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Impacts of Spirituality On Your Work Performance

Impacts of Spirituality On Your Work Performance

Human beings are more inclined towards materialistic and physical aspects of this life. They are so much engrossed in this worldly life and earning money that they are least bothered about their afterlife.

Very few people we find today, give importance to the spirituality in their everyday life. Being human, we look for happiness and peace among people or places, and ignore the fact that true happiness lies in feeding your spirit, enriching your spiritual life.

This life is not only about you, but you are created to serve humanity, work for the wellbeing of people, and invest in your spiritual being. In the same way, we are less concerned about giving attention to spirituality in the workplace that can bring us more benefits.

All our focus is on work or looking for ways to be efficient at the job. We completely neglect the idea of spirituality that can help us in enhancing our work performance.

Being spiritual at work does not mean that you have to dress religiously, but you have to find meaning, connectedness, and purpose in your life. A research study shows that 60% of the people have positive views about religion, while 8% had negative views about spirituality and religion but, the more you work towards your spiritual wellbeing, it will bring a positive impact on your work life.

How Spirituality Influences Work Performance?

Here is how spirituality can enhance your performance in the workplace.

1.      Makes you Calm and Composed

Have you seen those people that are working on their spirituality? They are always calm and composed. They deal with every situation peacefully that they are still able to make the right decisions at work. Spirituality is related to better peace of mind. It can be achieved through prayer, meditation, or belief in the higher power.

Many times, at your workplace, you encounter such situations that can bring anxiety or make you angered. But when you practice spirituality, you learn to have full control over your emotions, and you deal with situations effectively.

2.      Bringing Job Satisfaction

Most of the people doing jobs are unsatisfied either due to their workplace or job. They are always thinking about what they are doing and why they are doing this. Such people have no sense of direction in their life.

Spirituality will bring meaning and purpose in your life. You will set certain career goals for yourself and work towards achieving them.

A job without reason or purpose will only bring dissatisfaction in life, causing you to be less productive. Meaningful work will make you productive at your workplace. You will strive to achieve your job-related goals and bring improvement to your work. Spirituality is directly linked to satisfaction at work. You feel optimistic about your job and fully enjoy what you do. 

3.      Building Trust

Trust is a spiritual attitude. It brings hope, encouragement, and peace in your life. Without trust, no amount of practices, chastisements, retreats or spiritual directors, or any other kind of effort or struggle will result in on-going encouragement and vitality in your work life. Giving importance to spiritual wellbeing make you trustworthy.

You will be able to integrate trust in your work environment that benefits in having good relations with colleagues and managers. Such people are happier that actively fuels their work performance. You will be more energetic at work, which will result in better work output.

4.      Increasing Productivity and Motivation

This is the era of globalization where organizations look for people that can be beneficial for their progress and development of their enterprise. They expect their employee to be more creative, motivated, and productive as well as efficient in their work. You can increase your productivity by practicing spirituality, adding purpose, and meaning to your job. Spiritualty enriches intuition and intelligence.

You learn to be more productive and committed to your work. When you practice spirituality, it nurtures and brings out hidden talent and smartness, which results in a deep sense of belongingness, giving to motivation to work for your career goals. You will learn to show more commitment towards your workplace and have a clear mission and vision about life and work.

Anna, a content creator at dissertation writing services, shared her experience by saying that "practicing spirituality has helped me to concentrate well on my work and write more productive articles."

5.      Reducing Stress levels

Work pressure, environment, or colleagues can be a reason to make your job live stressfully. Being under a lot of stress, not only affects your physical health but mental health as well. Stress will affect your creativity and lowers down your ability to think and make the right decisions.

Once you engage yourself in spiritual practice, it will help you in reducing stress form your life. You will be able to manage your work stress effectively and won't let it affect your performance.

Spirituality act as a stress reliever; it lifts your spirit, allowing you to rely entirely on the higher power and surrendering all your worries and problems to him. You learn to be optimistic about every stressful situation and trust God's ability to handle all your affairs rather than holding on so firmly on stress.

When you begin to live a meaningful life, you will learn to focus on essential work tasks rather than giving importance to unimportant things. This will eradicate stress from your life, enhancing your job performance.


The concept of spirituality among the employees and workplaces is gaining more attention these days. It is a relatively new concept, but it can bring considerable changes in an individual's job life. Practicing spirituality influences your work life in terms of increasing job performance as well as productivity.

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Amanda Jerelyn

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger at Crowd Writer. Being associated with the HND assignment help services, she learned the art of writing and shared her thoughts with other people. Her real strength comes from meditation and practicing mindfulness. Her write-ups are quite famous among young individuals.

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