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RH Negative Blood

RH Negative Blood

The following information is based upon both mainstream scientific investigations and also knowledge from the annals of spiritual science which takes into account both physical and metaphysical phenomena.

Thus, it must be read with an open consciousness in the realization that research is ongoing.

It is my belief that as the “encodements” of LIGHT continue to arrive into our planetary realm of Earth, more profound factual information will be revealed that will also be confirmed in various ways so that the human collective will be unable to debate nor negate its actuality.

First, those persons who are seriously and regularly connecting to their HIGHER SELF — the SOUL — the DIVINE SPARK — are being given more higher-level information than those who are not connecting.

Secondly, those who are too busy focusing on “3d” daily global affairs or personal activities which are chaotic and who, therefore, cannot find adequate time daily in which to tune into SOURCE FREQUENCY will find this information (should they even bother to read it to its completion) strange and unbelievable because they are largely only interested in what they are “told” via the “3d” perspective such as the regular mainstream news media, educational institutions, and religious indoctrinations.

Most of these kinds of persons are critical of what they have not deeply researched themselves because they are used to being “told” what to think, and thus, what to believe.

They are more comfortable being “fed” rather than “feeding” themselves.

Therefore, readers are now advised to either dive deeply into this article or do not approach the water at all.

There is evidence in the scientific arenas of biology and chemistry that the “RH Negative” blood type is an “off-Earth” kind and is, therefore, of alien origination.

Supposedly, only 15 percent of all so-called “humans” have the “RH Negative” blood type.

Many ages ago — not just centuries, but eons — and we must think in terms of many millions of years ago, planet Earth — once called “Tiamat” and also “Geb” — was engulfed in the same “Yuga” (“Age”) as now — a “Kali Yuga” or “Age of Chaos.”

This entire planet had become horribly engrossed in hatreds, wars, disease, crimes, disrespect for Nature, technological misuse, unrighteous leaders on all levels that constitute civilization, and more terrible misusages of free will. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, raging storms occurred almost daily.

The magnetosphere — the planet’s protective shield — was almost completely torn asunder, and potent harmful radiation particles were constantly coming into the planet from all sides.

Instead of allowing the inhabitants of Earth to finish destroying themselves, SOURCE sent out special ethereal vibrational frequencies of crystallized LIGHT which moved into the cellular records of those who were righteous.

This LIGHT — mixing with what SOURCE had already created as a human type in cells, DNA of every cell, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles — also brought with it the “RH Negative” blood type the purpose of which was to cleanse and clear-out cellular debris of disharmony which was lodged in every human to some extent — even within the blood of the righteous.

Down through the ages, future humans were to be so elevated in consciousness and given such supreme HIGHER KNOWLEDGE that Earth would be a planet of continual blessings with no more disharmony.

The “RH Negative” blood was to be a healing balm.


However, free will was still allowed.

As Earth was being cleared, a choice could be made to either be attuned to SACRED ENERGY or to become involved with the disharmony that needed cleansing.

Persons with ‘RH Negative” blood thus have encoded within them an “angelic” energy.

The word “Angel” is from the Sanskrit term “Anjali” which translates as “Offering” and also as “Prayer.”

Thus, this rare type of blood is an “offering” after the righteous — via their prayers — asked for help to come to this planet.

Thus, “RH Negative” is not so much as an “alien” type as if it has arrived from beings from other planets , but it is a direct SOURCE-given energy which many other “alien” species do indeed have because they have once faced possible extinction due to misuse of free will but made the collective decision to work towards HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and to stop the hatreds, the wars, the vile scientific experimentations (such as “programming” minds, developing dangerous chemicals, disrespecting Nature, etc.).

These “alien” beings soared to Earth to assist in its awakening.

However, those who still had evil intentions and who endeavored to rival SOURCE discovered through their research ways in which to stop the new humanity from being capable of expanding throughout this planet.

In tampering with consciousness, they developed ways in which to “program” even those with the “special balm” such that down through the ages even those with “RH Negative” blood would become engrossed in the same chaos that almost brought Earth to dissolution.

They would not know of their “specialness,” not realize that they are meant to be “Light Bringers;” they would not be natural in their healing regimens; they would eat animal flesh, etc.

In other words, they would be like any other unwise human being who had been “programmed” against their HIGHER SELF.

Now there is ongoing research into the “RH Negative” blood type and where it came from and why it is so rare.

We seem to be given answers from the ancients who each year performed certain ceremonies in honor of their original “cosmic” home — the star system “Sirius” (once called “Sepdet”) in the constellation now known as “Canis Major.”

This star system arises each year over the Giza Pyramids, and when they do, the famous Nile River (once called the “Hapi”) overflows bringing the ancient message that “The Spirit moves on the face of the waters.”

This occurs each year on or about July 25th (using the Gregorian dating system) which was “New Year’s Day” called “TYBI” to the people who inhabited the northeastern portion of what was left of the continent of “Alkebu-Lan”.

It is conjectured that in these so-called “modern” times, those persons with “RH Negative” blood and their lineage (even though there may now be a mixture of the “Rh Negative” blood and another type of blood) have unique types of consciousness and flow with what may seem to be unusual capabilities of spirituality and intellect.

Many have the expansive planet Jupiter in Sagittarius in their natal charts sitting at the “Galactic Center” between 26 and 28 degrees.

This configuration grants such persons amazing connections to esoteric understandings — sacred wisdom of past ages and of future possibilities.

It is best if they employ only natural wellness therapies because their unique systems are particularly sensitive to the “normal” drugs and other medical paradigms of the current era.

Natural therapies are regenerative and revitalizing to them, most of which can be found in the ancient knowledge of the Vedic world in the system of “Ayurveda” (“Science of Life”).

Once again humanity is experiencing a “Kali Yuga” — an age that has been referred to many times in order to draw attention to what must be eradicated from our planet in order for its “re-birth” to occur — again — for it has had to be re-fashioned numerous times.

The “sacred balm” is still flowing from supposedly only 15 percent of humanity in this current time line much of it mixed, as stated above, with other blood types.

“Beings” from other planets are here, and they have been for many time lines.

Some are righteous and are assisting in Earth’s evolution, and some are working with the disharmonious forces of “programming” and “manipulation.”

There is, therefore, more that than the “3d” wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Hamas going on and more than Houthis bombing USA ships.

There is also more warfare among unseen energies that would make for a powerful Hollywood science fiction script, but this is no science fiction!

On and around our planet in upper dimensions there is warfare.

As earlier mentioned, it may seem strange and only notions of foolishness. There is too much evidence otherwise.

This article is not intended to make people rush off to discover their blood type or the blood type of their relatives.

In fact, television commercials that encourage people to discover their “roots” is also in order for human beings to be categorized and studied.

Some scientists have righteous intentions in this, and some do not.

Be careful about what you just easily do without consulting your HIGHER SELF.

Do not allow yourself to be an experiment. Rather, be continually prayerful and meditative.

So what if you or one of your parents was or is “RH Negative.”

If you are not engaging in communication with SOURCE FREQUENCY, you have no reason to brag about your “specialness.”

As this year of “2024” moves along with increased geomagnetics, prepare yourself spiritually and naturopathically for comfort as the energies arrive.

There are currently 13 sunspot groups (not singular sunspots, but “groups”) on our Sun that are harboring “X-Class” solar flare energies–the most powerful of the flares.

Even the medium strength “C-Class” and strong “M-Class” solar flares are releasing coronal mass ejections.

Our planet’s magnetosphere today is receiving positively-charging protons into its far side — very challenging electromagnetism.

Solar winds are medium and fast-moving co-mingling and sending shock waves to “Mama Earth.” We are being sent constant LIGHT for our new “becoming.”

We must anchor to it consciously. LIGHT is winning on all levels, even though at times many may question what is really happening.

There are lessons in the cosmic realm.

We must be studious and understand them.

Open your “Textbooks of Consciousness.”

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