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The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Life Matrix

The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Life Matrix

Whatever is going on in human society right now, the Galactic Committee, its ground crews, and friendly space races continue to rebuild Earth in its entirety.

In continuation of the operation that DNI narrated on January 21, 2022, they conducted a new one, also in a mountainous region of Europe.

The op’s location on January 22, 2022, was the lake over which the ground crew had recently built the City of Light.

Lightwarriors constantly remotely monitored its life and development in 4D/5D. Upon arrival, the team saw that everything in it was preserved as they had created it.

High in the sky, the City is covered by a giant blue energy dome. Below it, at the 5D level, is a wide cone of Light, the top of which extends into 11D. The cone emits a diamond-cut glow.

Lower, in 4D, there is a City with beautiful architecture, quite lively. There’s always someone flying in and out. But not people but vehicles that look like Earth’s electric cars. Higher, there is almost no traffic. The other Cities of Light look busier.

Externally, the City looks like an openwork pyramid with shining Axis inside. The pyramid rises above the surface of the lake. The lower part, mirror-like, is 1/5 submerged in water and peaked at the Earth’s core.

The City used to glow with glowing gold, blue, and turquoise energies. Now there are pinkish hues. The vibrations of the women who frequented the City in their meditations brought them in. Male energies were not added.

Like other Cities of Light, it actively attracts and purifies heavy 3D vibrations. They pull it down toward Earth, though all the energy and aspirations of its inhabitants are directed toward Pleroma and the new world.

Powerful beams and waves emanating from the center continually recycle low 3D vibes that on the Subtle Plane look like muddy dirt on the pyramid’s surface. It actively annihilates accumulated negativity which, unfortunately, people continue to emit.

Because of its enormous volume, the City of Light is isolated from the 3D. But in time, it is planned to connect it to the physical world as the planet clears. Then the inhabitants of 4D and 5D will be able to descend and ascend in their bodies to the surface along a multiverse corridor, just as we now go to visit each other…

From the beginning of the operation, things didn’t go according to plan. Co-Creators did not have time to prepare the necessary Matrix which the Lightwarriors were to install in the City’s field. The team had to return to base camp.

The next day the group was told that everything was ready and they could move out to the lake. But the weather intervened.

Halfway up the road, the Lightwarriors were caught in a torrential downpour. Higher up, in the mountains, thick snow fell, but the cars were still let through. The further up the group climbed, the worse the weather got.

The snowstorm was getting stronger. The road was blocked by a bank of snow. Cars fell into ditches. SUVs, jeeps, and buses formed huge traffic jams. It was dangerous to travel notwithstanding the storm, but Lightwarriors decided they were going to make it and conduct the operation.

When they reached the lake, there was thick fog and deep drifts on the shore. But the water was free of ice which was important for the op. Lightwarriors prepared to conduct it from the breakwater.

But unexpectedly for them, Co-Creators changed the assignment. According to the original plan, the group was to install a new Water Matrix in the field of the lake, which was previously removed from there (see – DRACOS AND REPTILOIDS. PART 2).

Through the City of Light, this reference Matrix was to be extended to the entire Earth’s field, and in the meantime to test the interaction with water of the mountain lake.

It was also stipulated that Matrix would remain in Lightwarriors, but they had to get on the Subtle Plane. That is, it would not be brought down. The group members were invited to go up to the 5D, pick Matrix up, and install it in the lake space.

Lightwarriors did that, and there was a big surprise waiting for them. It turned out that this was not the Water Matrix, but the new Matrix of Life.

It’s the basis of the new Local Universe, its ideal form, and vital energy. The development of Matrix involved all of the highest forms of Intelligence – Pleroma, Co-Creators, the Archangel System, and the entire Hierarchy of Light.

The Life Matrix will now be the unified foundation on which everything else will be built. There will no longer be separate Matrices of water, air, fire, earth, ether, and so on as before.

The unified Matrix will begin to transform, adapt and create under itself all elements, energy, plasma, and matter, making them ideal, free of duality. They will become the building material for the new Earth as well.

No one has tested the Life Matrix yet. Co-Creators decided to do it first on Earth, starting with mountain lake water and Lightwarriors as its carriers.

This immediately added to the extreme of the whole operation. In contact with the imperfect 3D reality of Earth, the Life Matrix became distorted and malfunctioned.

Lightwarriors tried their best to hold it with their Monads and even their Subtle and physical bodies. But to no avail. The situation went into meltdown.

On the physical plane, it manifested in the following. At that time, the group was driving back along the same mountain road and got into a living hell. Their car was constantly skidding… jams… cars piled up in accidents and run off the road…

And on some downhill slope, the oncoming Lizzie began to skid uncontrollably right into the Lightwarriors. They tried to swerve but there was nowhere to turn, one track, a narrow road, and a car flying at them.

The impact was tangential. The team’s car was thrown off the road to the edge of the abyss. A meter-long snowdrift miraculously saved them from falling into it. Luckily, the group only got away with a dented fender.

Later, Co-Creators explained what happened. The whole situation with the weather and on the road was created by the contact of the perfect Life Matrix with the not-perfect 3D Earth in the place where the operation took place.

The urgent intervention of Co-Creators and the Higher Selves of the group members by their fields saved Lightwarriors and helped to get out of the mess. Now a new analysis of post flights, in their literal and figurative sense, has to come.

Operation Life Matrix is only one of many conducted by Galacom to transform Earth and earthlings.

Now, on the Subtle Plane, each of us has access to the energy sphere to transform our body and consciousness for Transition into 4D/5D. Everyone who is working to raise their vibrations can take advantage of it.

The sphere consists of three layers, energetically different in perception and adaptation. The organism inside it, along with the aura, will go through programmed processes. On a case-by-case basis.

DNI has previously described these quantum energies in detail. The diagram shows how they will work. This is an important addition to the OUR BODY and OUR VIBES posts.

Outer Sphere Layer

It consists of golden or light orange LOBE energy.

It forms the timing programs and the body’s signaling system and programs the removal of unnecessary substances.

The layer has a directed left-handed movement of pulses of blue and gold ERMO energy.

It creates an environment for changing the living matter of which our organs are made and loads temporal programs of its development.

This layer receives information from the Earth’s power field.

Man’s interconnection with the planet will increase.

From the outside, through the outer layer, comes FIADO blue energy. It stimulates our mental development.

As it passes through the Soul’s purification channel, its internal separator cuts off connections to the 3D with the help of wave impulses.

Cosmic streams directed to Earth by Galacom through quantum platforms change the structure and matter of cells.

The fields of our aura, disturbed by the cell’s core morphing, are stabilizing. The body is saturated with concentrated GREMO pink-red with blue sparks energy of Love.

Scarlet FERMO forms Matrices with new programs for information fields and works with the matter. Brown GLASSO collects the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of development of each individual and the Fifth Race as a whole.

Ultrasound impacts enhance the protection of our internal organs (fractals). The Quantum structure of each body cell, plasma state, and formation of new bio-matter is changed.

The cream-colored FERUS energy brings programs of transformation of the human body in sync with changes in planetary structures.

The cherry MIROSSA treats the upper layers of the body’s aura and regulates its energy channels.

The gradual transformation of 3D human bodies into four-dimensional continues. Four quantum platforms built-in 6D are used for this, two of which are tuned to 1D, and two – to 2D.

By ultrasound effect, they bring quantum state of living matter to a new level. The 3D basis is cut off from the body, and it acquires properties for the 4th density level.

Five-dimensional protection is given to the energy of split atoms accumulated in the aura of a person during the transformation of his physical and Subtle Bodies. The force field and thermal processes on the planet change the aura’s matter following the new life support system on Earth.

The purple energy GRASIMO synthesizes 4D and 5D plasma neutralizes and removes unwanted components from it. The red with silver sparks ERFAGON energy changes the sound frequencies of human cells one octave higher.

The interplanetary plasma accumulators begin compressing the force fields to rearrange the man’s gene structure.

Intermediate Sphere Layer

Inside it, the small connected spheres of dark green energy ARTREM preserves all parameters of the system that forms a sound range for compacting energy into matter. This is a complex energy structure that has its programs of matter, space, and new human thinking.

The dark blue GRICADO strengthens life support systems. The cyclic yellow-green FERGO cleanses matter and connects to the channel of GLAMO dark brown energy of planetary radiations.

The blue and gold energy ERMO, emitted by the natural world, forms a new human environment. The finished plasma of pink energy SLAGO builds a 5D information field for us.

From Gerios Galaxy, the intermediate layer of the sphere receives crimson and gold MIRO energy. It helps the conditioning, purification, extraction, and sorting of plasma. It also brings clots of ultramarine FARMS energy which stimulates mental development through new programs and upgraded levels of consciousness.

The dark burgundy BAROGS alters and condenses the finished plasma to form new matter.

Inner Sphere Layer

This layer consists of dark brown GLAMO energy radiated from the natural world. It alters the programs that regulate body temperature and directs the yellow and lemon-colored SFARGO energy into the finished cell plasma which cleanses the bio-matter of outdated intelligence and helps it adapt to the space with new wave impulses.

Inside the sphere, there is a fractal of dense matter of the human body. This fractal is fed by energies of the Quasitron that is formed by interconnected power fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the Devil’s Sea.

  • The Quasitron emits the following energies:
  • The yellow SFIRO neutralizes side effects of elevated blood pressure, coronary and atmospheric;
  • The light brown FALIFAX energy regulates the wave pulses and particle fluxes of terrestrial vapors;
  • The emerald green KEGINO transforms matter through changing magnetic media;
  • The blue FIRSCO cleanses and stabilizes mental development;
  • The yellow-pink FERMAGO cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code for the development of intelligence, love, and the desire to create.
  • The blue-azure GRISPO gives the organism plasticity it needs for the 4D, cleanses, and changes the dimensionality of the human body.

A new structure of power flows is formed in man’s body. They are stirred by the white energy ASTRO which simultaneously forms the Intelligence plasma of space, carrying all the necessary information.


  1. The green FEARO forms thought processes, and new thought formations.
  2. The structural grid of dark lilac energy GLEGES cleanses the body of unnecessary impurities;
  3. The light lilac GLASIR collects free Intelligence l-gamma particles in the planet’s space for the dark cream-colored FERUSARIS energy that changes the programs of wave structures and accelerates processes.
  4. Structured in the form of a grid, the blue, and silver BLISCO energy loads the program for the development of the intellect and the thought process in the Hologram;
  5. The green ERGINO stimulates the awakening and development of life forces in the matter, aligns the energy of the human body with the Earth’s one, and regulates climate change and the work of the Hologram.
  6. The cellular red-brown energy URBAH renews all tissues and organs of the body;
  7. The yellow SFIRO neutralizes adverse reactions from blood pressure spikes;
  8. The red-gold ERFAGO changes the timbres of the sound currents affecting the body.

Now the unified force field of the three 3D, 4D, and 5D planets takes on the contours of an ellipse, extending downward and upward. The three-dimensional Earth is at the bottom, the four-dimensional Earth is in the middle, and the fifth-density Earth is at the top.

Each has its space-time which flows seamlessly into the nearest fields of a single sphere.

Consciousness permeates all bodies of each of the three planets. In the unified field, its influence will be more noticeable. It will be run by the Logos Council of the Galactic Committee and Gaia.

This will be the realization of a new planetary system that will be a vertical formation of Absolute Intelligence, Consciousness, Spirit, and Soul.

The elemental aspects will join later to the world system of Man. His bodies will be capable of transforming to move in the Gaia Multiverse from 3D (then, from 2D and 1D) to 13D and higher.

It will be possible through the reformatting of human consciousness and the ability to change form by flowing from one dimension (body) to another.

In the new Life Matrix, the main aspect will be Man of multiple qualities, states, and densities. Through him, the Absolute will conduct its energies. That is why our transformation is so important. It will be a new Local Universe, and we stand at its origins as humanity which has learned the Light and Darkness.

The test-hardened humanity of the 3D will be able to accomplish all the goals of Co-Creators and Galacom, in cooperation with many friendly races from Pleroma to the lowest worlds.

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