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Arcturian Collective - Sovereignty in 2022 - Free In 2023

Arcturian Collective - Sovereignty in 2022 - Free In 2023

December 2022 Energy Update
Sacred Sovereignty in 2022 & Free in 2023!
The Seeds of Seth, The Children of Christed Unity Consciousness,
Rise & Break The Serpent’s Spells!

Divine Will Is Being Done
A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Higher Light of Unity Consciousness that shines from within the Unity Star, or The Star of Bethlehem.  

This Light of the Unity Star lives in you, dear ones.  This is the Living Light of Source Creator, which created you.  You are made of Star Stuff, dear ones.  You are shining energies and a Living Light source of the One True Source.  When those of the Christian Faith hear stories of the 3 Wise Men traveling to see the baby Jesus, following the Star of Bethlehem, they were following an Inner Star Within as well as a literal Star in the Night Sky.  The Star of Bethlehem, which is truly The Unity Star, is a Light Source from Creator Source that lives in the physical realms as well as the nonphysical realms. Its Essence lives in you, and it is summoning all of humanity to rise to truly feel its frequencies of harmony, peace, warmth, joy, love, and light.  It is a Frequency of Unification.  It is a Frequency of the Christ Light.  And it is a Frequency of Christ Consciousness.  These frequencies live beyond religion.  They live beyond serpent propaganda.  And they live beyond any traps, mires, games, and tricks of Separation Consciousness.  For Living Light is everywhere, universally, in all realms and all times.  And it is Time for the sentient life on this world to rise and remember that that Living Light is Who You Are.

Let us take a Deep Divine Breath In, allowing this Sacred Conscious Breath to fill all of the parts of you that have felt as though they have lived outside of that All Time, All Loving, All Knowing, and Omnipresent Living Light for eons of time, and perhaps more specifically, this lifetime. Let us Breathe in the Healing and Frequency Raising properties that the Living Light of God/Creator/Source imbues in you, through the very Living Life Force you carry within, that makes you YOU.  Source is summoning each one of you Home inside the Unity Consciousness that lives in the Immaterial Material that makes you a living sentient creation of this Grand Creation.  Source is summoning you to your own soul’s recognition, remembrance, and resonance with this Star Stuff that lives inside you.  It lives in your Sacred Breath. It lives inside Divine Prana.  It lives inside the Heart of One’s Energies within your own Heart Center.  These are the simple ways God/Source/Creator invites you to remember and to know again what you have been all along.  You are a Living Exponential of this Grand Light’s Most Extraordinary Potential.  You hold the Power of Creation literally in your hands, for within your hands are countless chakras that are the most closely connected with your Divine Heart Chakra, through whom all blessings flow from your Divine Source.  Is Source inviting you to Consciously Breathe through your Living Heart Center this Living Divine Breath and this Living Divine Christed Light Consciousness?  Yes.  Is Source activating this entire Planet Earth this month and into the New Year with Powerful Creationary Light Codes for the Ascension of All Sentient Life on your world to join your Galactic Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, and Celestial Bodies all throughout the Cosmos?  Yes.  Is December 2022 activational in your Personal and Collective Ascension Process?  Yes.  So, would Conscious Breathing of Divine Prana and literal Christ Consciousness that lives within the Unity Star this month and beyond help you to rise in your Divine Remembrance and in your Divine Union with the Field of Oneness and the Heart of One that All Life in All Realms truly IS in the All That Is portal of Heavenly Consciousness?  Indeed, it would!  So Breathe with us today, and every day that you feel called, to tune into your Divine Heritage, your Galactic Heritage, and your Sentient Heritage that has the capacity and divine ability to remember the Living Light in the Unity Star Essence You Are . . . every day . . . in every possible way.  God is here in you . . . re-meeting your soul essence in the One Breath . . . and inviting you to drink in the blessings as those Wise Men did eons ago . . . when they were invited to honor and remember the Christ Child’s Birth.

What was the Christ Child’s Birth on your world so long ago truly all about?  It was about the rebirthing of the Christ Light on Planet Earth after so many periods and centuries of darkness, seeded by that biblical serpent through the Cain lineage and through the use of mind control, ego control, and ultimately soul control, when people had long ago gone to sleep in the haze of a 3D matrix.  Yeshua came as a Grand Re-Seeder of Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and God Consciousness in his day, much like many of you are Christ Lights now re-seeding the God Star, the God Heart, on this planet now in this epic Shift of the Ages, in December 2022 and within the many months of January 2023 to come.  God is re-seeding Living Light on your world in these very simple and profound ways, right here and right now. This Christmas Season, this Hanukkah Season, and this Faith-Filled Season for ALL who choose to celebrate this Extraordinary Rising of the Living Light’s Return on Planet Earth and this Ascension Portal into the Higher Realms of Unity Consciousness . . . be a Sacred Seed Sower of this Living Light.  For within its Light, is the wisdom that you have always been part of God’s Sacred Heart, Vision, Plan, True Creation, and True Garden of Eden.  Breathe this.  Feel this.  Know this.  And celebrate and honor this, as you gather with friends and family, and pull them close in your heart, to celebrate Christ’s Return to Planet Earth, in each and all of you, this Faith-Filled Season, for All Time now, in all directions of time.

God is now un-seeding the Cain Energies from this world.  God is now un-seeding the corrupted codes in your Living DNA.  God is restoring the original Divine Design on your planet, on your world, and also within the Human DNA Blueprint.  What has been so corrupted, polluted, intoxicated, and manipulated is being set right.  It is being set free.  And here you are on the cusp of 2023, where all will be set free in 2023.  Free in 2023. That is a mantra we see ringing in the Hearts and Minds and Unity Consciousness of each and every sentient soul on your world at this time.  Free in 2023.  God is making it so!  And all you have to do to align with this Truth, this Vibration, this Awareness now is to Breathe In the Light of Unity Consciousness yourself and Breathe in the Living Light of the Unity Star, the God Starthe Star of Bethlehem, now on your world . . . as a Human Collective . . . just as those Wise Men (and Wise Women) of the day did in their time.  Christ Consciousness touched down on your planet at the time of Yeshua’s birth, as it is in your time now, of the Earth’s Grand Re-Birthing.

The Seeds of Seth, the 3rd son of Adam and Eve, are rising into their Deep Soul Knowings of this Christed Light and Living Divine Soul Path and Blueprint now.  And as they Breathe in Union with Source . . . as a Living Awakened Collective . . . more of the True Garden of Eden is revealing itself to have always existed beyond the smoke and mirrors of the Serpent’s Cain-referenced Narratives, Manipulations, and Tricks.  Have you ever seen fairy tales depicted in animated films where a curse or spell was cast, making an entire kingdom or part of the world dark, gray, dismal, and under the siege of a villain or serpent minion of some kind . . . and then ultimately . . . a kiss of True Love or an act of True Heroism . . . or a burst of Incredible Divine Power or Miracles breaks that evil spell . . . and restores the kingdom to its organic original blueprint and shine?  Well Planet Earth is renewing its sacred alignment with the Godheart within right now, as we speak.  The Seeds of Seth are now rising in complete Divine Harmony and Sacred Alignment with the Cues from Mother Earth that the Great Re-Birthing, the Grand Reunion of Humanity with the Heart and Life Breath of Source, and the Grand Re-Unification in the Field of Oneness in All Time and Space is at hand.  And you dear one listening to this transmission today are among those Living Sacred Seeds, or Seth Seeds, remembering your Sacred Life Force and Living Conscious Breath that has the Power to Reset and Re-Orient any references, tethers, or attachments to darkness back to the Living Light.  The Children of God, the Children of the Light, and the Children of Christed Unity Consciousness are rising ever more clearly, committedly, and consciously to break the Serpent’s Spells, to remove the entangling serpentine ivy that obscures clear soul sight, and to embrace the Grace of Unified Light, Life Force, and Living Breath with Source in partnership and in Full Faith that God’s Divine Will Is Being Done.  And so it is!

Christ’s Return to this world is happening now, dear ones.  There may be many layers to what that means to each and all of you.  But through universal soul sight, that lives beyond religion, dogma, and any other serpent seeded distortions, Christ’s Return begins in YOU.  Christ Consciousness returning to this world and to this planet as energy waves of Living Truth and Living Blessings is something you feel inside.  It is YOU who reclaims this memory.  It is YOU who reclaims this freedom.  It is YOU who reclaims this Truth and Sacred Union with the Heart of God, the Heart of One, and the Power in the Unified Field of Oneness that this entire Cosmos was created from.  You are the Living Christ rising and awakening after centuries of slumber. And in turn, you are the Marys and Josephs who say Yes to birth this Christ Consciousness through their own holy vessels to live this and embody this in Human Form again.  They represent the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and Divine Union summoned by God/Source/Creator to unify and seed Unified Christ Consciousness again, within the Human Body Temple and this Organic Divine Creation and Blueprint.  Mary and Joseph were Divine Re-Seeders of the Living Light’s Divine Consciousness in their day.  And Yeshua was the Fruit of their Higher Vibrational and Conscious Union. 

Christ Consciousness is a Divine Seed in all of you.  It is YOUR Unification with this One True Light and Life Force that activates it within you as your Higher Consciousness in Human Form, right here and right now.  And in your own Union with Christ Consciousness this month and beyond, you are activated to seed this Light in your life, in your heart, in your passions and purpose, and in your gifts of service to Creator, by being fruitful and multiplying the Truth of God’s Abundant Love, Blessings, Well-Being, and Joy showering this entire Earth and the entire Cosmos.

The Unity Star is calling to all of you dear ones.  The Star of Bethlehem is a Sacred Star on God’s Map of Ascension, to return each one of you to the Christ Consciousness and Christed Soul that you truly are. The traditions of celebrations of Hanukkah and Christmas have their roots in celebrating miracles, enduring Light, hope, faith, and union in the breath with Source.  Both honor and celebrate the Presence of God on this planet in the miracles and blessings documented so long ago in your stories and sacred texts.

This Faith-Filled Christ and Living Light Season of Higher Consciousness on your world . . . we invite all of you to feel more sentiently beyond solely the traditions given to you ancestrally.  We invite all of you to feel a deeper depth of the miracles of God’s Presence in your life bringing light and life force to all of your deepest dreams for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and this whole planet.  We invite all of you to feel a deeper depth of the miracles of God’s Presence in your life bringing the Unity Star, the Star of Bethlehem, the Christmas Caroling and Songs of Joy, and the Birth of Christ Consciousness back to your world right here and right now in this season of your lives . . . knowing this as your Sacred Soul Mission right now . . . to feel it now, to be it now, to know this deeper now, and be one of God’s Awakened Christed Instruments that embodies Living Light with Grace, Humility, and Resplendence, simply allowing Christed Union to shine through you and touch others by your PRESENCE.  What do people often give during the holiday season this time of year in both of these faiths?  Presents.  But has the serpent added a distortion, or a twist, into God’s Ultimate Creation Story?  By making it about literal presents?  And not the other much more valuable, much more essential, much more Ascensional Present?  Which is DIVINE CHRISTED PRESENCE on Planet Earth?  You are here to be CHRIST LIT!  You are here to be CHRIST AWAKE!  You are here to be UNITY STAR ACTIVATED CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS IN FORM through the GIFT of your PRESENCE!  And you are here to celebrate the MIRACLE of LIGHT shining through the Darkness, where the only explanation for that level of LIGHT in such DARKNESS is that God is here. God is in you.  God is with you.  And God is breathing in partnership with you as individuals and as an entire planetary collective, to re-unify this world in Christ Consciousness.  To re-unify and re-seed this world in the Living Light of Unity Consciousness.  And to re-unify the world with the Original Garden of Eden which is synonymous with the Eternal Now of God’s True Timeline, that is an Infinite and Forever Timeline, whether in nonphysical realms (some call Heaven) or in physical realms (meaning, anywhere in this physical yet vast living Universe).

You are here to make manifest the Glory of Divine Creator Source as Living Awakened Christ Consciousness Ambassadors of True Faith, Clear Soul Sight, Empowering Creative Manifestation and Flow, and the Co-Creative Blessings of Highest Good for One and All.  This is your Time!  This is your Now!  This is your Miraculous Legacy that you are seeding on Planet Earth right here and right now, in December 2022 and beyond.

How do you want to seed that Legacy?  How do you want to Co-Creatively Breathe and Make Manifest God’s Sacred Light and Glory on Planet Earth, knowing your every Breath is a Creation?  And can be a Blessing for you, your family, and the Whole of Humanity and this Earth Planet, and the Greater Cosmos?

December and January will bring lessons in Freedom, Revelations of Darkness, and Emancipations of the Living Light.  Follow your Inner Unity Star, and Breathe in Divine Union with Creator Source to enter the Vibrational Awareness of Complete Union with Source!  Be the Mary and Joseph who came together in Divine and Sacred Union to seed the Light of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth, in the conception and birth of The Christ Child.  Be the Oil in the Lamps that burned brightly, renewably, and exponentially for the Miracles of God to be beheld in a time of otherwise great darkness.

Live your Inner Christed Light and your God Renewed Living Light this month and beyond, as Revelations of Darkness might seem to dampen or dim your Light.

You are the Christ Consciousness you have been seeking.  You are the Living Christ and Living Light you have been waiting for.

You are Seeding Sacred Sovereignty in 2022 to usher in Sacred Freedom in 2023!

It Is Time!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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