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Find Out If the Moon Phases Really Do Impact the Study Process

Find Out If the Moon Phases Really Do Impact the Study Process

Our ancestors were firm believers in the moon affecting human behavior. Myths developed about people turning into wolves at the witching hour of 12. Legends were created about sacrifices made during moon phases to benefit crop growth. 

Even though these old folk tales have been dismissed following the loss of ancient wisdom, it seems that moon phases do influence the behavior of people. If the moon impacts behavior, it stands to reason that it influences the student’s study process. Find out how...

Oceans, gravitation and plants

Tides are impacted by the moon’s gravitational forces. Recent studies of the Arabadopsis thaliana plant have been studied to determine if it is influenced by lunar cycles. Results strongly indicate that the growth cycles of the root of the plant follow a cycle which mimics the period of the moon’s orbit. 

More than 200 scientific publications lend their support to the fact that the moon impacts plant growth. This is what our ancestors have been saying for centuries. In the absence of supporting science, these stories have been viewed as myths.

How does this relate to humans? Humans consist of about 75 percent of water. Water (the vastness of the earth’s oceans) are impacted by the moon. Is it really that inconceivable that the moon doesn’t influence people too? 

Science is beginning to uncover evidence that suggests and even confirms that the moon can potentially impact human behavior. Before following up on this, let’s first look at the moon’s other influences.

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Ancient wisdom and human behavior

Many of us are more familiar with historical information, which suggests that the moon impacts human behavior. Because of the moon’s lunar cycle, past patients were referred to as lunatics, as just one example. Unfortunately, many past examples surround experiences with mental disease and the perplexity of the medical profession in dealing with such patients.

One psychiatrist worked with an engineer in the early 2000s, kept a record of the patient’s mood swings. His records showed that the patient’s mood swings showed a strong correlation with the ocean’s tides. Suspecting an association with the moon, the doctor was, however, unable to conclusively prove his suspicions. 

Another doctor engaged in research on patients with mental disorders in 2017. His findings were similar to the psychiatrist’s findings in 2005. Episodes of increased criminal activity and loss of sleep have also been linked with moon cycles, giving further credence to ancient wisdom that the moon can indeed influence human behavior.

Find Out If the Moon Phases Really Do Impact the Study Process
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The moon’s cycles

The moon’s cycles around the earth every 29.5 days, with the consequent full moon after 14.8 days is linked with gravitation, tidal movement and mood swings. Conceivably, students may struggle to study at certain times within these cycles, than at others.

A study of popular astronomy courses also reveals more of how the starry night above us contains much more than darkness with twinkling stars to fascinate mankind. The study of astronomy has been around for thousands of years, has revealed many mysteries, and has left even more questions unanswered. 

Requiring knowledge of maths, physics and chemistry, the study of the heavens and beyond---this vast field of study may one day reveal conclusive evidence of just how impactful the moon’s influence is on students’ study processes.

Following on other lunar rhythms, super moons occur every 206 days, which interrupts the normal lunar cycle. When this event takes place, mood swings in patients with mental disorders also seem to increase. This is not to imply that students suffer from mental disorders, but it may provide evidence for how sensitive students may be more greatly impacted by lunar cycles.

Natural forces

The earth has a magnetic field, and the oceans contain saltwater, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. Integrate the gravitational forces of the moon with the earth’s magnetic field and the potential for electrical impulses in massive bodies of saltwater, and more questions arise as to the impact of these forces.

Add to this the impact of solar events and the resultant increases in heart attacks, suicide, schizophrenia and other health problems, and it becomes clearer that the earth and its environment does impact human behavior. 

Science has also discovered the magnetic and electrical energy fields within and surrounding human beings that appear to mimic those fields present on, around and within the vast heavens surrounding the planet.  

Studies confirm that brain wave activity in humans alters when subjected to greater magnetic fields. Birds and other animals are proven to possess a magnetic ability, which they use to navigate or sense natural disasters.

Circadian rhythms in people tell us when it is night and day. These natural rhythms also trigger internal reactions that can cause people to become more sensitive to magnetic fields. 

Alterations in electromagnetic fields have been scientifically proven to change the circadian clocks for fruit flies; so again, it is quite believable that the electromagnetic fields surrounding the earth and people, and that the moon can impact our behavior.


Clearly, more research needs to be conducted to obtain conclusive outcomes that these elements, planets, the earth and further natural wonders impact health and behavior. Expert medical observations and credible studies indicate that human and other life forms are influenced by lunar cycles. For students who struggle to study during certain moon phases, regrettably, you won’t yet be able to cite the moon as being responsible for failing tests.

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“Robert Everett is an academic counselor who works closely with parents and teachers to devise the best solutions for boosting graders for students. He’s also into academic writing and his interest is in thesis, essays and dissertations and work as editor for ResumeWriterReview. In his free time, he’s learning metal detecting these days, listens to classical music and edits videos for his kids' learning vlog.”


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