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Discover Your Higher Self: The Path to Elevated Consciousness!

Discover Your Higher Self: The Path to Elevated Consciousness!

One day you wake up and feel that you are somehow out of your mind. 

Your psyche is shattered and something is happening in your head as well. It's as if the hitherto dormant parts of your brain are activated and suddenly transmits data about who you are, leaving you quite confused. Suddenly you are not who you thought you were. New energy is coming into your heart and your thoughts to heal you.

One day you look in the mirror and suddenly you see yourself with a third eye. You will see your true nature and it will shock you. You won't be able to explain it.  You considered yourself a level-headed and rational person, but what you have now encountered has turned your world upside down. You hear sounds that have no explainable origin… Do you recognize yourself in this description? Big congratulations then. You have experienced a spiritual awakening.

Angels are speaking to you

The Universe is calling you to ascend to a higher state of consciousness and connect with your true Self… Is it worth it? Yes it does because you are now ready to vibrate at a higher level. Your biological and energy cells, filled and fueled by the Power of the Higher Source, let you know that they are ready to proceed. You really have no control over it as it is an organic and natural process of your personal growth.

You may notice that religious prayers no longer mean anything to you. They are sterile and do not appeal to the truly powerful supreme power that has connected with you. You may find yourself realizing that religion actually separates us from this higher power because it tries to come between the two of you and tell you how to do things and what to feel. And that is unacceptable. There are no intermediaries or interpreters between you and your higher self. You don't need anyone to tell you how to cultivate your private and personal relationship with spiritual power. It is yours and no one else's.

Ascension shows you that you have been living in some form of self-delusion all along and now is the time to live in truth. Your Higher Self reveals some secrets of the Universe to you. For example, that there are beings who want you to live in truth and to know that you are part of a wonderful and eternal Source that will never be angry with you or punish you for anything.

On the contrary, this Source is filled with love, compassion and empowering energy.

You learn to respect your time and realize the wider reach of your work. Everything you do is simultaneously experienced by several beings around you, and your spirit guides are also present, eager to help and advise you. You are able to perceive data about anyone you focus your mind on. Your Higher Self is able to tell you if this person is in tune with your energy or not. You can feel it sending you hints.

You begin to notice how the blue light trails behind you when you move, or when you stare at one point for a while, and how the light trails behind the people around you. If you wake up in the night feeling stuck, feeling like your life is going nowhere and starting to despair, your higher self will speak to you and tell you to look at the door and not the wall. It soothes your soul and lulls you to sleep.

It's an Individual Journey

Often the experience of spiritual ascension in the presence of those who are not yet awake is a lonely journey. You will likely experience aggression and energy attacks if you show it. It makes you wonder if there is something wrong with you or the people around you… who is the fool? Is it you or the people trying to trample and humiliate you?

Sometimes when you're talking, you hear that it's not really you talking. That this wise force is speaking through you.

Respect what your higher self is teaching you. Accept the fact that you are a unique being.  Your thoughts and opinions are important. What you do and love has meaning and reason.

You are here to accomplish something - big or small - and to be a hope for other people who are about to walk the same path as you. As you embrace your spiritual development, you can also help them on their unique journey of self-discovery of their relationship to the extraordinary Universe.

Believe in yourself

Don't expect sleepers to explain to you what is happening to you because they have absolutely no idea. You will only hear misinformation from them. People you may love may begin to suggest that you are a jerk. This inhibiting mental program can be devastating to your mental health and inner integrity. It can cast a dark shadow over spirituality and metaphysics, thus damaging your path and development.

Keep your mind open and clear. Try not to compare yourself to other people, because you are not other people . Persevere in a good work and you will see that you reap the fruits. Remember that your Higher Self is still with you. You are not going through anything that someone else has not gone through before you. While this may seem like a complete abnormality to you, it is simply something that people with the necessary level of spiritual awareness will go through at some point - and you are now one of them.

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