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End Western Fascism and Reveal Alien/ET Truths!

End Western Fascism and Reveal Alien/ET Truths!

IF we are to judge western countries through their media we are led to believe that indeed the western world is consumed and controlled by fascism.

Nothing, from the endless western  fascist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Pakistan, to the army of right wing and fascist writers, columnists and “journalists” who tell us how good the West is, how good Hollywood is, to the formation of a one-party capitalist western world (where western political “left wing” parties have been turned into voices for capitalism), is ever really mentioned in the western media. Can you see how a true western totalitarian state has emerged because there is no official MAJOR left wing/socialist/communist political parties in all the western world. The USA is a genuine one-party capitalist state with both Democrats and Republicans virtually identical as super capitalist endless war parties promoting the 400 billionaires who control 99% of the USA.

The world famous counter culture American poet Allen Ginsberg is heralded by many in the West as a symbol of western leftist humanitarian democracy. Ginsberg was the gay Buddhist socialist poet of the Beat generation, born 1926, who became the leftist counter culture general of the world, adored by tens of millions. He was the first hippie in the world, growing his hair down his back by the early 1960s while living in India.

YET western powers have used the likes of Ginsberg and other so-called “socialists”, to their own ends. Western powers use “Trotskyist” groups and counter culture leftists to lampoon and give out propaganda on how authoritarian the remaining communist countries in the world are.

When the Soviet empire still existed that was one of the roles of these so-called leftist groups – to discredit any form of communism practiced in the world. In the case of Ginsberg, the situation is complicated because as he got older, he certainly turned increasingly to these communist countries more and visited and lived in China successfully in the 1980s.

The attack on China is a case in point. China is sometimes attacked by these western “socialists” for being too capitalist, too this, or too that, or whatever, as the western fascist governments attack, kill and cause mayhem around the world in their endless wars and use these “socialists” as their “conscious”, usually paid by media empires controlled by spy groups. That’s western democracy, western freedom. There is no freedom of speech in the West if you really want to write the truth, or you’ll be hunted down by an army of spies. Just ask Julian Assange. And then secretly killed, in an “accident” or some other misadventure.

Ginsberg again is a good case in point because there is no doubt that the leaders of the counter culture in the western world (who promoted the New Left movement and were a very serious threat to Western fascism and a movement I come from) were certainly strongly harassed and sometimes killed even (such as John Lennon, it has been alleged ) by western spy agencies. Lennon was killed because he had too much power in the counter culture.

Later in his life Ginsberg had realized he was being used by western governments in his criticisms of communist countries. I believe Ginsberg, unlike many other western socialists, was a genuine activist socialist writer, yet sometimes extremely naive. He nevertheless started important western revolutions such as the gay movement, the freeing up of language in writing and poetry through the use of expletives and profanity, the introduction of eastern religions into the west and other areas.

Yet just how much he was being used by these western fascist spy agencies, who, ultimately, worked for and are the lapdogs of western fascist governments, is open to discussion. Certainly, many other counter culture writers who were not only used by western governments but were spied on very closely, such as hippie novelist Richard Brautigan, and others, is well documented. In the 1960s and 1970s the CIA and FBI had a massive 8 million Americans under investigation. THIS IS THE SO-CALLED FREE WORLD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

America really did become, and is, a fascist police state. With the demise of a militant counter culture in the West following the ruthless depowering of Generation X (the punk generation born 1956-1978), and the rise of the totally fascist western media where virtually nothing is ever discussed right across the Anglo-American world media, the role of the CIA/FBI has decreased marginally as the enemy imploded. Nevertheless be aware of who you are dancing next to at your latest punk concert/gig. Or look out for who moves into the next room in your squat.

At the same time these western governments are being used as puppets by a billionaire clique.  These fascist billionaire families (the Illuminati) and private billionaires control the western world and much of the developing world YET no media says anything, right across the Anglo-American world, except the alternative American media where some courageous journalists do tell the truth – yet presumably at the behest of the CIA.

So where does that leave freedom of speech in the West – I would say in the gutters of the yellow pus-ridden dirty fascist toilets of the western media – if I see or hear any western “journalist “again describe the New York Times as “august” I think I’ll be sick..

The New Age movement, itself monitored closely by western spy agencies, claims that aliens called the Galactic Federation, are now surrounding this planet in space ships demanding a world libertarian socialist government based on peace, freedom and love and the end of poverty and billionaire control that the western media not only NEVER writes about but actually promotes, and, in many cases, is actually owned by these fascist families. One per cent of Americans own 99 per cent of America. Billions of people on this planet not only believe the alien/ET agenda but KNOW it to be true. 

Billions of people believe that these human aliens (previously described to you as being called the Galactic Federation) are surrounding this planet wanting a world government based on communism or some form of libertarian socialism - where people care and share. The Disclosure Project in America has 400 “former” USA generals, CIA spies and soldiers confirming in court testimony to working with aliens. 5000 people were at the press conference in Washington in 2001, where many speakers told of their experiences. Many people, millions, believe the USA government has had a secret 50-year secret deal with little grey aliens, the subject of Hollywood’s most famous film – called ET. Recently the Pentagon officially confirmed they have alien/ET spaceships and ET pilots.

Many of these former American soldiers who work for the Disclosure Project are explicitly telling of their experiences in dealing with these little aliens. Other New Age “spiritual channelers” are claiming that earth was indeed attacked by another alien group, called Reptoids, who look like 7-foot-tall snakes, using psychotronic mind control weapons from a base on the moon and caused all and many of the wars. Galactic Federation aliens are said to have destroyed this moon base in the year 2000. Psychotronic weapons use electro-magnetic frequencies to change brain wave patterns and change the way people think. This Reptoid base was like a giant mind control machine on the moon causing all the wars on the planet such as World War Two and others. Many governments use psychotronic weapons on its citizens, never reported in the spy riddled fascist media despite massive civil lawsuits in the USA.

End Western Fascism and Reveal Alien/ET Truths!

Hollywood has produced scaremongering ET films showing the genuine fear Hollywood has about the truth that good aliens now surround the planet and want China and India to lead the world and form a world government where genuine socialism and freedom are started, not AMERICAN fascism and imperialism. And the good news is, New Age pundits say, is that these human galactic aliens surrounding the world, can stop any American nuclear missile so that means Beijing and communism are the real winners, and not just in China. In all of Latin America communist and socialist revolutions have happened in the past 18 years. In the former eastern European countries, socialism is still embedded in these countries and communist parties still hold the balance of power is some areas.  Russia under President Putin has virtually been resocialized. President Putin did this as he kicked out the western oligarchs and just let the companies remain in government ownership. President Putin not only saved Russia but the Russian economy is now powerful (even after western sanctions via the Western Empire invasion via the "Ukraine war") and as much as 60% of industry is under government control. This is a massive achievement from the disasters of the 1990s. As the world famous and wonderfully extraordinary Russian communist journalist Andre Vltchek used to say and write: "Russia maybe capitalist but it has a socialist SOUL". 

I have had long contact with Galactic Federation aliens. One particular alien, who is a Galactic Federation alien leader with utterly amazing super powers and can telepathically read my mind anyway on the planet, sent me into China to work with the Chinese Government on the entire alien agenda for nearly 20 years. In 2009 two Galactic Federation alien spaceships appeared over Jinan, Capital of Shandong, for four days seen at close range by one million people and appearing in all Chinese media. Shortly after Beijing sent me into universities in the region to teach the alien agenda and role of the Galactic Federation.

Millions of people believe that these human aliens (called the Galactic Federation and formed more than 5-7 million years ago) are surrounding this planet wanting a world government based on libertarian socialism/communism. The China Daily, a newspaper I used to be a staff journalist for in Beijing, published a front-page announcement in 2009 that tens of thousands of people in the province of Shandong witnessed two massive Galactic Federation space ships hovering over the province. This is true and it WAS published on the front page of that newspaper. In the New Age movement, writers claim that humans all evolved from the Vega star system about five million years ago, then developed to a high sentient level with angelic support, and then space traveled all over the galaxy and set up space colonies coming to earth 2 million years ago. Thus, human civilizations blossomed all over the galaxy.

There are more than 500 Galactic Federation human planets who have lifespans of between 200 and 400 years. Many speak English and use oxygen. English is the lingua franca of the galaxy and is a sacred language. When they die they reincarnate back on to their home galactic planets. Hydrans, who look African, have 500-year lifespans. Pleiadians have 700-year lifespans. Sirians, who look European, have 5000-year lifespans, My home planet, where people look oriental, has 10,000-year lifespans. When we die we reincarnate back on my home planet or are sent out as starseeds. Arcturians have 30,000-year lifespans and look oriental. They are planets of virtually ascended masters. If Earth doesn't join the Galactic Federation it will be destroyed.

So we are in fact ancestors of aliens ourselves in essence with alien DNA coming from other star systems. However, and this is extremely important, most humans born before 2002 on this planet are not starseeds and have not spent time on other human planets. They are mainly young souls on earth and because of this they cannot be categorized as aliens, rather they are just using galactic human templates but have always been reincarnating here on this planet and generally have not had the chance to develop unlike galactic humans, some of whom can live for 30,000 years. All Generation Z (those born 2002 and after,) are galactic human alien starseeds and will change the planet if it is not destroyed by bad Reptoids. Generation Y, are the tail end of the reincarnational cycle of non starseed thus their lack of evolution. I myself am a human alien stared from a highly advanced human planet on the far side of the galaxy but have had incarnation connections here in the Lemurian Orient to prepare for my role as a Galactic Federation spokesperson. Millions believe this, denied of course in the mainstream fascist media. Aliens travel in super energy (energy faster than light – e=mc to the forth) in space ships, come as “walk-ins “or as indigo children and are born here as starseeds from Generation Z (Born 2002 and after). These human galactic aliens formed a Galactic Federation about four million years ago.

In fact the New Age media is perhaps the most radical media in the world, along with the non-western media of the Global South, and is now spread out right around the planet with utterly amazing websites, magazines, zines, newspapers and pirate radio and TV networks on the internet spewing out the truth. Journalism about aliens is everywhere in the New Age media and many many websites are saying announcements are to be made by governments very shortly. The recent official Pentagon public announcements that they have alien spaceships and ET pilots went outright viral on the internet. The air of expectation is everywhere. The Vatican held a major alien seminar in 2009 and invited world-famous scientists such as Paul Davies. Major alien writers such as Sheldon Nidle, Barbara Marciniak, Jeliala, Dr Michael Salla, Steve Beckow, plus thousands of others have outlined the alien agenda and role of the Galactic Federation. Dr Salla writes extensively about the USA deal with the grey aliens. The evidence is overwhelming.

However, despite all of this, virtually nothing from the fascist “mainstream” media stuck in the clutches of the fascist Dark Cabal owners and controllers.

The Left Wing and socialist movement in the western world was destroyed by major government campaigns to not only destroy mainstream “socialist” parties, which is what happened to the USA Democratic Party more than 40 years ago, but also the broad open ended socialist movement, the real socialist movement, which acts on the streets. The major worldwide anti-globalization movement which developed in the 1990s was also co-opted.

I believe it is in the interests of smaller governments around the world to proclaim the alien truth forthwith because these aliens want to see a world government based in China’s Sichuan Province immediately so we can join the Galactic Federation and get military protection from these evil bad reptilian Reptoid aliens.

Once the proclamation of a world government has been made the rights of smaller countries around the world would be respected. Until this is done these smaller countries face the prospect of being invaded by the bigger countries anywhere.

Only world peace will come about now through open ET/alien disclosure that aliens are surrounding this planet wanting peace and freedom, joy and happiness. And they will give us military protection to save our planet.

These aliens want to see the world use green hydrogen energy everywhere via hydrogen electric power stations and the end of all fossil fuels (coal, gas, petroleum) and nuclear energy. And they DO NOT support nuclear power stations. These aliens want action ASAP and are demanding the truth to be told.

Submitted via Email exclusively to CrystalWind.ca by Michael Dargaville, All rights reserved. Do Not Copy!


Michael Dargaville


Bio details:

Michael Dargaville became famous as a poet, performance punk poet, journalist, philosopher, quantum theory-generalist scientist, mind body medicine and lifestyle/natural medicine therapist, meditation teacher, Avant Garde novelist, transpersonal psychologist, folk punk singer and musician, surfer, pioneering skateboarder, communist activist, New Age-spirituality and alien-ET researcher-writer, academic and teacher. He has been based in Asia and China for nearly 25 years where he has taught at more than 20 universities and colleges, five at professorial level. Raised and educated in the Sydney international hippie and punk counter culture in the 1970s and 1980s, he did a BA degree in philosophy at then very radical Macquarie University and then wrote a seminal 50,000-word MA thesis on mind-body medicine, meditation and the New Age movement at the now defunct but famously radical Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. In the early 1990s he did another 45,000-word master’s thesis on the world-famous German-American physicist Fritjof Capra and the New Physics. Between 1996 and 2005 he worked on a 70,000-word Masters(Honours)/PhD thesis on mind-body medicine, quantum theory, transpersonal psychology and the New Age movement and its relationship to philosophical idealism, or the notion that mind produces matter. This major work, called The New Idealism, has subsequently been published around the world on the internet and in hard copy form as a critically accepted book of philosophy. Michael is legendary as a performance punk poet and singer in China, Asia, Australia, parts of Europe and other countries and has published more than 80 books and pamphlets of poetry, five novels and books and pamphlets of journalism, philosophy and science. He has performed as a poet and singer from London to Beijing. More than 200 million people have read his internet journalism since the early 2000s with many stories going outright viral on the net and translated in to 15 languages. Also, he has been a staff journalist and freelance journalist and writer for many publications around the world including The China Daily (where he worked on the news desk in Beijing), True Punk Magazine, Brother Vertitus, the defunct Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial, Sydney City Hub (where he was editor) and Hobart Mercury. In the 1980s and 1990s he established famous alternative publishing houses in Australia with other people and since moving to Asia and China 25 years ago has continued to be an international alternative publisher. He has continued to perform widely as a punk poet and singer and has been closely associated with international movements in New Wave punk (which includes elements of hardcore punk, industrial punk, art punk and just about anything stupidly and repugnantly termed "post-punk" by revisionists desperate to destroy our revolution), jazz punk (especially) and folk punk (including antifolk punk and Crust Punk) movements and has appeared at festivals. Michael also has a special love for World Music such as the work of the  extraordinary Fatoumata Diawara and Sona Jobarteh plus Chinese contemporary, classical and folk music.

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