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Writing Practice: A Simple Tool To Develop Productivity And Awareness

Writing Practice: A Simple Tool To Develop Productivity And Awareness

Writing is more than just pounding away on the keyboard or scribbling words on paper. It is an immersive process that involves letting your thoughts flow, with the writing instrument as a conduit. It helps to keep your thoughts in place during important projects and helps to generate ideas.

Since writing is an immersive process, one can channel this concept into developing self-awareness. You need to understand your values and passions in regard to the outlined goals of the writing process.

Programmers can use writing to channel their inner creativity and reflect on their thoughts. In the same vein, other creatives in different fields also benefit from self-reflection activities.

Let’s look at writing as it pertains to developing awareness, as well as creative ways to make your writings more self-aware.

How does writing improve self-awareness?

Whenever you practice writing, you are accessing a different state of consciousness — a place where ideas live. But to access this space, you need to disconnect from the rest of the noise surrounding you. Here are ways writing practice can improve your awareness.

  1. Brainstorming

The first thing to do whenever you have a writing task is to think about the topic. This visualization process helps us to connect with our minds. You channel your internal energy and consciousness and transfer it to the task in front of you. Everything that happened prior or that will occur in the future is insignificant — now is all that matters. This means that you are conditioning your mind to allocate a specific amount of energy and time to the upcoming task when you are thinking about the topic.

  1. Mindfulness

According to core Buddhist principles, self-awareness is not about finding your true self. It is all about immersion into a process in which you do not exist — a world in which ‘you’ are not the epicenter. The task is all that matters. Self-awareness only comes as a product of this process.

  1. Concentration

Writing is a useful awareness tool since you are learning how to ‘lose’ yourself and eliminate external distractions. Gaining a high level of concentration is closely related to meditation. Your mind focuses on the expected results rather than your emotions and aspirations.

Writing Practice: A Simple Tool To Develop Productivity And Awareness

How to increase self-awareness during the writing process

If you understand writing as an activity that transcends ‘putting words to paper,’ you need to appreciate the importance of awareness. Think about it; a myriad of factors affect your state of mind when writing a paper — internal and external. So, writing provides an escape from these exigent factors during the process, at least.

Let’s take a look at practical ways to write with more self-awareness.

Get in the zone

Before starting any creative endeavor, you need to create an environment for the process to flourish. When you are writing, you need to eliminate all internal and external influences. Noisy surroundings, push-notifications are external influences. Conversely, emotions, convictions, and values relate to internal influences.

So, by embracing the dharmic principles of allowing change to happen, you relinquish control of yourself and embrace the writing process.

Other self-reflection activities can put you in the perfect zone for writing. These activities include:

  1. Body language mastery
  2. Conscious breathing
  3. Identifying your limitations
  4. Reflection with three “WHYs”

Write in sprints

We all have different creative processes, most of which are shaped by our experiences. However, anyone interested in mastering self-awareness must ride the wave of consciousness at its peak. In essence, don’t take breaks when working on a writing task. Just write whatever comes to your consciousness until you reach a specified target.

Moreover, writing on paper is a more effective practice technique for self-reflection than typing on a laptop. The use of a pen provides a sterile environment devoid of technological distractions.

Don’t edit while you write

Editing your text while writing disrupts the flow of consciousness. Bear in mind that your stream of consciousness cannot be controlled but can be disrupted. So, whenever you write, don’t pause to edit. Turn off the spell-check tool and go with the flow. Make sure you get everything in your mind on paper. In the end, you can make corrections to the entire text.

Write the way you feel

Since you’ve taken the time to master your mind, don’t let it go to waste. Once you are in the zone, use this fuel to create. Your writing should mirror how you feel during that time frame. Disregard every thought, disappointment, or preconceived notions. Recognize that this is not time to be hard on yourself, but an opportunity to accept your limitations.

Writing is an effective tool to establish a better understanding of oneself. This state of mind can only be achieved through self-reflection activities like conscious breathing and brainstorming. However, you need to eliminate all internal and external influences on your ability to focus on the task. In the end, you will develop a higher level of awareness and improve your writing.

Author bio:

Amanda Dudley
Amanda Dudley
is a lecturer and writer with a Ph.D in History from Stanford University. Over the years, she has worked as a lecturer, teaching students and enhancing their academic results.

She currently works as an essay writer at an essay writing service, where she delivers high-quality term papers and academic projects for students.

This article was submitted exclusively to CrystalWind.ca by Amanda Dudley.

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