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10 Reasons To Go Off-Roading This Summer

10 Reasons To Go Off-roading This Summer

The summer is just around the corner, and it's finally time to dust off our off-road vehicles and hit the trails!

It's no secret that road running is a great workout. It's perhaps the most convenient way to exercise, but it's not always the most enjoyable. Running the same few loops in your town eventually becomes boring as there are cars to contend with, your body can be upset, and your surroundings constantly jarring you.

If you have a love-hate relationship with running, trying off-road runs could help ease the "hate" part. Although trails are similar to roads, they are more fun and challenging. It's worth switching from pavement to dirt for several reasons, starting with these seven

There's No Better Excuse For Slowing Down Than This

Although it might seem counterintuitive, slowing down once in a while is good for your health. Running fast has its benefits -- and becoming faster is often the goal of runners. Roads, however, have a way of constantly making runners think that they need to accelerate. The steep inclines, roots, rocks, uneven terrain, and rocks on the trail naturally force you to slow down. Depending on your typical speed, you should reduce it by 30 seconds to two minutes. However, you won't feel guilty about it.

You'll Fall In Love With Driving All Over Again

Increasing automotive technology distances the driver from the role of driving. The farther the driver is from going. The constant need to navigate over rocks and through mud pits makes your vehicle more responsive and helps you stay connected to the road more quickly. Get behind the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery 4, the ultimate off-road vehicle that can carry families to places that few other cars can go and does so in absolute comfort.

Spend Some Time Without Technology

A lot of off-roading parks are located in remote areas with no cell signal. Furthermore, when you're tackling rough trails, you must use your whole body to operate your vehicle and handle whatever obstacles you encounter along the way. A distraction-free environment makes off-roading an excellent way to re-connect with friends or family members you bring along.

Traffic-free Trails

As long as you don't mind smelling exhausted, hearing horns, doing that silly jog-in-place at intersections, and getting hit by cars, by all means, keep pounding the pavement. But if you want to escape the city noise, breathe fresh air, and only stop when you choose to, you should head for the trail. Plus, you'll commonly see live animals and greenery rather than mangled ones in the middle of the road; just remember to keep your distance.

Your Proprioception Will Improve

10 Reasons To Go Off-roading This Summer
Image: Pexels

A key component of running is proprioception, which is not just a fun word to say, but one that's extremely important. Even though you would have to look down at your feet the entire time if you were not aware of where your body and its parts are in space, with all of the extra obstacles trail running presents - roots, rock, fallen trees, and water crossings - your proprioceptors get an excellent workout. As a result, as mentioned earlier, you are more likely to be stable, balanced, and able to judge when and how to adjust your stride when faced with one of those obstacles.

The Scenery Is Much Better

When you walk the streets, there isn't much to look at. The charm of a trail is in many ways much more pleasing, from the lush greenery in spring and summer, the vibrant yellows and oranges in the fall, and the enchanting crystalline whites in the winter, to how the sun shines through the trees to reach scenic overlooks. It's impossible to beat the magic of the wilderness, no matter how beautiful the road is.

Less Strain On Your Joints

Road running is often called "pounding pavement." Paved roads are hard, and every time you land on them, you send a shockwave running through your body. Our bodies are built to handle this kind of stress, and they're excellent at it for the most part. As time moves on, it can cause problems, especially in the knees. A trip on a trail reduces some of that stress on your knees without losing out on any adventure. Specifically, the softer ground lets you sink your foot when you land and absorb some of the shocks before they make their way up to your leg.

Hone Your Car-care Skills

Aside from improving your auto-repair and problem-solving skills, off-roading will also enhance your motor skills. You're on your own when you're roughing it in the wilderness with your buddies. If anything goes wrong, you'll have to fix it. In this setting, roadside assistance is not convenient. If you're driving on paved areas, you will have more confidence in handling fundamental car problems without having to wait for help to arrive.

 It's A Better Workout

Road running is one of the best exercises for your body. Building leg strength, increasing cardiovascular fitness, and burning many calories are all benefits of this exercise. All of these things are accomplished by running on a trail, in addition to naturally incorporating lateral movements (side to side) by forcing you to avoid obstacles, improving balance, and potentially burning even more calories. So, get out of the car and experience a trail running in the middle of nature. 

  1. It Improves Your Efficiency
10 Reasons To Go Off-roading This Summer
Image: Pexels

The overall workout from trail running—The constancy of navigating over rocks and through mud pits helps you feel more in control of your vehicle's performance and more connected with the road. It will improve your overall fitness and economy, especially if you do hill repeats in the woods, typically with steeper, more sustained inclines than paved hills. Don't be surprised if you find that your road is running speed increases after spending more time on the trails.


It's time to spend some time in the wild with your family if you need some adrenaline rush. There is nothing more exciting than an off-roading adventure. You can enjoy all the activities you are looking forward to this summer in addition to staying fit. The above-discussed reasons alone should encourage you to plan an adventure trip this summer. Have exciting off-roading!


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