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Arcturians: About Light Technologies

Arcturians: About Light Technologies

Dear brothers of planet Earth! WE ARE THE ARCTURIANS!

It is with great joy that we can be here today, it is with great joy that we can speak a little and explain our intentions a little more.

We have been present on this planet for a long time, we are not here now; we are not visitors; we are beings fully involved with your planet. All the evolution of many parts that you perceive in your existence today, we can say that it was incited by us on your planet. Look back centuries and look at what you have today.

Evolution has always started from external beings who incarnated here to bring exactly all knowledge and the possibility of evolution, and this way we have been here for a long time; There are Arcturian souls, just as there are Pleiadian, Sirian, Martian souls, many incarnated here always for the purpose of the Light, always for the purpose of evolution by the Light.

Within the universe we are beings who study all the problems that are caused by your imbalances in your bodies. These imbalances you have come to call diseases; we understand as imbalances. And why don't we call them diseases? Because if a body is in balance, if a mind is in balance, nothing will touch it, it will remain the perfect body created to live here on Earth.

Do not understand that diseases come from outside, diseases appear due to the imbalance that you cause in your bodies. Of course, we cannot forget that the entire universe was built to take the focus off and to cause all these imbalances, through food. You don't eat properly, you eat what you shouldn't eat, and all this ingested energy causes damage to your bodies. That's why you get sick.

The human body was created perfect, without flaws, without problems. Problems appear precisely because of food, conduct, mind, thoughts and actions. Every energy emanated from low vibration reverberates in the universe and returns to you. “But it was a thought!” Will a thought come back? No, it will come back in your body, directly in your body. That's why many have more diseases than others. Many just put themselves in the position of judges, critics, malicious, gossips, that is, always in the focus of the other, never looking at themselves; they prefer to spend time looking at other people's lives, criticizing other people's lives, criticizing others. And all of that comes back, comes back as low vibrational energy to every cell in your bodies, bringing the imbalance.

Imbalance opens the door to disease. We can say that your bodies are composed of many doors, in which if the body remains level, balanced, these doors fit perfectly where they need to be to stay closed. Now if you unbalance the level, the door becomes crooked and it opens; opens for anything outside to enter. So it's not the illnesses that cause the problem, the causes come from yourselves, from your actions, from your thoughts, and from what you consume.

Watch today how much you contaminate yourselves daily. There isn't a single human being on the planet that isn't contaminated, even those who insist on saying that they don't eat anything wrong, they eat everything on Earth, they don't eat animals; correct, they may even have a very high percentage of balance, but not 100%. Because the air you breathe is contaminated with dust, with gases, as a result of chemical reactions that your factories throw out. So nobody is 100% balanced, nobody is 100% immune.

So in this whole context where we enter, where does all the healing energy that enters this planet act? If there is such a strong healing energy vibrated by us on the planet, why are there still sick people, why doesn't everyone heal? The answer or answers for us are very simple, you don't heal because you've been contaminated all the time. It's as if there was a very dirty place, someone came and washed it, leaving it completely clean; in a few hours look carefully at the same place, it will be full of dust, full of substances that you cannot see, but it will not be completely clean anymore. So are their bodies.

The healing energy has been launched on the planet for some time now and it is working in the bodies of each one of you, now it is up to each one of you to improve your own balance. When you balance yourself, we can say that diseases are not 100% cured, but you begin to experience relief, you begin to live with them almost harmoniously. And this process happens so deeply that many even forget that they have the disease, because they are learning to stay balanced.

And what is balance? I'll say it again: eat well, eat healthy, don't eat animals, drink lots of water, think positive thoughts, speak positive words, act positively. This is all about seeking balance. So, we brought to your planet some forms of treatment that we would like to explain a little more here.

We have the Arcturian Chambers. Some people are able to see these cameras, this is not the place to explain how each one is. They exist and you can use them whenever you want, through some commands. I ask a question: Does everyone here connect with us? Everyone here just thinks, “I want to talk to an Arcturian,” and pretty soon we'll be having a nice chat, as you say. No, not like that. The connection with us is very easy and very simple, but there needs to be a..., a reason, a more formal way for you to reach us and have this beautiful conversation. It's not out of curiosity, or just doing a ssh and we're there.

So there needs to be commands so that we can open the Arcturian chambers for you. These commands are the activations of the Chambers. We usually say that the treatment in the Chamber is a deep treatment, so we recommend that you do it at night, before going to sleep, because then we will have plenty of time to control it, to harmonize the Chamber to do exactly what is needed in your body.

So know that when one of you activates an Arcturian Chamber, there will be an Arcturian with you at all times, controlling what happens in your body. And it is worth explaining that the body is not taken from its planet, what is taken care of is the ethereal body; this one is brought to the Chambers by his Higher Self, and there we can carry out the treatment. When finished, this body becomes part of your aura again and the entire process is expanded to your physical body. All this very well controlled by the Higher Self of each one. We don't invade anything, we don't reach points we can't, we don't advance beyond what is allowed by it. We respect all the orders of the Higher Self of each one.

Another form of treatment is the golden keys, which are simpler commands; they are not cameras, they are commands that activate certain actions here for us. So these are faster commands that you can activate for 15 minutes. Now we always like to make them realize that everything has a limit; common sense is who commands these treatments. Those desperate because they feel a lot of pain want to do it several times a day. And then I tell you your body won't take it.

Our energy is a high vibration energy, your bodies are still learning to deal with these energies. So if you do it several times a day, you end up extrapolating what your own body can receive, and then you feel bad, and blame our energy. The big culprit was the lack of common sense of each of you. You can do as many treatments as you like, but do one each day. And observe exactly what benefit that treatment is bringing you. It may be that you activate a key and feel nothing, nothing arrives that you perceive. Maybe that key isn't for you right now.

We are also careful, when you activate something that you are not ready yet, that we do not turn on the switch. We have this awareness. Then many may ask: "And when we do it several times, can't you just not let anything happen?" No, because then we would be disrespecting their free will. You chose to do several, you are aware that it is not to do several but you do; we won't be the ones to stop that, because you need to learn common sense.

Another important point: Anyone who wants to activate a Camera or activate a golden key just needs to say the words; no need to memorize, no need to meditate, just say the words from the heart, as if there is a friend in front of you and you are requesting something for him. Then ask from the heart and humbly; not humility because we are superior, but the humility of receiving something that will be good for you.

Don't test us. Don't do it out of curiosity, because nothing will happen. We are beings from the Fifth Dimension and we can see exactly your hearts. If the request comes full of love, we will answer; if he does not come, we will not answer, you will receive nothing. Learn this. We are not dolls and we are not machines, where you give an order and we obey. For everything to happen, the heart is necessary, the love in the heart, and more, the certainty that it will help you to get into balance.

So it's worth putting here what happens when you enter the Chambers or activate a golden key. Those doors come into balance, they fit perfectly where they should be so they don't open, and you come into balance at times. And then the whole cycle starts again. You start to become unbalanced and that door opens again. This is what happens. Don't think that doing the treatment daily and not changing your way of talking, thinking and acting will do any good.

Everything is a set, in which we act for balance, and the less you become unbalanced, the probability that that door will open decreases, at every moment. It is where you enter the phase of harmony with the disease, it becomes stagnant; you even forget that it exists. But to reach this stage you need to change, you need to change your ways of living. We are not a medicine, in which you become unbalanced, take the medicine and get cured. No, we will balance it, but if you become unbalanced again, there's nothing we can do, you throw the whole treatment away.

Another important point to be made here. As we said, the words you say to connect with us and ask for the activation of a Chamber or a golden key, can indeed be done to a person from a distance. So you can ask this person to be connected at some point, thinking that he is going to receive a treatment; and you ask us to activate the Camera or key for that person. Just it. But everything has to happen in real time. The person will have to be connected with you.

What is being connected? It's standing still, meditating or simply being aware that you're receiving something important. If not, it won't do any good. Everything has to happen in real time. There is no activation schedule. The person needs to be connected, thinking that at that moment he will be receiving treatment. If it's bedtime, she'll let you know, I'm going to sleep, you can do it. She will be lying down ready to sleep and you will activate the Chamber.

Other point. Can I activate the Camera and stay only 15 minutes? You can, but the Chamber was not made for that. The Chamber is a very deep treatment that we prefer you to do in your sleep. Fast treatments are the golden keys. You stay for 15 minutes, some manage to stay even a little longer, and that's it, the activation ends there. The simple fact that you disconnect, the activation ends.

So we hope that with this all of you who have accepted our Technologies will use them correctly. Do not invent ways and means to use what we have brought. We brought something very simple and very easy, don't complicate it. There's no reason to complicate it. And for those who want to do a deep treatment, schedule 21 days of treatment. We will be there leading the pendulum showing what the person needs. And then the treatment will have to be done one day at a time, for 21 days, without interruption; interrupted, you have to start all over again, because it breaks the chain.

It is in this way that we are bringing all of our Technologies to help you balance. Get to the cure? Perhaps one day, when you completely change your life habits, then you may be able to reach complete healing. Or there may be a dispensation by their masters and higher beings that mankind is to be healed; then we will be able to act with much more intensity and heal each one of you. But for this we will need authorization.

It is not we who decide this, it is your superiors and Father/Mother God. So we hope you understood why Technologies and more technologies will come. Many more, so that you can go, little by little, balancing yourself, learning to balance yourselves, because in fact it is a path of learning, it is a path in which you have to take small steps so that you begin to recognize everything that is good for them and everything that is bad for them. And in this way you will increasingly balance your bodies.

In closing, connecting with us is very easy, it's very simple. Who calls us heart, we are there at the same moment. Do not doubt it. Don't call us just out of curiosity to want to see us, because we don't show ourselves to just anyone. Few see us as we are, because that's how we determine it. Wanting to see us is curiosity. At this moment yet. Very soon you will see us all. And then I ask a question: Will your awareness change or will you continue to call us for your treatments? Only time will tell.

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