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Arcturians: July 2023 Energy Update - The Heat of Profound Change

Arcturians: July 2023 Energy Update - The Heat of Profound Change

July 2023 Energy Update

The Heat of Profound Change, Cleansing, & Clearing:

Each & Every Soul on this Planet is Here
for the Ride & Rise of a Lifetime!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Christed Light of The All That Is.  You are each and all part of this Universal Christ Consciousness, and thus you are each and all part of Unity Consciousness and the Oneness that All Truly Is.  Your world in a 3D Matrix has been stretched, and stretched, and stretched.  Yes?  To the point where it seems perhaps it can stretch no longer.  Or it may burst.  From all of the demands placed on your structures, your systems, your beliefs, your religions, and your daily lives.  Yes?  Does bursting sound like an infinite, expansive universe?  Or an infinite, expansive Divine Creation?  We don’t think so.  So what is bursting is an intricate web of narratives, and beliefs, that supported false structures, a false imprisonment, a false or illusory world, based on deceptions, corruption, conspiracies, and manipulations to make the illusions appear real like Truth is meant to be.  Yet that which is not real, that which is not True, and that which is not Godly and Original Source Creation . . . cannot last forever.  For it doesn’t have forever frequencies.  It has only temporary veneers that it must cast or place over top of God’s True Creation.  And you are in the timeline now where the Serpent’s Veneers, Masquerades, and Shadow Magic and Games are coming to an end.  The End Times as it were are also The Beginning Times.  The End or Crucifixion Times are in fact also The Resurrection Times.  And you are here at the leading edge of Conscious and Quantum Creation to be, to read, and to know all about it.  You are also here at the leading edge of Conscious and Quantum Creation to rise through it and rebuild the Newness of God’s Greatest Visions for All Sentient Kind who live upon the earth.  It is a Grand Time.  It is a Revelation Time.  And it is also truly a Festive and Epic Time.

So let us take a few deep Conscious Breaths in.  Let us allow the Light of your Higher Sight and your Higher Knowings of this Time on Planet Earth to fill your inner life force and your inner sovereignty, so that you know your Soul is Perfectly Eternal and that your Soul is Perfectly Transcendent, able to release anything that is False in this Illusion created by the Serpent . . . and able to simultaneously embrace and allow anything that is True in God’s Creation to reset and re-ground this incredible Earth Planet.  Breathe a few more conscious breaths in with us now, and whenever you need more prana to support these soul shifting times in your world and in your personal lives right now.  When in doubt, breathe Divine Prana.  When in fear, breathe Divine Prana.  When in anger or shame, breathe Divine Prana.  For That Is Who You Are.  You Are The Energies of the God Breath Itself.  In Form.  Right here and right now.  Today.  So breathe all that you are into your life force, into your body temple, and into your conscious knowing.  So that you feel yourself as a Living Breath of God, manifested in form and still manifesting new creations in form.  Your Time Is Now.  Your Breath Is Now.  And Your Light is here to Create For Source and Sentient Kind in this Now.

All kinds of Atmospheric Pressure are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on this Earth Planet.  From above, from within, from the ethers, from Source Directives, and from the Spiritual Battling that has been going on for millennia on your world.  Compression is what some may feel in these times.  The energies of complacency are becoming more of a distant memory for many of you.  For awakening within you is a Calling To Rise and a Calling To Be More, to Create More, to Attune and Atone More, and to Unify More with the Heart of God/Source and the Heart of Gaia as well.  Separation is no longer the natural order of things, is it?  Competition is no longer the order and organizer of this realm, is it?  Manipulation, Deception, and Lies don’t have the simplicity of making you feel safe in the illusion, do they?  All of those things we just mentioned are being exposed for the false meaning, the false security, and the false attraction they once were.  For God/Source/Creator is making it so.

We invite you as more plays out in the months of July, August, and September and throughout the remainder of the year to get used to TRUTH.  For that is where God will be.  That is where Unity as a Living Life Force will be.  That is where Goodness and Abundance will be.  They reside in the Timeline of Truth.  And what exactly is the Timeline of Truth?  The Timeline of God, or God’s Timeline.

Illusion, Manipulation, Deception, Bribery, Trickery, and Propaganda will soon be known for the odorous energy it is.  Soon, you won’t have to tell people that something “stinks” about a particular situation because soon all will smell and sense it themselves.  You don’t have to take our word for it, think of a time that spoiled or rotten food fermented in a garbage can.  Add summer heat to the mixture, and there probably is a pretty intense smell coming from the source of that smell.  In an illusory world, where veneers and perfumes and all kinds of “cover ups” mask Divine Truth, people are entertained enough not to look for and root out the toxic smells of lies and deceit.  As long as they couldn’t smell it, humanity has been content to not see it.  And if they haven’t seen it, they haven’t needed or desired or been aware enough to know it.

All of that is changing, dear ones.  Some of the Alchemical and Ascension Changes unfolding are revealing eons of odorous and noxious serpent manipulations that weren’t palatable when they first were perpetrated on an unsuspecting humanity . . . and whose Truth of Darkness and Dark Deeds are no more palatable today.  Yet in order to heal, humanity is on course to know what it is they are needing to heal.  And that time is this Now Time of Divine Revelations.

So each and every one of you have some toxins to clear in yourselves.  That is one-way individuals can help to heal the collective.  It is a direct and committed focus on clearing whatever toxins you carry within.  This can include your thoughts, your debts, your lists of unforgivable and grievances, as well as the very energies that make up your physical bodies.  What toxins do you carry in there?  Some say that parasites are part of the Serpent’s games to corrupt a sleeping humanity’s health and vitality.  Some say detoxes bring profound transformation in people.  And animals alike.  So we invite you to take inventory of how you are feeding and nurturing your spirit.  How are you helping to cleanse your physical body temples.  If your mind body spirit are one big ark, and you are the Noah of this ark, what are you utilizing to clear the parasitic energies of the 3D matrix from your mind, your body, and your spirit?  This is a significant way to clear the toxins in your own systems so that you are no longer a vibrational match to the Serpent’s Illusion and 3D Matrix.

The less resonance you have with the old matrix in your Mind, Body, and Spirit, the more you can see the toxicity of the 3D Earth, and all of the ways it entices you to participate in it.  What if your arks desire to sail beyond these waters of illusions, and this soup pot of lower vibrational human experiences?  We believe that this is True for many of you and we support your awakening to higher and higher levels of being, that begin with the breath, and that are quickly empowered to significant action steps that help you surf and ride the waves of change unfolding, versus swirling and feeling like you are drowning in them.

You are your own Life Rafts.  You are your Arks.  You are your own Life Force, powered by Pure Source Energy, if you so choose it. 

June, July, and August 2023 bring the Heat of Profound Change.  They bring the Heat of Atmospheric Pressure on the Illusions, like a wrecking ball to an outdated and failing structure. The Heat of Truth and Light are bringing the end to this Serpent Matrix of Deceit, Temptation, Seduction, Corruption, and Lies so that ALL who remain can Thrive in their Divinity Again.

You can’t have one without the other.  The Serpent Matrix must fall, bringing with it the Energies of Adam and Eve Story, the Cain and Abel Story, and the many many eons of false and prideful worship of False Gods and False Allegiances that previously were able to grow in the Seas of Soul Distortions, Separation Consciousness, and Cognitive (or Mental) Dissonance which allowed such spiritual amnesia on this planet for such a long time.  This Great Fall of the Serpent’s Matrix means the Rise of God’s Creation again.  Just as the Great Fall from God’s Creation in the manifestation of the Fall from Eden created the Serpent’s Cycles you have been living in . . . now it is God’s Turn to raise the Spiritually Dead-on Planet Earth back into a Living Thriving Garden of Eden again, clearing and releasing the Energies of the Serpent’s Density, Darkness, and Evil Seductions for all time from this world.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling dismayed, if you are sensing something brewing through your own experiences of uneasiness and mounting pressure at the same time, very likely you are experiencing more of your consciousness rising into higher awareness that you do not belong to the illusion.  You Belong To God and Godliness, and thus to the Heart and Heartbeat of Creation Itself!

The Serpent is not your handler, your father, or your manager.  It only self appointed itself as such.  When it slithered away from the Garden of Eden after laying its “handiwork” in the poisoning of the apple that Adam and Eve ultimately ate.  Which brings us back to the energy of parasites.  What if in that original apple that Eve took a bite of, and Adam did too, that a unique form of serpent venom was injected into that apple?  What if it created a kind of “consciousness virus” or “mind virus” as a friend of this channel said recently in a podcast?  What if the Ego is a mind virus, which has attracted and co-created all sorts of viruses on your world ever since that Adam and Eve Timeline so long ago?  What if that Ego that lives in you and that lives in others has served as a magnet for all of the illnesses, tragedies, lies, deceptions, and manipulations that the Serpent seeded into this world, through the portal or bridge of an apple?  What if it is time to manage the Ego, and relegate it to the role it always was meant to be in.  That of being a recipient of Divine Truth and Instruction, and not a participant and promoter of the Serpent’s Lies?

2023 is a Time of Great Cleaning.  It is a Time of Great Clearing.  It is a Time of Great Awakening.  And it is a Time of Great Reconciliation and Upgrading.  It is all of it. 

It is no wonder that you on an individual level feel tossed and turned this way and that in the crazy seas of this Grand Ascension Process.  Because there IS so much to SEE.  20/20 Clear Soul Sight has been finding you since your first steps and breaths into this 2020 Decade on Planet Earth.  The Hands of Time have been quickening ever since.  And the Hands and Gears of Epic Change have been quickening ever since.

Each and every soul on this planet is here for the Ride and Rise of a Lifetime. The Storms are real.  The Change is real.  The Atmospheric Ascension Weather is real too.  And yet, inside, on the inner planes, you have your quantum oars.  You have your quantum knowings.  You have access to an infinite lifeline to Source through the breath and through your intentions to unify with the Heart of Source to help you navigate as best you can your Light, your Life Force, and your Gifts in the soul direction of Serving Source during these Epic Times.

So we ask again, how can you clear the toxins from your soul sight?  How can you clean the toxins from your physical body temple with greater attention and commitment now more than ever before?  How can you clear your ancestral patterns and attraction to pain, scarcity, and separation and upgrade to your new sentient family full of unity consciousness and thriving-for-all consciousness right here and right now in these Ascension Times?

As we said earlier, this is a Timeline of Endings and Beginnings.  That means it is also a Timeline of Clearings and Upgrades.  All Time is Simultaneous Now.  As things end, new things begin.  As things clear, new upgrades unfold.  Everything we speak of in these Ascension Times are happening now.  All Time, simply put, Is Now.  Its Now.

So what are you feeling called to commit to in your Now?  How are you desiring to surf your personal waves of change in your daily activities, feelings, thoughts, words, deeds, and emotions in a way that very consciously clears your ego’s limitations and manipulations of your spirit, in order to set your soul presence free?  How can you serve Source by choosing higher vibrational responses above and beyond your ego’s well rehearsed wounded responses from its lifetimes of record keeping and lists of unforgivable.

The poisoned apple made it possible for humanity to see through skewed vision and perceive other souls through lenses of judgement, fear, competition, and negativity.

God’s Apple, God’s Heart, and God’s True Creation, sees through Clear Soul Sight the Bigger Picture that All Divine Beings Are Truly Part of the Oneness.  And in that Oneness, choices towards collaboration, clarity, cohesiveness, respecting sovereignty of self and others, and more are the Path to Peaceful and Ascended Living.

There are more storms in store for this world, as more of the biblical or spiritual battle plays out.  It must surface so that all can see it for it is.  It is not a fictional tale in a book that some have read and others have not.  It is a living energetic reality in a living energetic universe, that is playing out in “illusions of time” and yet in a very real way in your experience of time on the earth right now.

Be prepared to acknowledge, cleanse, and release or integrate your polarities and your spiritually warring frequencies inside you.  Be prepared to witness, cleanse, and release for all time the serpentine parasites that have sought to steal your life force and your soul sight, in this dark age and 3D world paradigm.  Be prepared to release the age-old energies of the serpentine apple, and the shame and blame of Adam and Eve’s “ingesting” and experiencing of it.  For those energies are not designed to go with you through the Zero Point Portal of Ascension Changes.  Yet you must acknowledge them to let them go.  To choose to go, by the conscious release and cleansing of them, through your clear and powerful soul choices.

Preparation is physical, yes.  It can involve tangible preparations, yes.  And yet a lot of your preparations you are called to now are also Spiritual.  They are Soulful.  They are preparations of consciousness, awareness, vibrational fitness, stamina, and faith filled resolution to align with Source in all times during these end times and these beginning times.

So we invite your Preparedness to Rise.  We invite your Spiritual Stamina and Fortitude to Rise.  And we invite your Soul Knowings that the Illusion is only as Giant and Powerful as you make it.  For through your Inner Sight, you know what God can do and can be.  You know God’s Heart.  For God’s Heart, and Truly God’s Apple, lives and breathes and knows the Truth and the Greatness of Creation, in you. 

You are remembering this, dear ones.  In every breath.

You are finding your way back to your Christ Consciousness and your Divine Power and Strength again, in every breath.

The storms will rise.  And so too will your powerful choices to find resolve and grounding in your faith.  In your inner sight.  In your inner instruments.  That know how to clear and cleanse anything less than the Truest Joy, Bliss, and Grace that all Sentient Souls are meant to live, breathe, and be.

Find calm and peace in the storms by your breathing remembrance of Who You Are.  And how Powerful You Are, especially when you untether from the 3D earth matrix and when you rise into the Quantum Prana of a Divine Creation, welcoming you Home after a long and profound journey.

You will say, in very near time, on the other side of the sea swells and this epic ride, it’s good to be Home. And the more you travel in these shifts consciously and courageously, the more you can embrace Being Home energetically, already.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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