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Treat Cancer & Diseases with Meditation! Here's How!

Treat Cancer & Diseases with Meditation! Here's How!

Now is the time to change your life and discover mind/body medicine and learn to cure and prevent disease using meditation.

Never before in our history has the amount of scientific study confirmed that meditation is healing and curing virtually most major diseases, especially the big two – cancer and heart disease. As we have well and truly passed the special year of 2012 more than a decade ago, which was a major time on our planet for change, now is the time to break away from our current paradigm, which is deeply unscientific backed up by a corrupt infrastructure that is now a major obstacle to alternative medicine.

Meditation and diet is not only curing cancer but also all forms of mental illness, diabetes, MS, all auto-immune diseases, AIDS, high blood pressure, to many other diseases. The famous American cardiologist Dean Ornish now has a diet curing acute heart disease through diet (and meditation), unblocking 95% blocked arteries. How’s that for a revolution. The diet has no fat, no meat, no nuts, no oil, no cheese or eggs, just fruit, vegetables and grains. Ornish now allows nuts. This little article will teach you a complete meditation technique you could learn quickly that will utterly change your life forever. I have given my life to alternative medicine having been trained professionally at famous and established public universities in philosophy, where I did three masters degrees involving the philosophy of alternative medicine to the philosophy of quantum physics.

More than 25 years ago I knew my research was at the cutting edge but I was not getting the support of my former homeland of Australia. So I left. I went to China and ended up living and teaching there for more than 20 years in 21 universities teaching my research and holding professorial positions. I loved doing this hugely. China  is a haven for alternative medicine with Chinese medicine having massive state support. So here is the technique. I urge you to change your life and find the peace, truth and happiness that lies within you just waiting to come alive.


This form of meditation, which I have further developed involving my 30 years of meditation experience, was founded by a famous Melbourne psychiatrist called Ainslie Meares. He developed this technique, which he called Stillness Meditation, while in his Melbourne clinic during the 1960s, and wrote many influential books including RELIEF WITHOUT DRUGS. He was a psychiatrist with a passionate interest in eastern religions and meditation and travelled and lived in India and Nepal studying various systems. He was a maverick of a man. Meares’ technique was first used to fight mental illness, especially anxiety, and has been taken up by some leading Victorian therapists.

In the 1970s this meditation technique gained wider recognition when Ian Gawler, a young Melbourne vet, cured his lung and extensive bone cancer. Gawler at the time had been given just two weeks to live. He went on to attain extremely wide public recognition and wrote two best-selling books, including Peace of Mind and YOU CAN CONQUER CANCER. Gawler lost one of his legs prior to coming across the Ainslie Meares technique because doctors in those days thought surgery would be his best option.

What Gawler achieved to reverse his cancer from a meditation point of view, was all based on the works and teachings of Ainslie Meares. Meares fully outlined this meditation technique clearly and carefully and also used it widely on other people who had cancer. This special stillness meditation he taught and clinically prescribed to his patients in Melbourne with mental illness in the 1960s, and later in the 1970s with cancer, he in fact learned from advanced spiritual gurus and lamas in India and Nepal in the 1950s. So really, this meditation technique comes from the East, used previously throughout the centuries by spiritual seekers. I have subsequently developed my own particular style of this meditation which I call Infinite Peace Meditation. That is why no one can really claim to have individually invented the technique. The technique which Meares taught Ian Gawler, and which he taught for years, really just comes from India and Nepal. Gawler was one of a number of people using the Meares Stillness Meditation technique at the time of the mid 1970s for the treatment of their cancers. Gawler subsequently healed his terrible bone cancer using the Ainslie Meares Stillness Technique and set up his own institute where thousands of subsequent cancer patients learned the Meares technique that Gawler enhanced in his own way and many had extraordinary cancer remissions. Ainslie Meares himself died in the 1980s. He is the true “founder” of this technique and its application in using it to treat cancer. And the main teacher of Ainslie Meares was an amazing Hindu yogi sage called Shivapura Baba, who lived to be 137 years old.

Unlike other meditation techniques, which Meares and Gawler calls active such as mantra meditation, this form of meditation is passive. The difference between the two forms is that active meditation increases the secretion of the hormone cortisone from the adrenalin gland, which is the cause of stress throughout the body and immune system. However, this form of meditation does not cause the secretion of cortisone and is passive. Thus, it is called HEALTH meditation. My own Infinite Peace Meditation is basically passive but uses some active techniques initially.

The technique that Ainslie Meares taught is simple. For the first 10 days you progressively relax your groups of muscles from your feet up by flexing each muscle group for 5 seconds and then relaxing them for 5 seconds. After 10 days of this, or however long you feel necessary, you change the routine and instead use a wave of relaxation over all your muscles at the same time, instead of physically doing each muscle group by tensing them and then relaxing them. Simplify the technique by cutting out the actual flexing of the muscles and just use the wave of relaxation This is the essence of Mind/body medicine because by simply using the wave leads to deeper stages of meditation.

All you have to do from here is sit in an armless chair. Just be a passive observer and allow YOUR thoughts to come and go.  Use and APPLY a WAVE of relaxation over all your muscles as a mindfulness technique if thoughts keep intruding. DON’T FORCE THE THOUGHTS AWAY. Just let them come and go and don’t fight them off. Be an observer of your thoughts not getting caught up in them. They will go by themselves eventually if you are patient and if disturbed you can apply the WAVE of relaxation of your muscles. Remember just be a passive observer, don’t fight the thoughts, allow them to come, use the WAVE of relaxation over your muscles to keep relaxed if needed. Simple. If a particular section of muscles in your body keep being tense concentrate the wave on that area. It’s that simple. (You can in fact just observe the thoughts without doing the wave and not getting caught up in them and the same process should happen yet using the wave can also be done.) If you allow your thoughts to come they will eventually go, just be AWARE of them, non-judgementally and passively and not to fight them and NOT to get caught up in them.

You can meditate up to three hours a day. One hour in the morning, an hour before lunch and an hour before dinner if you have a chronic disease such as cancer. Gawler in fact has further enhanced this technique with one of his later books called MEDITATION PURE AND SIMPLE and says that as you scan and relax your body, you could also put your attention in the periods of stillness between your thoughts as you meditate. And the gaps between the thoughts and the stillness of NO THOUGHTS will get bigger and lead to peace, contentment, silence, calm And eventually there just will be pure stillness. This is Stillness Meditation. It is that simple. This is the technique used and initially taught by maverick Ainslie Meares and later by Gawler’s natural medicine hospital called the Gawler Foundation. Many people with terminal cancer were cured using this and a whole food vegan diet.

Where Infinite Peace Meditation differs is that I start with a Hindu breathing technique called SO HUM. On the inbreath, say SO, and on the out breath say Hum, quietly in your mind. I do this Hindu sacred chant after I have done the classic Yogic progressive muscle relaxation technique, which has been used by mind/body medicine practitioners for decades worldwide. Then you do what I call “relaxation flows” through the body or “peace flows” and this acts as a natural form of mindfulness. The “relaxation flow” is not a wave but rather a current that goes through all the muscles and any other part of the body. While doing the “peace flows” and feeling all your muscles relaxed in this flow, just let the thoughts come and go just like the Meares technique, not getting caught in the action, and just observing the thoughts. That is all you do. Eventually just look for those gaps of stillness between thoughts and then merge into it. Use the “relaxation flow” and thought observation at the beginning and just drop the "peace flows" before moving into observing stillness between thoughts and merging into it. This acts like a rapid-fire technique to slow the thoughts and enter PEACE without using a whole range of techniques some advocate. Simplicity is key. When your thoughts start to slow and there are periods of PEACE, with no thoughts, relax, don’t get caught up in the action, and go with it. You will soon enter enlightenment, which, at its highest stage, is a oneness of peace, bliss, what I call Satchinanda (Being Consciousness Bliss.) At this stage cancer is being healed.

I wrote my 50,000-word MA thesis at the famously radical but now defunct Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University from 1988 to 1990 on Ainslie Meares and Ian Gawler and the foundations of mind-body medicine, which is what using meditation and diet to fight disease is called.

Using the WAVE of relaxation that Meares advocated and allowing stillness of mind and body leads to higher stages of meditation. Meares and Gawler, as well of course many meditation masters worldwide, have outlined the level of the body’s mental/physiology goes through during stillness meditation. They say there are six to seven stages of meditation when doing these techniques and as the body goes through these stages sees it relaxes until it finds peace and calmness. The first stage you are observing thoughts, usually a whole stream of them. Then as you keep non judgementally observing your thoughts they slow. At stage three the thoughts are really slow with moments of stillness between thoughts. At stage four virtually no thoughts. Wow. Peace and calm. Stage five is transition into enlightenment. Many see iridescent blue and red pulsating colours; others just feel the shift. You need to relax and not get caught up in the colours to transition. Stage six is enlightenment. Peace. Calm. Deep stillness even though thoughts may come and go there is a deeper stillness beyond these random thoughts that is utterly blissful. Just relax in the bliss.....with a little smile and feel the healing.

I urge everybody to buy Ian Gawler’s books by contacting the Gawler Foundation, a natural healing hospital that was based near Melbourne but only closed recently after nearly 40 years. Those books will give you an excellent insight to the entire Ainslie Meares phenomenon which Gawler has added to especially using his unique Buddhist background and years of teaching cancer patients meditation. Also, try and get your hands on any Ainslie Meares book, they are beautiful and astounding, some of them just books of poetry.

If you are interested in a total physical transformation adopt a strict diet of vegetables, grains and fruit and walk at least 2-3 hours a week if possible. Also, basic yoga and breathing correctly could help any chronic illness. Make sure you supplement Vitamin B12 if you become a vegan vegetarian. Also supplement with massive doses of Vitamin C, zinc, choline and reasonable amounts of vitamin D. You can also meditate lying on the floor, not on a bed, as being slightly uncomfortable supports you to relax your body. You can even meditate in the lotus positions. But an armless chair with a back is excellent, simple and widely used. Some CHINESE Buddhist schools of meditation are similar to this technique, and ultimately, all meditation techniques share a similar process. I have personally learned many other meditation techniques yet the Meares Stillness Meditation technique had been my daily base for many years until I further upgraded it into the Infinite Peace Meditation technique. 

I do want to stress that I am committed to complementary alternative medicine (C.A.M) and have been for most of my adult life. In the past 25 years I have done some of the most advanced work in mind/body medicine in the world. Mind/body medicine uses meditation to treat disease, something that Indian Ayurvedic medicine also uses. Also, as I said, I did a major MA thesis at the now defunct but famous Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University, Australia, on the entire Ainslie Meares and Ian Gawler revolution in 1988.

I was the first person globally to do this type of academic research in public universities. This MA thesis was done in 1989, as I said, before mind/body medicine had attracted worldwide attention and this work is now seen by some as a major pioneering work in the area. Meditation is at the core of mind/body medicine. Mind/body medicine is now a pivotal region of alternative medicine and is perhaps the most powerful form of alternative medicine, along with Chinese medicine, on the planet because it is curing cancer, heart disease (the big two western killers) plus many other life-threatening diseases, including AIDS. This new form of medicine is now sweeping the world. In fact combining mind-body meditation with Chinese medicine can work very well.

My MA thesis, now nearly 30 years ago, examined the world-famous mind/body medicine pioneer Ainslie Meares and Ian Gawler in depth. They come from Australia, and, as said before, used meditation to treat cancer. Meditation of course is the core of mind/body medicine. I am an expert in this technique and the theory behind it, especially the science. I believe it is here that we could develop important breakthrough research. I have backed my research up using the latest in quantum theory looking at physicist David Bohm’s theory of implicate order, systems theory, Geoffrey Chew’s bootstrap theory and Paul Davies’ superstring theory. My PhD is called The New Idealism, which is located on my blog called michaelmagicblog.wordpress.com, and interprets quantum theory from a philosophical idealistic notion, or the philosophical premise that mind produces matter. And this was done to back up the massive scientific revolution of mind/body medicine.

In America now there are even public accredited mind/body universities with hundreds on the staff. But because I dislike a lot of what America stands for especially politically I will never go there and teach. Plus I felt it was important to help developing countries with this research because I am committed to socialism. America, being the capitalist shithole that it is, does not deserve my research I thought at the time. Yet I do respect America hugely in the areas of using mind/body medicine to treat mental illness and using transpersonal psychology instead of the evil materialist psychiatry that is used in Britain and Australia. This is where America is truly way ahead of the other Anglo-America countries. In America you can do an accredited PhD in transpersonal psychology using meditation to treat and CURE all forms of mental illness, including psychotic disorders. But in all the Anglo-American countries such as Britian and Australia materialism and behaviouralist rules. I believe this is a human rights abuse by forcing sometimes unproven mental illness drugs on people.

Anyway, I was the first person on the planet who did legitimate academic research on the entire Ainslie Meares alternative medicine revolution when it first came into prominence in Australia in the 1980s. This is now becoming so “establishment” that Australia’s Monash University’s Bachelor of Medicine students must undertake a course in mind/body medicine based in this area. My book A PHILOSOPHICAL STUDY OF HEALING IN NEW TIMES, (which was the MA thesis from Sydney university based on Gawler) is now regarded as a classic in alternative medicine (and using meditation) and has been continuously published (by alternative publishers and in self-publishing format) for more than 15 years. After that MA degree I subsequently did another major master's degree in the philosophy of quantum theory concentrating of world-famous New Age physicist Fritjof Capra to validate the science of alternative medicine and that of Indian and Chinese medicine in particular.

I have been highly critical of western medicine and the current war that is raging seems to have found a degree of peace. My later PhD examined this war in more detail. A major book of my PhD, called THE NEW IDEALISM, has now expounded more fully on the worldwide implications of mind/body medicine, transpersonal psychology and other areas such as the alien agenda and the quantum theory of alien space travel. I left Australia more than 25 years ago to teach in Asian and Chinese universities and colleges because they are much more open to this new area than materialist-based Cartesian-Newtonian-behaviouralist western universities whose very science is now in serious doubt. The worldwide implications are staggering and I have devoted part of my life to this area of medicine. I meditate, of course, every day up to three hours, know many meditation techniques, and have learned many, many other alternative medical healing modalities. And continue to learn new ones.

In recent years I have been trying to streamline Ainslie Meares Stillness Meditation using the Infinite Peace Meditation technique with a new food medicine diet that mixes the work of Ian Gawler and the work of Anthony William, the Medical Medium from the USA. This diet mainly concentrates on fruits and vegetables, restricts grains but does allow them (if you feel well enough) such as non gluten grains, and is still vegan. It doesn't overdose on nuts and seeds but uses them. This radically reduces the fat content of the body and helps fight both cancer and "autoimmune disease".

Gluten free grains such as sorghum, quinoa, buckwheat, cassava flour and coconut flour and items like pea protein powders (used sparingly) have revolutionised the treatment of all "autoimmune disease", which Anthony William says are actually caused by the Epstein Barr virus. I also strongly advocate the Anthony William heavy metal detox of spirulina, barley grass juice power, wild blueberries, coriander and Atlantic dulse seaweed.  Thus I have combined the Ainslie Meares/Ian Gawler Stillness Meditation regime which is used to treat cancer to an upgraded form called Infinite Peace Meditation which can be used on an autoimmune protocol diet. This is now virtually the protocol to reverse Alzheimer’s put forward by Prof Dale Bredesen in California although his regime is less vegan and more semi ketogenic. This is something I don't support totally but there is no doubt Bredesen is getting results in reversing mid-stage Alzheimer’s which is great news. Anthony William categorically stresses Alzheimer’s is caused by mercury. So you need to get it out of your body. On the autoimmune diet it could virtually be a Pegan diet as there have been quite a lot of fish eaters on a Pegan diet (the paleo-vegan diet) with cancer who used intensive meditation on top to treat their disease. Nevertheless I strongly believe that the pure vegan diet I outlined  at the beginning (that mix of Ian Gawler and Anthony William) to be the most effective in fighting disease of any nature. Eventually you can top it up if your body can handle it with chickpea flour, coconut flour, buckwheat flour, nuts and seeds which should easily give a minimum amount of protein. Plus all the protein from your vegetables - that in fact - according to Anthony William - is the real source of protein which is produced by the liver. Thus, you virtually have a vegan cancer diet but also an autoimmune friendly diet. That is the key. And be flexible. Be Pegan if you have to but don't push it.

I support everything Anthony William says especially using the heavy metal detox and celery juice regime and other measures. The major area not mentioned widely is the role of energy medicine as a terminal illness healer and this of course includes meditation. MEDITATION CAN CURE TERMINAL CANCER. It has been done many times. It works synergistically with a vegan food medicine diet fully explained by Ian Gawler and first developed by him. In fact the Ian Gawler regime takes food medicine to the next level.

It is important to stress energy medicine and especially meditation is a game changer.

The body does have an etheric or spiritual layer that includes meridian points, chakras and other energies that the Donna Eden method (and tens of thousands of other healers) have outlined. In physics super energy is thought (or spirit) faster than light and fully explains the etheric body. Our space/time is thought slower than light. Both super energy and energy are produced by mind or spirit. This physics explains alien space travel, angels, acupuncture and spiritual medicine. Thus the physics of energy medicine (of which meditation is part of) has also been fully outlined using super energy which was discovered by the brilliant British New Age physicist David Ash who invented super energy. My PhD expands on this.

When healers say there are only "physical" causes of disease such a viruses or heavy metals or other viruses or toxins, and of course this is strongly advocated by western medicine, it can be problematic. This is because scientifically this does not add up because it doesn't take into consideration the role of our spirit or etheric body and how it does indeed impinge on our body (which is comprised of spirit anyway). Both Sai Baba, the world-famous Indian guru and my 30,000-year-old alien Galactic Federation leader (explained in my previous ET story) has confirmed to me that the Ian Gawler Cancer regime (using intensive meditation, vegan diet and especially visualization work) is the real deal and game changer (especially for treating cancer) and a primary/core healing mechanism to treat disease (and especially cancer and HIV/AIDS). The Galactic Federation has also confirmed to me the authenticity of Anthony William. 

Meditation can stop adrenaline in its tracks. It can radically boost the immune system to fight viruses (and thus stop the spread of cancer). It can harness immunity building to excrete heavy metals and other toxins with detoxification regimes. It can clear karmic debt. Meditation stabilizes the chakras/meridians and entirely changes our cellular structure at all levels. It is a core core core healing tool to fight cancer and any disease. Meditation brings true peace and can radically stop many many symptoms of illness from fatigue, nausea, tumour reduction, virus proliferation, high blood pressure, asthma, shingles, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis to many many many other autoimmune diseases. Meditation can totally reinvigorate the psycho-immune system like no other system of medicine. In no way is deep meditation a band aid but in fact a front-line tool to fight cancer. Meditation directly treats the root cause of disease at so many levels. When meditation stops adrenaline surges it radically helps build the body's immune system that is being ravaged by cancer usually caused by toxins, viruses, radiation, stress, emotional trauma and spiritual "dis-ease".

I also strongly believe that oriental medicine food notions of healing are important. For example don't eat cold foods if you have a cold disease such as thyroid problems. You need warm foods. Some even advocate non vegan foods to warm the body energetically. However there are many many warming vegan foods.

Angel healing is another area that is gaining a huge amount of attention. I use angel healing daily and call to Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael daily to clean and heal my chakras and spirit body. Angels have awesome healing power.

On top of this we have all the other complementary and alternative medicine (C.A.M) modalities and medical systems such as the wonderful and extraordinary Chinese medicine, reflexology, Reiki, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, kinesiology and much, much more. NATURAL MEDICINE IS THE KING AND QUEEN OF MEDICINE AND URGENTLY NEEDS TO GET THE WORLDWIDE RESPECT AND USUAGE IT DESERVES. NATURAL medicine (and especially via energy medicine) is healing all the big diseases of our age including Parkinsons via Chinese medical qi gong. Medical Qi gong is my new passion along with a cancer/autoimmune diet and an altered version of the Ainslie Meares meditation called Infinite Peace Meditation. I also strongly urge you to combine Chinese medicine with the meditation and food medicine regime I have outlined. Chinese medicine itself is healing cancer and recently I had a lot to do with an amazing Chinese doctor who was using intensive Chinese herbal medicine to reverse many many terminal cancers. Do you understand and see the awesome power of Chinese medicine. A good Chinese medicine doctor can cure/heal cancer, "autoimmune disease", heart disease and much else. The energy medicine aspects of Chinese medicine are utterly remarkable and their healing potential is unlimited. I have witnessed families with their dying loved ones queueing up outside the clinic of this famous Chinese medicine doctor renowned for healing terminal cancer and giving families hope. But to advocate a one-stop shop such as I have mentioned in treating disease, is limiting not only your potential to heal but all others.

I strongly encourage readers to also get free distant Reiki healing from the Internet. There are Reiki Masters offering this with their prerecorded healing sessions that have the same impact. It is amazing. YouTube has several Reiki Masters doing this. Also the spiritual guru/healer Sri Avinash does a similar healing on the internet.

Finally it must be remembered that the Galactic Federation spaceships surrounding our planet have machines that can cure any illness. Governments know this and do nothing. The people of this planet must demand the official truth.

I want to stress at the end of this article there is certainly a time and place for western medicine. You need to be discerning about your situation and act accordingly. Sometimes a combination of both western medicine and natural medicine is needed. Other times it may be better to just use natural medicine. Each situation is different and must be assessed according to your needs.

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Michael Dargaville


Bio details:

Michael Dargaville became famous as a poet, performance punk poet, journalist, philosopher, quantum theory-generalist scientist, mind body medicine and lifestyle/natural medicine therapist, meditation teacher, Avant Garde novelist, transpersonal psychologist, folk punk singer and musician, surfer, pioneering skateboarder, communist activist, New Age-spirituality and alien-ET researcher-writer, academic and teacher. He has been based in Asia and China for nearly 25 years where he has taught at more than 20 universities and colleges, five at professorial level. Raised and educated in the Sydney international hippie and punk counter culture in the 1970s and 1980s, he did a BA degree in philosophy at then very radical Macquarie University and then wrote a seminal 50,000-word MA thesis on mind-body medicine, meditation and the New Age movement at the now defunct but famously radical Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. In the early 1990s he did another 45,000-word master’s thesis on the world-famous German-American physicist Fritjof Capra and the New Physics. Between 1996 and 2005 he worked on a 70,000-word Masters(Honours)/PhD thesis on mind-body medicine, quantum theory, transpersonal psychology and the New Age movement and its relationship to philosophical idealism, or the notion that mind produces matter. This major work, called The New Idealism, has subsequently been published around the world on the internet and in hard copy form as a critically accepted book of philosophy. Michael is legendary as a performance punk poet and singer in China, Asia, Australia, parts of Europe and other countries and has published more than 80 books and pamphlets of poetry, five novels and books and pamphlets of journalism, philosophy and science. He has performed as a poet and singer from London to Beijing. More than 200 million people have read his internet journalism since the early 2000s with many stories going outright viral on the net and translated in to 15 languages. Also, he has been a staff journalist and freelance journalist and writer for many publications around the world including The China Daily (where he worked on the news desk in Beijing), True Punk Magazine, Brother Vertitus, the defunct Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial, Sydney City Hub (where he was editor) and Hobart Mercury. In the 1980s and 1990s he established famous alternative publishing houses in Australia with other people and since moving to Asia and China 25 years ago has continued to be an international alternative publisher. He has continued to perform widely as a punk poet and singer and has been closely associated with international movements in New Wave punk (which includes elements of hardcore punk, industrial punk, art punk and just about anything stupidly and repugnantly termed "post-punk" by revisionists desperate to destroy our revolution), jazz punk (especially) and folk punk (including antifolk punk and Crust Punk) movements and has appeared at festivals. Michael also has a special love for World Music such as the work of the  extraordinary Fatoumata Diawara and Sona Jobarteh plus Chinese contemporary, classical and folk music.

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