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Feb 2024 Arcturian Update: Living Light Invitation - Vibrational Entry!

Feb 2024 Arcturian Update: Living Light Invitation - Vibrational Entry!

February 2024 Energy Update

The Invitation & The Living Light:
Admission Is By Vibration

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living Light of Creation’s Finest Frequencies and Divine Blessings for this entire Earth Planet.  There is so much Light pouring in to your world as we speak.  And some of you may say, how can that be if more darkness is being exposed every day and the strangeness of energies is only increasing.  And we would say, EXACTLY.  The Light is flushing in and bathing everything everywhere in your world.  Nothing can stop or escape this level of Living Light.  This means that all that has been hiding in the shadows is also COMING TO LIGHT.  And that is the Divine Design.  The Light is drawing to itself that which is like itself.  It is also The Great Illuminator of that which has fallen out of resonance and alignment with the True God Particles that all in Creation once was.  And thus, you see the expansion of Light and Divine Glory at the same time as you see the exposure of the Deepest Shadows and Darkness on your world as well.  It is all happening simultaneously.  So remember to Witness the Darkness that is being exposed and disclosed, and to Empower the Light.  You will learn to do this simultaneously in your tests and demonstrations of your Soul Mastery in these times dear ones.  For it is indeed a Time of Ascension and a Time of Embracing more and more of your Whole Soul Mastery!

Let us now take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In.  As you breathe this Sacred Breath into the core of your Body Temples, and this includes your Heart Centers, your Cells, your Lungs, your Fingers and Toes, and your Mind as well, feel it activating all of the parts of you that have lived a long time in this very dormant state where your Soul Light was dimmed down, your Spirit was muted down, and your Knowledge of Truth and the Infinite Nature of Creation was suppressed and at times forgotten.  Feel this Divine Sacred Breath given to you in every moment by Source Energy Itself breathing you awake.  Nourishing you awake.  And filling you with a Pure Sense of Vitality, Aliveness, Awakeness, Awareness, and ultimately the Divine Remembrance of All That You Truly Are.  Living Light in this Highest of Frequencies knows how to resurrect all life in ways beyond the mind’s imaginings.  And so let us breathe some extra gentle and soothing light into your Mind and all of its Thought Forms, so that they can relax during this time together today and every day whenever you choose to breathe in this way.  The All-Knowing Heart Center knows how to rise in the Higher Frequencied Breathing that Conscious Breathing in these Ascension Times gifts to all of you.  Breathe in the Light of Source, and know you are loved, supported, empowered, and blessed in every way, to be the Gifts, Talents, and Living Light of Source on the planet, as more Light pours into every single aspect of life on this world right now, and every single aspect of YOU.

January 2024 is surging with Truth and Light Frequencies.  The Floods of this Truth and Light are surfacing and reaching more and more people’s consciousness, awakening more Truth and Light in everyone and everything, and also flooding and flushing the darkness with the illumination that Light brings.  As more of January 2024 and this entire year continues to unfold, nothing will be able to hide in the shadows.  No deceptions, corruption, false divisions, manipulations and more will be able to hide and escape exposure in the Power and Presence of the Living Light on your world.  This means corruption and deception in the Governmental, Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Educational arenas and this also means anywhere within you and the core of your being where illusions and deceptions and distortions still reign in your energy field and thus in your words and in your actions as well.

So be prepared for epic increases of Living Light. Be prepared for the Joy of Feeling, Knowing, Being, and Breathing your Divinity, recharged, empowered, and revitalized again.  At the same time, and in other words, simultaneously, be prepared for the epic increases of shakings, quaking’s, and exposures of false structures and mass deceptions on your world.  Structures and systems that seem to make this work actually in Truth do make this 3D world work, in a world and planetary reality of enslavement and incarceration.  Yet God is freeing all inmates of this world, and that includes you, your family members, your friends and colleagues.  Everyone.  Everywhere the Light touches is being liberated.  And there is nowhere that the Living Light can’t reach or touch.  And there is nowhere and no thing that isn’t ultimately made of Light.  For the tiniest molecules of matter, living matter, contain Frequencies of Light.

So at the same time that the Light is calling back to itself that which is like itself, it is also transmitting another powerful quantum call and invitation.  It is summoning all those with ears to hear and eyes to see to the Conscious Awareness that Admission to this new 5D Consciousness and this New 5D and Higher Frequencied Earth IS BY VIBRATION.  How will a whole humanity be lifted and elevated into this much Higher Stratosphere and Planetary Atmosphere and Frequency of Light?  Light within all things will activate, dear ones.  It is activating now in many.  And more will come.  More will come to the awareness of the invitation inside them.  And then, they will be called to make a choice.  Is their light ready to shine in resonance and harmony and union with Source?  With the Light of the Universe?  With the Light of Creation?  Or is it still called to empower frequencies of the crumbling 3D matrix through fear, doubt, and allegiance to the old paradigm of density and destruction?  That will be where you will find the presence of the greatest suffering.  That vibrational crossroad where the invitation has been given, to rise into the Light of Creation and Union with Source, and the allegiance to the old 3D world and its brokenness and enslavement programs still call people’s attention more.

In this way, the energies of suffering, and incarceration, and being a captured audience literally can serve as a drug.  Where lower frequencies feel more comfortable and more familiar than embracing and engaging the will to change.  Where there is a lack of willingness to rise and to change with the New Tides and Frequencies of Light required of all life on the planet, you will find the deepest suffering.  And that is where compassionate witnessing will need to be given in the greatest doses of all.  So that people in that level of experience, who have received The Invitation to Rise but have not yet accepted it, may need their days or hours of greater suffering to teach them about the Truth and Light of Vibration and the Truth and Light of the Energy in each and every choice made and personal expression emitted.

Yet in the Invitation to Rise delivered by Source Energy Itself in these times, is also the Invitation and the Pathway of Union that leads to 2020 Clear Soul Sight.  And 2020 Clear Soul Sight much more easily and comfortably can witness the darkness, without giving it any energy at all, and embrace and empower the Living Light in all of its Glory.  The Living Light through 2020 Clear Soul Sight wishes to bless you and your family and your loved ones with the Greatest Glory ever imagined.  And thus the Greatest Bliss is experienced as a result.  Divine Souls, when activated in the Living Light and in Divine Union with Source, know the nectar that this Divine Creation on Planet Earth and the Divine Creation in the Cosmos Truly Is.  And those activated in that Divine Nectar, through their Conscious Breathing, their Soul Mastery where they can Witness Darkness and Fully Empower the Light, and their 2020 Clear Soul Sight can see entire New Worlds, New Cities, New Creatures, and New Ways of Living and Thriving in a Divine Creation fills your lives, your lungs, and your vision in every way every day.

How does one accept the Invitation to the New 5D Earth?  And live it?  Really ~ live it?  And embody it?  They first consciously breathe to begin to fill their body temples with the Living Frequencies necessary for Higher Frequencied Living.  People must begin to recognize that a higher Source of Nourishment is needed to live and be anything beyond a drone or worker in a vast system of incarceration and enslavement.  Conscious Breathing breathes new life and light into your perceptions, ability to feel, sense, see, hear, taste, touch, and know. So anyone that is struggling even hearing these words today, we invite you to BREATHE.  Breathe another Deep Divine Conscious Breath that has the spiritual nourishment and nutrition that you need right now, if you intend and choose it to be so.  If you witness others around you struggling with disclosures, or breakdowns of the old system, and if you feel strong in your Light Source within and your Conscious Breathing Skills and Nourishment, invite them to breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, sharing with them that Conscious Breathing is more than air.  It is a Conscious Step into Divine Union.  And as they Consciously Breathe one breath, two breaths, three breaths and more, they are Unifying with Source and they are being lifted vibrationally within range of the New 5D Earth and Ecosystem of Divine Joy, Light, Harmony, Abundance, Clarity, and Balance.

One Conscious Breath is One Quantum Step into the New World, the New 5D Vibrational Earth and Divine Eden again.  With more Conscious Breaths, those Quantum Steps or Bridges become Epic Leaps into a whole new Higher Prana’ d, and Higher Knowing Level of Living.

Incarcerated, Myopic, and Captured 3D Vision will not have the prana or life force necessary to transcend the revelations, disclosures, crumbling’s, and risings required of all on planet Earth at this time.

Expanded Clear Soul Sight and Unified Breath with Source are the Soul Skills of your Time to rise into an entirely new paradigm and dimension of living where Creation shines in all of its glory every day and in every way in your life.

January 2024 is kicking off Greater and Greater Awareness of the Invitations sent to all sentient life on your world in the past many years.  Since 2012, there has been an invitation to rise and shine in all of the ways your souls deeply know how to live, be, and do.  The invitations may feel like a welcome celebration to those who have already accepted the invites.  The invitations may also feel like Chicken Little’s experience of the Sky Falling on his head, where the end of the world is unfolding, but not in good ways.  It is a time of Epic Endings, yes.  It is also a time of Epic New Births and Beginnings.  Witness the darkness of the Epic Endings taking place.  But Empower the Living Light of the New Earth’s Birth and Grand New Quantum Beginnings.

Waking up to the Power within your Bodies, your Minds, your Hearts, and your vessels is all part of the Ascension Process.  And once you awaken to its power, each of you must awaken to the Biblical Serpent energy that usurps and manipulates that power as well as to the Living Reality that you literally have the Sovereign and Divine Power to Create Worlds.  You are the Maestros of this new Epic Earth Experience.  You are the Magicians.  You are the Creators.  You are the Designers, Builders, Artists, and Parents of New Generations who will incarnate to experience this level of Living Light in form.  You are the Ones that you have been waiting for.  And You Are The Ones who must attune your Divine Instrument to the God Channel.  And to the Benevolence of the Greatest Light in All of Creation beaming its blessings to this entire planet, and beyond.

The 5D+ Earth’s Awakening is inextricably linked to the Universe’s Awakening.  For the rest of the cosmos that you know to be your soul family have not been able to quantumly rise to the next stratosphere of multidimensional existence and exploration until the Earth herself and all life upon her were ready for this Quantum Leap.

The Earth has been readied for some time now.  And she IS ready.  The invitation is for YOU to be ready.  And to all who accept the invitation to be ready, and to unify with the light, an incredible adventure of Ascension and Awakening awaits.  To all who have not yet accepted the invitation to be ready, and to unify with the light, the 3D illusion is crumbling quicker and quicker, in its own quantum acceleration of its mass destruction and dematerialization.  Eventually all eyes and hearts will turn to the Living Light of Source Creator.  For that is All There Ultimately Is. Our Eyes and Hearts are meant to watch God in action in these next few weeks and months of 2024. And God In Action is the lived experience all have here on GAIA, which can even be an acronym for God Abundantly In Action.

Attune your Vision, your Breathing, your Awareness, your Light, and your Consciousness to the Frequency and Invitation to Union each and every day.

Witness the darkness that will crumble more and more of the serpent’s false creation and usurpation of creation.  Witness businesses, banks, structures, and systems failing or closing that have their roots anchored in the biblical serpent’s corruption and distortions.  Turn your attention inward, and place your faith in God/Source/Creator’s orchestration of the liberation of this world.  Trust that your Living Light activating within knows that all that you need will be provided.  If you do your part to put your Faith in Source and in the Living Light you hold within.  And God will meet you there in every breath, as all ride out the storms of the take down of the 3D matrix and the activation of the New 5D Garden of Eden, that will be one of the finest destination points in the whole cosmos the nearer future.

The remainder of January 2024 and the beginning of February 2024 may usher in more storms to awaken this world to the Truth of Illusion and the illusions that usurped the Truth.  Ground in your Breath, your Light, and your Higher Soul Sight.  And call-in angelic support and Source Sustenance when overwhelm or fear wishes to take hold.  Breathe God, not overwhelm.  Breathe God/Source/Creator, not fear and doubt.  Breathe Light, not confusion and destruction.  And so shall goodness, abundance, and blessings be your experiences, if you can align with the Living Light, accept the Living Light, breathe the Living Light, and be the Living Light. 

You are the Divine Warriors who came for these times.  May God’s Light bless you, protect you, empower you, comfort you, breathe you, and shower you in all that you most need and desire, to be a Beacon of Light for yourself and others in these times.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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