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9 Design Ideas for Your New Zen Bathroom


The bathroom is the only room in the entire home that should never be neglected. Not only do we have to pay constant attention to its cleanliness, but having a relaxing and zen bathroom has become a pivotal thing. Designing a splendid bathroom that will suit all your needs demands demanding planning and many other crucial consideration to make everything fit perfectly. Whether you decide to renovate your bathroom or if you are building a new one from scratch, you have to have a few designs in mind when planning your dream bathroom. Hence, here are some of the basic steps and ideas you need to incorporate to get your bathroom design right.

  1. Start by setting up a clear layout

Even the most elegant of bathrooms have to deal with water lines, long pipes, drains, and numerous vent stacks. Do your best to pre-plan the entire bathroom layout before you focus on the general outlook and other design features. Make sure that you find a good plumber Canberra city has to offer who would mend any mishaps, change the pumps and switches, etc. Later, determine whether you want a freestanding bathtub or an inbuilt plain shower. And above all, make sure that you have space for that bathtub and neglect the aesthetics if necessary. Don't make the toilet the focal point in the bathroom, but rather let the vanity or glorious washbasin and mirror be the first thing you see when you step into the room

  1. Install top-notch lighting features

When designing a bathroom, you must take time to choose adequate lighting features as they play an enormous role in the bathroom’s functionality and vibe. Having adequate and sufficient lighting can help elevate the feel of having a small, jammed, or distant bathroom, helping to make it feel brighter and more open. The most essential part is to ensure that task lighting and mirror lighting are well placed to avoid throwing tedious and unwanted shadows. Next, if the bathroom happens to have natural lighting, then go for elegant dimmers, pendant lights, or add harsher brightness over the bathroom vanity. This is a good way to upscale the ambiance of lighting and enliven the atmosphere in the room.

  1. Choose quality, but low-maintenance materials

You don't want to utterly revive the outlook of your bathroom and have the tiles crack in a year or two. As the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that won't need often alteration such as the living room, you should invest in getting quality durable materials when renovating or building your bathroom. Easy-to-maintain and fantastically durable materials are porcelain, reconstituted stone, marble, copper for the details, and so on. Natural stone is a bit too porous and it requires additional sealing which is tedious to maintain over time.

  1. Opt for elegant vanity

Vanity may represent an alluring focal point of your bathroom, hence you have to think about the position and size of your vanity when designing your bathroom. Floating vanity has won over an abundance of Australian homeowners' hearts as it visually expands the appearance of the bathroom. Plus they are a must if you wish to have floor heating, and they look so elegant. Allow enough space in the vanity to cater to all your necessities, and make sure that it's not too big so you could easily roam around in the bathroom and not worry about swinging doors.

  1. Insert functional cabinetry

It would be perfect if the size of your bathroom allows you to have a double-sink vanity or a large wall-mounted cabinet with storage shelves around. Depending on your budget and the size of your bathroom, you can most surely go for a modest single-sink vanity cabinet that is both practical and meticulous. If you have a specific theme in mind for your bathroom, such as traditional, vintage, black&white, cosmopolitan, etc. make sure that you incorporate the form and function of the cabinetry into that style as well. Before you run off to choose the style of the cabinetry, it's extremely crucial that you select items that are water and heat resistant to ensure the durability of the cabinetry.

  1. A proper toilet is a must

Most people neglect to spruce up their toilet when designing the bathroom, however, toilet placement and quality is the most important item in this room. First of all, the toilet has to be comfortable for all users, easy to use, and made with durable and adaptable material, such as hard-quality plastic. Have in mind that nobody wants to look directly at the toilet when sitting in the living room or dining room, so when the doors of the bathroom are open, the toilet must be out of view. When designing the bathroom, make sure that you place a vent fan in the ceiling or near the toilet compartment so you would eliminate the odor.

  1. Focus on flooring

Bathroom floors need to look immaculate and aesthetic at the same time. In addition, bathroom floors should be impervious to water, slip-resistant and, if possible, hardworking. For that reason, you should use ceramic, stone, or marble tiles, and avoid high polished stone as it's very slippery when wet. These options are also the most luxurious ones, and if you add a matt finish they would be easy to maintain and clean. If you are not keen on those elegant flooring options, you can go for sealed hardwood floors because they natural warmth to the entire bathroom.

  1. Bathtub vs shower

If you are lucky enough to have a large space in your bathroom, you can include a flabbergasting bathroom to serve as a majestic feature point in the entire room. Any kind of freestanding bathtubs is not only glamorous to the eye but easy to clean as well. Inbuilt bathtubs are usually placed in the corner of the room, and they can't be repositioned so often as special material is used on the surrounding sides to make them fit. Showers, on the other hand, are more practical than attractive. If you want to design a cutting-edge shower pay attention to the shower outlets you want and decide whether you want the shower to be "open" by using merely glass as a shower cover rather than a curtain and make sure that you place more vibrant and patterned tiles.

  1. Go for smart storage

When it comes to details and accessories, two things are vital: mirrors and storage area. You will hang a mirror above the vanity, only choose the one that fits the appeal of the bathroom the most. However, overloading your bathroom with unnecessary items will shrink its size. Hence, go for a smart storage option and make use of every corner with modern space-saving designs. Use floating vanities, floating shelves, or any other fitted bathroom storage such as modern wall-hung cabinets. Avoid having towels all around the bathroom, but rather roll them and place them on an open shelf.

There are many other ways you can upgrade the design of your bathroom, but these tips will surely make the bathroom eye-catching and meticulous.


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