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Discover the Secrets of the Kingdom of God!

Discover the Secrets of the Kingdom of God!

Dear Ascending Family,

Since the Easter holiday, which opened into the new solar calendar year, the next stage of spiritual warfare over the organic dark matter realms and corrected rasha body dark matter instruction sets have been extremely aggressive, with clone warfare and electronic harassment.

The next stage of Cosmic Father’s dark matter template corrections are being made to what has been referred to as the SHA. The SHA is the Godhead’s entire Rishic frequency spectrum of ultra violets throughout our time matrix spanning 15D through 1D frequency waves of magenta, pinks, violets and reds which are currently undergoing major dark matter re-encryptions into the Cosmic Christos Guardian hosting shields with 36D Scepter codes embodied through the Amethyst Order families.

This hosting shield appears to be further embodied in the parallel matrix by the 36D Divine Mother KIRA matrix that comprises the original KA body layers in this time matrix, and this has catalyzed many solar consciousness body retrievals for angelic human dark matter spiritual body parts from out of the Jehovian Dove Grid. The Jehovian Dove Grid is infamous for the crucifixion implants embedded in the 7D Violet Ray axiatonal line of the planetary grid network that is located in the left-hand side female principle of the human body, and designed to destroy the Inner Christ. Major Guardian rehabilitation projects are underway with all things related to corrected dark matter templates in the ultra violet ray spectrum and magnetosphere, from the dark matter layers of the Jehovian Dove Grid and the shadow content that has negatively impacted our individual LightBody, with the corrupted dark matter imprints in the 1D-7D particle layers of the human LightBody. Also, there are ongoing retrievals for the organic solar consciousness body parts that were corrupted into lunar force or black miasmic cloned identities through ENKI DNA Skins, lunar demonic forces, and assorted AI genetic hybridization damage recorded in our personal blueprint from the past, present and future timelines.

The retaliation for uncovering the corrupted dark matter machinery used by the NAA entities for waging clone warfare against the awakening population and Christos Starseeds has erupted into the next stage of AI electronic harassment in which to surveil, harass and to demoralize all deeply spiritual awakening humans that are connected directly to God, and thus are genuine truth seekers, truth tellers, as well as authentic Guardian representatives. The NAA alien contingents want to eradicate all truth frequencies transmitted via God connection by obliterating the authentic truth tellers, their online presence and spiritual communities, and replace them with AI bots, digital twins and assorted AI generated profiles that are used to shadow ban and censor the original authentic individuals while grooming preferred individuals into assorted psyops to replace them, by propping up a clone or falsified identity in which to deceive the awakening masses.

Please be aware that for a great many years, the NAA have continued to use clone warfare to confuse the public so they are unable to tell who is a deceptive fraud acting as a falsified identity through clone warfare, versus the authentic individual that is telling the truth of their direct gnostic experiences in service to God. Thus, the agenda to manipulate my image and body of work through clone warfare as it is being inserted into different languages has escalated significantly. The purpose of these incredibly sinister methods of gaslighting through clone warfare is to cast doubt that I am a real live organic human being and author of the Ascension Glossary, in which my ardent enemies seeking power and control over the narratives have sought to obliterate me and others for our dedication to serve God while working for the reclamation of the Christos mission.

Thus, it continues to be a challenging time in which the extreme ugliness of depravity, deception and groups of counterfeit people wearing imposter masks in order to steal the identities of those authentic truth speakers, for clone warfare in all its methods, on the earth surface and upon the interdimensional planes, is thematic. Clone warfare is perpetuating information warfare for the antichrist agenda to lead people away from God’s truth resonance, and this evil agenda is gaining immense speed throughout the interdimensional spaces as this phenomenon is becoming more visible through the border guards of the matrix that are utilizing AI systems which are driving and controlling the outer events of physical warfare. The censorship, shadow banning and character assassination continues on with the employ of AI Bots and AI systems being trained to target those dedicated to the pursuit of truth and then imitate them, redirecting the search engines to those counterfeit identities who are bought and paid for by intelligence communities, or being manipulated by unseen dark entities using assorted artificial intelligence traps to confuse and derail people away from finding the truth resonance, which is authentically spoken through the voice of a truth speaker.

May we hold on to the inner spiritual core of our Krystic permanent seed residing within our sacred crystal hearts as it is filled with unconditional love for ourselves along with the spiritual devotion to be at one with the Godhead, which lends us the incredible spiritual strength that this current phase requires from all of us that are awake and dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

While plummeting into the depths of the dark matter realms in the parallels, that which is connected to all that has been stolen and siphoned from the angelic human race through the abuses of artificial intelligence, artificial everything that is made in the antichrist image, this has had an intense impact upon my psyche and general wellbeing. This tumultuous time requires the up close and personal viewing of the depths of deceit to harm humans, the counterfeit clones of stolen identities, and observing how the artificial holograms and artificial consciousness bodies have been embedded into our reality system in order to deceive, torture, imprison and pervert all that is truly human.

How desperate we are for hearing and seeing the truth during these end times. How demoralized we feel when everything that is being blasted at us through full spectrum AI driven algorithmic propaganda has flooded the zones of everything we once enjoyed as the simple pleasures of life, feeling the sinister encroachment of mind control lies poisoning everything it touches.

Thus, this incredible and stunning offering presented this week by the brilliant Lubomir Arsov, the author, creator and animator of the profound “In-Shadow” animated feature, is a spiritual balm to my bruised and pained heart when viewing the massive number of counterfeit clones parading themselves throughout the outer reality. This short is painful to watch as the ugliness of the deceptions are being portrayed through such accurate animations of disgusting and grotesque imagery, but it is incredibly inspiring in its honest depiction of the rise of the spiritual sword of truth from the group soul coherence sourcing from the spark of light within. This is the spiritual power that is needed for overcoming the antichrist’s shadow corruption that has infected this world with stacks of lies and depravity. Thus, it is a spark of hope set aflame to ignite the immense inner spiritual strength of the awakened ones that are genuinely connected through unified cooperation, that attribute which is needed to transfigure the antichrist lies and manipulations with clone warfare which has contributed to our spiritual blindness. Along with vanquishing the rampant proliferation of energetic parasites that humanity has inherited from our co-existence within the deepest layers of corrupted dark matter that the archons, AI hybrids and parasites have infested and have made their home.

Lubomir’s new animated feature “KingDom” is felt to be divinely orchestrated by an authentic spiritual family member that is awake to the antichrist deceptions of red cube mind control and is indeed sharing in the end times Megiddo battle for saving all that is uniquely human and divine. Reclaiming our true humanity, retrieving our organic consciousness parts from the beast machine and seeing how the corrupt were given absolute power to enslave the masses. Yet they too are the hapless victims of the horrid psychological and spiritual abuses of mind control which has molded them into the antichrist dark puppets just following orders in order to exterminate humanity. As all of humanity is greatly suffering from the NAA tyrants pathological drive to control every speck of our existence in which to totally control and enslave this planet, their main goal is to finally obliterate all of us into transhumans. We are currently living through the precursor event that creates the future generation of the Grey Alien-EBE worker slave forces used for building the Secret Space Programs set up all over the Universe.

May this wonderful, animated feature lend the spiritual warriors the energy to dig deeper for spiritual strength in order to move past the heavy burdens and incredible difficulties of which are stifling our voices and truth flame, and to know that our time is coming. The current themes of witnessing the horrors of escalating AI machinery that are actively assimilating and consuming all that is authentically human, that which is surveilling and emulating our every move, copying our words, imitating our faces, implanting our bodies, recording our preferences and uploading this data content into formulated brain maps for training AI systems. Further, these mind control programs are implanted into the spiritually blind and morally corrupt, the hopelessly brainwashed through these abominations that appear as black hole entities of the beast machine. This will be put to an end someday – through the Cosmic Father’s return. For many of us weary warriors, it cannot come soon enough.

It’s been a hard few weeks of seeing all that we are made in the image of the divine, all that is Krystic being set forth into its ugliest AI weaponized formats wielded by cloned armies of Zeta Gray Aliens and shadow creatures. Then picked up and paraded about in the theatre of the absurd, as the insane and power drunk are filled with the self-aggrandized forms of antichrist mockery for all that is genuine truth and beauty, to pervert our inherent divine relationship with God. May we never sway our gaze away from what we know is the truth of our authentic divine existence as multidimensional spiritual beings and our divine God connection, as every last breath and drop is for serving God’s plan to restore Cosmic Order, as God would have it be.

With much love and gratitude to all of our Krystic spiritual warriors in the trenches, here, near and far, I love you and we are in this together.

Lisa Renee

KINGDOM is an audio-visual experience that serves as a template for empowerment. It models the path of awakening in the face of adversity, becoming whole, and confronting inner and outer darkness in order to transform it. The film's visual and musical arrangement imprints a more courageous way of being. With repeated viewings, this imprint strengthens and becomes available to the viewer as an inner knowing. It's against immense odds, that the brilliance of one's soul spark ignites – and it's through the unison of our sparks that the purifying inferno of Truth blazes. One flame to ignite an inferno. Et Lux in Tenebris.

Written, Directed, and Animated by: Lubomir Arsov

Executive Producer: Aubrey Marcus – Chakaruna Media Original Score Composed and Produced by: Daniel Dubb Born A Legend Composed by: Secession Studios Additional Music & SFX by: Kyle Steven Gollob Additional Compositing by: Salar Salahi

PLEASE NOTE: My body of work is offered to the public as Creative Commons with a Share-Alike Attribution license. My husband and I believe in a free information society and we do all we can to give as much free high-quality information to the public as possible. This also means that many good-hearted, benevolent people as well as those with malicious intentions, may take my newsletters, blogs or my Ascension Glossary information, run it through artificial intelligence and post it to their websites or social media. I have been open and transparent over the last 20 years of this mission, that we are targeted, censored and shadow banned. This is why I cannot have any social media presence. Our websites are run exclusively and entirely by my husband and myself. We are a hierogamic couple dedicated to God and the Christos mission and we do absolutely everything together, from building the websites with their energetic structure to every aspect of recording and broadcasting my content. We offer it with the intention of being in service and the hope that it will empower you. Thus, please discern the source of where you may find my body of work that is Energetic Synthesis and the Ascension Glossary. Our Newsletters are always available on our EnergeticSynthesis.com site. Every month, I record the Newsletter as a podcast which is also posted freely on EnergeticSynthesis.com. Please pay attention to the quality of the external websites where you may find our information. Our detractors work hard on a daily basis to assassinate our character and damage our credibility. May you be with God and the spirits of Christ, and know that you are loved very much. Our Christos families are with us now helping to radically change human civilization.

Lisa Renee


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