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Best Wedding Blogs in 2021 You Definitely Should Start Reading Today

Best Wedding Blogs in 2021 You Definitely Should Start Reading Today

If you’re planning a wedding this year (or just dreaming about it *wink*), topical blogs are the way to go. There, you can get ideas for decorations, dress and suit, entertainment, locations, color patterns, etc. The inspirational power of high-quality blogs is immense!

People are writing in a tone that tunes you with the best day of your life. They post pictures that look like Pinterest heaven. They give practical recommendations on saving money, wedding activities, location intricacies, and much more.

But the volume of these blogs may scare anyone. While you may already have some favorites, let us introduce the types of blogs you should look for, as well as a list of TOP wedding blogs of 2021!

Types of Blogs That Will Inspire You the Most

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for wedding day or want to create your own blog, these types of informational and media sources will inspire you the most. Unconventional ideas are the cherry on the cake these days.

Guest Posts

Wedding planners blogs, brides that want to give advice, and many more people aren’t only writing for their sources. They often write guest posts or collect those from other talented writers. There, you can find a ton of information from different people. Read about various experiences and find something for your TOP wedding.

You can even write your own publications, guest posting services provides high-quality posts for blogs of all niches. If you’re experienced in attending weddings or just want to describe your dream day, why not make yourself a gift?

Influencers’ Instagram Blogs

Instagram influencers are some of the most popular leaders of people’s hearts. They show every bit of their life, especially the important days. Besides, their visual content is usually on point. Lots of wedding blogs on Instagram are led by influencers that can not only give recommendations but also discounts for topical goods and services.

Use bridal hashtags to look for such accounts and gather your own list of inspirational people that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Pinterest Blogs

A lot of wedding bloggers take their ideas from Pinterest. So, why not turn to the source itself? This is an amazing directory of tips and visual content. You will definitely find the wedding scene, bridal dress, bachelorette/bachelor party, etc. of your dreams there.

Millions of ideas for every request will definitely pass the vibe check of your best day!

10 Best Wedding Blogs You Should Start Reading in 2021

Now, here are some of the crispiest wedding blogs we have found:

  1. StyleMePretty.
    This blog is all about wedding style. Its topic is the journey brides embark on when planning a wedding. There are tons of recommendations and gorgeous visuals that will inspire you to class up your wedding. You can also benefit from connected Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.
  2. CocoMelody Mag.
    An LA blog talking about the keys to a breathtaking wedding day. It’s a webzine updated once a month, contacting the best online inspiration for dresses of all styles and seasons, recommendations for celebration, etc. The blog also has social media accounts with huge followings.
  3. Green Wedding Shoes.
    A wedding blog for every bride that cares about style. It’s focused on fashion for all participants of the wedding ceremony, not only for brides. So, if you’re a groom looking for styling tips, this is the place to go! You’ll see 8 new posts in a week, which means even more ideas and inspiration.
  4. Lillyannas Bridal.
    This blog is more for those who are nearing their dream day. This is a bridal salon in Florida that posts all the unique, amazing pieces you can get inspired by. If you find a dress that no shop seems to have, their professionals will create it for you, no matter the difficulty. Get ready for 7 posts in a quarter with clear, easy-to-understand information and amazing gown ideas.
  5. Ruffled.
    If you’re looking for more creativity on your wedding day and want to make it extra-special, this blog can help you. It revolves around originality and style. Many couples want to make the day not only unforgettable for them but very special for the guests. There, you’ll find tips on how to succeed. With 3 posts per week, there will be a ton of ideas.
  6. BridalGuide.
    The latest trends wedding-wise gathered in one place - what can be better? On this blog, you can find recommendations for your future big day, help a friend get more tips and inspiration, or just obsess over the beauty yourself. They post only once in a quarter, but every piece is worth it!
  7. A Practical Wedding.
    If you’re more interested in planning a wedding, this blog is your best shot. There’s everything you want to know about budgeting, logistics, all the technical advice. This one is suitable for people who want to plan everything themselves. There are a lot of pitfalls to be aware of, and this source will help!
  8. David’s Bridal Blog.
    This site covers your need for incredible wedding gowns and connected recommendations. With 3 blogs a week, you’ll get almost daily inspiration to get the best dress out of all!
  9. Wedding Spot Blog.
    If you need a blog on wedding locations, this is the one. You can find not only beautiful pictures but information on the search, pricing, comparison, booking opportunities, etc. They post once a week, which means one breathtaking spot in 7 days!
  10. Estate Diamond Jewelry.
    Now, to the diamonds. This website’s focus is to collect the best diamond rings, most of them vintage, to give you a portion of inspiration for your dream engagement ring. The presented options are antique and magical; they definitely have your best design.

You can follow them all at once or discover one by one. The key is to get as much inspiration as you need for the best day of your life with the most amazing partner. All the perfect spots and outfits are waiting for you online!


Nancy Howard
Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.

This article was submitted exclusively to by Nancy P. Howard.

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