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Unlock Your Soul: Mastering the Art of Inner Dialogue

Unlock Your Soul: Mastering the Art of Inner Dialogue

Mystics, sages, poets and shamans have always known that souls do not speak human language. 

Instead, it communicates with us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, intense feelings, and coincidences. Most of us have never been taught to tune into the sacred and the voice of our true nature. Unfortunately, due to our social conditioning, we have largely relied solely on the mind and its interpretation of reality. As a result of the emphasis on facts and linear logic, most people feel like they have been left with an empty gaping hole. To avoid the pain of this inner emptiness, we fill it with consumption, addictions, violence, and endless distraction.

Sometimes a traumatic or extreme event shakes us and throws us out of our usual way of perceiving existence, which can cause us to focus on other values ​​in life. But for the most part, most people tend to miss the big, glaring signs that their soul is trying to communicate with them.

We tend to distrust, ignore, or doubt any sacred form of communication we receive from soul because of our busy, overscheduled, hyper stimulating lives.

How can we begin to intentionally tune in to this gentle inner voice? How can we listen to our soul's vital messages and be guided by its life-changing wisdom?

What you are looking for is looking for you. – Rumi 

Soul communication is not reserved for medicine men, sages, mystics or poets; it is the birthright of every person on this planet and an important part of our inner work. N offers endless gifts, insights, teachings and shows direction.

If you want to learn how to communicate with your soul, you must first pay attention to subtle and synchronous signs. There are many types of signs through which your soul is trying to connect with you.

Signs in dreams

Western psychologists believe that dreams are a way for the subconscious to sort through experiences and emotions. But in ancient cultures, such as Egypt and Greece, dreams were messages from spirits, gods, or the divine realm. Many indigenous cultures also used dreams as a gateway to higher consciousness and revelation (e.g. Native Americans).

Today, most psychologists and spiritual healers agree that dreams convey important messages and truths about our lives and destinies. Dreams can serve as gateways to deep revelations, reflections of true inner feelings, and can even offer portals to interact with our spirit guides. Therefore, pay attention to your dreams and what is happening in them.

Also note that dreamers can sometimes help you, but they rarely capture the true message your dream is trying to convey. This is because the archetypes and symbolism in your dreams are highly contextual and personal. So pay attention first and foremost to your own interpretations and feelings; are the most accurate.

Lucid dreams

Spontaneous lucid dreams are about the sudden realization that you are dreaming. Becoming conscious in your dream world is not only spiritually symbolic (literally, it is a spiritual awakening), but it is also an opportunity to explore the realm of your unconscious mind. This opportunity from your soul is rare, however, for some, lucid dreaming is a natural gift.

Lucid dreaming can also be deliberately induced and trained. The key is to practice every day. During the day, randomly ask yourself the question, “Am I dreaming right now?” and then notice the signs that you are awake (e.g., the clock is running normally, you can feel your feet, you are breathing, your heart is beating, etc.). The more you practice asking this question during the day, the more likely you are to carry this question into your dream and use it as a trigger to wake up.

If you manage to have lucid dreams occasionally, consider it a sacred gift. Very few people have this direct access. Take it as an opportunity to ask yourself questions and find direction that you might not otherwise have access to in the waking state.

Repetitive words or numbers

How many times have you looked at the clock and seen "11:11", "12:12", "13:13"?

Many skeptics say that placing importance on repeated words and numbers is a reflection of something called "confirmation bias." It is easy to be cynical and take a logical approach to things that are out of the ordinary, but it is much harder to examine the personal and subjective meaning of these events. No matter what meaning you attach to the repeating words and numbers, their job is to "wake" us up for a moment.

Why else would we attach such importance to them? … Because we intuitively feel it.

Whenever you come across a repeated word or number, ask yourself, what is the hidden message? What does my soul want me to know?

Animal Guides

Most of us encounter animals every day. As you pay attention to the different animals that cross your path, you will realize that each of them carries a specific symbolism, message or energy. However, it is important to remember that the meaning you assign to different animals is highly personal and not necessarily the "orthodox" meaning that already exists.
One way to discover your own unique symbols is to observe what animals you encounter all the time. Watch them and try to understand what their message is. What do they reveal? How do they behave, move, sound?

Synchronicity and Randomness

Have events in your life ever happened in a way that seemed strange and unusual?

Synchronicity involves meaningful coincidences where our inner and outer worlds merge into one. Often, synchronicity is a good way of saying that you are on the right track, because everything seems to be unfolding without your conscious effort: you are "in the flow". You may even feel that life, a great spirit, or a higher power is playing an active role in fulfilling your dreams and needs.

Nothing happens by chance and chance is an illusion. At the soul and spirit level, everything is connected. It was Einstein who said that "energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another".

Gut Brain

It's a sudden, inexplicable feeling that tells you to do something or not to do something. Another synonym for this experience is the word intuition. We all know what intuition is, but most of us have trouble listening to it because we confuse it with the louder voice in our head that rationalizes everything. Intuition differs from the fear-filled inner voice because it is gentle, calm, and focused, unlike the frantic, loud, fearful, or aggressive reason. This is very important to know in distinguishing the two voices we have within us. Many people believe they are guided by intuition, when in reality they are guided by their inner speech and fear. Intuition, or gut feeling, also represents the voice of our soul. Whenever you feel drawn to something or someone (without frantic inner monologues), you can be sure that it is your soul trying to guide you.

Meditative Vision

When you enter a peaceful and loving space within yourself, it becomes easier for you to sense the higher power that is with you. Meditation that lasts a long time (30 minutes or more) is a good way to experience what is called a mystical experience.

How can you distinguish the normal chatter in your head from spiritual visions and messages? The images you see or the words you hear will usually have a particular theme that seems foreign (e.g. sounds like it could come from an ancient culture, another time or place, or has some unusual quality). You will also feel that it is somehow important that you pay attention to it.


There are many ways to actively communicate with your soul. The ideal form is prayer. Simply thank your higher self/soul for being with you and trying to help and advise you. Invite her to take an even more prominent role in your life.

Notice how your feelings and mood change. Pay attention to any emotional or physical sensations that arise.

Another simple and easy practice is to spend time alone, because then there is space and silence for contemplation.

Being in nature is another way to talk to your soul, or rather let your soul talk to you, through the rustling of leaves, the wind through the trees, the clouds, the birds, the sun and the rain.

Journaling and art are another way to create a dialogue between you and your soul. Writing and drawing are healing activities, helping you stay in the present moment while attuned to your inner voice.

You and your soul are one

Do not think of the soul as some "other higher being". The description may seem that way to some, especially those who are new to the spiritual path. The soul is actually our own "higher" part. You and your soul are inseparable. The soul is your deepest essence – it is the Spirit embodied in the person that is you.

It's actually quite simple. Your soul is not as "unattainable" as your logical mind might believe. It is always there with you, only obscured by the chatter of the conscious mind. Even if you don't feel connected to your soul right now, know that it is still with you because you wouldn't be alive without it.

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