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How to Make a Perfect Bath for the Ultimate Relaxation

How to Make a Perfect Bath for the Ultimate Relaxation

After a long and exhausting day, is there anything better than taking a nice, relaxing bath? Probably not. However, if you never seem to be able to get the experience just right and feel like you’re in a spa, you might be missing a crucial step or two. Keep on reading to see what you should do to reach Zen when taking a bath.

Declutter your bathroom

The first step for achieving the ultimate relaxation is ensuring there is nothing around you that can disturb you. That is why you have to declutter your bathroom before taking a bath. Just take a look around you. If you have a corner bathtub installed, chances are that there is plenty of stuff around it as we tend to put everything we need for a bath there and never return it to its original place. Put everything back in its spot and get rid of everything that has expired. Then, put only the toiletries you will need near you.

Clean your bathtub

Another big part of enjoying your bath is knowing that the tub you are sitting in is not dirty. So, make sure you clean it. Even if you’ve done this recently, give it a light wipe-down to get rid of dust that might have accumulated since you last cleaned. Also, see if there is any hair in the drain as that will make for an unpleasant experience as well. Plus, don’t forget to clean it after your bath too.

Make sure the temperature is right

Now, once you’ve cleaned the space and let the other household members know that you should not be disturbed, it’s time to prepare your bath. One important element your bath needs is the right water temperature. For one, you don’t want to be scalded when you step in. However, you want it to be as hot as you can handle. You want it hot and steamy to the touch but that you can still submerge your body under it. If you start feeling lightheaded, it’s a sign that the water is too hot so make it a bit cooler. The steam is great for the skin and hot temperatures get your heart pumping, meaning that you are getting some cardio and actually burning calories. Experts also recommend making your bath only two degrees Celsius higher than the normal human body temperature, so if you want to be precise, you can aim for 39 °C.

How to Make a Perfect Bath for the Ultimate Relaxation

Add bath salts, bombs, and oils

When it comes to salts, bombs, and oils, the choice is yours. You can pour in two cups of unscented salts first as they work wonders for sore muscles. You can add a bath bomb of your choice or something else that will turn your bath bubbly. When the tub is halfway full, you can put in around 10 drops of essential oil to scent up your experience and clear your sinuses. For example, you can do lavender if you want to relax, lemon to boost your mood, or eucalyptus if you have a stuffy nose.

Ensure you’re comfy

Seeing as how you will be spending at least 20 minutes in the bath, you want to ensure you are comfy. That is why you have to put something under your head to prevent a sore neck after you get out. You can simply roll up a towel and place it under your neck or you can look for a bath pillow that can be suction-cupped onto the tub.

Place your essentials on a bath caddy

Before you get into the tub, you should also gather all the essentials you might need and place them close to you on a bath caddy that you can easily add to your stylish freestanding bath. That way, you can take a sip of your water, wine, tea, or beverage of choice without having to get out of the bath. Plus, you can keep a book there if you like to read during bath time or even your phone, even though you should make this experience electronics-free to make it feel truly meditational.

Light some candles to set the mood

In terms of setting a relaxing mood, you can also get a bunch of scented candles and place them around your tub. In case you’re not a candle lover, you can also dim the lights in your bathroom if you have a dimmer switch. Alternatively, bring in a lamp that emits a warm, soft glow that will really create the atmosphere you want.

Play relaxing music

Furthermore, quiet music playing in the background can be very relaxing as well. Use your phone or laptop if you don’t have speakers installed in the bathroom but keep it away from the tub. Maybe you already have some playlists you use when you meditate or before you fall asleep. If you don’t, you can find plenty of them online.

Buff your skin before getting in

For the optimal soakage, you should prepare your skin as well before you get in. For example, you can buff it with a dry brush as that will remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. On the other hand, you can also take a shower before your bath as that will get all the dirt off your body ensuring that you are sitting in a nice clean bath.

Apply a face mask

The last step before you get into the bath should be applying a face mask. You can purchase one from the local drug store or you can make your own. There are many DIY face mask ideas you can find online so see whether you have the ingredients at home and whip up something yourself.

Don’t be in a rush

Now that you are finally in the tub, don’t rush anything. Allow yourself to sit in silence and not think about anything for these 20 minutes of your day. Let your body absorb all the minerals and oils and your mind to reach a peaceful place. There will be plenty of things to worry about once you get out but, for now, just relax.

Give your body a thorough scrub

After a good, long soak, you should give your body a thorough scrub. Get some bath mitts and find an exfoliating body scrub (or make one on your own). Seeing as how the salts and oils softened and detoxified your skin, a good scrub will get everything off your body and send it down the drain. Your skin will feel super soft and supple afterwards.

How to Make a Perfect Bath for the Ultimate Relaxation

Have a warm towel welcome you out

Something you cannot overlook as well is having soft towels in your home. If you have a radiator or towel warmer in your bathroom, place one fluffy towel on it so that you can immediately be wrapped up in its warmth once you leave the tub. What is more, you can also invest in a plush bathrobe that will make you feel even cozier.

Moisturize right away

Before you put on your pyjamas, however, you should slather yourself in moisturizer. Hot baths can be very dehydrating and take oils out of the skin. To replenish your skin and lock in the remaining moisture, you should apply plenty of moisturizers after you dry off. Once you’re done with that, you can rub in some body oil as well.

Sure, this might seem like too many steps to take in order to have a simple bath. However, after a couple of times, it will become routine and you will not even have to think about it beforehand. Moreover, once you experience the ultimate relaxation a proper bath can provide you with, you’ll want to do it every day.

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