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Tribute To Sai Baba

Tribute To Sai Baba

I was sitting in a dirty internet cafe in the utterly beautiful coastal city of Beihai in Southern China when a newsflash went out across the brain dead “mainstream” internet media that Sai Baba had died.

I’d been living in Beihai in 2011 teaching casually and swimming in perfect surf beaches and generally having the time of my life.

My first reaction to Sai Baba’s death was utter disbelief. It was commonly thought Sai Baba would die at the age of 96. Yet dying in the middle of his eighties was not figured into the cosmic equation.

Sai Baba of course is the world-famous Indian guru and holy man who had a following of nearly 100 million people around the world.

However, within minutes I quickly realized Sai Baba had to die before 2012. 2012 was such a major event and Sai Baba had been the Spiritual Leader of Planet Earth during the great changes up until 2012. He was the Kalki Avatar. All around the world devotees wailed and cried, including me.

Within a few days after Sai Baba’s death the world media had reverted to their daily fascism and misinformation. And the death of Sai Saba was just another distant brief news item. The bulk of the western media was utterly beyond humanity in its ability to promote war, support the killer billionaires that own most of the western industry and generally, completely, MISINFORM, on virtually all events.

I’d been a journalist for 30 years having started in the “mainstream” media as a daily print journalist and then moving into the alternative and underground media as I got older. The “mainstream” media got rid of me as I started writing the truth and – God forbid – this is downright BAD, man, (in their eyes of course) as they churn out their brain-dead fascist pop/rock songs from evil provincial radio stations and give lessons on western democracy in their warmonger newspapers.

In 1991 I’d read a book by an utterly amazing New Age British scientist called David Ash called SCIENCE OF THE GODS, which explained scientifically, using a new theory of physics that Ash has called super energy, to describe the miracles of Sai Baba. I read how Sai Baba had utterly amazing powers with feats such as teleportation (the ability to dematerialize his body and reappear in another place), bilocation (being in up to 5 bodies at one time), healing incurable diseases, bringing people back from the dead, and materializing objects at will. This astounded me and I quickly became a Sai Baba follower, way back in 1991.

By 1993 I was a leading member of my local Sai Baba area where I lived in Australia. At the time I was writing very daring poetry to support radical feminism. One of my famous poems called CUNT POEM really stretched my limit as a feminist bombshell to really fuck the face of the tyrannical “establishment” Anglo-American-Military-Industrial-Academic-Entertainment-Media complex. That had been the aim of that poem as it attacked everything that I thought was wrong about our planet. I had prayed hard to Sai Baba for guidance at the time knowing it would strike a deep chord in the “enemy”. That was my first true prayer to Sai Baba as I had found the entire thing so confronting, using some of the vilest language in the English language, and I needed courage. Real courage. To use “cunt” publicly as a performance punk poet and being male I knew I was going to be in for trouble. But we believed totally in our brand of LIBERATION FEMINISM, a feminism that preached the true virtues of women’s freedom, not the middle-class fascist paternal bullshit preached in the media and our fucked-out corrupt brain-dead universities. And of course I was one of the first feminists of my generation continuing the reclamation of the "cunt" word. CUNT POEM to this day is still at the front of feminist ideology. Later I played in a very famous underground feminist/gay punk band called CUNT.

To me the “enemy” was clear – the whole fascist western world culture of bullshit right wing Hollywood films, a one-party Republican/Democratic party extreme capitalist USA military state where the Republican/Democrat parties were the same ideology and only 40-50% voter turn-out. And these were our “world leaders” What a sick joke I would continually remind myself on the road to Bliss with SAI BABA, who had become my guru, my “godman”, my avatar and Cosmic Christ.

Always, I sought guidance from Sai Baba throughout the 1990s. He became my complete guru, my avatar, my everything after I had been in all New Age groups and sects from all major Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and western mystical groups. Sai Baba became my hero as I climbed the ladders of the New Age movement after starting as a humble Buddhist when I was a 15-year-old teenage hippie growing up in the international counter-culture of Sydney, Australia. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s I had been a member of most New Age sects and groups, as I said, from Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu groups, to other western mystical organizations such as theosophy groups.

In 1998 I met a person who claimed they were an alien who had utterly amazing psychic and telepathic skills. My alien friend, called a “walk-in” in New Age parlance, told me Sai Baba really was a special being. I had always questioned where in fact Sai Baba came from. The Indians call him an “Avatar”. An Avatar is a “descend” of God. I’d always pestered my alien friend enough to find out where Sai Baba actually came from and was told he came from an alien planet. That in fact Sai Baba was an alien but a CHRISTED ALIEN……there are levels of aliens.

In the worldwide New Age movement millions follow the fact that a good alien organization called the Galactic Federation who are made up 60% of galactic humans are now surrounding our planet in spaceships closing airports across China and demanding ET announcements. The Galactic Federation was formed more than 5 million years ago after humans were first developed on the Vega star system and then space travelled and colonized our galaxy, including our planet earth 2 million years ago. Thus, there are very advanced human civilizations much more developed than us. This is our true history first fully outlined in the world famous 1994 New Age classic book by American writer Sheldon Nidle called YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN. Planet Earth currently has billions of starseed human aliens being born on earth. These starseeds are all born 2002 and after and die on their home galactic human planet and are reborn here. I am also a starseed from a galactic human planet with 10,000-year lifespans.

Currently they are in spaceships surrounding this planet wanting a world government based on peace, love and open democratic advanced socialism that allows small business that actually supports free rents for public commercial business and thus eliminating the core of “fascist” capitalism. These Galactic Federation aliens have been in a cosmic war with reptilian aliens called Reptoids for 5 million years. The leader of the Galactic Federation is Archangel Michael and the Leader of the evil Reptoid aliens is Archangel Lucifer. Sai Baba in fact manifested aspects of Archangel Michael I have been told.

The Galactic Federation leader is Archangel Michael, stated previously, while the leader of the reptilians is the Devil Lucifer. Thus this planet and our whole galaxy has been in a giant alien/spiritual war. Millions follow this although no government is yet telling the truth.

As I questioned the role of Sai Baba more and more, I realized that he most indeed had “God” qualities. My alien friend said many living on Sai Baba’s planet in another part of the galaxy could do what he could do such as his amazing feats and miracles including teleportation and bilocation. That got me really thinking. If these other developed Galactic Federation aliens on Sai Baba’s planet had this ability to do these super miracles, they must have developed to a super high spiritual level. That would mean they are manifesting archangelic power from Archangel Michael and other positive angels.

That is why many in the worldwide New Age movement say Sai Baba is called a cosmic Christ, because he did come from another planet to help our planet with the New Age over three incarnations. Of course many believe that a “Planetary” Christ called Maitreya is on the planet slightly less powerful than Sai Baba. Maitreya was the Christ of 2000 years who started the whole Christian movement, so he is one cool dude. Apart from religions fucking up the planet hugely, the original Christian ethos surely was inspiring.

My alien friend told me that the worldwide movement to discredit SAI BABA had come from the American and British and European Christian churches who wanted to totally discredit SAI BABA. They had accused our Cosmic Christ of being a “sex fiend” and indeed millions turned away from Sai Baba. My alien friend told me this of course was NOT TRUE and that Sai Baba is indeed our amazing cosmic Christ who will come back in his third Incarnation as Prema Baba, the cosmic Avatar of Pure Love when the New Age is in full swing and the alien announcement has been made and Maitreya is our planetary leader based in the world government in China’s Sichuan province….when that happens who knows!!!!.

Personally when my son had cancer in 2007 Sai Baba helped me and my son hugely, did some amazing miracles and brought me to India just before both he and my son died. I had taught Sai Baba’s message of love across China for 15 years and to see him just before he died was so utterly wonderful for me. All I know is that my beloved Cosmic Christ Sai Baba is not dead, he is alive in super energy, in spirit, guiding me and directing me and our planet.

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Michael Dargaville


Bio details:

Michael Dargaville became famous as a poet, performance punk poet, journalist, philosopher, quantum theory-generalist scientist, mind body medicine and lifestyle/natural medicine therapist, meditation teacher, Avant Garde novelist, transpersonal psychologist, folk punk singer and musician, surfer, pioneering skateboarder, communist activist, New Age-spirituality and alien-ET researcher-writer, academic and teacher. He has been based in Asia and China for nearly 25 years where he has taught at more than 20 universities and colleges, five at professorial level. Raised and educated in the Sydney international hippie and punk counter culture in the 1970s and 1980s, he did a BA degree in philosophy at then very radical Macquarie University and then wrote a seminal 50,000-word MA thesis on mind-body medicine, meditation and the New Age movement at the now defunct but famously radical Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. In the early 1990s he did another 45,000-word master’s thesis on the world-famous German-American physicist Fritjof Capra and the New Physics. Between 1996 and 2005 he worked on a 70,000-word Masters(Honours)/PhD thesis on mind-body medicine, quantum theory, transpersonal psychology and the New Age movement and its relationship to philosophical idealism, or the notion that mind produces matter. This major work, called The New Idealism, has subsequently been published around the world on the internet and in hard copy form as a critically accepted book of philosophy. Michael is legendary as a performance punk poet and singer in China, Asia, Australia, parts of Europe and other countries and has published more than 80 books and pamphlets of poetry, five novels and books and pamphlets of journalism, philosophy and science. He has performed as a poet and singer from London to Beijing. More than 200 million people have read his internet journalism since the early 2000s with many stories going outright viral on the net and translated in to 15 languages. Also, he has been a staff journalist and freelance journalist and writer for many publications around the world including The China Daily (where he worked on the news desk in Beijing), True Punk Magazine, Brother Vertitus, the defunct Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial, Sydney City Hub (where he was editor) and Hobart Mercury. In the 1980s and 1990s he established famous alternative publishing houses in Australia with other people and since moving to Asia and China 25 years ago has continued to be an international alternative publisher. He has continued to perform widely as a punk poet and singer and has been closely associated with international movements in New Wave punk (which includes elements of hardcore punk, industrial punk, art punk and just about anything stupidly and repugnantly termed "post-punk" by revisionists desperate to destroy our revolution), jazz punk (especially) and folk punk (including antifolk punk and Crust Punk) movements and has appeared at festivals. Michael also has a special love for World Music such as the work of the  extraordinary Fatoumata Diawara and Sona Jobarteh plus Chinese contemporary, classical and folk music.

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