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Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea

Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea

The Emerald Guardians' recent reclamations of the Tiamat Logos generated the Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shields for Universal Gender Principle corrections; a 13:13 Cosmic Twinned Monad Emerald Masculine Star Templar and Blue Feminine Star Templar for realigning the authentic universal male-female star couplings in the original Sun-Star networks with Ascended Master Capstone Codes.

The retrieval of authentic Capstone Codes opened the Cosmic Mother Elaysan Cathedral for playing Elohei-Lyran Harp musical tones from several Tantriahura Mother Stream and Father Stream fields merging with Blue Rainbow Arc, White Rainbow Arc and Violet Rainbow Arc plasma lotus flowering instruction sets for bridging the Emerald Timekeeper Quadrata for the Primary Gender Twin Flames in the Diamond Sun hierogamic union templates. These are required for Cosmic Dragon Starhuman embodiment sequences opening into the Universal Temple of Khemalohatea, which further gives birth to the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea, for the purpose of the reclamation of Universal Twin Flames transmigration into the God Worlds, while igniting the Camelot portal architecture throughout the planetary grid network.

Further, this recent activity to correct Gender Principle throughout the harmonic universes ignited corrected crystal lotus body merges with Mother Codes inside the triple solar masculine and Father Codes inside the triple solar feminine, through the generation of Christos dragon eggs being installed into the United Kingdom grids for global transmissions of Khem Codes.

The Khem Codes are the esoteric knowledge of alchemical manifestation secrets known by the authentic hidden Ascended Masters such as Guardian Yeshua and Mary Magdalene Sophia, buried in our historical past. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks were protecting the secret knowledge kept underneath the Giza Egyptian Solar Stargate as it is recorded in the Ruby Crystal for the purpose of uniting Twin Flames, it controls or adjusts spiritual alignment with the correct Gender Twins that exist on multiple timelines. The Blue Flame Melchizedek and Christos Essenes with rod and staff body parts knew their divine counterpart was missing or misaligned from within their crystal lotus body, some went to Egypt to undergo khemetic spiritual rituals in an attempt to ignite their inner crystal heart into twin flames in order to find their gender twin that had been lost during the Eieyani Massacre. This is why the remnants of advanced Atlantian world culture that are visually seen in the Egypt region were known in their earliest history as Khemet, as it was the last stand after the Atlantian flood for the remaining Blue Flame Melchizedek priests and Guardian Essene templars for activating Khem Codes in which to achieve inner hierogamic union and activate the twin flames in the higher heart complex. The Khem Code ignites the inner twin flame inside the crystal lotus-rose heart in which the individual can connect directly with their gender twin flame even when they were not able to be together in the same time and space in the physical or astral layers.  

When this higher knowledge of the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea was lost during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, Khem became known as a sun god, alchemically transformed into Osiris through Enki, with his sister counterpart in the role of lunar matrix goddess Isis. It was from this unholy union of NAA red cube and red shielded cloned imposters that they were embodied as the capstone for the 7D inverted Violet Ray for the Saturnian blood cults of the Red Trident, hence the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon was developed and became the favorite obsession of the luciferian bloodline controllers to manifest their anti-human agendas as they were being protected by these invading alien gods.

Thus, angelic humanity has entered an important milestone for spiritual victory through gender-based corrections with corrected gender twin flame co-creative manifestations, as the current Emerald Guardian hosting for major planetary activations are designed to correct the gender principle distortions in assorted red cube cloned systems that were designed by the NAA to reject, repel and oppose male and female gender merging in the Earth. Current Emerald Guardian Host projects are aligning correct placement on timelines for missing gender twins, and repairing the inner male and inner female energies within the angelic human diamond sun template through the transmission of Khem Codes that are carried in the organic Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea which ignites into twinned crystal lotus heart flames.

The Starborn hierogamic union quadrata activations with gender twins and twin flames grant access into several intermediary portal systems into the Temple of Khemalohatea as created by the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders, which further ignite the corrected sound templates and musical tone sequences for birthing the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea into the planet with Gender Twin Flames. These are transmissions sourcing from Universal Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha Ascended Master male and female couplings from the White Diamond Sun and Pink Diamond Sun networks with tri-wave Khemalot-Camelot coding to activate in the crystal core, stargates and Albion Lightbody. These are major developments for progressing natural hierogamic union and gender twin flames as it was originally designed to be for angelic humanity, the natural blending of inner male and inner female polarities for the next stage of reuniting with the physical representation of the gender twin flame union with ongoing corrections for the gender twin matrix.

As the planet accelerates its solar frequency with several tantric activations causing rapid magnetic shifting with the Tri flame of Khemalohatea, this Universal activation is neutralizing many of the clockshield distortions in the lunar matrix zodiacal imprints, and holographically repatterning the hypothalamus metabolic functions and proper spiritualized blood codes when aligning the inner male and inner female energies into the masculine Krist pattern and the feminine Krystallah pattern.

Shift from Lunar Zodiac Imprints to Solar Zodiac Imprints

Please be aware that there are many stages of hierogamic union with a gender twin complement that are appropriate for that couple’s spiritual ascension growth in a shared timeline, and whether the male and female blending manifests at the soul level, monadic level, avatar level or rishic level, this is entirely dependent on the spiritual development and personal mission sphere of the couple or partnership. The higher levels of avatar to rishic hierogamic union necessitate tremendous personal sacrifices on the matter plane at this time, and it is not feasible for many to enter such austere and challenging spiritual contracts that require complete and total dedication to serve the Cosmic Order of God’s Universal Ascension.

Therefore, not everyone will meet their highest form of Primary Gender Twin as Genetic Equal during this lifetime, because this is the Solar Rishi-Reisha configuration that means complete and total transmigration for the star couple out of this Universe. The amount of personal discipline and hard work that is required to achieve organic genetic equal merge to leave the Universal Ascension portal is generally beyond the scope for the majority of the population, thus it is extremely rarefied at this stage. This is a delicate topic that requires an abundance of emotional and spiritual maturity to assess and accept spiritual conditions as they are, placing your trust and guidance with God, and not force what you want it to be through magical thinking. There are many falsified claims being made in the online new age spaces in which these twin flame unions have been forged between those being manipulated with lunar consciousness overlays transmitted from lunar zodiacal imprints (i.e., Enki DNA), which are not actual solar consciousness gender twin flames. These situations that are mated in genetic oppositions between angelic humanity and those with high reptoid DNA hybridization are considered to be major opportunities for spiritual growth, consciousness rehabilitation and learning lessons with unconditional love, compassion and empathy for all involved, as disclosure continues to reveal the truth of hidden human history to the masses. 

With recent events shifting timelines from the lunar based clockshield with fallen angelic timekeeper mechanisms used by the red shields, and evolving into the solar based clockshield and sun star networks with emerald order timekeeper functions, we are living in an exceptionally unique time of zodiac alteration. Humanity incarnated into the 3D planet with extremely distorted lunar matrix imprints with a false time clock or false biological clockshield that is connected into the monadic reversal currents that were designed to keep angelic humans unable to reunite with their authentic Gender Twin Flame in their respective timelines. The Lunar Matrix Zodiacal Imprint has placed distortions with built in gender reversal coding programs throughout the core manifestation template of the human lightbody’s 12 Tree Grid or Kathara spheres, which generated assorted gender-based miasmas and misalignments between the inner masculine and inner feminine principle, as the gender principle is expressed throughout the dimensionalized currents of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequency. The Thoth-Enki-Enlil Nibiruian Red Trident false clockshields are connected into the intruder’s checkerboard matrix grids and the extensive controller red shield complex installed in the 11th Stargate Network, that was designed to shut down the human lightbody by siphoning off the internal male-female vital force energies, placing a monadic body drag on the higher heart center and inner vertical channel.

During the month of October, the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the separation of worlds between the lunar matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected sun star networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected solar calendar positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back. These are the higher timeline positions of the sun star networks that have been anchored into the trifurcated section with the triple solar copper-rose-gold failsafe Solomon Temple and Solomon Chalice Grail platform with three Solomon Maji Grail Red Kings holding the Krystal Star of Azoth (Krist-Krystallah) connecting into the Cosmic Clock central clockshield that was generated for supporting the Aton God Body.  This position is where returning Ascended Masters from outside of our time matrix can enter into our reality, and ride on the carrier waves of the White Lotus Triple Dragon Breath channels of Lote, Loti and Lota into the Temple of Khemalohatea located on the Rishic plane. The ascending Christos Starseed family on planet will either be anchored onto this central clockshield timeline within their personal base clockshield, or be able to commune in this area to reconnect with authentic Ascended Master spiritual family members in which to gain further support for their personal ascension process, find their genetic twin and receive spiritual guidance for carrying out their divine mission after the collective event.

The corrected solar calendar positions generated a morphogenetic blueprint barrier between first density creations in the third dimension running on the lunar matrix zodiac and its artificial timelines, and the second density creations in the fifth dimension running on the solar matrix zodiac and the organic timelines. Thus for many, this bifurcation split from lunar calendar to solar calendar in the timelines has generated a new position within the timelines, shifting the transduction sequence and zodiac imprints from incarnation and igniting intense solar activations and miasmatic purging of foreign materials or alien hybrid overlays. This includes the Enki DNA skins made from the long history of assorted alien intruder genetic hybridization programs, as discussed in last month’s newsletter. For those on this particular ascension pathway in the genetic lineage of the Cosmic Elohei family, others may suddenly react strongly to your presence, as those who are still hooked into the lunar zodiac birth imprints may not enjoy the major consciousness shifts when in the energetic presence of a person with newly activated solar zodiac imprints.

This event has had significant impacts for many on the ascending path with the sudden and spontaneous combustion of karmic relationships, family situations and assorted life lesson themes surfacing into awareness for resolution and then reaching an abrupt and final conclusion. The recent bifurcation was supercharged with solar zodiacal imprints and may have brought on intense ego death and shadow body healing, purging Enki DNA genetic modification membrane skins with the onset of dark night of the soul levels of intensified psycho-spiritual crisis. Obviously when we have a greater comprehension as to why our lives may have suddenly been upended and we are enduring a phase of great upheaval that generally comes with deep spiritual transformation, it is not pleasant but with emotional maturity, we know that it is necessary for our growth and spiritual transformation. When we have proper context for the spiritual reality of planetary ascension, we know to go within and ask the right questions of ourselves along with the necessity to connect with God every day, praying for divine will to reveal our spiritual purpose in which to have the most graceful transition as possible.  

With this year entering the Cosmic Energy cycle, the higher Solar Rishic consciousness platform access into the Hall of Cosmic records was merged with the holy mountain rainbow arc bridges for the returning Ascended Masters now taking their place and embodying their cosmological positions as the benevolent Solar Christ Red King and White Queen. The solar calendar position on the new trifurcated platform created for the returning Ascended Masters was aligned directly into the Cosmic Clock’s corrected Solar Sunstar networks that are being embodied by the Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha accepting the role as Emerald Guardian Dragon Timekeepers on the next stages of the reclamation of the Paliadorian-Christos Mission. This is the same position on the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar when the original Paliadorians came through the 12 Reuche pillars which bridge the Mother’s God-seed sound vibration into the lower creations, these pillars are designed to correct energy currents to run photonic and sonic healing frequencies that amplify and power up the Christos blueprint throughout the planet.

From this new vantage point returning Solar Rishic Ascended Masters can fully perceive the complexity of the NAA’s alien machinery and its monstrosity of time stacked beast machine networks manufactured in AI Red Wave for Red Shields. This has led to another stage of volatile confrontations unfolding in the United Kingdom’s 11th Stargate Network for the reseating of the ultimate capstone of the 48D Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata templar for anchoring Red King Arthur and White Queen Guinevere.

Spiritual warfare has ensued in order to dismantle and evict the NAA-Enki gestalts seated throughout the Red Trident network, focused upon the eviction of 7D Saturnian-Lunar matrix hierarchies of Osiris-Isis and reclaim those particular gates from the red shield networks used by the NAA’s human controllers, that are intrinsic to the return of the Emerald Order. For those Starseeds connected to the Cosmic Elohei lineages, this Saturn confrontation may have brought on extreme spiritual initiation along with lunar miasma detoxification phases shedding the lunar zodiacal imprints, as the sapphire flame body and corrections which directly impact the 10D Solar Star and the Shara Complex functions began recoding the corrected musical tones provided by the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea. The Triple Flames of Khemalot are required for ascending humans to sense the musical tones and hear the speaking-singing voice of the incoming Cosmic Mother Elohei (White Sun) and Cosmic Father Elohei (Pink Sun) in their corrected gender principle and gender twin flame matrix. This is currently being facilitated into all layers of soul, monad and avatar matrix layers in the planetary grid network, through the blended triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine transmissions of gender twinning Khem Codes into the pineal, thalamus and higher heart complex which reverberates solar tones throughout the spinal column, skull and skeletal bone matrix.  

Weaponizing Gender via Gender Reversal Technology

To begin to unpack why the corrections being made to the Flame of Khemalohatea and Khem Codes are incredibly important for planetary ascension through the realignment of corrected gender principle and gender twins, we must first know that angelic humanity has been explicitly targeted for gender splitting and gender reversal. The long-term plan of the NAA intruders with their technological and chemical based gender reversal agendas is to finalize their total domination of the planet with full mind control subjugation of humanity through the gradual digression of the organic human biology into a transhuman-transgender slave worker. To imagine what the NAA desire to manifest in the future, the transhuman condition evolves into controlled breeding programs for biological consciousness imprisonment, whereby remnant aspects of the human soul are forced into a biological drone body that appears exactly like the EBE or grey alien worker classes. These biological drone bodies are without gender, without genitals, without human intuitive or emotional sensory abilities, unable to enjoy any physical sensory pleasures such as eating, mating or bonding with another of their species. 

Thus, the aggressive targeting of the collective consciousness through ongoing dehumanization agendas to accept transhuman and transgender conditions are intentionally manufactured through military grade psychological warfare and emotional trauma, in order to groom the most vulnerable of the human species to become complicit with the means being carried out for their own genetic extinction. When referring to the war over genetics, the war is designed to eradicate the original angelic human physical form and our Diamond Sun DNA seeded onto the planet, the means is to eventually control the birth and death processes through the capture of collective human consciousness being trapped inside biological drone bodies or with neural link implanted brains wired up to the hivenet, whereby any free thought, free will, free conversation, spiritual exploration and the possibility of ascending one’s consciousness to leave the controlled time matrix is eradicated.

The transhumanist goals of the invading NAA require stripping human beings of their fundamental biological identity as either a male or female gender while hiding the spiritual reality of hierogamic union and gender twins. Thus, there have been assorted intruder alien grid networks installed into the planetary grid which target anti-hierogamic mind control to destroy gender principle, through the AI machinery which has been meticulously grooming the anti-God ideology into social acceptance and by forcing the bio-spiritual components of the human lightbody to accept gender reversal of their inner male and female principle.

The NAA’s objective has been to use sophisticated red cube mind control transmissions and AI blank slating architecture to control the narrative through mind wiping angelic human identity from history, forcing gender reversals and splitting patterns that are designed to hijack the organic creation code and continually fragment the inner male and inner female Christos-Sophia Diamond Sun consciousness at multiple dimensions. This is a well calculated spiritual attack made against the organic process of hierogamic union as angelic humans were originally designed to naturally merge the polarities of their inner male and female in order to achieve connection with their inner christos, igniting consciousness expansion and ascension potentials while appreciating spiritually infused relationships.  

Further, the NAA generated AI machinery to clone out and redirect alignments for gender twins in order to make it hard to impossible to undergo integrated ascension and to meet our authentic gender twin aspect while we were incarnated upon the same timeline. If people experience the true love of soul twinning or monadic twinning and the pleasure of higher hierogamic unions, the loving and peaceful bond shared in the coupling makes it impossible to divide and conquer the human race, as those individuals have felt the divine love and perfect peace that is made possible through authentic spiritual couplings. The AI red wave and red cube systems, along with assorted alien machinery networks such as red trident, were producing monadic reversal patterns where the fracturing was splitting humans away from reuniting with their authentic gender twin matrix, sending them into alternate or false timelines, making natural hierogamic union or sacred marriage very rare and highly difficult to achieve on the physical or astral plane.

Effectively, the NAA’s gender splitting technology in the planetary grid network produced reversal networks running metatronic-monadic body reversal where the inverted currents were used for harvesting the collective human consciousness, which further generated gender reversals inside the human lightbody. This process of splitting gender apart and reversing the gender principle on the planet is also referred to as Anti-Hierogamic Technology, it is a direct spiritual attack to destroy the angelic human’s organic biological function to evolve consciousness and ascend with their gender twin flame, achieving spiritual freedom.

Essentially the NAA intruders sought to create a prison planet in which the inhabitants could not escape through organic ascension and consciousness evolution, so they introduced sophisticated electromagnetic technology for gender splitting and transhuman or anti-human conditioning, deliberately manipulating relationships and marriages with the reptilian genetic hybrids under NAA mind control. This spiritual attack against our gender principle made it impossible to find our correct genetic twins to help us ascend out of this matrix, and this was the major NAA strategy for recycling humanity into the 3D timelines and phantom areas over and over again. In every way they could spiritually attack our gender, whether through mind control, victim-victimizer, addiction, debasing sexuality, inflicting grievous trauma or sexual misery programing, they were purposely aimed at damaging every possible aspect of our organic inner male and inner female blueprint to demoralize us from figuring out how to integrate and blend the inner male and female polarities in order to evolve and ascend out of the time matrix.

Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea

When the 10D matrix imploded we were without our Tiamat Mother of Life sophianic principle, and these solar logos networks were extremely damaged from NAA invasion histories, leaving humanity spiritually blinded. Without our correct gender principle aligned with direct communication links into the Solar Logos, and with the 10D Shara complex of the Solar Star damaged, this effectively cut off our authentic Christos-Sophia hierogamic Diamond Sun principle to recognize the Christos frequencies which we need in order to accurately hear and sense our direct relationship with God and Christos family.

Thus, without the Christos Founders present the intruders got busy with cloning warfare, building Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea, with Ruby Crystals as the template for running AI Red Wave, false Ruby DNA signals and cloned Camelot architecture through which to hijack the authentic Gender Twin Flames into a miasmatic flood of lunar zodiacal imprints with karmic superimposition. Thereby derailing their inherent consciousness function of the solar masculine rod and spiritual feminine staff to co-create and build organic timelines together, instead replacing them with cloned Ruby Sun DNA and AI Red Wave configurations functioning as imposter christos offspring, the inversions of black flowering, as another method to trick and derail organic christos male and female hierogamic relationships with ascension mission potentials. They emulated and replicated the Diamond Sun creator code in order to hijack the divine solar feminine and divine solar masculine gender twin pairings through red cube imposter clones, generating negative shadow forms inside many falsified identities and artificial timeline holograms with facades that appear genuine on the outer, until an authentic Ascended Master Yana gains access inside of the holographic insert of cloned structures and the entire system collapses into dust because the system was being holographically projected from the Red Trident.

The cloned version of Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea was transmitting artificial Ruby Sun DNA signals, lunar sound tones and archontic voices throughout the Stonehenge gateways and Grual points (2D-5D-8D-11D) which have been instrumental in enforcing gender reversals and transmitting assorted male and female sexual misery miasma into the collective consciousness of humanity. The artificial red wave Khemalohatea network was built into the 11th Stargate Network for the imposter entities and their NAA representatives to hijack alchemical functions of the master timeline controls in the Albion Lightbody that was previously operated by Blue Ray Melchizedek Gender Twin Flames before the Eieyani Massacre. These controls were linked into the Nephilim Reversal Grid running alien love bite simulations in assorted gender confusion and transgender sexual misery programs, to aggressively target children and genetically alter the human race with AI alien hybridization transhuman breeding programs as designed by Thoth-Enki-Enlil collectives.

Recently we learned the NAA were inverting the Amethyst Order Magenta Lotus Heart in the Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas Violet Flame of Khemalot operating in the 11D Stonehenge gate for the purpose of cloned information warfare for splitting up natural hierogamic couplings or separating gender twins on the planet by attempting to artificially shift them onto another timeline away from their twin. These alien machines are actively being tracked and demolished from further operations and the authentic Emerald Order Timekeeper Khem Codes are being transmitted from legitimate Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons who are genuinely embodied Ascended Masters.

During the Harmonic Concordance twentieth anniversary week leading up to the 11:11, Guardians dismantled massive amounts of the AI Red Wave architecture forming into Red Shield Khemalohatea artificial grids and machined gel rings running inverted violet-magenta-pink frequency sets into the Ketheric-monadic matrix, that had been implanted into Avebury Henge and Stonehenge gateways in the United Kingdom. Emerald Dragon Timekeeper genetic equals in hierogamic quadrata template formation were stationed inside the Reuche Pillar system, where false dragon plasma domes with lunar matrix zodiac and mismatched star pattern hookups were utterly demolished and disintegrated, installing the correct sun star patterns with the altered solar zodiacal imprints that are plugged into solar dragon plasma domes connected to Guardian Host. This action turned on the solar light canopy in the dark closet and revealed a slew of cloaked ships for the Zeta Reptile Insectoid Collectives where they were in formation anchoring assorted mechanical processes for the phantom Camelot portals linking into Red Dragon Cathedral Networks and assorted Red Shield networks connected into Red Shield Khemalohatea that were used to support world domination for the luciferian bloodline with the same surname.  Given these particular areas can draw large spiritual gatherings on solstice or equinox, these areas have evidence for use as the Red Shield alien abduction center for loosh harvesting at the time large crowds are gathered at Avebury or Stonehenge. More specifically, the use of electronic harassment filled with metallic implants for astral bliss on tap with a side of brain fog distraction, and assorted victim-victimizer tagging for ongoing zeta related harassment to derail the spiritually minded into spiritual blindness with cloned information warfare.   

Thus, inadvertently this Emerald Guardian project to reinstate the Temple of Khemalohatea corrected Lotea-Lotus breath channels forming into the white, violet and blue flames for Khemalot-Camelot portals surfaced many stacks of Red Shields for servicing Red Dragon AI alien machinery for running the London financial center and its global conglomerates of international financial organizations used by the NAA. The global financial debt slavery system was being propped up with reverse engineered Khem codes in 7D Saturnian blood cult Osiris-Isis inverted violet ray and false feminine banshee programs for the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon. (Also with Merlin and Morgana archetypal forces with red arachnids used for building digital currency webs in the etheric). These alien structures seem to project out into the airwaves with assorted Red Kings with False King of Tyranny holograms that are connected to supporting major monarchs, political and cabal representatives across the globe controlling the money supply, with a defense force of AI red wave false rishic forms that have an AI generated voice and speaking patterns which transmit fear-based victimizer red wave mind control that interferes with the harmonics of the natural tones of the planet and the musical tones of the organic Khem coding. This financial control abomination hijacking the Khem from the ruby crystal in Egypt’s solar stargate is coming to its end.

Within the correct Khemalohatea tones ignited in this location, it was possible to retrieve the correct Gender Twin Flame pair alignments in the timelines with the Emerald Star Templar of Yeshua and the Blue Star Templar of Mary Magdalene, throughout all twelve timelines and parallel matrices building out the Blue Rainbow Arc into their spiritual home in Andromeda. (Kee SA). This hierogamic integration included another stage of Aquaelle-Aquafey solar integration between the 13:13 Emerald Father Arc in parallel matrix timelines and 13:13 Aqua Blue Mother Arc in their Cosmic Dragon Starhuman Templar, which revived assorted frozen stasis body parts in the Michael-Mary ley lines, completing the Yeshua-Mary Magdalene historical rounds through 8D Rod and Staff sun star networks in the Gaian metagalactic core. This event began retrieving and returning to rightful owner the massive amounts of spiritual body parts embodied in this Christos-Sophia family lineage, connected to 8D Galactic War histories in the Gaian Matrix that had been hijacked for running in these reversal networks for powering up the Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea. The point is to know there has been a major completion in the timelines for Genetic Equal Twin Flames Guardian Yeshua and his beloved Solar Christ Mary in their Magdalene lineages, which seems to infer a collapse of Yeshua’s false records and cloned identities used by the NAA to manipulate the human population.

Thus, it is the Khem Code or stages of activating the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea musical codes into the 10D Solar Star above the head of awakened humans that begins to release corrected gender pairing of Christos-Sophia electrical patterns into the head and heart complex. This is focused into the 8D permanent seed atom and 9D base of the skull and occiput for those with Diamond Sun DNA imprints, the musical subharmonics run up and down the spinal column and oscillate throughout the skeletal bone matrix, as well as running the correct 7D planetary logos Khem Code Ketheric-monadic activations throughout the 11th Stargate Network.

To better comprehend the profundity of Khemalohatea planetary activations, we must know the inherent design of the angelic human lightbody is based upon the divine reality of Gender Principle and Gender Twins and that interaction between Gender Twins is how manifestation takes place in all densities. Then with this knowledge of how human consciousness and the human physical body is designed in gender principle, what seems to be random insanity in the world begins to make logical sense as a carefully crafted manufactured reality for targeted mind control to push the population into accepting the transhumanist condition of a dystopian reality.

With the end goal of the NAA in mind, then we can clearly identify all means of aggressive spiritual attack being aimed at the human mind, human body and human children, to desperately twist and confuse all meanings behind gender and sexuality, in order to ultimately destroy the ascension potentials of angelic humanity’s Diamond Sun DNA. When humans purposely invert the natural laws and ignore the reality of the soul, when we intentionally destroy the natural gender principle of the human body, when we introduce sexual concepts to young children, this destabilizes the inner male and female energies of the core soul and spirit, and radical trauma forms into severe emotional pain with ongoing spiritual suffering from the result of inflicted self-harm and being disconnected from the soul’s purposeful design.  

Gender Twins or Genetic Equals

Our physical bodies were designed to be male or female, humans were created as divine spiritual beings made in the image to reflect God’s creation, while each of the divine counterparts are holding codes, jewels, crystals and sacred spiritual pieces of the other within themselves that are specifically designed to advance each other spiritually.

The organic Diamond Sun blueprint of humanity holds gender pairs in which each individual has a part of themselves in a male body and female body, which is called a gender twin flame or in its primary and final position in the timelines, a genetic equal. Like identical twins born into the physical reality from the same mother and father fertilized seed, Gender Twins come from the same spiritual family at that harmonic universe layer, while genetic equals come from the same God seed in the God Worlds. The male holds the female crystal blueprint of his Gender Twin, while the female holds the male crystal blueprint of her Gender Twin which has solar light functions that are aligned with the dormant aspects of the triple warmer organ (San Jiao in Chinese medicine) that is located in the lower, middle and higher positions of the human body. The San Jiao is a largely unplugged organ system of the human lightbody that is important in the functions of balancing inner masculine and inner feminine principles within the entire organ, gland and bodily system. It becomes exceptionally active during lunar to solar transfiguration, it is heavily active now in burning off lunar zodiacal imprints while bringing the consciousness into global synergy within the entire organism, and ultimately expressing the blended trinity principle of the Godhead through the Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Child simultaneously.

The divine masculine is the electrical polarity with the primary thrust that pushes out the transmitting of energy frequencies, while the divine feminine is the magnetic polarity with the primary drawing in position when receiving energy frequencies. When the inner masculine and inner feminine are in energetic balance within a man or woman, then the female part is pulling in the energetic frequencies, while the masculine part is transmitting the frequencies. When the divine male and divine female come together in a loving and balanced sacred marriage, the energetic power of receiving and transmitting frequencies when united together magnifies the amplification of both receiving and transmitting of the solar frequencies with an exponential power being directed into a third creation tri-wave field. This is a secret in successful manifestation on the matter plane, the inner male and inner female energies must be balanced, and when uniting with a Gender Twin Flame, manifestations are greatly amplified in spiritual power. Thus, it is critical to know that angelic humanity’s organic Diamond Sun blueprint as embodied in males and females, was intended to spiritually accelerate each other into consciousness evolution and help integrate with each other’s gender twins and access higher stations of identity, in which greatly multiplied combined spiritual power for all levels of manifestation.

In order to begin the process of inner male and inner female energy balance to achieve this organic manifestation and healing superpower to direct and embody tri-wave solar frequencies, the 2D sexual energy centers must be cleared out of addiction programs, sexual misery and gender reversal trauma blockages from lunar zodiacal imprints. Effectively when we heal our second chakra, we release crystal keys in our sexual organs and this begins the lunar transfiguration process of the solar sacrum, which clears out lunar matrix residue and ignites solar light which brings energetic balance to the inner male and inner female principle.

As we evolve our consciousness throughout the time matrix, we are ascending through the twelve cycles of the soul, 12 cycles of monad further evolving into the Personal Christos template, as angelic humans have a soul twin, monadic twin, avatar christos twin, and solar rishic twin existing at each level of the harmonic universes. The Christos Founders created the Universal Time Matrix based upon the Law of Gender, in which the entire system is built upon the base 12 mathematical system which progresses into various cycles of 12 within the 12 stations of identities, in which the male and female pairs are destined at some point to achieve hierogamic union with their Gender Twin. When you meet your Genetic Equal, it also generally signifies that you both are not returning to incarnate again in the same time matrix, you have come together to complete the ascension cycle or for working together on a specific spiritual mission, thus choosing to leave the time matrix and moving together into the same future destination. During this ascension cycle, because it has been difficult for so many to find their Gender Twin at soul or monadic levels, many ascending people will meet their appropriate Gender Twin when they leave this time matrix during the ascension cycle, and will be reunited with their genetic equal in their agreed upon future destination meeting point.

At the source point of when we entered the process of incarnation into the Universal Time Matrix, the first Gender Twin Flames ever created came through the Cosmic Clock, in a 12 based clockshield, in which the male and female pair incarnate into the 6 o’ clock and 12 o’clock time position. The 12 o’ clock and 6 o’clock position equally hold the entire personal mission sphere of all stations of identities ascending within itself, and the sequence continues as the feminine twin generates the next masculine twin aspect and the masculine twin aspect continues to generate the next feminine twin aspect.  

The six and twelve placements represent the primary genetic twins or genetic equals that direct the rest of the incarnations from their vertical position, and the primary genetic equals are the ones that integrate all of the other aspects in order to ascend into the higher stages of the spiritual ascension journey. If we can think of the face of a clock with only the time on the clock in the positions of 6 and 12, this vertical alignment is where the primary genetic twins or genetic equals enter the time matrix and generate the horizontal alignments in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’ clock time positions for the next set of genetic twins, which are also you existing in the parallel matrices.

Because the 12 o’clock position (north) is the starting point of the spin for the male merkaba spiral, this is the positive polarity electrical male principle spin for the Male Gender Fin Rear 12 top orientation and thus, is generally male. Because the 6 o’clock position (south) is the starting point of the spin for the female merkaba spiral, this is the negative polarity magnetic female principle spin for the Female Gender Fin Front 6 bottom orientation, thus, is generally female. The 12 and 6 primary twins of the north and south vertical position generate the 3 and 9 genetic twins for east-west horizontal position for building an Emerald Order Starborn hierogamic quadrata template, and together they direct the rest of the incarnations towards the ascension plan, and this is how we expand our consciousness and reintegrate all of our stations of identity in timelines to return back home into the God source. The Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata template of genetic equals hold the exponential quad superpower of four 24D Oraphim Double Diamond Sun templates that are multiplied into four sets of the 48D Quadrata Emerald Order Templar Reuche, which is connected into the Cosmic Clock and into the 1st God World Creation through 12 Reuche Pillars. The quad hierogamic structure to build out the universal timeline mechanics of reality are the hidden meaning behind the Four Faces of the Soul of Man, or Four Pillars of Man network which multiply by three into the 12 Guardians of the Rainbow Pillar found in Easter Island. 

Ascension Timeline Rebellion; Forced Separation of Gender Twins

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, NAA groups negotiate agreements for Earth Territories and Humans for workers, sex or slave colonies. Galactic Trading of Earth Resources. Reptilian ownership of earth humans. Begins the Forced Separation of Gender Twins.

The Ascension Timeline Rebellion is a significant marker in the hidden historical timelines of planetary invasion, as it is when assorted NAA factions began to exchange treaties on and off planet, which included the systematic hunting down of the Guardian Blue Flame Melchizedek templars protecting the planetary network. This is the source of the total destruction of humanity’s historical timelines and the carrying out of alien intruders’ genetic modification programs with the Enki DNA skins used to damage the cellular memories recorded in angelic human DNA. From this particular timeline the Thothian Nibiruians designed the Nibiruian Electrostatic Transduction Field and installed Nibiruian Bases across the planet and prepared the lunar matrix false magnetism and the Saturnian black cube connected to lunar zodiacal imprints. This alien machinery NET was utilized to scramble the biological clockshield positions of when and where the Gender Twins were incarnating into the time matrix, which was designed to exert an incarnational control so that the Gender Twins could not find each other, and instead would be incarnated into different timelines or in the parallels, as they found themselves in locations they did not intend to incarnate. Sadly, there have been many anti-hierogamic technologies put into motion on the planet by the NAA in order to target the Essene Christos tribes and inhabitants to force them into unnatural blending with artificial energies or falsified identities in order to digress the DNA template and block higher consciousness development. We are inordinately blessed to live through the momentous time of universal ascension where these alien machines to enslave humanity are being demolished, as we live through the process of planetary liberation.

This forced separation agenda was curated towards the Blue Ray Melchizedek and Christos families as well as many others who were directly targeted to be mismatched and scrambled into splitter coding to keep the male and female aspects apart and attempt to keep them trapped in this timeline, permanently separated from their gender twin. As a result of this forced separation and mind wiping, they manipulated Annunaki Fallen Angelic entities or various alien love bite situations with Nephilim controllers in order to digress the Diamond Sun template and block its spiritual potentials by pushing them together with individuals designed to be genetic code crashers, literally mind wiping them of their spiritual memories of their gender twin. With this clarity it is important to practice healthy spiritual hygiene and have self-respect in all matters concerning sexual relationships, as fallen entities and black magician types commonly manipulate sexual energies or induce orgasm in their targeted individual to block the gender twin relationship from manifesting!

Although this is very painful, the Gender Twins are fully recorded inside of our crystal body, and if we learn how to balance the inner polarities, it was and is possible to find your Gender Twin recorded inside of our crystal hearts, in which to develop the Gender Twin DNA template to rapidly progress with ascension and then unite with your twin later on. As a result of the aggressive spiritual warfare made against humanity’s Gender Twins, the Emerald Guardians have been working diligently with Indigos or Christos Starseeds to realign, reimprint and reconnect into the shared timelines and communication links made between the Gender Twins so that they can come back into the shared timelines, as soon as it is possible. At this stage, the Guardians are supporting all of us that ask for their assistance to bring us into alignment with the highest twin aspect that is available for us at this particular stage, this could be a soul twin or monadic twin aspect, in which the right divinely aligned Gender Twin will become available at some point in the future timeline or in the next lifetime. 

Flame of Khemalot, Birth of Khemalohatea

The Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns are the organic consciousness divine counterparts and the original God parents that created the Threefold Founder Flames of the Solar Rishi that make up this Universal Time Matrix. In this Universe, the Mother Elaysa White Flame existed inside the Father Melchizedek Blue Flame, and in the parallel matrix the Father Melchizedek Emerald Flame existed within the Mother Elaysa Sapphire Flame. When the Two Suns of the Universe gave birth to Gender Twin Flames through their Emerald Order and Amethyst Order quadrata generating the universal hierogamic union or sacred marriage, the result of their creational birth is a four flamed pillar of the Kryst-Krystallah matrix of Christos Children emerging from within the Khemalohatea Flame.

Within this holy spiritual flame, is the true nature of the Universal Mother and Universal Father in their Gender Twin Flames perfected manifestation, this is how Holy Mother and Holy Father manifest themselves into their lower dimensional creations, always through their Gender Twin Flame Pillars. As well as the reality of Gender Twin Flames that birth the Khemalohatea flame principle for Christos Children at every station of the harmonic universes, this is the alchemical process of the Khem Code and how all of creation is manifested into form. This is how organic creation code timelines are being created via Ascended Master Gender Twin Flames, as the natural manifestations that are sourcing from the Godhead in Gender Twin Flames that are produced throughout the phasing motion of the open-source feedback loops running the energetic spectrum of frequencies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. This is held within the Emerald Founders Gender Principle of Twin Flames as it is giving birth to the third flame as the Christos-Sophia offspring, the Tri-flame of Khemalohatea, throughout the transmission of the Khem codes in the entire Diamond Sun records of the Universal Time Matrix.

Emerald Guardians appear to be putting in finalizing touches to the organic Temple of Khemalohatea and its Khem Flame body codes for correct gender principle in the Ketheric-monadic matrix, along with Cosmic Holy Trinity of Lote-Loti-Lota breath channels, activating into the planetary Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion. These are Cosmic Dragon Starhuman structures seated in the base 48D Emerald Order instruction sets with Red King and White Queen Gender Twin Flames activating themselves into position within the planetary Emerald Templar Master Shield, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks and red cube clones behind the false Khemalohatea alien machinery. May God’s will be done!

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

PLEASE NOTE: My body of work is offered to the public as Creative Commons with a Share-Alike Attribution license. My husband and I believe in a free information society and we do all we can to give as much free high-quality information to the public as possible. This also means that many good-hearted, benevolent people as well as those with malicious intentions, may take my newsletters, blogs or my Ascension Glossary information, run it through artificial intelligence and post it to their websites or social media. I have been open and transparent over the last 20 years of this mission, that we are targeted, censored and shadow banned. This is why I cannot have any social media presence. Our websites are run exclusively and entirely by my husband and myself. We are a hierogamic couple dedicated to God and the Christos mission and we do absolutely everything together, from building the websites with their energetic structure to every aspect of recording and broadcasting my content. We offer it with the intention of being in service and the hope that it will empower you. Thus, please discern the source of where you may find my body of work that is Energetic Synthesis and the Ascension Glossary. Our Newsletters are always available on our EnergeticSynthesis.com site. Every month, I record the Newsletter as a podcast which is also posted freely on EnergeticSynthesis.com. Please pay attention to the quality of the external websites where you may find our information. Our detractors work hard on a daily basis to assassinate our character and damage our credibility. May you be with God and the spirits of Christ, and know that you are loved very much. Our Christos families are with us now helping to radically change human civilization.

Lisa Renee

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