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Tap Into Sleep's Secret Power: Frequency Following Response Explained

Tap Into Sleep's Secret Power: Frequency Following Response Explained

ESF Transcript: 

Beloved Community, sometimes we discuss themes that are not always pleasant to come to terms with in the current terrain of Spiritual Warfare.

However, it is important that you always remember that gained knowledge is personal power. And your gained knowledge leads to greater awareness, and greater awareness gains Situational Awareness, and accurate assessments that help you to make better decisions for yourself and your loved ones, as well as to deflect harmful or negative energy energies.

So stay awake with eyes open to pay attention to your surroundings, using the tool of observe, discern, accept and stay in neutral in order to avoid catastrophizing, and going into any of the slippery slopes of fear-based thinking. You each have all that you need living inside of you. However, to understand how to effectively solve a problem, we must first identify the source of that problem. And if we make assessments based on wrong assumptions, faulty thinking or faulty information, we may have used some logical sense, but it is still wrong if we do not understand the current terrain of which humanity is living through at this time of Spiritual Warfare, and the divide and conquer psychological warfare which is designed for Mental Bondage into consciousness slavery. When we allow ourselves to become subjugated, or manipulated by others, who seek to control us for their own selfish motivations, “No” is a complete sentence and answering “No” to others, requests of you is your personal right and prerogative.

We can see clearly that people that did not have an accurate assessment of the Spiritual Warfare in play in our world when this stage began four years ago. Many have since dropped their body way too early otherwise called ‘Suddenly Died,’ or suffered greatly with the onset of grave illnesses, from making uninformed choices. As horrifyingly difficult as this can be to observe, we cannot let others make decisions for us. We must direct our lives by taking responsibility for the choices we make, which should be based on sound reasoning, and Self Autonomy, and not making decisions through coercion, bullying, victimization, threats, and Cancel Culture imposed by those around us.

The point is to guide you into Critical Thinking, using common sense, and recognizing principles of Coherence and so that the Gaslighting and Alice in Wonderland Tactics of the Theatre of the Absurd, do not cause undue pressure on your mind. And that you have the tools to think for yourself. You must think for yourself, and put information that you receive to the boundary test within your own heart and mind by synthesizing the data in which to bring your intuition and critical thinking into balance. Although it may seem that ignorance is bliss, in truth, it is highly dangerous at this stage of military grade Propaganda, and MK Ultra mind control methods being ramped up through Brain Wave Harnessing and eliciting customized AI programs that are now being targeted during our sleep state.

Now over the past week, deeper awareness of the AI Signals and technology used for Capturing Brain Waves while Sleeping has been made known to us and it is the reason we are having this discussion today. The suggestion is to be aware of the agenda of brain wave capture during sleep state, and to pay attention if this is happening to you, so that you can use your spiritual power and tools to neutralize and nullify its impacts on disturbing your thinking, disturbing your emotional body, and those that you live with, thus are sleeping with in the same house or residence.

As the hidden war heats up, Silent Weapons are being generated to carry on to the masses’ brain waves through Frequency Following Responses during sleep state, which has surfaced for greater awareness in order to be made aware that this tactic is currently being used in wide swathes of the population. And through our direct knowledge of this agenda, it leads to greater awareness and then we are empowered to mitigate and neutralize these impacts by observing and setting space with intention during our nightly shielding procedure to include statements to nullify brain wave harnessing attempts during sleep state.

And today we will also be offering a few short commands to utilize to set your space before going to sleep in order to help you neutralize these attempts if you are experiencing this particular phenomena or to just fortify and amplify your personal shielding during your sleep state.

Frequency Following Response

Now, what a Frequency Following Response means is that if a targeted person or a subject hears a sound that is produced at a frequency, which emulates one that is associated with the human brain, the brain will try to mimic the same frequency pattern by adjusting its brain wave output to synchronize with that input of frequency that the brain is being exposed to.

Now to comprehend the problem of hidden technological mind control on the Earth plane, this Frequency Following Response is an important concept to grasp. And my personal opinion is that if you understand how this works, you are now empowered to switch gears in your brain so that your Brain will not synchronize to any input frequency that comes in while you are unconscious or asleep so that you can neutralize these effects of which the Controllers are attempting to exploit at this particular stage.

Now, what is becoming obvious since the rollout of the global Plandemic psychological operation, is that the smaller population of Targeted Individuals that were being experimented upon through the Secret Space Program – largely without their Consent or knowledge – over the past 25 or 30 years, that this was the dress rehearsal for bringing in the same mind control tactics into the entire human population, except that it would be controlled by cybernetic AI systems and related methods. So this agenda to capture brainwaves during the sleep state has reached another level, at least in the US, where the negative alien groups are attempting to scale their Black Sun MK Ultra mind control methods upon large amounts of the human population while they are sleeping.

Now, I want to de-mystify these methods so that you can pay attention to them, and be aware to the mind control phenomena that many of us can see as active Psychological Operations being made against the public. Now, three of the most obvious case studies for the use of Frequency Following Response methods are:

  • First, the installation of the organized religion of C**VID into the masses that severely divided the population, along with the institution of stringent medical solutions that were offered through bribes of taking assorted genetic experimental bio-weapons being administered worldwide with massive profits for the Global Health Mafia, and as the result, serving the soft-kill agendas of the Power Elite and Negative Alien Agenda.
  • Number two, the sudden explosion of non-binary labels in children, 'they-them' for connotating spiritual possession, and the emotional addiction gateway to groom them into alternative sexuality pronouns and assorted false identities for being easily subjugated by predators and pedophiles. Often these aggressive grooming methods are escalating young children and teenagers into alternative identities designed for Transgenderism before their brain has been fully developed into adulthood, setting them up for a life of Sexual Misery, poor health and early death as life long medical consumers, as well as incapable of producing offspring in the future, becoming sterile. See Eugenics and EBE.
  • And lastly, the strange phenomena of observing the rapid onset of vitriolic hatred being targeted towards collective groups in the context of Class Struggle Ideology, in which the mob frenzy hatred and Victim-Victimizer groupthink tends to defy logical reasoning as the Cancel Culture can appear to be rewarding extremely negative, nonsensical and unhinged behaviors throughout the public square. See Culture Wars and Marxist-Leninist Subversion Playbook.

So we may ask ourselves, how was this sudden radical culture change in the west accomplished in a percentage of the masses and was it connected to covertly used Frequency Following Response methods? Frequency Following Response means that if a subject hears a sound produced at a frequency which emulates one associated with the human Brain, the brain will try to mimic the same frequency pattern by adjusting its brainwave output.

To impact and manipulate human consciousness, all that is required is to create a complex signal through a Frequency Following Response when the brain locks on to an external signal coming from the environment, and the neurons began to mirror that signal. The signal can be a carrier wave in a spectrum, a frequency that is designed to create emotional feelings of anxiety, distress, or trigger deep emotional pain. As a result, the brain chemistry alters and changes, generally plummeting the person's consciousness, into a range of lower negative emotions with confused and fragmented perceptions. Large populations can be sent broadcast frequencies that are designed to incite agitation, aggression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideations in specific demographic areas. Then the controllers may put out, mainstream media news feeds to incite more fear or place blame on certain groups and promote sensationalistic or victimized language in order to single out certain marginalized groups for intentional targeting. This is Divide and Conquer psychological warfare, in so that humans will perceive other humans as their enemy, thereby inciting mob rule through assorted violence, hostility, and even cultivating conditions for criminal behaviors, like rape. The mob will call for the killing of others or putting innocent people in jail, in order to make an example of them and to feel relief from their pent-up emotional anxiety.

It is possible to modulate signals on any electromagnetic carrier for transmitting a message into the human brain in which to alter its chemistry. And when the brain chemistry is altered, and when the brain waves have been switched or altered, this is when the brain is suggestible to insert thought forms, or instigate other behaviors for shaping or influencing or grooming that individual to carry out some harmful thoughts or criminal actions against others, in which, in mob rule, they believe they are justified as the ends justify the means.

Now with all of these examples, you will find Frequency Following Response method as a type of mind control technology, as a strong case study for noting how successful this full spectrum military grade assault against the weakened minds of children, young adults, senior adults, and how this was used in order to subjugate them through threats of infectious diseases, such as the claim of a Pandemic. Now, the more out of balance we are inside of ourselves, the more out of balance we are with nature, and natural laws, and thus the more diseased we humans become. And sadly, we have plenty of case studies in the outer world reflecting this principle back to us right now, in order to neutralize silent weapons being generated to carry on to the individual's brain waves through Frequency Following Responses during the sleep state, we first need to comprehend how our brain works and how the Controllers are exploiting us.

Now the physiological function of our brain works by complex sets of electrical patterns and these are neuro-chemical processes made through a variety of impulse signals. Now some of these impulses may signal our brain from environmental and external forces of frequency. Now once you can identify that as something external to yourself, then this is what neutralizes and shifts the gears in your brain to refuse to sync up with the Frequency Following Response brain wave patterns that are artificially being sent out to the masses.

So again, some impulses may signal our brain from the environment, and external forces of frequency that are targeting our brain with artificial signals, and trying to match our own internally generated thought frequency. It is extremely important to know that the state of one's brain frequency is what changes and shifts one's state of thinking and their overall state of Consciousness.

When an individual meditates and knows how to calm their mind, they change their brain frequency waves, and they can alter these frequencies and their impacts throughout the entire body. The human brain is composed of glial cells, or and neurons, and blood vessels. The cerebral cortex is nearly symmetrical, with a left masculine principle and a right feminine principle- hemispheres that are a direct mirror image of each other. The left and right cerebral hemispheres are interconnected by the Corpus Callosum, which is a very large nerve bundle that operates the crown chakra. Now the hidden job of the Crown Chakra, your seventh dimensional energy center, is to activate the corpus callosum, to join the left masculine principle- and the right feminine principle- hemispheres of the brain, into one unified neurological and synaptic signaling function. Once the brain is unified in quality of vibrational thought pattern, with the female creative feeling, uniting with the male reasoning into thought balance, the energy of the entire body’s right male side, and left female side, start to unify within the brain. Now this is a supreme protector for deflecting and neutralizing these particular brain wave harnessing technologies with the frequency following response. But sometimes when we're weakened and we're exhausted, and we're tired, we can be overcome with an emotional feeling of something being triggered, which is again unnatural to our organic thought process or emotional process.

So, an activation of higher intelligence, through this process of unifying the male and female principle of the brain, inner connects all layers of the complex matrices of the human body through the unified consciousness of male and female principle. Now, when the male and female are unified within, we are able to connect to consciousness and communicate with levels of intelligence unknown to science. Neurons are the core components of the nervous system. Science says there are approximately 100 billion neurons connected by more than 100 trillion synapses that exist in a human brain. Neurons are basically electrical on and off switches, which work in a similar way to the small transistors found in computer chips. Information is passed between neurons via the chemical synapses, which release Neurotransmitters, which act on another neuron. Most neurons are connected via Synapses to several thousand other neurons, making the brain's circuitry capable of connecting to a host of neural networks.

Now for our purposes, we want to get in control of the electrical on and off switch of our brain, and to refuse any outside interference or artificial frequencies to influence or impact our brainwaves. These particular signals between neurons occur via synapses, or specialized connections with other cells. Neurons can connect to each other to form neural networks. And the key to neural function in the central nervous system is the synaptic signaling process, which is partly electrical and partly chemical. When the synaptic signaling is interrupted through toxic electrical frequencies, now, such as the technological mind control of low electromagnetic field pulsing or harmful radiation, or synaptic signaling, is interrupted through an introduction or exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, such as aluminum, mercury, in Vaccinations, or strontium, and bromium, in chemtrails, that interferes with the synapse. And the synapse will not signal. When the synapse stops functioning because it has been poisoned or interfered with in this way with a toxic chemical or heavy metal, the neuron will eventually die. When neurons die, humans get motor neuron brain diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's and ALS. 

Neurons generate brain signals between synapses, which connect into other brain cells. And this synaptic signaling process sends out electrical and chemical signals, which form into brain waves, or patterns of brainwaves. And the brain waves are the source of our thoughts. Brain waves are the way we think, how we think, and why we are thinking that. Brain Waves are at the root of all of our thoughts, all of our emotions, and all of our behaviors and is the communication between the neurons within our brains that create the brainwaves and the brainwave pattern. Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. Brainwaves are special and unique to our spiritual consciousness. That means every single brain, and every single brainwave pattern is uniquely individual. There is no one with the same brain waves that you have. Your brain is configured to your Soul and spiritual Blueprint. Thus, no one can emanate brainwave patterns in the exact same way that you do. Even if your consciousness was cloned, the difference can always be detected. Although captured mainstream science will not admit this publicly. It is important to know that humans display primarily five different types of electrical patterns or brain waves across the cortex.

The brain waves can be observed with a tool that's called an EEG, that allows the recording of an individual's brainwave patterns. Now each brainwave has a purpose, and it helps serve us in optimal mental functioning. The human brain's ability to become flexible and or transition through various brain wave frequency states plays a large role in how successful we are at managing our personal stress, focusing upon tasks, redirecting our mind into stillness and getting a good night's sleep. If one of the five types of the brain waves is either being over produced or under produced in our brain, it can cause problems. Now for a moment, let's think on the problems that humans have that is sourced from their brain health. We can feel inordinately depressed. We can exhibit assortments of all kinds of thinking disorders or personality disorders or mood disorders, bipolar or mania or chaotic, disordered thinking, and host of autistic spectrum disorders- all of this is related to dysregulated brain waves. Because the Brain Signals composed from electrical and chemical reactions are not healthy, or they are not firing correctly. Now, this is largely because of unhealthy input and unhealthy exposures. The individual may have a genetic predisposition, but overall, many problems are caused from being imbalanced and unhealthy between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers, the more integrated and balanced we are throughout our multi-dimensional layers. The healthier we become, the healthier we are, and the faster we heal our brain wave signals, which helps our entire body to become healthy and spiritually whole.

Brain Waves

Now, we're going to do a brief drill down on the five most basic Brain Waves in order for you to have a language when you are doing clearing of brain signal or brainwaves, that you can also utilize this as a part of your clearing commands and clearing intent. Now, Alpha Waves are neural oscillations in the frequency range between 7.5 and 12.5 Hertz. This frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and our subconscious mind. Now this is going to be an area where the frequency following responses are largely used because the controller is attempting to mimic the frequency of our subconscious mind. When we have too much alpha wave, again, we may have an inability to focus, we may be too relaxed, or we are daydreaming too much. If we have too little alpha waves, we may have high stress, insomnia, OCD, panic or phobia-types of expressions as well as high anxiety. When our alpha waves are balanced, we are relaxed. So, people will self-medicate a too little alpha wave state by drinking alcohol or taking relaxants and antidepressants.

Now Beta Waves are between 12 and a half and 30 Hertz. These are known as high frequency, low amplitude brainwaves that are commonly observed when the usual person is awake and alert and involved in conscious thought and logical thinking. Too much beta, we can again have adrenaline pumping, high anxiety, and an inability to relax while we're feeling stressed out. Too little beta, and we will have very poor cognition, poor memory. We have a tendency to fall into depression. And we will also have ADHD, again, attention deficit. Now, people that want to increase their beta waves sometimes will self-medicate with energy drinks or stimulants, like coffee.

Now, Delta Waves are a high amplitude brainwave, between point five and four Hertz. Delta waves are usually associated with a deep stage of sleep. However, many people that meditate can also bring their brainwaves into the delta state. This is said to be the slowest recorded brainwaves in human beings. It is found most often in infants as well as young children. Apparently as we age, we tend to produce Use less delta waves, even during deep sleep. So, delta is associated with some of the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative healing sleep. Too much of delta can give us learning problems an inability to focus or think as well as is seen in what is known as brain injuries. Too little delta can give us an inability to rejuvenate our body and inability to revitalize our brain, because we're not getting a deep natural restorative sleep.

Now, coming into Gamma Waves, this is between 25 and 100 hertz, although it is said 40 hertz is typical. Gamma waves are involved in higher processing tasks as well as cognitive functioning. gamma waves are important for retaining information and information processing. So, we need gamma for learning bringing our high focus into learning difficult material or having memory for recalling long term information. So, it is thought that the 40 hertz gamma wave is important for the binding of our senses in regard to perception, and… as it is involved in learning new material. It is found that individuals who are mentally challenged and have learning disabilities tend to have lower gamma activity than the average individual. Now, too much gamma wave brings, again, anxiety. Too little is depression and learning disabilities. To increase our gamma waves we bring in Meditation.

Again, Theta Waves refers to the frequency components in the four to seven hertz range regardless of their source. Cortical theta is said to be observed frequently in young children. In older children and adults, it tends to appear during meditative, drowsy, hypnotic, or sleeping states, but not during the deepest stages of sleep. This particular frequency range of theta is involved in daydreaming, and imagination. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing deep and raw emotion. Theta waves have benefits of helping us to improve our higher sensory perception, our intuition, creativity, and it makes us feel more natural. As long as theta isn't produced in our waking hours, it's very helpful even though we have noticed over the years with the change of our bio rhythms and sleep state, that theta waves are making an appearance in our waking state, which as well, can make us feel more tired when we are awake. Generally, it is said too much theta as well, will bring hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness, as well as depression. And too little theta, will cut off the emotional body awareness, increase anxiety, impulses and stress.

So, as we think on this concept, from the controller's vantage point, at the root source of all of our thoughts, the way we think, that which comprises our belief systems, our attitudes, our behaviors and our actions. The root source of this is the nature of our brainwaves. With this awareness, it becomes obvious why the negative alien agenda and controllers and their various armies want to capture, control and harness our brainwaves, and that they use many different means to try to get us to comply with their mind control methods by implanting thoughts throughout our day-to-day exposures. However, they are doing this while we are sleeping. And when they do it while we're sleeping, it is the most effective because the individual is not conscious, and clearly, they are asleep, usually unaware that they are being implanted or interfered with, with mind control thoughts. And thus, the controller or the Black Magician, or the military grade handler, has zero resistance to inserting their mind control or manipulating the brainwave patterns when they are interfering directly with an individual's brain waves. Now, this happens to all high-profile people that they want to exert control over such as politicians, government or heads of state, celebrities, news anchors, etc. And of course, they have expanded this technology to the general public now with customized brainwaves that are being designed to influence and control people's thoughts when sleeping.

So, although some degree of this was already happening, it is more customized now to the individual brainwaves as the result of the build out of the Internet of Things, and the Digital Twins and the mass amount of personal data that has been harvested off of humanity through, not just social media sites, but everything else, such as collecting blood types and genetic cataloging. So, please know that it is the Secret Space Program bases that are covertly controlling the DoD military and the National Atmospheric Administration, that are implementing a lot of the brain wave harnessing tech. So, our goal, dear family, is to not Consent or comply with this blatant crime against humanity by knowing sleep state capture of the brainwaves exists, and refuse to allow silent sound weapons to harness our brain waves by setting that intention before asleep, commanding your personal space with the intent to only process organic brainwaves that are natural and aligned with you and your true core self, spiritual self.

Now, the agenda is to interfere with the process of how your brain maintains short term and long term memory recall through sleep state by purposely interfering with our sleep, and generating disruption in our thinking via manipulation of brainwaves whereby they attempt to trigger emotional reactions in order to generate interference, so that the informational experiences that are recorded in your brain through important events, they want to interfere with those memories, so that you will forget about important things, such as those things that are in opposition to their anti-human agendas.

So, earlier this year, it was observed that they were experimenting more with animals. And you may remember, it was discussed a few months ago, to be aware that some wild animals and pets were suddenly acting aggressively predatorial. And this was a first stage of rollout of this next generation brainwave harnessing tech, mind wipe and forgetting previous memory recall that is connected between owners and their pets, as well as larger animals in the wild that were suddenly attacking humans when they were not known to do so before. Thus, they attempt to insert brainwave interference during sleep state with repeated themes that are deeply emotional for you in some way, like repetitive themes of an emotional trauma from your past surfacing in order to get you to accept this sleep suggestion in order to change your mind about something or forget about something that happened previously. Such as interfering with what you previously believed, by erasing the long-term memory that was stored in a particular area of the brain. And this is the function of the Hippocampus and the Limbic System. They have discovered that by using brainwave interference directly during an individual's sleep state, that they could more effectively manipulate the memory storage ability of the brain. And thus, this is the FFR during Sleep State agenda being observed more recently. They did this to me last week because I knew they were doing it and it was unsuccessful. But this is the point in which I'm sharing this information with you. If you are aware of what they are trying to do to erase your memories, they are unsuccessful in removing the memory content as it's been recorded in the area of your brain that's called the Hippocampus, and within the Limbic System which is responsible for your emotional reactions.

This particular method of frequency following response mind control is also how they may try to break up relationships, generate False Reality Delusions or turn your casual friends into enemies overnight, or working towards divide and conquer in communities or groups. Now, the people that are unaware and that actually succumb to this implantation of thoughts, they generally are weak-willed, strongly ego based and spiritually disconnected. But still, if this happens, it can be shocking when this kind of rupture happens so quickly to end relationships or social connections. And it can be with family members or anyone else that you may have trusted. And if that particular emotional connection was not deep, genuine and authentic, this person may show their true colors, and it may be exaggerated and amplified, especially if they have been targeted in this way.

Now, sometimes with those of us that are of the Christos family, we’re Starseeds, we’re from the Paliadorian family, this mind control does not work as well on us. So, they know this. Instead, they go to harass our family members or someone around us, such as someone in the inner circle in which to wreak their havoc. Now, some issues of the mind control, they want you to forget that the vaccine they sold the masses is a bio-weapon and forget their major crimes made against humanity. They want you to go to sleep, forget about it and not seek justice or accountability. And to forget information that you may have gathered or known on some unapproved topic, they want you to forget all about the effort that you've placed in knowledge gathering in which to interfere with the recall of long-term memory of information that you have stored in your brain and within your spiritual blueprint. And when you try to remember it, they want you to not to be able to access that information anymore.

Again, with this knowledge you are going to flip the inner genetic switch. Now that you know that this is the agenda, you have the personal power to take control over the brain switch and the brain waves and use the sovereign brain command of which to neutralize and nullify these particular effects. But this is a phenomena that we may see increasing around people that are near to us. Or we may have many case studies to observe with this particular type of mind control or Consciousness Wiping that is being broadcast at this particular time. And certainly, they want us to forget about our Soul and spiritual mission and forget about our spiritual abilities and change what we value in life. By making us think that life is not worth living and being spiritual or connected to Christ or God is futile and stupid.

Now, the brain wave harnessing tech is a frequency following response that is highly attracted to Heavy Metals, especially aluminum and graphene. So this is something to understand again about the bioweapon; we know it has a lot of graphene among many other toxic types of exposures. But when we think of brainwave harnessing, the people that are the most susceptible to this, as conductors to this silent weaponry are going to be people that have high heavy metal toxicity, high chem-trail, or heavy metal, food or GMO food exposures. Again, Heavy Metals in our bloodstream, mouth, teeth and body make us more conductive to these silent weapons as well as prone to receive these assorted brain waves programmed with distorted thoughts. Thus, we as well, may want to take steps to detox ourselves as gently as possible, and there are many options like EDTA, cilantro, iodine, glutathione and zeolite.

Now many of us are undergoing various levels of detox and purging anyway, as a result to consciously participating with our personal Ascension, this purge of negative energies and assorted toxins is going to happen naturally. But this is also, a major detox of this particular toxicity, and heavy metals, and various things that have been exploited in our body to make us more conductive to this targeted mind control. Many of us are purging, clearing these particular levels of our body, now, and this can lend to intense ascension flu or digestive discomforts connected to the liver and Gallbladder Meridian, our lungs and breath channels are undergoing a reset right now with Astral Reconstruction as a result of several things that are changing with the solar plane, solar gates, and the Astral Plane itself; and then that has an impact on our own astral core connection. So there is an astral reconstruction level that's happening right now as portals of our Sun are attempted to be opened for reclaiming parts of the Cosmic Mother's Eiyana bodies. And so there are several things that are happening with current planetary shifts that lead to the ascension flu and levels of detox and purging.

So for a moment, let's drill down some of the brain's memory functions and areas of the brain that can be manipulated by targeted brainwaves. Okay, so what I'm intending is that if you become aware that you have just been in the artificial waves of some kind of mind control targeting, whether it's through sleep state, or you're in your day-to-day and you all of a sudden feel a heaviness overtake your body, and an overwhelming thought, or an overwhelming emotion just encompass your body, that you know how to use some of these commands immediately. Key themes and wording of which to shift gears of your brain back into the control of your own Self-Sovereignty so that you can clear this phenomenon spontaneously, when and if you are exposed to this or your children or loved ones are exposed to this, that you have a quick tool of which to employ immediately. So you can say something as simple as "Clear my Hippocampus, clear the alpha wave distortion, "any kind of language that may feel in that moment as a part of your higher intuition.

So let's drill down on some of the brains memory function. So the brain memory storage happens, and the hippocampus, which is the area of where your brain has memory files, and archives, for all of your memories. Again, the Hippocampus, we want to pay a close attention to preserving and helping our hippocampus to be healthy and functioning, because this is our memory archives for both long term and short-term memory.

Now we also have the Prefrontal Cortex, which helps us with Critical Thinking and reasoning, and helps us to store brainwave patterns for reaching conclusions after we have discovered a lot of information. So let's say we had an awakening and all of a sudden we're learning about this new topic of something, and we've discovered all this information about something. That is your prefrontal cortex, which is storing the pattern to help you learn this new information that you're going down the rabbit hole to understand.

Wernicke Area and Broca Area

Now the Wernicke's Area is the part of the brain's function to comprehend speech, sounds and language. So it is the Wernicke's area of the brain that is generally programmed with recurring voice recognition, negative talk. So when we talk about Voice of God technology, or other hearing voices, generally this is being programmed through the MK Ultra Satanic Ritual Abuse, right? They're targeting the Wernicke's area of the brain. So when there's negative self-talk, if you hear a voice all of a sudden, you know some kind of loud voice, Wernicke's area is the part of the brain to clear inorganic artificial sounds, or programs or brain waves of inorganic artificial speech, sounds and language. And many times we may have a negative self-talk or negative thought forms that are programmed with booby traps. Now a Booby Trap is a part of the satanic ritual abuse programming, and is a military tactic to self-destruct the person psychologically through the use of extreme fears or intimidation. If they locate or begin to remove the implant, they may be overcome with a sense of fear: "Don't touch that. Don't remove that." That's a booby trap. So again, if this is something that happens, you may want to be clear to identify what that is and clear the Booby Trap program, breathe through it, call upon God and Christ, know what it is as its happening, in order to continue to remove any kind of inorganic programming, implantation, binding attachments within this section of your brain.

Now the Broca Area of the brain is the area that causes verbal speech. So the Wernicke area and the Broca area work together. Now in advanced possessions, the Broca area is the area where the demon actually uses that human's brain in verbal speech. So the human target will have implants, programming language, inorganic artificial language into the Broca area of that person's brain by pushing thoughts that have been perceived by the Wernicke's; and then the speech center of the Broca area of the brain is where the speech or the verbalization, which has been stimulated by the implant will blurt out something right? That's that impulsive speech, angry speech. Think about, you know, someone who has attachments or is possessed, and says something. and blurts it out, okay? It's the Broca Area of the brain that is causing verbal speech, where an entity that is outside of that person can use that person's brain to actually get them to say something that they are not in consent with saying, or they are not willing to say, but their brain has been taken over in the Broca area, and therefore the demonic force, the cybernetic technology, the voice of God implant, the Remote Neural Monitoring, whatever it is, will cause that person to blurt out something or act destructively. So this is how they do it through the Wernicke area and through the Broca area of the brain. Now, again, this is in the realms of the Black Sun's MK Ultra land. This is how they create mind-controlled automatons that do and say exactly what they want them to.

Now, moving on to the Amygdala. This is where emotional impulses and stored emotional memories are. So when we're feeling particularly emotional, or very raw emotionally, the amygdala part of the brain is the area that might be effective for clearing. Let's say, the historical narrative that you become aware of is the Eieyani Massacre and destruction of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek, and it feels emotionally painful and difficult. You can help release those impulses and memories out of the amygdala section of the brain by just saying out loud, "Clear the amygdala of stored negative emotions or pain. Thank you God."

Cerebellum: this is the area of autonomic physical memory, where we have repeated actions like driving, or something we do kind of automated, because we've done it so many times. Now, obviously, most of our suggestion is to not be on autopilot and to always be mindful. But we do have muscles sensory memory from doing repeated actions over and over again, and that autonomic physical memory is recorded in our Cerebellum. So this is another area as well, because we're talking about retrieving our memories, and repelling, and neutralizing any influences or impacts of incoming broadcasts of frequency following response method mind control that is impacting us during sleep state when we are unconscious, and asleep. If there is memories being rearranged, or memories lost, these are areas to clear within the brain in order to come back into symmetry and balance with your organic core self.

Now, the last part of the brain I want to talk about is the Thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal and obviously, this is a part of that connection. We know very much, many of the things that are connected to the spiritual function of pituitary and pineal, but the thalamus and Hypothalamus are very much connected, as well, to those functions that are related to our spiritual connection, and how our spiritual connection, our higher self-connects with our Limbic System.

So our Limbic System in our brain is extremely important for connecting our emotional experiences with our spiritual experiences. Our functioning limbic system is what helps us to interpret our feelings and our emotions that are connected to higher sensory perception, as well as storing memories when we are having spiritual experiences. Now most of us that have had spiritual experiences and our experiencers, you know how this goes. We don't get information that's written in a linear format. Our spiritual experiences when we're meditating, or we're connected to the Christos Guardian host or one of our guides, it comes from an interpretation of emotional feeling, like it feels like "X", whatever that feeling is, or it sounds like... Sometimes it doesn't make sense in a linear perception, because when we are deconstructing our meditation experiences, or attempting to decipher our spiritual experiences in the earlier stages, many times it doesn't make sense to our linear mind. We have to learn that Spirit speaks in a different language and it connects into our emotional senses and sensory abilities. So how we interpret our spiritual experience is through our feeling responses, and that is one of the functions of the limbic system structure.

Obviously, this part of our brain is very important in helping us to decipher our spiritual experiences, and to increase and strengthen our spiritual connection. This is why when we are disciplining our negative emotions, or we are in control of our emotional state, it allows us to have a higher level of Spiritual Maturity. More control over our emotional body is directly related to our spiritual connection. So, you can see the Controllers' agenda, why they have created people that are emotionally traumatized, and not competent emotionally. They don't know how to manage their emotions. They are easily led by their emotions. They're very impulsive through their instinctual emotions, and that has been cultivated in the masses because that blocks our spiritual connection. Again, this is food for thought and understanding the importance of your limbic system structure in your spiritual connection and ability to interpret your spiritual experiences through your feeling responses.

Now, this area of our brain is wired directly with our Soul matrix, and is our higher emotional sensory body that when spiritually activated, connects into our Heart Brain Complex, and that creates natural feelings of Empathy. Okay, this is another understanding; when spiritually activated connects to our heart brain, okay, what does that mean? It means we synthesize the logic of what we have learned with higher reasoning of the brain with our feeling responses as a part of a superpower, because our heart brain complex is what gives us a superpower of intuitive ability of higher sensory perception that is merged and unified with the logical reasoning of our Critical Thinking.

Now, humans need a healthy brain with a functioning limbic system, and a healthy Bio-Neurology that is not being assaulted by artificial mind control frequencies and neurological toxins in order for them to experience their spiritual connection, and therefore, feel Compassionate empathy and achieve a higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. As most of us already know, starseeded people tend to be natural empaths, because they have unique neural profiles in which their limbic system actually functions at much higher levels to communicate with their heart center. This makes it very clear that the Controllers want to destroy healthy emotional functions and higher sensory experiences that are connected to our spiritual experiences that are provided by healthy human brains, by targeting our Bio-Neurology with an assortment of energetic and physical neurotoxins, as well as now, the frequency following method of brain wave targeting.

Recent events revealed to us yet again, another aggressive attempt to destroy healthy function in the human brain and human nervous system with a full spectrum assault that is targeting the brainwaves, but certainly is also targeting the limbic system through the blaring fear Propaganda that we cannot escape at this particular stage, unless of course, we turn off all social media, all news and everything and just don't listen to it, of course, which is something we all should do. But when targeting the limbic system and Amygdala with artificial frequencies in fear, distortions in the emotional state are made which change the individual's perception and the meaning that they assign to that emotional state. So when circuits are damaged in the limbic system with excessive terror, excessive fear, the amygdala emotional center becomes overwhelmed with the negative emotion, plummeting that person into feelings of dark Depression and despair.

When the limbic system has been unconsciously entrained into fear and negative emotions, people have difficulty with their perceptions, and with memory recall of things, right? So they can't recall memories, and they're confused in their perceptions. So they cannot use critical thinking to make a good decision as they are unable to perceive the consequences of their actions. Okay, so this is extremely important to understand. When we feel confused about the unhealthy and the various extremely negative decisions that some people make around us, we can see that when people are plummeted into excessive terror and fear, and they are unconsciously being entrained into fear and negative emotions, not only in their waking state, but in their sleeping state; that many people that are being exposed to that are going to have difficulty with their perceptions and their recall memory, because it blocks their critical thinking to be able to see the consequences of their actions. So meaning that they cannot see that, because the fear is blocking it within their Limbic System.

Now the areas of the amygdala and Hippocampus in the limbic system provide the foundation for emotional states that connect us to higher sensory perception, where we connect to positive spiritual and mystical experiences during our meditative states. This means practicing Meditation, cultivating stillness of the mind. We can develop mental skills and strengthen our brain to overpower artificial input towards negative emotions, replacing them with positive states by training ourselves, to hold inner stillness and a clear, calm mind.

Going into deeper meditation to generate inner stillness works to clear emotional negativity and dissolve neuronal entrainment to negativity in our Amygdala, through the mere focus of going inside of ourselves, and holding Neutrality and meditative stillness. In the nothingness of the inner void we are the eternal light within the complete absence of any unpleasant emotion or thought, just existing in the now moment as pure presence, stillness, peace and calm. When we decide to be the master of our own thoughts and emotions, we then become the master of our own brains, and these artificial frequencies and fears will cease to disturb us. This can be achieved through simple daily meditation, in which inner stillness, focusing upon your breath is emphasized, which is suggested to maintain inner peace during these incredibly chaotic times.

Now beloved family, in light of this topic, for this month's offering, there are four shorter invocation requests for use before sleep state, for you to experiment with, and again feel if it is in alignment with you. It is intended to bring your awareness to this phenomenon we are discussing today, as well as your conscious participation with intentional clearings of these assorted technological weapons by stating your non-consent, and commanding the natural laws in God's authority.

These four shorter invocation requests before sleep state are broken down as the first one is a Sleep State Prayer. Then there is a command for sovereignty of brain and nervous system; an invocation to clear AI and toxic substances from food, water, air and supplements; and an invocation for deflecting all 5G and higher, as well as harmful as electromagnetic frequency. May these tools be easy to use, as well as helpful for generating a restful sleep state. May you find peaceful center in the middle of the raging storm, and by commanding the sovereignty of your brain and nervous system.

Thank you so much for your loving support, your Compassion and care. We are in this together and we pray that you feel as supported as possible in the community container. We send our loving prayers of deep appreciation, and we pray for your well being and spiritual fulfillment, as God would have it be.

I command true spiritual law in all interactions, all karmic super impositions, as well as frequency following response methods of brain wave harnessing are hereby made null and void, stated in the authority of Cosmic Sovereign Law, in the power of God and Christ.

Beloved ones, during these holy days of remembrance of our cosmic origins, we ask for spiritual healing. We asked for spiritual reintegration into the eternal Solar Light of God. We asked to remember and reclaim our organic consciousness of all unique aspects and body parts that may have been stolen, abused, misdirected, cloned, or copied by non-human or human forces in return to rightful owner. May we recover all of our authentic selves of angelic human consciousness, the other selves and stations of identity that may have shattered into the collective consciousness and interdimensional planes, to be fully reconnected and remembered into their true Cosmic Christos-Sophia, God Sovereign Free, eternal Holy Presence.

Beloved family, thank you so much for listening and joining with us and spiral time. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. And so it is. 

End Transcript.

Brain waves are special and unique to our spiritual consciousness, that means every single brain wave is uniquely individual, and there is no one with the same brain waves that you have.

Your brain is configured to your soul and spiritual blueprint.

Thus no one can emanate brain wave patterns in the same way as you do, even if your consciousness was cloned in some way - the difference can always be detected – although captured mainstream science will not admit this publicly.

Additionally, there are four shorter invocation requests for use before sleep state, in which to bring awareness and participation with intentional clearing of these assorted technological weapons by stating our nonconsent and commanding the natural laws in Gods authority.

Brain Wave Sovereignty Invocations

May these tools be easy to use to deflect harmful electromagnetic targeting, as well as helpful for generating a restful sleep state, may you find peaceful center in the middle of the raging storm. Thank you for your spiritual fortitude and endurance, we are in this together!

Much Love and GSF,

Lisa and Tomás

PLEASE NOTE: My body of work is offered to the public as Creative Commons with a Share-Alike Attribution license. My husband and I believe in a free information society and we do all we can to give as much free high-quality information to the public as possible. This also means that many good-hearted, benevolent people as well as those with malicious intentions, may take my newsletters, blogs or my Ascension Glossary information, run it through artificial intelligence and post it to their websites or social media. I have been open and transparent over the last 20 years of this mission, that we are targeted, censored and shadow banned. This is why I cannot have any social media presence. Our websites are run exclusively and entirely by my husband and myself. We are a hierogamic couple dedicated to God and the Christos mission and we do absolutely everything together, from building the websites with their energetic structure to every aspect of recording and broadcasting my content. We offer it with the intention of being in service and the hope that it will empower you. Thus, please discern the source of where you may find my body of work that is Energetic Synthesis and the Ascension Glossary. Our Newsletters are always available on our EnergeticSynthesis.com site. Every month, I record the Newsletter as a podcast which is also posted freely on EnergeticSynthesis.com. Please pay attention to the quality of the external websites where you may find our information. Our detractors work hard on a daily basis to assassinate our character and damage our credibility. May you be with God and the spirits of Christ, and know that you are loved very much. Our Christos families are with us now helping to radically change human civilization.

Lisa Renee

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