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Unique Ways to Bring Positivity and Personality to Your Wedding

Unique Ways to Bring Positivity and Personality to Your Wedding

When you think about a traditional wedding, a few things probably come to mind. You might be mulling over flowers, dresses, song selections, and colors. Planning a wedding can actually be a lot of fun. But, when other people start to get involved and insert their opinions and suggestions, those feelings of fun can quickly dissipate.

The wedding industry is huge, and everyone has their unique perspective on what a wedding day should look like. It’s no wonder over 7.5 million bridal magazines are purchased each year.

While getting ideas from friends, family, magazines, or online can be helpful, it’s important to remember that this is your day. With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with doing things differently or having a few unique touches involved. Whatever you want to do to let your personality shine and to bring positivity to your wedding is your prerogative.

Let’s look at a few ways to accomplish that while working through what others might want to see on your big day.

Shut Out Superstitions

From the moment you get engaged, you’re bound to start hearing a lot of advice. Unfortunately, a lot of it will be bad advice. So many people think weddings need to be picture perfect. Because of that, dozens of superstitions have popped up over the years – things you should and shouldn’t do for luck.

Some of the biggest superstitions surrounding weddings include:

  • Seeing each other before the ceremony
  • Wearing a veil
  • Getting knives as a gift
  • Dropping your ring before the ceremony
  • Rain on the wedding day

Another common superstition revolves around buying a used engagement ring. Second-hand engagement rings have been considered “bad luck” because they were once worn by someone else. But, to some people, buying used or repurposed items is important, especially if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint or you just want to save money. Obviously, buying a used ring isn’t going to determine the outcome of your marriage any more than these other superstitions.

In fact, you can take this myth and have some fun with it. Instead of buying a used ring, consider going “hunting” for one. You never know where or when you’ll find lost jewelry on the beach or in the woods, and using a metal detector can make it much easier. Finding an engagement ring might feel like you’ve actually discovered a piece of buried treasure, and you never know what the rich history behind it could be. It might seem like a long shot to find something so rare, but imagine what a great story that would be!

While old traditions and tales can be fun in their place, don’t let these myths keep you from doing exactly what you want to on your big day. People may have the best of intentions in “warning” you about some things, but no myth should give you pause when it comes to doing things a certain way.

Stay True to Your Style

Every last detail of your wedding should reflect your personal sense of style. If you have a particular theme in mind, that’s great! It often makes it easier to decorate and find things that will coordinate. But, even if you don’t have a specific thing, bringing things to the forefront that you find beautiful or interesting will make you happy with how the day turns out. Consider adding your own unique touches to things like:

  • The guestbook
  • Table markers
  • Flowers
  • Bridal party attire

One of the easiest ways to let your personality shine is through the music you use. Whether you choose to hire a DJ or a live band, music is the ultimate expression of who you are and what you love. You can choose to have your favorite song playing when you walk down the aisle, or a  specific playlist for certain dances at the reception.

Simply put, if you don’t want to do ‘The Chicken Dance’, don’t do it.

Another great place to show off your personality is with the food you choose. You don’t have to have a big, fancy catered meal. Do you and your partner both love pizza? Why not order a bunch of pies from your favorite place? Is a certain Thai takeout spot your guilty pleasure? Go for it! You can even make the event more “interactive” by turning it into a cookout with burgers and hot dogs if you want to go for something more casual.

People tend to think that wedding planning has to be stressful. But, that’s often because they’re letting others influence their decisions. When you stay true to your personality and your own sense of style, everything will end up being much easier.

Sit down with your partner when you’re ready to start planning things and determine what’s most important to you both. Whether you opt to do things on a more traditional scope or you really want to try something unique, it’s completely up to you.

Let Your Spirituality Shine

Remember, this wedding is about you and your partner. Behind all of the decorations, food, music, and fun, a wedding is just the first day of your marriage. You have a lifetime to get through with the person you love.

So, the vows you make to each other during your ceremony need to be meaningful, and even spiritual. No matter what you believe in, if it’s important to you, make it a part of your day. Don’t feel as though you need to go a traditional route because other family members want that. Alternatively, if you want something simple and “by the book”, you can do that too.

Some people want a ceremony with religious roots. Others don’t want religion involved at all. Or, maybe you believe in the power of crystals to surround the big day with positive energy and love.

Connecting your spirituality and beliefs with your special day is a great way to kick off your marriage, and will make your ceremony more intimate and personal for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

At the end of the day, whatever you want to include in your wedding is your choice. You won’t be able to please every single person, no matter what you do. So, instead, focus on what’s important to you and what will truly make your day feel special.

About the author:

Frankie Wallace is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She writes about a variety of topics, and spends most of her free time in her garden. 

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About the author:

Frankie Wallace is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She writes about a variety of topics, and spends most of her free time in her garden. 

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