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The Mental Yoga of Driving: 6 Tips For a Stress-Free Ride

The Mental Yoga of Driving: 6 Tips For a Stress-Free Ride

Yoga helps people become kinder to their friends, neighbors, and families. Meanwhile, when it comes to driving, especially when you are stuck in traffic, these self-acclaimed demonstrations of loving-kindness are evaporated into the air. While the reason for such an attitude might be well explanatory, it becomes important that you understand and master the mental yoga of driving.

Using yoga to reduce stress

Do you want to become a better driver? Yoga intentionally asks that you serve the world you find yourself in an elevated capacity. Yet, owing to the stress that accommodates our daily commuting, it is quite understandable that you tend to ignore and put what you have learned into practice. The catch is that there is a way you can infuse your lessons to demonstrate the results of yoga while driving.

Clearly, we cannot undermine the importance of mindful driving these days, especially when people are more distracted than ever. Looking at the statistics of the current and recent increase in vehicular accidents, it becomes requisite that you are more of a mindful driver and a great way to do that is to do/engage in yoga practices for driving. Moreover, we all have many things that can trigger anxiety in us- while we are walking down the street, or even while we are driving. Practicing yoga, however, can be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you ever feel so tensed while driving. It is because there is a connection between your body and your mental state. This, in turn, produces stress and in some cases, anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a problem. However, you can be better off with yoga. In essence, there are ways you can master to put yoga to reduce stress and anxiety. You can make something great out of your behavior and the next time you find yourself behind the wheel, you are more relaxed, stress-free and comfortable. In other words, you can use yoga to reduce mental stress.

Tips to have a stress-free ride with yoga

Now, you might want to ask- what is the relationship between stress and yoga? We have listed below, six ways to put yoga into play during traffic situations or anytime you are on the steering. This is in a way that you can enjoy your ride always.

  1. Breathe Evenly

Your breath when you drive is probably not as calm as you expect. This is a reflection of how your breathing pattern is a mirror of the state of your mind. To deploy yoga to reduce stress, try a one-to-one breathing habit to be more focused and calm. Practice these for the same count and intensity.

  1. Side Stretch

You can keep your spine healthy even while seated for long hours during commuting. While you have both hands on the wheel, inhale deeply and extend your spine. Then, breathe out slowly while you lean to a side. As you do this, make sure you have your eyes on the road. Breathe in again to the center and out to the opposite side. Move mindfully by using your one-to-one breath to maintain focus. Side stretch is a typical way of using yoga to reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Seated Twist

Practice seated twist by changing lanes. Even though your rear and side view mirrors are active, you can lift the spine and twist to look over your shoulder such that you can check for blind spot and stretch back at the same time.

  1. Seated Cat/Cow

The next time you are stuck in traffic, you can do a Cat-Cow by simply keeping your hands on the wheel and at the same level. Maintain a straight spine, breathe in deeply and position yourself slightly backbend while you roll your shoulders back gradually. Now, exhale and allow your shoulders roll forward. With the seated cat/cow tip, you can use yoga to reduce stress.

  1. Do Yoga Before Handling The Steering

Before hopping into your car, do the Tadasana (Mountain pose) for some minutes- say two or three. Close your eyes, and breathe slowly. That way, you will be very prepared for the day and be extremely calm during commuting. Just give yourself some time to be centered. When you start practicing yoga, you will begin to feel concrete, enjoy an internal state of being, sustained shifts in your mental patterns and that way, you are able to enjoy a stress-free ride always.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Body

According to research, yogis know that emotions are easily seen in the physical body. When the traffic becomes gridlocked and the frustrations become really intense, the body also tense. Connect your mind and body with the way you drive. If you notice there is a part of you that can be softened, do that. Watch your shoulders. Do you clench the steering wheel? Draw them down and away from your ears.


Conclusively, the pressing concern is how does yoga help with stress? Meanwhile, one major problem is that your constant or continuous use of the horn for every little inconvenience is a terrible habit. It not only stresses your brain out, it also disturbs fellow commuters. The catch is that you can use yoga to reduce stress drawing from how adversely chaotic commuting can be on our health. Thus, mitigating these daily irritations by practicing mindfulness, and incorporating some breathing modifications are largely recommended.

About the Author:

Stella Robinson is a creative writer, blogger, and caring mother of two kids who writes about self-improvement, productivity, health, travel adventures, and pets. Stella is also the co-owner of trailer brake controllers reviewing website. Follow her on Twitter.


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About the author:

Stella Robinson is a creative writer, blogger, and caring mother of two kids who writes about self-improvement, productivity, health, travel adventures, and pets. Stella is also the co-owner of trailer brake controllers reviewing website. Follow her on Twitter.

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