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4 Ways to Create a Peaceful Oasis in Your Life

4 Ways to Create a Peaceful Oasis in Your Life

Nowadays, people live in a fast-moving world where things change rapidly and your job is to keep up with those changes. In today’s modern society most people often rush to do and finish obligatory tasks, they often spend more time travelling to and from work rather than spending that time with their families or with the ones they love. On the surface, it seems that a modern man is given everything – living in a technologically advanced world a modern man can enjoy things and benefits that people living 60-70 years ago could not even imagine. He has more opportunities and more freedom than in the past, but unfortunately, he has less time to enjoy all those opportunities and that freedom.

If you’ve ever felt like escaping your daily round of responsibilities and having the need to stop the world, you’re probably not the only one who’s felt like that. These are common feelings and sets of responses to the pressure of today’s way of living. Since it’s not possible to slow down the world or maybe even change it, it’s up to you how you handle it. And if you ever feel like taking a break from it you can find a few suggestions on how you can do that.

Peace of Mind

By definition, peace of mind means ‘the absence of anxiety and mental stress’. It means having enough of mental and spiritual strength, knowledge and understanding that will help you be and stray strong when facing stressful challenges. So, to cope with the insanity of the modern world, you should cultivate a state of calm and inner peace. The best way to do that is by creating an oasis of calm within your heart. Because this is a place of private retreat where you can experience and enjoy the benefits of withdrawal from the world while you’re still being present in it. To achieve this it takes a little practice and implementing a few daily mental and physical routines where you can enjoy yourself and forget about the world and all the stress even for a moment.

Unfortunately, this modern way of living is causing people to feel that they no longer have control over their lives. Everything moves so quickly, things are easily and sooner than you know replaced because everything is replaceable and it’s all about thinking ‘what’s next’. This also applies to relationships which seem to be reduced to minimalist engagements. The pressure and demands of modern life are constant and they keep on testing and pushing people’s limits of their psychological endurance. As a result, we have turned our lives into a constant race which often causes people to feel stressed out, anxious or depressed. To adapt to this kind of world and to stay sane, it’s important to create and keep your peaceful oasis in your life which will give you enough stability and strength to face daily challenges and stress.

1.   Decorate Your Space

One of the ways how you could create a peaceful oasis in your life is by creating a special corner in your home where you can take a break and relax for a while. To slow down, to enjoy the tasks you do, it's important to create and have some time dedicated to yourself. These days, many people don't have or can't find time to spend alone. But to cope with today's world it's advisable to find some time where you can be alone in peace and not being bombarded with information and noise from the world, daily obligations and other stressors. If you don't find time for solitude you're likely to be anxious, stressed out or depressed. That's why it's important for you and your mental health to get some time each day for yourself and to be alone.

One of the things which you shouldn’t neglect is finding a proper area for your solitude time. This should be an area where you can daydream for a while, or reflect on your thoughts and what you’ve been going through. Since the fresh air is good for your health and keeping your mind sharp, you can create your special corner in the backyard or on the balcony. If you live in a house and have a backyard you can use your creativity and install a screened porch where you can relax and forget about your worries.

On the other hand, if you live in an apartment and don’t have enough space, you can still create a special corner on your balcony. For example, you can do that by adding hang string lights, throwing some colourful pillows and placing a decorative outdoor mat runner which replicates a real lawn. With these details, you’ll get your peaceful oasis where you can disconnect from the world for a short time.

2.   Relaxation Techniques

Finding a relaxation technique that suits you and works for you can be a very helpful tool on your way of creating a peace of mind and a peaceful oasis in your life. For example, breathing techniques can reduce your anxiety or stress, and improve your overall health. The good news is that you can practice these techniques whenever you feel like that during the day. The key is to set aside your time, to pay attention to your body and your breathing while staying focused. It’s advisable to practice this a few times a day. If you find breathing techniques useful you can also try another relaxation technique – meditation. This technique is helpful because it provides you with space in your life. It teaches you to be present, to be kinder to yourself and others and to be comfortable being on your own and your thoughts.

Of course, there are other relaxation techniques that you can practice if these two don’t suit you. They can include going out for a long walk, listening to your favourite music or going for a swim. Find out what fulfils you and stick to that.

3.   Be Thankful

It’s so easy to take things for granted these days and most people aren’t even aware of how lucky and privileged they are. For the majority of people, it's easier to see all the negative things and what they don't have rather than to be positive, thankful and focused on what they have. That's why it's important to step back, take time out and to be thankful for all the stuff, places and people we take for granted.

If you’re just starting to practice gratitude, it’s advisable for you to keep a gratitude journal. Keeping a track on your gratitude journal and writing it a few times a week can have lasting effects on you and your overall health. Being thankful and grateful won’t just put a smile on our face, but it can improve your sleep, and make you more alerted and determinate. When you start practising gratitude you'll have a more positive attitude towards life. You'll be able to appreciate more the simplicity and the beauty of it. This way, you'll create a strong, protective layer for yourself that will keep you calm when facing obstacles or stress in a fast-moving world. Because the way we perceive those obstacles influences the way how we face them and overcome them.

4.   Let Go

If you’re struggling with ghosts from the past - what something someone did or said, and this still bugs you – now it’s time to let it go. It’s time for you to accept whatever happened in the past and what you can’t change now and to move on. Free your mind of these negative thoughts and let that thing or a person go. Instead, focus yourself to the present and thoughts that won’t make you nervous or anxious. Focus on something better that won’t disturb your inner peace.


To have your peace of mind and a peaceful oasis in your life, it’s important you find or create a method for yourself that will be effective. This method should help you relieve the stress that challenges your inner peace. Because, when your mind is at peace you aren’t carried away by difficulties, and you’re not easily affected by what people say or think of you.


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