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The Significance of Creating a Sacred Home Office Space

The Significance of Creating a Sacred Home Office Space

If you are one of those people who spend too much of their time at their desk, you should definitely improve the atmosphere of your workspace. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. For example, plants will literally breathe life into your office space, and the essential oils exuded by them, purify and flavour the air, which will improve your mood. Follow these simple steps to create a sacred home office space.

Get rid of the mess

It is necessary to get rid of all the mess, especially on the floor, so that the energy of the life force, can flow freely. In addition, it is recommended to either fix all broken and non-working things or, without regret, throw them away. Also, be sure to pack all the things that cause you negative emotions in a box and take them away from your office space.

Pleasant smell

To raise the energy of the space, it is necessary to fill the office with pleasant aromas. The ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui strongly recommends distributing lemon essential oils in the office. It is this scent that will help you concentrate, and in addition, it has soothing and clarifying properties that will be very useful for you when feelings such as anger, anxiety and fatigue arise.

To attract wealth and boost money flow, you need to use peppermint oils. This aroma attracts favourable circumstances and thus contributes to the improvement of your company's financial situation. Also, mint is an excellent sedative that will prevent conflict situations. Another useful plant is lavender, which is able to cleanse the energy of the room from negative dark energy. Its delicate scent helps you focus and mobilise your inner strength and set you up for success.

According to feng shui, lavender oil will balance the “qi” energy and greatly enhance it.

Five elements

The Significance of Creating a Sacred Home Office Space

There are five elements: wood; fire; earth; metal; water. They must be present in a balanced amount in your office for optimal energy flow.


The easiest way to bring in some wood is to have plants whose greenery symbolises growth and energises your career.


The fire element helps bring warmth into space and also promotes fame and recognition. Fire can be brought into space using triangular candles in red, pink, orange and yellow.


The earth element helps to find peace, stability and protection. Place brown and light yellow ceramic items in your work area. They will amplify beneficial vibrations and provide grounding.


Metal is purity, light, precision and clarity. Place at least one grey-and-white metal object on your desk to eliminate distractions and successfully finish what you started.


The element of water brings fluidity, calmness, lightness and freshness, and is a symbol of abundance. Decorating your office with fountains, glass or mirrors, emphasising blue and black colours, will bring success and prosperity to the entire company.

Table and its placement

The Significance of Creating a Sacred Home Office Space

Special attention should be paid to the table and its placement. A lot of people forget about this and put their working table in a forgotten dark corner of their home. You spend a lot of time by it, so you should like it and be comfortable enough, as it is important that you really feel inspired by your work and achieving your goal. The best option would be to place your desktop facing the door. If you don't have the ability to rearrange or change the position of your desktop, install a mirror on your desk so you can see what is happening behind your back, plus it will visually enlarge your working area.

A comfortable chair is also a must-have. You should choose one that will allow you to move freely without getting up. Those moves could damage your floor, but putting a protective chair mat will ensure that they stay flawless.

Fresh air

In addition to properly positioned furniture, fresh air is also needed to increase your productivity. If your office has a window, it must be kept open. Also, there should be no clutter on the windowsill, so all things must be removed from it.


The office is a very important part of your life, so don’t neglect it. This simple hacks will not only help you furnish your office more harmoniously but also attract wealth and success into your life.

This article was submitted exclusively to by Emma Williams.
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