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Finding Your Personal Year Number for 2021

Finding Your Personal Year Number for 2021

Here is a formula for finding your Personal Year Number for 2021:

To find your Personal Year number, add the month and the day of your birth, plus the Universal Year number. (This formula will work for any year by using the universal year number of the current year and adding up those numbers accordingly, i.e., for 2021 the Universal Year number is 5; 2+0+2+1=5)

For example, someone born on May 15 finds his or her Personal Year number by adding 5 (May) plus 6 (the fifteenth day) plus 5 (2021) to arrive at a Personal Year number of 16 ( 5+6+5=16), which is reduced to 7.

Here is a short overview of the energy tone for each year in the Nine year cycle according to Numerology. By understanding the energy one is working with, in their energy field, one can use it to full advantage and get into their Soul Flow.

ONE YEAR: Time of Self-Initiative -- Your number one personal year is a time to plant new seeds of growth in your Life. It is the start of new 9 year cycle. Start new projects, do the things you really wanted to do. ONE is a time of self-confidence and self-motivativation. You can expect many new things to come into your life. In some cases the change can be dramatic, trust your inner Voice,,, not every seed we plant will come to life, and some will come to life later on in the cycle. Things to watch in One is being to aggressive and Ego Oriented.. Try to align to our True Individuality of our Higher Self inside of the lower more selfish aspects of our separate ego. HIGHER FREQUENCY: Initiation, Awakening To New, Aligning to Universal Oneness

TWO YEAR: Learning to Listen - Being Receptive - The number two personal year demands cooperation. Unlike the number one personal year when you flew more or less solo, this year is for looking at the ideas of your associates. Just as it was all about "you" in your number one personal year, the “two’ personal year is about partnering with others and allowing them to help you. This vibration is good for forming new friendships, romantic or otherwise. Two has a much mellower energy then the very active one of last year. Listen to music the Peacemaker, Learn to Compromise at times. HIGHER FREQUENCY-- aligning one's Personality Self to one's Higher Self

THREE YEAR: Year of Creativity and Self-Expression.. Being Social, making new friends. Your number three personal year is a time in which social communication is key. Find means to express yourself, be it thru Art, Music, speaking, Videos etc.. The Three (the Triad- Triangle) is time to let one’s Individual Self shine. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Balancing the Grand Triad of Spirit, Soul and Matter within Us.

FOUR YEAR: A Time to Lay a Foundation - Four-Square.. A number four personal year is a time in which you are setting foundations in all aspects of your life. Disconnect yourself from Petty anxieties will only hinder your progress, so lose them and focus on your overall plan for this cycle of your life. There is work to be done and you are the one who will do it, so roll up your sleeves and get busy. The year can be hard for those who procrastinate. This year is less social then the previous 3 year... The key word for the year is WORK on any project which moves you.. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Bringing Spiritual Energy down into our Life on Earth.

FIVE YEAR: Pivotal middle Year of 9 year Cycle,,, time of wanting or actual Change. Transformation and independence are what you will experience in this your number five personal year. You may WANT to change your job, your living quarters, your relationships. 5 is a restless energy, especially coming out of the work to grindstone energy of the previous 4 year. Time for new adventures, travel, meeting new people.. five has to do with 5 physical senses so great time to get one's body in shape if that is needed. One of biggest things in 5 is to Expect the Unexpected at times. 4 was learning to be organized and make plans, but 5 is learning to be open in each moment to the Universe to bring to you exactly what you need. Sudden happenings . This year will be like a roller coaster with many changes in direction throughout. Your key words this year are CHANGE AND FREEDOM. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Being Present in the HERE and NOW.

SIX YEAR: Six year is time of Responsibility to Relationships, Friends and Family. It is time to put things in HARMONY and BALANCE. Service to close ones. Although it is active time for helping others there is also a peace and contentment in the energy of Six.. Listen to music.. 6 is group creativity and group activities. Good year for study. Corrections of a positive kind can be made in business, romance and family relationships. This could mean a marriage or divorce literally or in a broad sense of the word. You are held accountable for your deeds. Responsibility to family and the obligation to serve humanity is paramount. The key word for this year is RESPONSIBILITY. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Living Out and Loving in one's Karmic Responsiblity, One's Dharma

SEVEN YEAR: Year of Retreat and Inner Exploration. Time to spend some quality time with oneself -- both in a psychological and spiritual sense. Time in which to ponder on things - self-examination. Time to Meditate, Study... get ones inner life in order. You must discover the secret to being alone without being lonely. This is not a year that is particularly good for material gains and less being social. Is time to be alone when one can or just with close deep friends you can have deeper communications with. It is a year for going inside yourself aligning to Higher Self for spiritual understanding. Have faith that you are where you need to be. Watch your mental health, try to get it on track. Your key word this year is PATIENCE and MEDITATION. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Understanding Deeper Mysteries of Life and Death - Awakening Divine Wisdom

EIGHT YEAR: Going Back into the World. This is a year for business and financial issues, also time to put money resources to good use to help others. This is your year for harvest and you will reap what you have sown for the past seven years. So it could be one of prosperity or difficulty. In eight we can have more worldly power to deal with, use if wisely. An important word for you this year is BUSINESS. HIGHER FREQUENCY - What is our Spirtual business in the world,,what patterns of Destiny are we living out.

NINE YEAR: This is the closing year of your nine year cycle. It has a two part process. First is getting kudos and rewards for things completed. Second and biggest part is getting rid of stuff in life which is no longer useful. It is year of cleaning house both outwardly and inwardly. You will be getting ready for next years new beginnings by ridding yourself of anything, person or situation that is no longer needed in your life. There are many situations and relationships that are no longer useful in your life. They have simply outlived their usefulness to you. Try not to hold on to someone or something that needs its freedom. Do your best to be understanding and tolerant. It is very important to tie up loose ends and finish any project that you may be putting off. It is extremely necessary to address any unresolved issues in relationships, because these things will come back unless you put proper closure to them. Teach compassion by your example. Be concerned about health (physical or emotional) issues if they arise. The key phrase for the year is SERVICE TO HUMANITY. HIGHER FREQUENCY - Service to Our Fellow Travelers , Learning to Let Go and Move on.

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