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Hybrid Children And Star Kids

Hybrid Children And Star Kids

I think it was in 2015 when we first got in touch with the subject.

Until then, it was a story, a concept. Maybe it was true, we did not know. We had heard about it.

It was an ET-Contact workshop in the Great White Whale Center near Antwerp and we already noticed a new presence in the room during our pre-attunement.

Playful, naughty, challenging and above all quite a few. And a presence of what we observed as a kind of 'supervisor'.

This was our introduction to children from another civilization ... hybrid children.

Since that workshop, such contact has taken place on a regular basis and the presence has also become increasingly impressive.

During ET-Healing sessions, but also during a Reconnection in La Vie Tara (weekly retreat in the south of France) in which they were supervised and allowed to 'assist' and they were very clearly attending to the client.

And more recently, during the ET-Healing Practitioner Program, clearly and every day.

And until then, we had the idea somewhere that this was always happening for our clients or participants in the workshops or programs.

Until October 2017, during a moment when I (Philip) retreated to the woods to align myself after a number of less enjoyable events in the previous months.

At some point, deep in the woods, I ask Ezrael why we are doing this work.

And in just a few seconds, a whole plan/concept unfolds, indicating that during our programs we do a lot more than train ET-Healers.

That people awaken during the programs and become a kind of beacon of light and form energetic networks together, creating connections that open up opportunities for open contact.

In the same flash it was made clear that the hybrid children on the ships and the Star Children and Star Seeds on Earth play an important role in this first open contact and that it is therefore so important that as many people as possible start to carry the vibration and understand why these Star Kids are so special.

That we start to realize more how gifted these Star Kids are and see who they really are instead of labelling them as deviant.
And the inner urge that we (Jacqueline and Philip) have felt for more than 25 years to create a safe haven for 'new age' people where they can be and unfold completely themselves, as well as the urge to start a kind of community with like-minded people to facilitate this safe haven. This urge has everything to do with it. And that it is time for the next phase.
Deeply touched, ... everything fell into place in a few seconds.

We knew that under the surface we are doing more than we know are doing.

Our guides are constantly telling us that we can only see a fraction of what is happening and what is being set in motion during our events.

Frankly, I had not seen this one coming. And afterwards, I wonder how we could not have seen this ...
And indeed, as long as we have known each other (now about 30 years), Jacqueline and I have been working on the idea of such a safe haven, together with other like-minded people and we have never really understood where this feeling came from.

We have very often searched for and visited locations, even almost bought a site in the Ardennes ... but then it just didn't feel the right place and the right time.

The months after this revelation in the woods, everything has accelerated enormously and one synchronicity after the other has passed.

We will share more about this later on, but for now it is good to first share some information about the hybrid children themselves.

And since the subject was also a little uncomfortable for us a while ago, we have gone into deep mining in the various archives over the last few months.

There is a lot of reliable material!

In the Netherlands Sigrid Karssen has already shared a lot about hybrid children, but also Bridget Nielsen, the latter of course in English.

In addition, Bashar also shared a lot about his civilization and the hybrid children on their ships. And there are many others.
And as it happens every time when writing an article ... in my search I come across pieces by Bashar that describe exactly what comes through during such a download.

That concludes this blog later on. It gave me goose bumps. You may have it as well!

But first I'll take you in a short analogy about this phenomenon of hybrid technology in vehicles.


Hybrid Children And Star Kids

In this phase of transformation of man and planet Earth, we are dealing with pole-shifts, solar flares, new frequencies and other types of energies.

For many people this is very tangible and at the same time very measurable via the Shumann Resonance.

Hybrid cars, vehicles that use energy more efficiently, we consider it to be the most normal thing in the world.

These vehicles are slowly but surely switching from fossil fuel (carbon-based) to electro-magnetic propulsion.

But what about our own vehicle, our body?

How does it deal with changes in the use of energy?

Also our body is constantly having to deal with adaptations to new frequencies and energies.

As discussed earlier, many of our 'sleeping' DNA codes wake up to integrate these frequencies, and vice versa, many of these frequencies activate the awakening of these codes.

You can then ask yourself the question, how flexible this is.

How far can this Earthly human body continue to integrate and awaken frequencies.

Can it go on endlessly or will it stop at some point? And then what?

Have we then grown up for eternity and will the development of mankind and human consciousness stop from then on?

Well, there are a few very interesting things to say about that ...

If a person from 1000 years ago were to meet a present-day person, this present-day person would be observed as if he were emitting a kind of light.

The frequency of people today (you might not believe it if you look outwards to the world) is many times higher than in those days and radiates more light.

Our bodies are currently mainly constructed on the basis of carbon (we are so-called Carbon Based Life Forms) and are burning sugars (carbohydrates/carbons) and fats for its energy supply.

Just like cars, therefore, hydrocarbons are burned.

And our bodies slowly transform into bodies with more crystalline structures (Silicon), as far as our current DNA makes this possible. (Bashar source).

Many extraterrestrial civilizations can (compared to us) accommodate very high frequencies because their bodies have more crystalline structures than ours.

They operate on electro-magnetic energies that are absorbed from the ether and do not need any burning processes as our bodies still know it today.

It is fascinating to see how the human collective consciousness projects its evolution into its physical reality so that we get a more conscious perspective of what is unfolding.

In the same way you can consider technological developments as the internet, computers and social media and much more. Physical reality is a reflection.

Another interesting fact about our body is that it is not completely of this Earth.

Ever wondered why there are so many humanoid civilizations in our Galaxy?

Humanoid in the sense of having one head, two eyes, two ears (or ear canals), a mouth, a nose, a torso, two arms, two legs, fingers and toes.

Would it be coincidence or did this accidentally arise in many different places in the Universe?

Or would there be a prototype for it?

And if so, how did that prototype come to Earth?

Who brought it here?

What about the missing link between Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens, where just out of nowhere as much as a good 200 genes have been introduced into our DNA and which has brought about an enormous change in the mental development and awareness of mankind.

Genes that are not found anywhere else on our planet.

Science cannot explain it, but it is well aware that this cannot have evolved in a few thousand years of natural evolution.

There are many similarities among the different channels with extraterrestrials (Lee Caroll-Kryon, Prageet-Alcazar, Esther Hicks-Abraham, Lyssa Royal - Harone, Barbara Marciniak - Pleiadian group, Barbara Hand Clow - Sacha, Robert Shapiro, ...).
One of the many similarities is that they all indicate that our original body did not originate on Earth even though since we have been walking around on this planet, there have been several modifications to it as well.

Our bodies have partly evolved (and degenerated) naturally on this planet by adapting to changing electromagnetic fields and at the same time it has been altered unnaturaly by adjustments to our DNA.

Much of this altered DNA has gone to sleep (has become inactive) during the Kali-Yuga and is awakening again in this era.

This is why we are beginning to remember our extraterrestrial connections on a large scale.

The extraterrestrial codes are being activated again.

In this sense, we are genetically related to many of the civilizations that are currently visiting us, because they know that we are waking up. And they want to be there when we do.

Our bodies are, in a sense, already hybrid vehicles.

Finally, it is very exciting that both Bashar and Harone have indicated in the past that it is very common in the Universe for bodies (vehicles to incarnate in) and planets to be modified so that new civilizations can emerge in this way.

New civilizations that can experience entirely new realities and explore entirely new themes.

They perceive that as civilizations develop they sometimes need other 'space suits' or make other planets habitable in order to continue their development as a species.

In 'Bringers of the Dawn' and 'Earth' Barbara Marciniak regularly refers to 'the master geneticists' who are responsible for a large part of the 'seeding of this part of the free-will Universe' and specifically the extraordinary variety of life on our planet Earth.

Bashar has also indicated that in hundreds of years our collective consciousness will no longer choose individual incarnations on Earth because it will be played out here, as it were, and will opt for incarnations in completely different realities.

Apart from the question of whether this will be the case, it is interesting to think about who and what we as humans actually are ... a collective consciousness with individual incarnations (and themes) in a physical reality of considerable density and exploring collective themes such as polarity and individuality.

One of the 'side-effects' of having contact with and studying other civilizations is that in doing so we come into contact with who we are in essence.

The outward journey is also a journey inwards!

Isn't this the essence of awareness?

We (as a collective) are changing, our physical reality (our world including bodies) is changing, the frequencies and density of our reality is changing, our themes are beginning to transform ... everything is changing, and this is only the beginning!


First of all, it is important to realize that our bodies are working very hard to integrate the new energies on Earth and that gives from time to time phenomena that you could call Ascension symptoms.

And ask yourself, "How ingenious is this body system must be to be able to exist in so many different climates and to experience these kinds of energetic transformations!

No wonder that our civilization has been asked to help other civilizations to continue their existence.

That other civilizations need or have needed DNA from the Earth's people in order to guarantee a viable future for their civilizations.

You read this correctly ... and it is perhaps a very sensitive subject because it can be viewed from many different perspectives, positive as well as negative.

Sensitive because in the first contacts between groups of this civilization and people of our Earth many unpleasant situations have arisen because they have been too 'Alien' for us and we for them to understand each other's intentions.

The Essassani, Plauyel and Yahyel civilizations are 3 out of 5 currently known hybrid civilizations.

We know the Essassani from the 'contact specialists' Bashar, Anima and Elan.

The civilization of Yahyel makes contact via Arjun (Wieteke Koolhof), Ishuwa (Shaun Swanson) and others.

These civilizations incarnate in bodies that are partly made up of DNA from the Earth's population.

They are very open about the fact that we are their ancestors and that we have made their existence possible by facilitating the creation of their civilization by means of 'our' DNA.

Many people are somehow involved in this great Galactic Project in which many, many civilizations participate, such as representatives of Arcturus, Pleiades and of course Sirius.

Hundreds of millions of people are involved in this, tens of millions are beginning to remember that they have an involvement in a variety of ways and start reconnecting with their Galactic Family.

This is really huge ...

And it doesn't accidentally state ' Sirius of course '. In our Universe, 3 is the number of 'the Structure of Existence' and can also be found, for example, in the cooperative relationships between civilizations.

In this phase of human transformation we are fully supported by our 'triad' friends of Sirius and Essassani, and this triad is again part of a larger 'triad' with Arcturus and Polaris (Pleiades) and so on.

It is therefore these civilizations are in many ways already in contact and the first open contact will take place with them.

Yahyel is the name we have for their civilization (they call themselves Shalanaya) and means 'the first ones' in their language, referring to the fact that they will be the first civilization to make open contact with humans.

Bashar has indicated that there is a strong probability that this open contact will take place between 2025 and 2033, should the transformation in our consciousness continue to unfold over the next decade as it does now.


Hybrid Children And Star Kids

More, but not masses.

Contacts will initially take place on a small scale, in safe environments, ensuring that both their (and our) hybrid children on the ships and our star kids here on Earth play their key role in this process.

And it may take some time to get used to the idea that the children on board their ships are actually also our children.
So, is it not remarkable that here on Earth, generation after generation, we see that our children are different than they used to be?

We call these children Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, ... the Star Children (Star Kids) of today are often wiser than adults.
Bashar says about this... 'your children are not just a new generation, they are a new species'.

They incarnate in a different way so that much of their DNA remains activated so they remember more who they are and why they have come here.

These Star Kids carry a much higher frequency, they are already aware of different dimensions and are fully prepared for their tasks on the New Earth and for making contact.

What they need is a safe environment in which this can and may be developed further.


Q: You have spoken of the hybrid children coming to earth.
B: Yes, I have.
Q: Will they be adults when they come?
B: No, not all of them, some of them will be more mature, but many of them will still be young.
Q: Like teens?
B: And younger.
Q: And younger?
B: Yes.
Q: How will they be cared for?
B: We would think very well by all of you. Since they are your children as well.
Q: Oh, I wondered about that: how old they would be?
B: Various ages.
Q: Won't some of us be quite a bit older?
B: So?
Q: Okay.
B: Is that an impediment to you?
Q: Um, no.
B: It is not an impediment to them, why should it be to you?
Q: No, it is not an impediment.
B: Then if you find yourself in contact with such a child, will you not assume that it is something that obviously can be recognized as being capable of being handled by you?
Q: Yes, it was just kind of a surprise, because I guess ... oh my ... and some of us are going to have more than one.
B: Yes, but they will belong to all of you.
Q: Oh, so we will be able to help each other?
B: Yes, for you will form communities for this purpose. There will be certain centers, shall we say, areas, communities, on your planet where the hybrid children will be, shall we say, placed.
Q: How long until...
B: Until such time as they can spread out more equally in your society. For, again remember, in /our/ time frame, which you would consider to be your future, hybrids and humans live equally on your planet of earth.
Q: But when they first come...
B: They will be sequestered in safe communities where they can be cared for, instead of being immediately exposed to the entirety of your planet.
They will need to adapt and acclimate. There is much that they need to learn to understand their heritage from many different levels; and how to survive, in a sense, and behave, in a sense, and function in a sense, in the new reality that you are creating.
They will help you and you will help them; they will bring you information, you will give them information.
This is what is going on right now, but it will happen on your planet, again, most likely within the next couple of decades.
Q: Will the rest of the planet know that they are on the planet or not, at first?
B: Not at first, only the small communities that will be automatically and synchronistically attracted to create themselves for this purpose, but it will not be long; it will only be a matter of about five to ten of your orbits before the entire planet knows that they are there, once they are there.
Q: You've talked about in the time in the 2030 range, that we would be living with the hybrid people side by side in our civilization.
B: In and around your time of 2037 when your planet will join the  Association of Worlds, will be a time when there will be certain numbers of hybrid beings living on your planet.

It will have begun before that time to some degree, likely even around your year of 2022, in that sense.

You can perhaps imagine my goose bumps when I read this while I got it as a download a few months before.

At the same time, I can very well imagine that this blog will bring up emotions and questions.

This is quite a lot to take in if you are not familiar with it.

And at the same time this is only the beginning.

And remember, my experience and perspective can be different from yours or everyone else.

But can you imagine why governments do not publish this information?

On the other end, maybe you have experiences with yourself, or you know someone with experiences on this theme and you recognize this. You can hardly wait for the moment of contact.

Maybe it evokes a lot of resistance?

Anyway, do your own research. After all, what is an opinion without a foundation?

Don't just take over any information as your truth and at the same time dare to expand your own truth with new insights.
Always look at what resonates with you, what makes your heartbeat faster and when fear or distrust takes over.

In any case, my research has helped me to understand my experiences to some extent.

The clue in transcending fear and polarity lies in the paradox ... in which perspectives are not excluded, but included.

This is the essence of harmony and unity ... not that everything is the same or that this one is the only real thing that is true ... but that all unique perspectives have its value, its truth and its function.

Remember this when you take in new information and before you make a truth your own.

Is the message connecting and including?

Is the message disconnecting and excluding?

Does the message contribute to unity and harmony?

Does the message contribute to more judgment, division (good/fail) or fear?

Does the message strengthen both your self-esteem and that of others?

Does the message weaken your self-esteem or that of another person?

Does the message broaden your vision and offer opportunities?

Does the message restraint you and show impossibilities?

Choose to listen to your heart (connecting / embracing)

Knowing that all ideas have a truth of their own and only offers a different perspective of the same.

Knowing that only you can choose your truth, you are always your own authority in this process.

And there is no right or wrong in it ...

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine is a collective of healers working with an ExtraTerrestrial Team providing powerfull healing frequencies during individual and groupsessions in what is known as ET-Healing.

As healers we joined together in Healing Centre Beyond Medicine because we know that together we can bring more love, light, energy, information and healing onto the planet than we could ever do alone. 
And also each of us bring in their specific experience of a lifetime walking our own spirituals paths, attended trainings and courses, educations, workshops as well as in the many given lessons provided by our Souls through the lives we live and of course the lessons we get from the spiritual guidance from our friends in other dimensions.\


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