wakefulness to create your reality in the dream state that you want to.

I will give some tools later in this chapter for encouraging this type of experience to come about. Now the real science of soul travel is to learn to leave your body and travel in your soul and be lucid and conscious while doing it, and to be able to create this experience at will. The only problem is that for most people on this planet this is not the easiest thing to do.

We all have had the experience when we meditate, to a certain extent. We all have experienced going on guided meditations into outer space or the spiritual world. Most often it is a fragment of ourselves that is going, or our mental body that is going, and it is not a complete out of body experience. In this chapter I will attempt to give you some tools and techniques that make this experience of a full out of body soul traveling experience more likely to happen.

Why Soul Travel?

Soul travel allows us to have a direct experience of God. It gives one an absolute knowingness that we are not our physical bodies, in truth. Soul travel allows us to travel to seven dimensions of reality and explore, not just one dimension of reality. Conscious soul travel, allows us to meet with the masters in our other bodies and be guided by them and bring this information back to earth.

Rudolph Steiner, who was past president of the Theosophical Society, and then broke away and started his own society, received much of his knowledge by soul traveling for long periods of time and then bringing back vast amounts of advanced esoteric scientific knowledge.

One of the greatest soul travelers of all time was the poet, Saint Kabir (past life of Sai Baba), who never read books but received all his knowledge directly from God through soul travel.

When you have this experience it is usually best to call for your spiritual teacher while out of body, so you have a guide to these inner worlds. Just as when we travel on the earth plane to a strange country we often hire a trustworthy guide to show us the best spots and teach us about their country. The same is true of soul traveling.

When we travel in our soul body, we travel with the power of our minds. If we want to go to Saturn all we have to do is think Saturn and we are instantly there. There is no time or space once we leave our body, just as we all know that energy follows thought, and that our thoughts create our feelings, emotions, actions and what we attract into our lives.

The secret of soul travel is really the same thing. We project our minds where we want to go and the body will follow. This is the key breakthrough point of learning to soul travel. Usually we project our minds but our full body does not follow, at least consciously, that is.

I remember my first out of body experience. It came as a result of going on a short fast. I had not eaten all day, and I spent the day doing counseling. When I got home very late, I didn’t want to eat right before bed so I just skipped a couple of meals. As I lay in bed I felt this feeling of, something like wind blowing through me. I closed my eyes and was enjoying it and next thing I knew I was out of my body floating up towards the ceiling. I was aware how I could guide where I was going with my mind.

This experience was totally different from partially leaving the body in a guided meditation type of experience. I was definitely out of my body and saw it laying on the bed. Next thing I knew I was up in space and it was beautiful. The only problem is that I got scared that I was going to fall, and the second I gave into the fear, I began to fall. I prayed to God for help and the next thing I knew I was back in my physical body and my heart was pounding a mile a minute.

There are many friends I have who can soul travel or astral travel at will any time they want, and have proven it to me. I, personally, am not as proficient at it as they are. That is why I have studied about it so extensively and tried to learn everything there is to know about it and how to create it for myself and others.

There are a number of spiritual organizations that specialize in the science of soul travel. The most well known is probably Eckancar, which was founded by Paul Twitchell. Two other well known spiritual teachers who were part of Eckancar and left to start their own spiritual organizations were Darwin Gross and John Roger.

Darwin Gross was actually the head of Eckancar after Paul Twitchell’s death, I believe, however, after a time there was some kind of division in the organization and he stepped down and formed his own group.

The following chart is a conglomeration of all three of these groups. Since I am so closely affiliated with Djwhal Khul’s ashram, I personally don’t use their system or format. Every spiritual teacher seems to have different names for the different dimensions of reality. Even though this is the case, I do find their cosmology quite fascinating.

The Science of Soul Travel Mantras

Mantra/Chant Dimension Ruler Sound Color

Alayi (senses) Physical Elam Thunder Brown to Green
Kala (emotion) Astral Jot Niranjan Roar of the Sea Pink to Red
Mana (memory) Causal Ramkar Tinkling of Bells Orange
Aum (mind) Mental Omkar Running of Water Blue
Baju (intuition) Etheric So Hang The Buzzing of Bees Violet
Sugmad Atma Lok Sat Nam Single not of Flute Gold to White
Shanti Alakh Lok Alakh Purusha Wind Yellow to White
Hum Alaya Lok Alaya Purusha Humming Sound White
Aluk Hukikat Lok Hukikat Purusha Thousand Violins White
Huk Agam Lok Agam Purusha Music of Woodwinds (unknown)
Hu Animi Lok Animi Purusha Sound of Whirlpool (unknown)
Unspoken Sugmad Lok Submad Purusha Music of the Spheres (unknown)
Unspoken word Sugmad Sugmad Music of God (unknown)

You will notice in the chart, first the names of the dimensions of reality. Then you will also see on another column the sounds coming from these planes. Even though I don’t relate to their cosmology as to how they describe the dimensions of reality, the sounds that come from these different planes I know are accurate. This is something I have learned about in my training from studying the Eastern paths and in particular Sabda or Nada Yoga.

Even Paramahansa Yogananda has spoken of these exact same sounds coming from each of these dimensions of reality. Then you will also see the mantra that is associated with each of the different dimensions of reality.

One of the secrets of soul travel is to chant these mantras or others that you already know of, and the sound will actually carry you to the dimension of reality with which it is associated. This is something that I would recommend that you experiment with, for example, in this chart, the mantra "Aum" is associated with the mental plane. I checked this out with Djwhal Khul and He told me that this was true. He also told me a fascinating bit of information.

  • Amen: Lemurian Root Race
  • Aum: Atlantean Root Race
  • Om: Aryan Root Race
  • Ong: The new Meruvian Root Race which is just coming in now.

If it is OK with your inner guidance, you might experiment also with some of the mantras on this chart. Especially, I would recommend the "hu" mantra which Djwhal Khul has associated with the third eye chakra in His teachings through the Tibetan Foundation.

You will also notice on the chart, the listing of the colors that are supposed to be associated with the different dimensions. All three of the organizations that specialize in the science of soul travel that I mentioned in the beginning of this section, deal very much with the light and sound of God.

In this chart you will also notice the name of the Cosmic Being who is supposed to govern each dimension, which I find quite interesting. For example, the Sikhs use a mantra, sat nam, which they got from Guru Nanak or maybe even Kabir. Sat Nam turns out to be the Cosmic Being that governs the soul plane.

Paramahansa Yogananda, in the Self Realization Fellowship, teaches the meditation hong sau, which means, I Am the Self. He says it is actually the sound of the breath as humans breathe. It is closely associated to the so ham mantra.

Interesting enough, if you look at the chart, "Sohang" is the name of the Cosmic Being who governs the etheric plane in their system. In the system of Eckancar, they call God "Sugmad", which I had never heard before studying Eckancar.

One other interesting association is the Cosmic Being, Omkar, on the mental plane. In Sai Baba’s ashram, the morning practice of chanting aum twenty one times to start the day, is called Omkar. These synchronicities are enough to definitely get one’s attention.

The great spiritual Master who guided Paul Twitchell, was Rebazar Tarz. Of all the spiritual Masters associated with all these various groups, I, personally, had the best feeling about him of all those involved. I think there are certain Masters that specialize in the soul traveling experience and He is one I most definitely trust.

The nice thing about learning to soul travel is that you can shed your other bodies (physical, etheric, astral, mental) and travel to the highest planes of God. Another person who tells a fantastic story of his soul travel experience was J.J. Hurtak in his introduction to "The Keys of Enoch". He tells of being taken out of his body and guided by Enoch, and Metatron into the highest spiritual planes, where the 64 keys of Enoch were implanted into his third eye. On his return to earth he wrote "The Keys of Enoch", which can only be described as a revelation from God.

The practice of soul travel is really the beginning stages of learning to bilocate. The first step is to travel some place in your soul body. The next step for us to learn will be to travel to a distant location and even bring our physical body with us. If we can bring our soul body, why can’t we bring all our bodies. At the time of ascension and our sixth initiation we will all be able to do this if not before.

According to Paul Twitchell, once we learn to travel in our soul body we can travel to the highest spiritual plane without limitation, where the other bodies below the soul level are limited to the plane with which they are associated.

Another advantage of soul travel is that there is much service work that can be done on the inner plane. C. W. Leadbeater, of the Theosophical Society, learned to travel out of his body at night and have total recall. He would take disciples every night to the home of El Morya, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, for teaching in the Himalayan mountains. His students often would not remember very much, but he would remember much of the teachings and what went on at their different initiations.

Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh order, was also an expert in soul travel. He followed right along in the footsteps of Kabir.

Another advantage of learning to soul travel is that if one should physically die before their ascension they can consciously leave their body at will at death. In India this is called Mahasamadi. Paramahansa Yogananda demonstrated this at his death. He gave a lecture and then just left his body.

Pythagoras taught his disciples to go out through their crown chakra and gain control of their body and environment from a distance.

One of the most important practices in dealing with soul travel is to learn total self control over your mental and emotional bodies. It is our attitude and attention and state of consciousness that determines where we go. Soul travel is not for someone who is not in control of their energies. The soul can leave the body through any of the chakras, just as in the case of death.

I would recommend always leaving out of the crown if possible, or at least the third eye. You must control you mind during this experience because it is your thought that will determine where you will be instantly traveling. Indulge in negative emotions and you will end up in the lower astral plane.

The three keys to soul travel are the use of thought, light, and sound. as one begins to soul travel, they will find their sensitivity to and awareness of the light and sound will greatly increase. The practitioner can also use beams of light and sound to travel on.

Guru Nanak tells in his writings of being taken by angels to the fifth plane where he stood before the "Sat Nam", the Cosmic Being governing that plane. Appolonius of Tyanna (Master Jesus in His next incarnation and a fifth degree initiate), had the ability to be in two places at once.

The Master Sai Baba is another striking example of this most remarkable ability. Zoroaster (Buddha) was taken in His soul body into the higher realms where he appeared before the Supreme Being. It was here that He was given His mission in the material universe. In His life He was to have many such experiences which are recorded in His writings.

Mohammed had similar soul travel experiences of traveling to the seven heavens, and recorded his experiences in His writings. Hermes (an incarnation of the Buddha again) was reported to have traveled in His soul body to the higher worlds and met Osiris. Osiris took Hermes to the highest spiritual worlds. This was all recorded in His book, "The Vision of Hermes".

We can see here that the potentials in learning to soul travel are unfathomable. This brings me to the question of whether there are any dangers of out of body experience.

Dangers of Out of Body Experience

On meditating on this subject, a couple of thoughts come to mind. The first is again to try and travel in your soul body rather than you astral body, so as not to be limited to just the astral plane.

Secondly there is the issue of what happens if you run into trouble in an out of body experience. This can happen especially in the astral plane. The first safe guard is to always travel with your spiritual teacher until you become a master at it. Don’t be a big shot and go exploring on your own when you are a beginner.

If you run into trouble you can start praying for help. Thirdly is to immediately project yourself back to your physical body. Paul Solomon told a story of how he tried to get into an inner plane mystery school without being invited. He was surrounded by all these dark figures. He has recommended saying your name, which is the mantra of your particular physical body.

One other danger I heard of was a lady I met who would astral travel all the time. She was traveling for about 45 minutes and when she came back to her body she couldn’t get back in. Her fear attracted all kinds of dark astral figures that started to glob on to her.

She was screaming at the top of her "astral lungs" when Sai Baba appeared and yelled, "silence". He got rid of the lower astral beings, and told her that the reason she couldn’t get back into her body was that she somersaulted out of it, and the law states that if you somersault out, you have to somersault back in. Sai Baba then picked her up and somersaulted her back into her body.

Stories such as this must be a warning that out of body experiences not something to play with lightly. You need a trustworthy guide. Pray for protection and the help of your spiritual teacher and the Ascended Masters before you start the exercises I will be giving you. As long as you are under the care and guidance of the Ascended Masters you will be fine. People run into trouble when they innocently and unconsciously don’t ask for this help.

Soul travel, in actuality, is a very normal and natural thing once you learn how to do it. It will take no effort at all once the ability is learned, which is true of any new habit. I do not mean to scare you with this section, but rather to keep the whole process in the proper perspective.

The Techniques Leading to the Ability to Soul Travel

In this section I will give you a whole list of tools and techniques and you can experiment with them and use your intuitive guidance as to which ones you gravitate towards. Begin all these techniques with a prayer of protection and ask for help from your soul, monad, spiritual teacher, and the Ascended Masters.

    1. Lie on your bed and make sure you will not be bothered by the phone ringing or interrupted in some fashion. Get comfortable and then place your attention in your third eye. Visualize a blank screen and then visualize your place of destination. Your destination can be some place in this world or in a higher dimension. In the beginning it could be another room in your own house or a friend’s house, if you feel more comfortable.
      The idea is to visualize your destination with all your five senses. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it. Make it so real it is like you are not just seeing yourself there, but rather you are actually there. Remember the law that wherever your thought goes, your body must follow.
    2. The second method is the same as the first, except you think about being there rather than visualizing it. Some people visualize better than others. Both methods are equally as effective. Ideally, you can use both of these methods simultaneously. In the experience of soul travel you will all of a sudden find yourself in the place you were thinking and visualizing about.
    3. One of the ways to condition yourself for an out of body experience is to read and study about it. This serves as an auto-suggestion to your subconscious and to your soul to create the experience. I would add to this, praying to your soul, monad, spiritual teacher and Masters for their help in helping you to have this experience.
      Be patient. It may take some perseverance and patience at first. Some people can do it quite easily, others have to practice more. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
    4. Go to bed at night deeply concentrating on some place you want to go. Make this desire super strong. Make your destination on this dimension or one of the higher spiritual planes. Allow yourself to fall asleep with this being the last thought on your mind. This is based on the law stated in the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna said that where you go when you die is the last thought in your mind. The same is true when you go to sleep. If you go to sleep watching the news, you might end up in Somalia or Bosnia.
      This technique is from Paul Twitchell’s book, "Eckankar, the Key to Secret Worlds". He suggests that trying this method causes one to wake up often out of their body floating above themselves. If this does happen, then immediately think of your destination again and you will find yourself instantly there.
    5. The next technique is also from Paul Twitchell’s book, which I am varying slightly. As you are falling asleep just say to yourself over and over again. "I am leaving my body. I am going to ____________!
    6. Another method is to say a mantra over and over again, whether inwardly or out loud. And allow your consciousness to ride the sound current to its destination on the inner planes. See yourself like metaphysical surfing, riding the wave of sound or light, if your are more visual.
    7. Go through your entire body and give it suggestions to relax. You might like to use a type of self hypnosis or relation tape. When your physical, emotion and mental bodies are totally relaxed then give yourself the suggestion that you are not leaving your body out of the top of the head through the crown chakra. Visualize and see yourself doing this.
    8. Go to your metaphysical bookstore (such as the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles) and buy guided meditation tapes for leaving the body.
    9. Imagine a cone on the top of your head, imagine passing through it and popping out through the top of it.
    10. Imagine a rope coming down from your monad and soul. See yourself holding on to it and your soul and monad pulling you right out the top of your head while you hold on to the rope. Actually ask your soul, monad and Ascended Masters to pull up the rope.
    11. Visualize yourself in your merkabah vehicle (like a double terminated crystal) and see yourself spinning inside your body in a clockwise motion. Spin faster and faster until you spin like a top right out of your crown chakra.
    12. Try any one of these techniques after fasting for the day. Food tends to ground you in your body until you master the technique and habit of doing it.
    13. Imagine that you are looking at yourself in a mirror. Then transfer yourself into the mirror image and look back at yourself.
    14. Stare at a candle in a darkened room for fifteen minutes until you are in a deep hypnotic state and then give yourself the suggestion that you are now leaving the body. Experts suggest that the more relaxed you are, the easier it happens. People often say, also, that they hear a crackling or popping sound as they leave.
    15. Another technique from Scott Rogo’s book, "Leaving the Body",is to imagine yourself as like steam rising from a hot rag, or steam kettle on the stove. See the steam just rising up right though the crown chakra.
    16. Other techniques of Scott Rogo’s are to concentrate on a space a yard or two in front of the body and try to step into it.
    17. Concentrate on a spot above the head and try to rise up into it.
    18. Visualize a horizontal bar above your head. With your spiritual arms pull yourself right out of the body and give your spiritual body a command as to where you want it to go.
    19. Just to imagine or pretend you are soul traveling may be the best method of all. If you pretend enough, pretty soon you will find yourself doing it. Fake it till you make it. This will give a super powerful message to your subconscious mind.
    20. Write out on a piece of paper that "I am leaving my body tonight and traveling to __________!" Put this piece of paper under your pillow or under your mattress. The subconscious mind often needs a physical stimulus to be convinced.
    21. Write in your journal as you are going to bed, that you are going to leave your body tonight. Write this 21 times right before bed and then put the notebook under your pillow. This will definitely get the suggestion into your subconscious mind.
    22. Imagine that you are flying, like superman, every night before bed, to various destinations.
    23. Visualize a spot in the corner of your bedroom. In your mind, project yourself there and look back at your body. Make this as real as possible. See every detail. Hold this until you either leave your body or fall asleep. This, again, will be a powerful suggestion to your subconscious mind.
    24. During the daytime say to yourself 100 times a day, "I am going to leave my body while I sleep tonight and remain lucid." Part of what makes this happen is super intense desire. Make up your mind that you are going to have this experience if it is the last thing you ever do.
      Pray to God religiously three times a day for the next six months for His help in making it happen. Paul Solomon told a very interesting story about healing that has a correlation here. He said that if a person was willing to give their entire life to caring for and healing another person in total and complete selfless service, then they could heal in an instant.
      The correlation here is that if you would be willing to practice and work with these tools for you entire life and build up that much desire and intention then, in reality, you could have the experience any moment you desire. You are God, and energy in all its various forms follows thought.
      If you 100% make up your mind, it is going to happen and if you are willing to practice and pray and do the exercises, then it will. It has to, because you are God!!! We are just conditioned through many lifetimes and this one, to identify with the physical body at all costs. This is the nature of the ego.
    25. Another method is to practice this as you fall into the hypnogogic state. The hypnogogic state is that state between sleep and wakefulness. It is a state of hyper-suggestability, and deep meditation. You can practice giving yourself the suggestion here right before falling asleep at night and as you are just waking up in the morning or in the middle of the night when you wake up and turn over, give yourself the suggestion and command, "I am leaving my body and going to (wherever you want)." If you need to, add the suggestion that you will be "conscious, aware and lucid" during this experience.
    26. Visualize yourself standing next to your own physical body and inspecting it.
    27. Another friend of mine would leave his body by squeezing an object as hard as he could for as long as he could until he was exhausted and the object fell out of his hands. Then he would give himself the suggestion to project right out of the body.
    28. Another avenue for learning soul travel is to go at it through lucid dreaming. If you can become lucid while dreaming, you can give yourself the suggestion while traveling in your dream body. One technique might be saying to yourself as you are falling asleep, "I am lucid in my dreams." Say this over and over again as you are falling asleep, or write it in your journal.
      Another technique from Stephen Laberge’s book, "Lucid Dreaming", is to count backwards from 100 down to zero. At each count backwards say, "I’m dreaming". Just the intent to be lucid in your dreams will begin to make it start to happen.
      A very excellent technique from Stephen Laberge’s book, "Lucid Dreaming", which I highly recommend, goes as follows. When you awake from a dream, go over it in your mind until you memorize it. Then go back to bed and give yourself the suggestion "next time I’m dreaming, I want to remember and recognize I am dreaming."
      Then visualize yourself as being back in the dream as you memorized it, only this time, see yourself realizing that you are lucid in the dream. Give yourself this suggestion and visualization a number of times before falling back to sleep. This particular technique is extremely effective for inducing a lucid dream.
    29. Another technique for learning to soul travel is to lay in bed and visualize yourself hovering above your bed looking down at yourself. Visualize this super clearly and then do a reversal and become the other you that is now looking at your physical body lying on the bed.
    30. This next method is a real interesting one. I found this in a book called, "Have an Out of body Experience in 30 Days", by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub. I am shortening their method for my purposes.

The idea is to pick an outdoor spot like in a park, for example. Then pick an indoor spot other than your bedroom. Go to the outdoor spot and close your eyes and then imagine you are having an out of body experience. Open your eyes and look around the park pretending you are out of your body.

Then go to your indoor spot and do the same thing. Don’t fiddle around with physical things, because you would not be able to do this of you were out of your body. Make it totally real. Then go back to your bedroom and lie down and imagine that you are back in the outdoor spot, as you remembered it when you were practicing or imagining being out of your body.

Do the same for the indoor spot. Then imagine you are floating above your body as you fall asleep. If you wake and you are out of your body, give yourself the suggestion immediately to go to your outdoor spot and then indoor spot.

One last technique is to lay in bed and rotate your soul body like you are rolling over, while the physical body remains in the same position. In a sense you are separating from your physical body by twisting out of it. Once you are separated, then leave through the crown chakra.



By Dr Joshua David Stone
& CrystalWind.ca

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