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Arcturians - Information About Our Processing Machines

Arcturians - Information About Our Processing Machines

Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet! WE ARE THE ARTURIANS!

We came to your planet a long time ago, not now. We have always been here, assisting the human race, to bring health, healing to many diseases. Everything has been created over time on your planet focused on imbalance so that more and more of you have kept your vibrations low. To this has been added everything you consume, everything you breathe, so that more and more your bodies get sick and more and more you will enrich them. There is no effective cure for any disease on your planet, there is always a manipulation so that there is a little improvement but there is always an eternal addiction to drugs.

Today some of you are already aware that you are able to heal your own cells. So why do you need medicine? However, your bodies today cannot yet find that balance you seek for your self-healing. Of course, as the expansion of your consciousness takes place and you believe more and more in your ability to heal, many diseases are gradually disappearing. We are not telling you here to stop taking the medicines, you still need the medicines because your bodies still cannot reach balance and not depend on them.

But you are looking for healing. Soul level healing, physical level healing; and we have been doing this work for a long time. We have not come here now, we have been coming here since everything was planned for disease to occur as a counterpoint to giving you a cure perspective, so that this race was not totally decimated. Diseases have appeared over time causing countless deaths, but you always manage to overcome them, there is always the help of the Beings of Light, not just us.

There is a whole team of beings prepared for exactly this purpose and you are able to overcome each of these diseases. We can say that not everything goes exactly as we have planned. We have propagated beneficial healing, and a lot of things have been manipulated about that. But one way or another, the healing took place. So today do not be afraid of anything, do not be afraid of anything that may seem like a cure, because there is no longer any kind of manipulation. It's over.

The last great pandemic you experienced on this planet was something very different from what had happened before. But it is thanks to our action, and to all our teams of healers in the universe, that today we can no longer say that we are in a pandemic. It will still be in effect on your planet, but without the mortality as before. Because a lot also depends on your conscience and your heart, a lot depends on the decisions of souls, a lot depends on the choices of souls to stay here or to leave. And rest assured, many have seen this disease as the right time to leave the planet.

We are ready to bring healing to all inhabitants of the planet. There is a condition: We have to be very careful in how we do it. We need these machines to be put in the right hands, so that it is no longer an attraction, a selective draw, for those who manipulate everyone. So believe me, we will know exactly where to insert them, how to do it, in order to reach more and more the population that needs them the most on the planet. We will start with the most debilitated, those who have no care on your planet. But without ever forgetting that we will respect the walk of souls.

We can say that everyone will be able to participate, but they will not have the expected results at 100%, because everything will depend on the will of God the Father / Mother. Father / Mother God has never chosen suffering for any child. Father / Mother God is only love, but your very souls have chosen to suffer, they have chosen to go through all that they have caused to other people. And this will be respected until that soul learns that it is not through suffering that it will evolve. There are other nobler feelings that will help this soul purify itself of all the evil it has caused over time.

So don't expect miracles, we don't do miracles; we cleanse your bodies of everything that prevents them from having a long life; then many rejuvenate, but this is not the function of the treatments. We are not here to ennoble beauty, we are not here to focus on youth; rather, we are ready to cleanse your bodies of all that has been tainted over time. It is like a very dirty room, where you no longer see the beauty in this room because there is too much dirt. But if you clean it up, do a good tidying up, paint the walls, the room becomes new.

So this is what happens in your bodies, by removing all the dirt and contamination from your cells, you will look younger, but this is not the goal of the treatment. The treatment is for the cleansing and healing of all that is possible. Don't think this will be done by your governments, this will be done by people from our teams of Light who know exactly how to attract the right people. The process will not happen the way things are in your world, without criteria and without organization. We will know how to do it.

Don't think there will be treatment around every corner, otherwise it will become a problem for yourself. So it will do, yes; he's getting ready, yes; but who will coordinate all this action will not be the ones who run your worlds today. They will be our representatives on your planet, they are dressed entirely in Unconditional Love. And we have to be very careful, because many will find themselves wronged by the very nature of the human mind.

So it won't be an easy job, it won't be an easy choice, but we know exactly who to aim for. So don't imagine there will be a profusion of these machines on your planet. Where will they be? You won't know. Each person will be brought to them, they will be a little different than they are in your world. We cannot get caught up in the way your governments manipulate people's health. We are Beings of Light with Unconditional Love, and we will not choose anyone.

The Beings of Light who are coordinating this whole process will bring people to us; all will be brought to us. So don't imagine that this will be something open, something that will be disclosed, something that will propagate in your world. Because if so, we won't achieve our goal. The selection will be made by the walk of each soul. From the moment the human race becomes aware of what is happening then we can have a spread, we can expand the number of machines and reach anyone. But for this it is necessary that the people of this planet raise their consciousness, elevate their hearts and make Unconditional Love vibrate.

We can never succumb to what happens on your planet; to the manipulation and segregation taking place on your planet. So we know how we're going to do it; and do not interpret these treatments as a rejuvenation machine, because it is not. Many are already imagining just this, and forgetting those who suffer, those who have diseases without a cure, those who have terminal diseases, at the expense of a prototype of beauty created on your planet.

So don't expect this from us. We are beings with Unconditional Love, we don't look at beauty, we look at the cleansing of your cells. Just that. And the healing of those who can be healed. Unfortunately, we see how things spread across your planet in totally wrong ways, in totally senseless ways. But know this, we are not here to be one more within the human race, we are here for a purpose: a purpose of the Light to help those who need help and who can be helped, not in the way you think. . It will be in the way as the Father / Mother God has established. It will be in the way the healing team working on this project has determined.

We say it at this point: seek balance. Don't think you can just, from now on, contaminate your bodies more and more and reach out to the machines and be purified. It will not be so. Don't expect to get this kind of help. We are talking about the healing of diseases, not the healing of those who consciously continue to contaminate their bodies. This too will be a separation criterion.

Therefore, seek more and more balance, because only then, if you need healing, will you be selected. And once again, I repeat: Humans will not select you. We know the inhabitants of this planet well. Selection will not be like this, and where it happens, you will not have our energy. We will know exactly how to act.

Continue in equilibrium, and only in this way will you get there, with or without the help of our machines. We are just explaining to many what our help will be. Think of the other, think of who really needs help. Practice Unconditional Love. Don't exercise your ego.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

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