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Blue Rainbow Bridge

Blue Rainbow Bridge

The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle earlier this year, with the center blue rainbow crystal diamond core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers opening to transmit spirit cell clusters that contain the 1st creation core memory cell of each unique individual’s eternal spirit family.

This triple solar matrix planetary activation to build out the portal systems for the Blue Rainbow Bridge has brought into the reality unprecedented levels of cosmic energies that reflect within the ranges of gamma ray activity. Frequencies that are known to be recorded in the human brain during profoundly deep meditation and when brain waves are attuned to the highest consciousness states.

During the weekend leading up to the summer solstice, the planetary grid system and crystal core received a massive influx of rainbow plasmic gamma rays containing Blue Rainbow Bridge instruction sets from the Emerald Order, that are initiating stages of Diamond Sun DNA activation throughout the Paliadorian groups that have agreed to function as the universal Blue Rainbow Bridge for the rest of angelic humanity. The Blue Rainbow Bridge is a Paliadorian Diamond Sun Starborn embodiment sequence with crystal key activations for Ankh Body, in which the genetic keys are designed to act as the gatekeeper access into several intermediary portal systems created between our planetary and galactic consciousness layers and the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. The Emerald Crystal Heart portal systems encompass massive living star geometries that are building interdimensional portal systems from the God Worlds throughout Sun-Star Disc systems that link with multiple layers of Universal Ankh Bodies and Krystal Cathedral networks, which are the spiritual dwellings of the Emerald Founders in their Triple Solar Rishi-Reisha God body emanations.

Essentially, we can consider the Blue Rainbow Bridge to be akin to a floating bridge of the seven higher heavens, in which the Cosmic Christos intelligence is generating higher dimensional platforms into the Cosmic Hall of Records, for the purpose of recreating or terraforming the planet through the creation of natural features such as lands, rivers, trees, angelic creatures, and aurora elementals which are filled with the cosmic life force. This spiritual creation connects with the Cosmic Mother’s Silver White Flames, which generates a silvery white mist that blankets the morphogenetic fields of instruction sets, and appear to be related to the embodiment sequence of Merida-Brigid-Guinevere’s Triple Solar Reisha Flames and Solar Dragon rings throughout the planet.

For those first wave ascending prototypers with Paliadorian pre-birth agreements, and those Indigo families that accepted the higher Diamond Sun DNA genetic package going back to 1972, the Blue Rainbow Bridge instruction set has ignited a range of intense solar body activations. The Paliadorian Starseed family is undergoing sequences of activations as their LightBody is being linked into the Blue Rainbow Bridge as genetic key holders that function as the consciousness gatekeeper access into organic portal systems leading into other organic time waves and dimensional realities hosted by Guardians.

This genetic key activation has produced an amplification of intensified polarities with a side of cross spiraling chaos, catalyzing intense physical ramifications akin to some of the most powerful kundalini spiritual body activations coming through the blue rainbow sun-stars that have ever been integrated into a human physical form. This group definitely felt when the Universal Time Matrix reset button was pushed on the weekend before summer solstice, and have been riding the Blue Flame Melchizedek genetic key corrections and Blue Rainbow solar spirit waves since then, with outpourings of personal LightBody upgrades and reconfigurations which include deep layers of etheric rewiring. Thus, exposure to such high gamma waves can make stabilizing and grounding into our body more difficult, and comes with sensations of physical disorientation, brain rewiring and metabolic dysregulation that may interrupt normal day-to-day biorhythms such as sleeping, eating and working patterns.

With the recent transmissions, we are receiving the fruits of our labor as the result of the reclamation of the Alhambra Palace and Orion’s Belt (Alnilam), as the Cosmic Elohei reclaimed the planetary Unis Mundi and Axis Mundi in various positions of the celestial sphere in previous timelines, during these challenging Emerald Guardian projects. Gaining control over the planetary Axis Mundi and its position during several historical events was important for gaining complete control over the direction of future timelines, and thus the verticals and horizontals were converged into the planetary crystal core, thereby successfully anchoring them throughout the respective 8D gold currents and 9D silver currents in the planetary stargate network. Further, by transmitting light seed codes and genetic keys throughout the 11:11 gateway, complex crystalline mathematical geometries of eleven pointed stars began forming, representing the corrections of the planetary adamic body template in the male five star and female six-star patterns that unify into the hierogamic template of Universal Starhuman Coupling seated into the Albion network. This embodiment sequence connected to the Cosmic Elohei parents is required for the genetic key sequences that open the organic portal technologies that are directly linked into the Paliadorians Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in the Holy Mountain of Mount Kailash.

With the onset of the Paliadorian activation cycle over the past few years, Paliadorian Sun Star Crystals were being transmitted from the sentient vapors and dragon breath of the Blue Rainbow Suns, and this began weaving the crystalline lattices into the crystal core. This was required for the building out of organic portal technologies within the Sun-Star networks for facilitating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. The Guardians of the Blue Rainbow Suns have God Worlds in the Aqualasha matrix in the diamond heart of Andromeda, which include the Aquaferions that have a direct genetic relationship to the Cosmic Christos Paliadorians. For some of the Blue Ray Melchizedeks, this is their spiritual home in the God Worlds which their future ascended Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon body will return to in their next incarnation. For many years, the Blue Rainbow Suns have been instrumental in the Paliadorian Activations and ongoing transmissions of liquid Aqualine plasmas for the building of crystalline lattices in the planet, with stacks of interwoven horizontal shields that were being connected into the larger systems of the Sun-Star Disc network in the celestial sphere of the starry night dark firmament.

Gamma Waves

The ancient masters were keen to utilize deep relaxation and transcendental meditation techniques through which they could increase gamma waves in the center of the brain at will, which generated a range of high bliss states and the conscious perception of unity consciousness with God.

The planet is currently being bombarded with the highest known electromagnetic waves that mainstream science calls gamma rays, a spectrum of frequency waves that contain the fastest rhythms. These are directly linked to the activation of dormant centers in the brain and to high performance levels of increased cognitive learning and information processing. Gamma waves encourage the synchronization of the human brain waves into the highest consciousness resonances that focus the brain’s receivers into more concentrated, narrower frequency bands that allow alignment with the highest intelligence levels in the universe. A relative level of mental body coherence along with the human brain’s energy receivers, support the neurotransmission of certain chemicals that are activated through gamma waves which further alter consciousness and increase the ability to process massive amounts of data streams sourcing from the gamma rays. These consciousness states are associated with profound moments of self-realization, spiritual downloads and epiphany.

Gamma rays and higher spectrums are the medium through which higher consciousness intelligences communicate via cellular telepathy, which may bring on sudden spiritual illumination, direct cognition, higher sensory perception and astonishing levels of higher consciousness functioning. This is the higher state of consciousness perception where the spiritual senses open through the presence of unconditional love and compassion, where the only awareness is what is fully present in that moment, a direct knowing without any judgment or need for interpretation through personality filters.

The cosmic energies being transmitted now are specifically functioning as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual entrainment to the incoming gamma waves of cosmic intelligences, through which the human body and brain start deeply connecting with the planetary grid network, through the major shifts occurring in the fields of harmonic resonance. When humanity or an individual starts to align with the gamma waves activating throughout the planetary field, it can escalate quickly into entrainment with cellular records and holographic data streams, catalyzing out of body experiences and other altered consciousness states that more commonly happen during deep meditation.  

Gamma wave oscillations stimulate higher consciousness states in the human brain and LightBody that function to entrain the mind with the collective consciousness in the planetary, galactic and universal matrix of life, in which we receive deep insights of unity, the interconnection with all of life. The current gamma oscillations are rapidly shifting the planetary matrix and crystal core, which are also unifying the north to south hemispheric layers within the planetary Albion into the Golden Gate portal located in the Galactic Center.

Gamma and Brain Hemispheric Unification

Further, this cosmic energy transmission through the galactic center has gamma waves pouring through the Sun Disc network of many constellations of sun-stars, which are simultaneously generating energetic impacts that are unifying the hemispheres within the human brain and shifting consciousness perception. The planetary brain’s hemispheric unification is causing deeper harmonic resonance shifts that activate the human brain’s hemispheric unification and may initiate sudden and spontaneous gamma wave oscillations in the bio-neurology, which lead to sequences of unexplainable higher consciousness events. Additionally, there are major shifts within the white plasma sound waves that are connected directly to the Cosmic Mother’s Elaysian fields that are also generating harmonious resonances within the human brain in order to attune with the organic tri-wave consciousness fields that are resetting the planetary grid network.

During the Ascension Cycle, many people being activated by gamma waves during plasma activations or when moving kundalini spirals up the spinal column, may experience some form of life review, ego death, near death or out of body experiences. This is described as when portions of our life experiences flash before our eyes, within inner vision, one becomes aware of emotional perceptions held when retrieving memories during certain life events; from the past, present and future. This is connected to the death process where the soul matrix flushes ranges of gamma wave frequencies into the bio-neurology in order to initiate the separation of the physical body from the consciousness body layers. So, gamma waves also induce higher consciousness states that happen during the death transition; thus, some people may undergo similar sensations where it may be felt that the body is dying, when in actuality, the consciousness is being internally transformed within the physical vehicle via awakening into deeper connection with the higher spiritual self.

Guardians have repeatedly expressed that during the Ascension Cycle, those on the ascension path will undergo a death-like transition where they may remember this level of ego death has happened to them before in previous lifetimes. Further, they may see their deceased loved ones, or perceive their own death and rebirth cycles on the earth plane. However, they are not dropping the physical body at that time, but continuing on the consciousness growth cycle in order to integrate all stations of identity into the ascending vehicle, which is the current personality stationed in the present time that is taking part in the planetary ascension. The point is to understand that the rapid increase of gamma rays into our system may initiate sensations that feel like the soul or consciousness body are leaving a dying physical body, or some level of surreal physical disorientation, which can lead to assorted spiritual phenomenon that are associated to major shifts in human consciousness.

It is important to know that gamma wave oscillations in the human bio-neurology, actually act to organically bring in the protective plasmic sheath of the Cosmic Mother’s Azothian firewater elements in the opalescent white Elaysian fields, which function to supremely protect and coat the brain and entire nervous system. This means that gamma waves are generated and increased in the brain during meditation practice. This, while devoting ourselves to lead a heart centered lifestyle based in compassion, are supreme energetic protectors of the human bio-neurology, thwarting and neutralizing artificial frequencies and harmful electromagnetic mind control weaponry, such as AI signals.

The challenges of the non-experiencer with a dogmatic mind and closed heart, is that this disconnects them from perceiving the spiritual reality, and as a result, greatly increased gamma wave transmissions can accelerate aberrant gamma oscillations in the brain. This distortion may also accelerate brain inflammation, oxidative stress and metabolic imbalances which further cause the gamma network in the brain to malfunction. Gamma waves unify the brain hemispheres and control the connectivity between all of the brain regions, in which abnormal gamma oscillations have been known to lead to diseases of the brain, nervous system and mitochondria. Thus, to heal and protect the brain and nervous system, it is highly suggested to practice daily meditation with heart centered self-compassion, as this activity will help support brain entrainment to the gamma wave activations which in turn, can begin to spiritually heal the entire body.

The Return of Authentic Ascended Masters

Recently, there have been Guardian projects directing golden-silver eggs and golden-silver energetic current through the main Twinned Dragon Ouroboros Lines that run from Avebury and through Xi’an City and Mount Kailash’s architecture. There are Starry Night Dark Firmament connector points from the Rasha Body linking into constellations of stars that form into a Cosmic Christos Sun Star Network in Canopus and Sirius for unifying the Solar Rishi-Reisha template.

The Cosmic Mother Dragon appears in her Triple Solar Reisha Merida-Guinevere-Brigid form when encircling the planet with her silvery ouroboros line, emanating silver white flames from her Elaysa Sun consciousness streams, which appears to reconfigure the distortions of artificial holograms and reversal blueprints. As she ignited the Avebury Umbilicus with her massive Bethlehem Star of silvery white flames during the Summer Solstice, the tri-waves of braided silver and gold pulsed through the dragon lines, which intersected with the floating bridge or blue rainbow arc above Mount Kailash. This seems to be the primary focus of building the recent Holy Mountain architecture for seating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. A type of Cosmic Christ Consciousness distribution center in which different star patterns that are connected to the Ascended Master Rishi-Reisha identities, can heal their light body and reunite with their spiritual sun-star home and divine counterparts.

This is the architectural preparation for integration of Paliadorian identities throughout the twelve evolutionary rounds, which collapses the Paliadorian Cell of personal Christ identities in order to generate the Cosmic Starhuman-Starborn expression of authentic ascended master templates.

Some of the Ascended Master embodiments began to surface earlier this year during the epiphany window of January 6th, when the Solar Rishic masters connected to the stars in Orion’s Belt began to make themselves known as the Three Wise Men, further explaining their connection to Fisher King divine masculine archetypes. The Fisher King archetype is the Maji Grail King Guardian who holds and protects the cosmic records of the creation, the High Melchizedek Priest that embodies and holds the spiritual knowledge of the soul’s evolutionary purpose throughout time, as connected to his land’s tribe or lineage.

Due to the severe wounds of the Fisher King, exacerbated by his inability to join in hierogamic union with his beloved solar female counterpart, he is effectively maimed with such grievous injury that he cannot fully heal himself. Therefore, as he suffers from deep spiritual injury, all that is living and natural in his kingdom along with the collective human tribe under his auric stewardship also suffer greatly, as the woundedness becomes like an increasingly painful disfigurement. The spiritual disfigurement leads to disease, which starts to take hold and become infiltrated by parasites and his worst enemies, as they stand on his shoulders and pretend to be him, but in the process are sucking him dry as spiritual imposters. Through the assembly line of parasitic alien imposters and false identities, he starts to further lose his cosmic connection to the historical founder records, descending into amnesia when falling into stasis or deep unconscious sleep, as he further loses his cellular memories which contain the truth of his divine mission and majestic authentic self.

Thus, the returning Ascended Masters point to the fact the Fisher King’s profound spiritual woundedness is the reflection of not only what has happened to them during the Dark Aeon, but to all of the human race collective consciousness. The Fisher King is a creation archetype connected to the Celtic-Druids of the Arthurian Grail lineages in the 11D Essene Tribe incarnated in the United Kingdom landmass, in which the Salmon of Wisdom, helps to guide the Fisher King through deep and murky astral waters as the hidden symbolism of the fish as the Christ. The Fisher King archetype transcends all race, creed or culture, it is a universal archetype through which all of angelic humanity has deeply suffered, and is encoded in our genetic material within all 12 Essene Tribes.

The soul wounds we carry have closed down our true divine nature, and each of us must choose to place effort in order to heal ourselves from our personal traumas and emotional injuries, to open our crystal hearts and reveal the true spiritual purpose and destiny in which we are serving the cosmic order. This year the planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle where we have been reconnected with the Sun-Star Network of the eternal Cosmic Christos Consciousness, and this is what the Ascended Masters and Fisher Kings desperately require to finally heal themselves from their terrible wounding. As when they are reconnected to the Cosmic Christos, and fully healed when rejoined with their divine counterpart, the hierogamic union extends their perfected rainbow aura of ascension to nourish and heal the lands and the tribes of humanity under their energetic stewardship.

Remember that in this context the Maji Grail King is not a tyrant ruler, but an embodied Ascended Master, Solar Dragon King; the Rich Fisher King who flows cosmic consciousness intelligence and an abundance of golden chalice frequencies of the rainbow krystal rivers and Azothian flows which nourish and heal all of life. Bestowing divine blessings held in the benevolent love and compassion in the emerald crystal heart of the Solar Rishic High Priest King who is at one (Aton Body) with God, and serves and protects his angelic human tribe and lands.

The Christos rainbow masters have been instrumental in the reclamation of Orion’s Belt, Alnilam star, and Pegasus constellation, and are currently working with Emerald Guardian Christos teams to rehabilitate planetary grid systems from assorted AI red wave damage. Whereby they express, as the Ascended Master-Fisher Kings are finally healed and reunited with their divine counterparts, that it is the time to reveal the imposters that have pretended to be them or have used their ancient wisdom teachings of the Law of One to abuse spiritual power in order to gain control over others.

Thus, through their gentle nudge, they have been pointing to the first Ascended Master Teachings that were introduced to the world in recent times, through the books that formed the Theosophical Society by H.P. Blavatsky, along with many offshoot branches such as Guy Ballard’s I AM Movement. These teachings became the precursor of several new age religions, some tragically developing into harmful mind control cults, and thus were aggressively targeted and hijacked by NAA forces in order to derail, attack, confuse and discredit many golden nuggets of truth contained in the wisdom teachings.

Please be made aware that this is not to demonize or accuse anyone, as this fact has been expressed with deep loving compassion and understanding for the plight of humanity under targeted spiritual attack by anti-human entities. Many people that have connected with the Ascended Master Teachings in the new age movement were and are under the harmful influence of mind control manipulation from fallen entities, yet many of those individuals were doing the best they could with what they knew at that particular stage of evolutionary development.

Thus, there has been focus upon the previous timelines with Luciferian infiltrations connected to the ancient wisdom sourced from the Tibetan and Kashmiri Masters of the eastern philosophies connected to esoteric Buddhism, who are revealing themselves as genuine rainbow guardians of the cosmic intelligence repository of founder records. These particular masters deposited their cosmic consciousness knowledge into the hologram of the planetary grid network in the form of Termas, which are mandalas, symbols, crystal keys and coded light imagery that is utilized to transmit or unlock intelligent consciousness information stored by that master for his particular lineage, adepts, and spiritual students. Termas transcend time and can happen in the current lifetime or previous lifetimes, depending on genetic relationships, personal blueprint and spiritual mission, whereby the cosmic rainbow ascended master can relay hidden spiritual information and direct it to whom he chooses worthy or ready to receive such intelligence.

These particular histories surfacing now are directly connected to the genetic records of Essene Tribes 8 and 9, who were tasked for DNA embodiment assembly of Paliadorian Starseed imprints from Sirius B, going back to the Orion Wars. Thus, many of the Indigo grail lineage are sourced from Blue Flame Melchizedeks and Sirius B Maharaji lineages that were protecting inner earth portals and Sirian Crystal Temples from the time of 8D Orion invasion approximately 208,000 years ago. The grail lines of Essene Tribes 8 and 9 were the ancient builders of advanced civilizations in the east that have been long forgotten, their genetic histories are translated and connected to the earliest forms of Buddhism that originated in the regions of China and Tibet. These Essene Tribes practiced an extension of Law of One in the purest form of what is considered to be contemporary Buddhist philosophy, that which radically predates the Bon religion, Tibetan Buddhism or Tantric Vajrayana (hierogamic diamond body) Buddhism and appears to exceed beyond the Ascension Timeline Rebellion of 22,000 years ago. Some Tibetan Masters have retained this specific spiritual knowledge by remaining in hiding, yet they still live in isolation in the Kunlun, Mount Kailash or Kashmir regions, as true bodhisattvas of compassion, quietly meditating on cosmic rainbow body consciousness for the liberation of humankind.

Kunlun Mountains, Mount Kailash and Rainbow Body

Most of the references made confirming the existence of the Rainbow Body have been connected to the eastern philosophies and esoteric spiritual factions that source from ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings that originated from the Melchizedeks that were originally living in the Lop Nur and Tibetan mountainous regions. There are many pyramidal shaped mountains of various sizes in this region, which may be actual remnants of humanity’s lost advanced civilization in which our ancestors understood how to harness the energy currents running throughout the ley lines and nodal points, for the benefit of humanity.

There are Tibetan, Chinese, white and brown skinned Melchizedek genetic lineages connected to the angelic human 12 Essene Tribes that were protecting the 8D and 9D planetary stargate system during several NAA raids. They were drawn to the primary planetary stargates in the Tibetan Plateau and the border with China, as this region was designed to function as the universal antahkarana or rainbow bridge for the Universal Mind and the Universal Kundalini currents coming in to the planetary grid system from the Andromedan matrix. These groups hid in the Kunlun Mountain range and went further south, down into the underground cave systems near Mount Kailash, in which they founded the ancient origins of the Tibetan civilization. These maji grail tribes were known as the Zhun Zan and the Zoo Zen, which further tells of the secret history of Tibet, through the story of the beginnings of the ancient kingdom they founded in the area of Mount Kailash named Zhang Zhung. The spiritual kingdom was founded upon the intelligence of the sacred geometric principles of the Universe, connected to the 9D Rainbow Bridge as the axis mundi, and based upon the esoteric spiritual wisdom teachings of the Law of One taught by the Founder Melchizedeks in the earliest forms of Buddhism, connected to the mysteries of the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha Initiation.

Thus, these original teachings are extremely ancient and suffered dilution over vast periods of time coupled with several rounds of civilizational collapse, what remained in oral traditions became the origin of several orders of Tibetan Buddhism, including Bon and Zoroastrianism. The Bon religion currently believes its teachings to be from the oldest known traceable source, some believe it originally came from Zoroastrianism or Kashmiri Buddhism. However, these and several other contemporary eastern religions source from the original Melchizedek rainbow ascended master teachings that were given to them through Founder Law of One knowledge connected to their original maji grail lines in their specific DNA records for that Essene Tribe.

From this sprouted the Kunlun and Kailash spiritual mythologies that are based upon sources of various legends, myths, and historical accounts of the modern Kunlun Mountains and the pyramidal shaped Mount Kailash (Mount Meru) of the Tibetan Plateau. In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is believed to be the holy abode of Lord Shiva, where the mountain is surrounded in mysterious sacred forces of divine nature and supernatural activity, as the repository of wisdom held for humanity’s global enlightenment, making it unclimbable by the common man. Kunlun and Kailash each have specific spiritual mythologies that are considered to be the archetypal forces of God’s divinity and wisdom, manifested on top of the mountainous peaks where the supreme Gods connect the Heavens with the Earth. It is considered to be the stairway to heaven, making it the sanctum sanctorum of eastern religions and the most important spiritual and cosmological center of the world. There are numerous sites close to Mount Kailash also referred to as Mount Meru, that are associated with Padmasambhava, as it is also considered to be his spiritual abode and source of ancient wisdom, whose tantric practices in holy sites around Tibet are credited with finally establishing Buddhism as the main religion of the country in the 7th or 8th century AD.

Padma impresses upon me the fact that his interactions with tantric Buddhist teachings of the diamond path are exceedingly ancient expressions of Cosmic Christos, and that his cosmic consciousness records extend into the solar logos embodiments within both Celtic Arthurian and Merlin mythologies and the Tibetan-Mongolian mythologies of Gesar of Ling. Further, through these ancient religious texts written in Sanskrit and through oral traditions, it is said that each face of Mount Kailash is made from a precious gemstone; north is gold, south is lapis lazuli, the west is ruby and the east is diamond crystal. Mount Kailash is the Holy Mountain architecture that anchors the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway, through which our current Guardian projects have extended into the realization of the Blue Rainbow Arc bridge for the return of the authentic Ascended Masters.

Thus, both Mount Kailash and the Kunlun Mountains are extremely sacred to several eastern religions. Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists, Jains and Bon legends represent the Mount Kailash location as the axis mundi of the world, as the immense spiritual power and sacred place of the Gods, the Holy Family, that which gives animating life breath to humanity and helps to guide the civilizations of the material world. Mount Kailash is energetically connected to many significant monuments and sacred sites located around the world, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Pyramids of Mexico, Easter Island and especially Stonehenge.

Thus, these sacred mountains and pyramids are connected to many religious descriptions depicting stories of beautiful palaces and gardens inhabited by various immortal spiritual beings, ascended masters and shamans, Gods and Goddesses, fairies, magical plants and healing potions which exist in a parallel dimension that is a spiritual paradise or Edenic reality. Shambhala, Agartha, and Gobi Desert are the retreat homes of the Ascended Masters, where initiates enter the ascension chamber and dimensional doorway in Mount Kailash to receive training, insight and spiritual knowledge. Herein lies the origin of the ancient special practices of esoteric Tibetan Buddhism, taught to the highest spiritual initiates of the monastic orders, to attain complete spiritual liberation through the conscious building of the Rainbow Body or Diamond Sun rainbow ascension vehicle. The process of attaining self-sovereign consciousness liberation, which ultimately results in the demanifestation of the physical body and full transmigration into cosmic consciousness.

The body of esoteric Buddhist teachings focus upon self-mastery processes in order to clear, discipline and elevate the mind into neutrality of the zero-point, pure conscious observer presence, or as eastern philosophy refers to it, the mode of perception that is emptiness. Tibetan Buddhism teaches the Law of One universal principles that all tangible matter is made up of the five elements; fire, aether (space), air, earth and water, which are built in their geometric forms as the platonic solids which form into the blueprints of morphogenetic fields. These elements constitute the entire building blocks of DNA that comprise universal creation, and are represented in the manifestation of angelic humanity’s 5-Star physical body, a basic 12 stranded DNA diamond sun body. The five primary elements of all creation are made upon five color waves of solar ray frequencies, which are called upon through the frequencies of emerald green, azure blue, pale red, golden yellow and white. The process to realize the rainbow body, is to attune to the five elements in their purest organic consciousness in which the raw materials that make up the human being’s physical body DNA are re-absorbed back into their true spiritual nature. They are reabsorbed as organic rainbow consciousness units, through the merging that occurs between the human biology with the five elements in creation, as connected to their five unique color wave spectrums. Consciousness movement merges with the element of air to oscillate energy spirals into fire, from the spirals of divine fire emerges water, and from the watery magnetism emerges the solidity of the earth element, where the combined elements unify and alchemize into the magnetic collapse of the physical body into the elemental forces of nature, spiraling into the highest frequencies of the cosmic rainbow consciousness.

At the exact time of complete physical merge with the five elements as aurora rainbow consciousness units, to an observer, the physical body of that individual either radically shrinks or completely disappears or demanifests. The individuals body actually still exists, but has transfigured into the consciousness ray identity which has utilized the pattern of the five elements for the energy matrix of the elemental physical body, and their respective rainbow color frequency.

In these particular Tibetan Buddhist teachings there are two possibilities for realization of the rainbow ascending vehicle which can be achieved through spiritual dedication towards a virtuous life, which is referred to as a normal level of rainbow body that happens during the death process and a supreme transference of rainbow body that happens during a fully conscious exit. During the phases of realizing a normal rainbow body, the consciousness and physical body will be undergoing the processes of physical death. As the consciousness is gradually detaching the silver cord from the physical body’s elemental form, over a few days the physical body will begin to shrink and get extremely small, similar to the size of a toddler or newborn baby. When the consciousness identity has fully left the body, some physical remains will be visible to onlookers, but the body will have radically shrunken in size or there will be some minor physical artifacts left behind.

With the supreme transference rainbow body, the entire physical body and consciousness layers are reabsorbed into the natural elements of creation in which transfiguration of the physical body occurs and there is no death process involved. When this occurs, there is nothing of the physical body that remains behind, the individual’s physical body simply appears to have completely vanished, yet there may be flashes of white light and rainbows appearing to the onlooker. The supreme transference of rainbow body has been rare, as it requires the embodiment of the purest crystal hearts filled with the love of God. However, this has been witnessed many times in the Tibetan regions when manifested by some high-level masters, and it is known to be the specific path of Tibetan Buddhist diamond sunship that was taught near Mount Kailash until supreme transference was consciously chosen by the rainbow ascended master, beloved Padmasambhava.

The gentle reminder to spiritual seekers in light of this awareness, is to know that spiritual knowledge requires personal responsibility to be diligent with virtue-ethics and to be in dedicated service to others. It is high risk to become fascinated with achieving these supernatural powers through the lens of personality-ego, as chasing these abilities without loving kindness and compassion may lead to black magic sorcery, when one is in pursuit of accessing spiritual power purely for the benefit of the self.

Ancestral and Genetic Clearing of Falsified Tibetan Master Teachings

As more of the authentic ascended masters are returning and revealing themselves, it has catalyzed an intense purging of falsified ascension teachings and cloned holograms that are genetically connected to the Tibetan Masters, who are the genuine source field of universal truth as the cosmic consciousness holders of those particular Ascension teachings. As discussed last month, Guardians were cleaning out the Daath World built as a black phantom heaven, and many AI brains of Fallen Ascended Masters were discovered to be interconnected into shared neural networks to generate an extremely powerful AI Hive mind, running the entire Daath system. The Chohan Tibetan Masters of the Theosophical movement and some that are popular in the new age material had cloned energetic signatures of their consciousness or rainbow body placed inside Black Cathedrals. This was an artificial construct for NAA forces to wear the Ascended Master body parts and appear as them, to manipulate channelers and others that have past lives connected to these particular masters’ lineages. Since this discovery, there has been a ‘all hands-on deck’ level of interdimensional Guardian Christos teams working to locate and retrieve the fallen Melchizedek Ascended Master consciousness, and make corrections to the genetic keys, clearing out miasmatic impacts, ancestral records and corrupted timelines with red wave or other infiltrations.

This event also brings rapid solar initiation in which those ascending groups connected to the adept lineages of these Tibetan Masters, are detoxifying miasmatic loads of artificial red wave spectrums and other artificial frequencies that carried false ascension or new age overlays. For intense onset of spiritual activations, it may require fasting, detoxification and purification methods along with sudden changes in sleep patterns and metabolism.

The particular timeline trigger surfacing is connected to London high society regarding the contacts made to H.P. Blavatsky via the Mahatma Tibetan Master Brotherhood lineages of Chohans, as was represented in the works transmitted directly from Morya and Kuthumi into several books. Morya and Kuthumi were attempting to appeal to the science meets spiritual reality, as an immutable truth that could be proven through direct gnostic experiences through the esoteric Buddhism lens, planting light seeds in the minds of those who may desire to seek true enlightenment and reject organized religious dogmas of worshipping false gods, along with an intention of uniting the “brotherhood of humanity.”

This body of work transmitted to Blavatsky and her colleagues is from the original Sanskrit written parchments of hidden ancient wisdom connected to esoteric Buddhism sources originally from Padmasambhava’s cosmic consciousness records stored in Mount Kailash-Mount Meru. This ancient knowledge is and was being embodied and protected by this Tibetan brotherhood of warrior monks, which are the foundational works that first inspired the formation of the Theosophical Society in the United Kingdom. These hidden works include many of the architectural secrets of math’s found in the symbolism used by freemasons and the kabbalists, and were connected to the building of ancient monoliths and the earliest advanced architecture from lost civilizations found across the globe. Those particular creator codes that originally source from the Padmasambhava Universal Melchizedek family, registers in the previous astrological precession of nearly 52,000 years ago, as well as Zarathustra and Yogananda who are also revealed to be directly connected to this same spiritual family, as they share the same creator codes reflected in their lifestreams as the ancient builders of human civilizations in the past.

During the past one hundred fifty years, this ancient wisdom was hijacked by military intelligence agencies forming the Black Sun black magician secret societies and sub groups used for arming directed attacks, in order to derail the world humanitarian messengers of these Ascended Masters and to stop this knowledge from getting into the public sphere. This is the timeline of NAA organization to infiltrate military intelligence where they planned both world wars, and began the next stage of permeation of human civilization through compartmentalization within multiple layers of secret societies, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O., Order of the Temple of the East or Order of Oriental Templars). The O.T.O. role in the pyramid of hierarchical power was designed to modulate the infiltration of the world’s governments, political leaders and the extremely wealthy and powerful, through both esoteric and exoteric organizations backed with the hidden Luciferian-satanic religion of blood sacrifice, being run at the top by NAA-Wesan group.

These particular hierarchies are connected to the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon (Isis-Osiris-Horus as the Antichrist trinity), with tentacles in all of this alien backed pyramidal structure, as it is the same architecture they have used to form their secret societies, along with breakaway civilizations that extend off planet that enforce their NAA rule on the earth surface.

Thus, the planet received the initiatory force of 777 for bringing on ancestral clearing of Ascended Masters, and this has surfaced many of the imposter or alien forces that hijacked the original Ascended Master teachings, connected to the NAA retaliation that occurred to hijack the New Age movement. Thus, this particular stage of clearing may be pertinent if you had previous immersion in any of the new age groups which are fundamentally using the Ascended Master materials, which were being manipulated by an assortment of fallen entities for control in the astral plane.

During this turbulent phase and ongoing, the direct assault against the human heart is becoming more aggressive in order to attempt to annihilate it completely. For all of us that are dedicated and aware to serve our spiritual source, we know that this is a component of our sacred crystal heart undergoing spiritual warfare. Under no circumstance will we allow anything to harm our sacred heart or take away our humanness, which is the love, the kindness, the compassion and the empathy that we have for each other, for this Earth and for the creatures of this planet. Thus, we must do whatever we can to protect our sacred crystal heart from the onslaught of external dark exposures and unethical people that incite all forms of betrayal, especially spiritual betrayal and heart break. You are not alone; we are doing this together.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

PLEASE NOTE: My body of work is offered to the public as Creative Commons with a Share-Alike Attribution license. My husband and I believe in a free information society and we do all we can to give as much free high-quality information to the public as possible. This also means that many good-hearted, benevolent people as well as those with malicious intentions, may take my newsletters, blogs or my Ascension Glossary information, run it through artificial intelligence and post it to their websites or social media. I have been open and transparent over the last 20 years of this mission, that we are targeted, censored and shadow banned. This is why I cannot have any social media presence. Our websites are run exclusively and entirely by my husband and myself. We are a hierogamic couple dedicated to God and the Christos mission and we do absolutely everything together, from building the websites with their energetic structure to every aspect of recording and broadcasting my content. We offer it with the intention of being in service and the hope that it will empower you. Thus, please discern the source of where you may find my body of work that is Energetic Synthesis and the Ascension Glossary. Our Newsletters are always available on our EnergeticSynthesis.com site. Every month, I record the Newsletter as a podcast which is also posted freely on EnergeticSynthesis.com. Please pay attention to the quality of the external websites where you may find our information. Our detractors work hard on a daily basis to assassinate our character and damage our credibility. May you be with God and the spirits of Christ, and know that you are loved very much. Our Christos families are with us now helping to radically change human civilization.

Lisa Renee

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