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5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails

 5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails

Nails are to a woman what a conditioner is to hair. Like strong and healthy hair, nails are confidence boosters for any woman. Nail care is not only about beauty indulgence; they are also a beauty investment that defines your personality. Well-manicured nails put up a neat appearance and are an asset in the social evenings and business world.

Hard-pressed for time, most women neglect nail care during weekdays and rely on salons for fortnightly manicures and massage. Even if you get an upmarket manicure, your nails may feel brittle and weak from dietary shortcomings and neglect. Jagged edges and uneven nails may give an unhealthy picture of your nails. Here are five pertinent tips to make your pretty nails look healthy and robust.

1.  Take Your Vitamins.

.5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails
Image Source: Unsplash

Your diet practices aren’t just for health. They also nourish your nails. Biotin supplementation can increase nail plate thickness. Vitamins and minerals supplementation also helps decrease nail brittleness and contribute to nail health. Applying Vitamin E topically to nails helps reduce yellow nail syndrome and benefits nail growth. A gel nail polish could be the right choice to prevent your nails from breaking. 

If you are fussy about taking natural vitamins in food items, take a multivitamin with calcium and B vitamins. Nails need the proper nutrition from time to time. Include vitamins in your diet from an early age.     

2.  Get Choosy In Selecting Nail Polish.

5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails
Image Source: Unsplash

You may like bold and electrifying nail colors but stay away from using old nail polish. They contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, a preservative; toluene which affects the nervous system; and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which can impair uterine function. Nail polish toxins stay in your body after the nail enamel dries.    

Five-free nail polishes do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor. Hence, a suitable alternative to conventional chemical-filled nail polish.  

3.  Moisturize Your Fingernails.

5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails
Image Source: Unsplash

Most of us associate moisturization with face and hands. Nails extend moisturizing care we overlook. Lack of nail moisturization can lead to dry and brittle nails hampering your hands’ beauty and hygiene.

Use dermatologists’ recommended petroleum jelly and cuticle creams application. Apply moisturizing hand cream or balm to your nails daily to replenish moisture and softness. Think of applying nail moisturizing products that contain lactic acid, urea to prevent brittle nails. 

4.  File Your Nails For Smooth Tips.

Keeping nails with rough edges or rugged tips is not a good practice. Such nails can get caught in your hair or stockings and are dangerous if left unattended. Forceful movements of hands can further hurt your nails.        

Avoid potential danger by keeping a nail file near you to smooth your nail tips. Working divas should keep a nail file in their handbag or office drawer as a helpful remedy. Nails jutting out can give a poor impression of yourself and nail hygiene. Carry your nail file for long outstation trips.

5.  Cuticle Massage To Stimulate Nail Growth.

Your delicate nail cuticles withstand intolerable cold, heat, or salty and soapy water every imaginable day. As a result, they can get dry and chapped and become brittle if ignored.

Get cuticle oil to your nail rescue. It moisturizes your cuticles and nails and sometimes contains vitamins, vegetable oils, and citric acid for cuticle nourishment down to the skin epidermis. Cuticle oil also protects your painted nails for a lasting shine. A soft nail massage after cuticle oil application works best.

Further Steps For Nail Health

5 Quick Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails
Image Source: Unsplash

You may also practice the following tips to help your nails stay in top form.

  • Wear hand gloves in the kitchen: Cooking or dishwashing makes your hands come in frequent contact with water. Put on your gloves to avoid your nails from becoming brittle. Nails expand after water absorption. However, they contract when dry. Continuous expansion and contraction can cause brittle nails.  
  • Care for dry nails: If you have an eczema history or complain of dry skin, you may develop itchy and flaky skin between your fingers. Make moisturization of hands and fingers a regular habit after your bath and before bedtime. Consult your dermatologist on hand creams and oils to fight skin dryness and itching.
  • Hand sunscreen: Sun rays affect your hands as much as your face. Sunspots, wrinkles, and premature aging can set in early and tell your age. Provide your hands' constant sun protection by applying a non-greasy SPF hand cream to blur the dark spots. The hand cream also helps combat hyperpigmentation and gives your parched hands instant nutrition.
  • Use a ridge filler: Intense nail buffing weakens the nails. A ridge filler fills irregularities and provides a smooth nail surface.  

Final Thoughts

Disinfect your nail care tools with Isopropyl Alcohol. You can alternatively dip your metal nail tools in boiling water for 20 minutes. Start your nail care in your early 20s. Visit a professional nail salon for consistent nail care. Getting strong and healthy nails is a time investment like face and body care. Keep your fingernails clean and healthy for holistic self-care.

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Rebecca Smith is a writer for numerous health and fitness publications. She has been working with many challenged clients for some time now. She can be reached via email at .

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