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The Arcturian Collective: December 2021 - Gifts of the Season

The Arcturian Collective: December 2021 - Gifts of the Season

Gifts of the Season,The 3rd Harbinger(s),
Living Beyond Time & The 3D Matrix,
Three Little Pigs, Grinches, & Wolves,
& You As THE WHO in your life
. . .Celebrating the Joy of the Season!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, Archangels of Infinite Light and Love, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through brilliant hues of Pure and Perfect Golden White Light that shine as an eternal reminder and reflector of your own Pure and Perfect Golden White Light within. 

Today is a powerful day of Divine Frequencies of Liberation, Truth, Strength, Fortitude, Faith, and Sovereignty.  And December 2021 is ushering in The Emergence of The Great Awakening in people’s daily lives.  Now have you seen us share news and vibrations of The Great Awakening many times over the years?  And even recent months?  Yes.  For we have.  And one of the things that Humanity is learning most deeply right now in your timeline and lifetime on the Earth . . . is that Time is an Illusion.  So it was, and so it always shall be.  How would Divine Source Creator truly liberate Humanity and all sentient life on Planet Earth by locking all of you into Dates, Deadlines, and Events based on Linear Time and Prophecies of Specific Timelines? What instead has Divine Source Creator shown to you and the generations before you, in regards to Time and Timing?  God/Source/Creator has shown Divine Right Timing that lives beyond Linear Time and Space, and the control measures that Linear Time seeds in place here, like quantum entanglement traps and tricks of the Biblical Serpent. Source has no interest in being bound by Time.  Source has no interest in being bound by any tricks of the lower 3D matrix.  That is why Source Energy lives beyond it.  And so too, are you invited and summoned to live beyond it as well.  

Has this last two to five years especially taught you about the lower vibrational feelings of Living Wedded to Dates, Married to Timelines, and Attached to Outcomes expected on Certain Dates and Windows of Time?  Who is The Ultimate Chess Player here?  Who is The Ultimate Baker?  Who can see through all of the aspects and energies of All Time, with Laser Accurate and Truth-Aligned Pure and Perfect Vision?  That would be the Divine Source Creator.  And it is that Deep Knowing and Oneness with the Allness of All Time, or we could say paradoxically, with the Allness of No Time (for both are entirely True Statements) . . . that enables God/Source/Creator to move freely through All Time and All Realms as if no conditions, none whatsoever, could ever impact his vast Creationary and Perfect Energy and Divine Sight.  

Wedding yourself to dates, to outcomes, and to expectations traps you in the Biblical Serpent’s Games and Visions for this realm.  And we invite you to enter and embrace your Divine Sovereignty.  We invite you to enter and embody your Expansive Nature.  We invite you to see with Soul Eyes the Truth of your Divine Nature and your Expansive Energy Field that when activated and nourished in the proper ways . . . can see through the Illusions of Time and Space as well.  The Eagle Harbinger that Source sent to you in previous transmissions is one such being and one such vibration that is here to cue your emotions and energy fields to Remember the Vast Vision, the Big Picture Vision, you have and carry inside in your DNA.  In your Divinity Codes.  In your Divine Nature.  

Lion rises and runs free like the wind, inviting you to untether your soul sight from the clutches of the 3D serpent and this matrix, that is simply not Who You Truly Are.  The mirrors that were held up to you from this matrix, all this time, could not possibly reflect back to you the Light and the Expansive Nature of your Divinity.  Lion runs wild and free like the wind, illustrating to you your own ability to run and fly free from the earthly tethers of this old fake 3D matrix.  

And when you do, rise, run, and fly in your physical body temples and your spirits into the Freedom that Higher Perception abundantly gives to you through your holy vessel, magical worlds open to you and become so much more engaging than the drudgery and thick mud-like quick sand frequencies of the 3D matrix ever were.  Have you ever seen magical realms depicted in the movies where other civilizations live in very different ways than you know here on Planet Earth?  Where creatures and colors there are so vibrant, free, beautiful, untainted, and happy?  And you can feel the harmony that exists in those realms?  Because harmony is the common fabric of its core foundations?  Well Lion and Eagle are leading you there to this Place of Divine Grace.  This new Habitat, Terrain, and Creation of Quantum Interconnection and simultaneous Universal Individual Sovereignty.  

December 2021 is breathing more of these expansive new energies through to you.  All winged Higher Dimensional Creatures, the eagle and others, are inviting you to feel the perfection and fluid nature of their feathers and their alignment with the Divine as they soar in flight.  December invites those who can untether themselves from the matrix’s vision for you and for humanity to rise and soar in this much higher vision for humanity right now with us at this time.  December 2021 is breathing more of the Lion King frequencies in you as well, to make this journey to a Higher and More Vibrant Version of you, that comes from another realm.  An inward knowing.  A higher light and sight within you.  

And today, we wish to share with you some Divine News of a 3rd Harbinger who is here to join the journey you all are making, as you travel up and through thick atmospheric ascensional debris and into the Pure Oxygen and Prana where these Harbingers naturally live.  These are the Higher Timelines. It is High Time for all of you to remember that you have the ability to rise in this way and take your place once more in God’s Divine Creation.  

Who is the New Harbinger?  It’s actually a Pair of Harbingers.  It’s a Set of Twin Harbingers, releasing back into the Heads and Hearts of Humanity, to empower you in these times.  Harbingers Bull/Ox and Boar/Pig are emerging through the ethers to embolden you further in your Epic Journeys now.  For now, we will simply call them Bull and Boar.  Bull appears in your Spiritual Journeys of Epic Ascension when you need or desire sheer stability, determination, and epic strength. Bull assists with the development of deep and epic patience, as you bear hard burdens amidst the sea of changes and dramatic shifts in these times.  Bull embodies Grace through Hardship or Hard Times.  And bull shines a seamless strength through the ox-ymorons it seems to embody and illustrate in this realm. Bull is patient yet bull is also tenacious.  Bull embodies grace during deep and burdensome hardship.  Bull shines with gentleness if you look deep into its big eyes, beyond its obvious physical frame as a potent powerhouse of energy and expansive rack of horns.  When you doubt your ability to endure, when you question your ability to remain clear amidst a sea of confusion, when you feel your own dualities and oxymorons appearing in your own life, and your own emotional life, call in the Bull Harbinger, to mirror your own twin nature inside you of Shadow and Light, Perfection and Imperfection, and Patience and Impatience.  You are tougher than you know.  All of you.  Each and every one of you came for these times.  

And what did you know?  That more than one helping hand, heart, or divine guidance would be given to you in these times of epic stretching, ascension, soulful expansion, and higher dimensional integration!  Now is the time to open to receive some of that help and that great fortitude that you knew would rise within you and also that would bolster you from Divine and Heavenly Helpers.  Bull is here to stand solid and strong next to you, while Eagle and Lion empower other attributes of stealth strength, faith, and soul sight inside you.

Now who is Bull’s Twin, in this Sacred Harbinger Twinship being reflected today?  Boar. Boar is here as a Powerful Teacher and Strong Grounding Point as the vibrational landscape within you and the geographical landscape around you changes forever and in all directions of time.  Boar is a great hunter.  Boar empowers you and strengthens you to hunt down or pursue elusive goals and catch whatever is most important to you.  Boar is a symbol of abundance as well.  Anyone ever own a piggy bank?  Boar leads the way to allowing in the treasure and the abundance that has always been yours in the divine escrows of God’s Creation and the Original Garden of Eden. Boar is incredibly intelligent and yet does not seek the limelight.  Boar knows how to persist in accomplishing goals under everyone’s noses and therefore you might just miss how incredible these beings truly are. And speaking of noses, boar relies heavily on its super sense of smell to guide and lead it through times or seasons of change and transformation.  Boar is strong, smart, and confident in its own worth even if others don’t, or can’t, recognize these aspects in them. Boar inspires and empowers you to rise, to stand on your own two feet, to weather the storms, and emerge ever better from them.  

This Sacred Pair, the Bull and the Boar, will join you in your Ascension Process, and they join the Lion and the Eagle, as Practical Strength Suppliers when things feel to be too much, when the Earth beneath your feet feels to be changing, and when you need to orient from within to what is good, what is right, and what your higher sight most deeply knows about you and these global changes.  

We have spotlighted the Season of the Lion’s Gate in 2021, which you are still journeying much deeper on the inner planes.  We have spotlighted the Season of Red October and the Energies of Eagle who flies and soars and thrives with Talons of Truth and Clear Soul Vision, even striking and eliminating poisonous snakes mid air.

December 2021 is yet another month of exploring and re-discovering your Vast Spiritual Stamina, your Capacity for Joy, your Ability to Weather the Storms, and your Rising to Win The Day so to speak, again and again and again.  5D Spiritual Warriors don’t wait for Grace to find them.  5D Spiritual Warriors are alert and ready for Winds of Change that blow ever steadily on the Earth Plane right now, and they weather those powerful wind storms that are blowing in Abundant Light Codes for the Re-Templating of the Earth.  

In the Strong Winds of Change, December streams in powerful changes that perhaps Boar Energies can smell already.  And as you might imagine, we have a story to illustrate the intelligence of Boar in these times that require steady and renewable faith in the Divine, while all else seems to be blowing and clearing away at quite an accelerated pace.  You might recall the story of the Three Little Pigs, who left the comfort of their mama’s home and heart, and set out to make their own way in the world.  One quickly and easily made a house out of straw.  One made his house out of sticks.  And the third pig exercised a little patience and persistence, to build his house out of bricks.  The other two pigs danced and played while the third little pig steadied his focus on the strong house he built brick by brick by brick.  Along comes a wolf, who aims to catch and eat these little pigs for dinner.  The wolf succeeds in blowing down the little house of straw.  That first pig runs to his brother’s house of sticks.  The wolf, hot on the trail, finds the second house made of sticks in pretty short order.  And blows that house down too.  The two pigs run fast and furiously over to the third brother’s house, that stands strong and timeless, against the wolf’s attempts to blow it down too.  This time, the wolf’s threats, calling them to let him in or else he will blow the whole house down, didn’t work.  The house was too strong.  The third little pig had prepared quite well.  So the wolf tried to outsmart the pigs.  By climbing down the chimney into the house.  But the pigs anticipated that move as well, and had a pot of boiling water over a nice hot fire waiting for the wolf when he arrived on the inside of the strong house.  The wolf ran far and fast, while the heat of his back side served to remind him to never mess with such smart creatures as those little pigs who came together in the end with patience, smarts, and collective strength.  

Source Energy is summoning all to stand in their Spiritual Strength now.  God/Source/Creator and all of the Spirit Guides in this transmission today stand tall and strong with you now. The third little pig is a great illustrator of not choosing the easy path but steadily focusing on your goals, your skills, and your innate strength that will prevail beyond gale force winds or ravenous wolves, if you do prepare.  

Themes of preparation have been given and gifted to humanity for many, many eons.  Themes of spiritual strength, faith, and fortitude have been given and gifted as well.  Were the pigs afraid in the uncertainty of the wolf’s terrifying pursuit?  Yes.  They likely were keenly aware of the fear that they could access and feel within.  Did Noah feel fear?  Yes.  Noah was summoned over a great period of time to build an ark, not unlike those pigs that built their houses.  Noah’s faith required Patience, Persistence, and Preparation.  Those 3 Powerful P’s again.  The same can be said for many of the beings, souls, and characters we have mentioned previously.  Fear is part of being human dear ones.  It is a primal fear.  And it is part of each and all of you.  The biblical serpent knows this.  And that is why it preys on all of you in different ways and in some ways, the same ways.  

What helps neutralize fear in the face of adversity?  In the face of uncertainty?

In the face of calamity?  Preparation.  

Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Boar stand tall with you in your Seasons of Preparation now, dear ones.  Preparation is first and foremost, SPIRITUAL.  It is a Divine Preparation that summons each and all of you first, because Union and Re-Connection through Conscious Breathing is First Nature.  Re-Union and Re-Connection is Divine Preparation.  It is Source magnetizing back to the Light . . . that which is a Vibrational Match to itself . . . at its finest. You Are this Match to the Vibrational Light that is Timeless and True inside you.

That Living Light lives OUTSIDE of Linear Time, inside your Higher Sensory Perceptions and your Deeper Connections with Source through Divine Union and Conscious Breathing.  The wolves may come and knock on your doors.  But the Divine Intelligence within you Knows What To Do.  It knows the Pots of Hot Boiling Water those Wolves are in.  And it knows how to Guide you safely and smartly in these times. Bull and Boar together shower you in energies of deep grounding, profound multidimensional intelligence and awareness, and a grace beyond your years and lifetimes of experiences.  It’s all there inside you.  It simply needs to be invited out.  

What else helps your preparation, guidance, and plans? Trusting yourself to know what you and your family needs. Many are preparing for holiday feasts, gatherings, and celebrations this month.  That is Heart Preparation.  Community Preparation.  Soulful Preparation.  There are other preparations too.  Deeper preparations.  Preparing your families, your homes, and yourselves as best you can with strong supplies and things that you might need if there was a shortage of products, or if store shelves became leaner over the coming weeks.  

Another preparation for these times is learning how to expand your soul vision.  Seeing the Christ Light through All Of Creation transcend the biblical serpent’s traps and snares and shine for all the world to see is quite something and extraordinary that we see happening in December 2021.  There is a much deeper multidimensional preparation occurring inside each and all of you in whatever ways it is acknowledged consciously in your lives;  It is a multidimensional and multisensorial preparation to receive the Higher Living Light Codes that have traveled from the Heart of Source from the Heart of Creation and the Heart of All That Is to your hearts this Holiday Season and this December 2021.  Will you be open to receive them?  What cobwebs might you have to clear away to allow in this Level of Living Light?  This Christ Consciousness Frequency into your Soul Sight?  

Has the biblical serpent’s narratives of lack and fear lowered your spiritual immune system and eroded your inner strength and resolve about your Divine Abundance and your Simple Gifts that begin with your Presence?  Has that big bad wolf threatened to come in, come in, come in . . . and blow the door down . . . of your house (your physical homes), your physical body temples, your finances and your wealth, your sense of inner peace, your spiritual strength and stamina, and more?  

Where does your Strength, Stealth, Clear Soul Sight,
and Courage come from, after all?

It comes from Deep Within.  It emanates from the Light and Heart of Source and Source Creation, and it is an intangible but very palpable Divine Wealth that YOU ALL HAVE.

We invite you to Start There with that feeling, if and when you are triggered this holiday season and this biblical season of great Challenge, great Change, and great Festivity too. Start with a Feeling of Inner Divine Wealth, counting your blessings.  Saying feelings and expressing appreciation for what you do have.  And start by Feeling the Wealth of Breath that God/Source/Creator has always given, even if the Biblical Serpent has staged a Coups to dethrone God by limiting Divine Breathing, and Divine Connection, and Heart-Centered Family and Friendship Connections.  

It is all here within you.  It’s not about presents, as many of you already know, this time of year.  It’s about Presence.  Your Divine and Sacred Presence, if activated with your conscious union with Source, brings the Presents, or the Gifts you might seek to give or receive this year.  Source Creator is seeking this connection and re-union with one and all this holiday season.  

Will storms blow through, until the wolf/wolves are exposed, apprehended, and charged with their offenses to the Living Light, to the Laws of One, and to the Whole of Humanity and Sentient Life on Planet Earth, including to the Earth herself?  Yes.  Have some of the wolves been exposed, apprehended, and charged with some of their offenses to this world and to Creator Source?  Yes.  Will there be more?  Yes.  What do wolves like the one in the Three Little Pigs story do when they don’t get their way?  They huff.  And they puff.  And they attempt to blow the Truth down.  But can they?  Now?  In these Ascension Timelines?  Get away with that?  Not with those with Soul Sight.  Not with those awakened to the Truth of God’s Light Returned.  Not with those awakened to their own Spiritual Fortitude.  Faith.  Intelligence.  And Multidimensional Nature.

Will the Holiday Season shine bright?  Yes.  For there is Faith, Joy, and Love in the Energies of the Season.  Is there a Spiritual and Physical War also currently being fought for the Heart and Soul of Humanity in these times?  Yes.  What a seemingly paradox that is . . . A Bright Holiday Season and also an Epic Spiritual Battle with the Heart and Soul of Humanity and this planet at the core and at stake?  

And still, dear ones, we know this is a Time of Deep Faith, Deep Discernment, Deep Training of your Inner Light’s Focus on what IS good and godly in the blessings of Life in all realms and all time.  These are the intangibles, the timeless goodness, the faith-filled gifts that bring Divine Dividends that bless this earth with Greatness, Joy, Peace, Harmony, and Abundance, time and time again.  

We invite you to light a candle this month and tune into its Faith, Glory, Peace, Joy, and Presence in your life.  A single candle can light up a house, a heart, a family, a community, and the night sky.  Those candles, are you.  When you are lit from the inside out and from the insight out, . . . when your Divine Spark is activated despite the Biblical Serpent’s efforts to steal your happiness, to blunt your faith, and to create fear and lack in the world, . . . the world shines brighter.  The earth feels more peaceful.  The sense of Divine Peace and Calm is restored.  And that is how it should be.

Will the biblical serpent’s “servant wolves” howl louder at times this month?  They will try.  Can the Three Little Pigs prepare in deeper and more faith-filled ways, ever clearer, and ever brighter?  Yes.  In How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Christmas story, the Grinch tries to steal Whoville’s Happiness. He takes every last present, bobble, trinket, roast, mashed potato dish, and more, thinking that would steal Christmas and the Christmas Spirit right out of them, and leave them depressed and disconnected. But did it work?  No.  They sang like they always sang ~ Christmas Morning.  They loved like they always loved ~ Christmas morning.  They connected like they always connected ~ Christmas morning.  

And so shall each of you.  Faith and Fortitude transcend religion and religious divisions.  Faith and Fortitude rise beyond imaginary lines of the many categories the serpent has been able to divide the world into.  You are One Human Race.  You are One Sentient Collective.  The Truth Is . . . You Are One.  

And no big bad wolf, no grinch, no biblical serpent
will ever change that . . . if you don’t.  

So we invite you to play in more of the Higher Timelines that are Reaching Planet Earth and all life here exponentially by the day.  Feel the festivity that is increasing by the day on the inner planes in one and all of you.  And feel your breath and divine union with Source, with Gratitude for Such Inner Wealth in these times.

The only way the Biblical Serpent can steal your Breath and your Union with Source is if you let it.  With Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Boar, you have the strength within to not consent to the Biblical Serpent’s Demands to disallow free, public, every day, every where breathing.  And with Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Boar you have the strength within to tear down the Biblical Serpent’s “Movie Set” and Grand Illusion Theatre . . . in your own heart-mind’s eye . . . and choose a different channel and energetic pathway to connect ever deeply with Source and with those who gather around God’s Divine Fire, God’s Divine Spark, and the Living Light Frequencies that this holiday season brings to so many all around the world.  

You are One with the Living Light.  You are One with God’s Vision, Heart, and Pure and Perfect Sight.  You are One with many on the planet waking up and rising beyond the grief and trauma of these Grand Biblical Serpent’s Illusions.  Find those people you can see and feel rising in True Source Light.  Come together as you can, either physically or virtually if need be, with other like minded, like God-hearted people.  Who know the Truth of these times.  And who will sing like the Whos in Whoville.  When all else seemed to have been taken from them, they sang with joy because it is their nature to sing with joy.  They united their hands and hearts because it is their nature to join hands and hearts.  They feasted on something that the grinch (as metaphor today for the Biblical serpent right now) couldn’t understand.  They feasted on Togetherness.  They feasted and were filled with Appreciation.  They feasted and celebrated about Seasons of Light and Love.  And they released attachments to what they had or didn’t have. Focusing on the Gifts of the Season, despite the thievery, malicious intent of the grinch, and premeditated efforts to create pain in their community.

You too can rise beyond this.  You too can sing for the sheer Joy of the Season.  It IS God’s Season.  It IS God’s Timeline.  You can rise and unite with God’s Timeline through your vibrational attention and intention, that leads you there.  When you rise into God’s Timeline, by sheer intention, God will meet you there.  God always does.

Feel this joy.  This reassurance.  Feel this team of Higher Dimensional Light celebrating you today.  And every day as the Spiritual Battle in these times plays out. And discipline your vision with discernment to know what you need to know when you need to know it and to celebrate the New Earth Birth that God has preserved and prepared FOR YOU and FOR ALL WHO WISH TO RISE INTO THIS TIMELINE OF THE GREAT RETURN TO SOURCE . . . that is yours to live, be, breathe, and experience.

Those that can’t see, that believe in not breathing, that loudly proclaim that restricted and tethered breathing is The Way forward . . . they will find their way.  Because the illusionary world that they believe is real, and is The Way, will continue its disintegration process and cease to exist as more and more Light Codes flood this world and Divine Frequencies and The Law of One Reset in more and more and more of this sentient world.  

God’s Plan Is Divine.  It may require Cosmic Bigger Picture Vision TO see it.  But it is in place.  It IS happening.  And it is restoring and resetting this planet, through the Holiday Season, and into the New Year (and New Years to come!).  

Breathe.  Love.  Fill with Light.  

Stand with Lion.  Eagle.  Bull.  And Boar.  

Feel the Archangels and Higher Dimensional Beings of Light and Love living in Unity Consciousness celebrating, supporting, and empowering you, right here and right now, as you light a candle each day and take some conscious breaths to do your part to lead the way into Unity Consciousness on a 5D Planet Earth once more.  

Cheers to The Return of the Light, the Return of Christ and Unity Consciousness, and the Celebrations of this Great Light felt all over the Planet this holiday season.

You are The Who in your life, celebrating all that is good, all that is godly, and all that is right and aligned with the Heart of Source once more, in epic and expansive ways!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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