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The Arcturian Collective: November 2021 Energy Update

The Arcturian Collective: November 2021 Energy Update

David & Goliath, Epic November, Scales of Justice,
& Eagle Is The Symbol Of God’s Victory

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Heart of Celestial Lion Energy, The Sight of Epic Eagle Energy, and the Living Christ Light and Consciousness that fills, fuels, nurtures, and guides All of Creation, and especially Planet Earth, now in her Time of Re-Balancing, Resetting, and Re-Orienting to The Godheart and The All That Is.  

Let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together right here and right now as your Humanity sits at the Precipice of Epic and Profound Storms of Immense Ascensionary Change and knows not in its Conscious Awareness the Enormity of What Is Manifesting to Liberate this world and many realms in the Universe.  May we breathe in the Living Divine Sword of Truth and Embrace the Talons of Eagle to clear away any and all illusions obscuring the Truth of the One True Light.  May we breathe in the Living Harmony of One Humanity Knowing Itself as One Whole, One Heart, One Creation of God/Source/Creator here to bring Heaven to Earth, through the Living Divine Vessels each and all of you Truly Are.  

Let us breathe in a Sacred Divine Breath of Planetary Peace and Christ Consciousness so that it touches the Hearts of All Who Sleep, All Who Slumber, All Who Suffer, and All Who Are Awake to the Truth of these Epic Times and these Biblical Times as well.  This Time of Alchemy and Ascension was not promised to be an easy time but it was prophesied to be an epic time in your world and in this greater cosmos at this time.  And that is manifesting with divine precision, and you are manifesting your journeys, your gifts, your talents, and your missions with divine precision as well.  May this Breath fill your Heart, your Sight, your Soul, your Light, and your Allness of Divine Consciousness within you, and wake up any aspects of you that might still be sleeping . . . so you can rise with Lion and with Eagle and boldly take your place among many Sacred Warriors through time who have stood for God, who have stood with and in the Light of Christ Consciousness, and who have stood for the Great Divine Mother, Mother Earth, throughout all time and space, even when it was unpopular or seemingly unwise to do so.  It isn’t time to be reticent in your Faith.  It is time to Leap into the Full Power that Faith affords those who seek it and choose it, and be the Light Warrior You Are and Came To Be in these times.

Dear Ones, the Time for Rising is at hand.  The Time for Knowing and Embodying your Strength, Fortitude, Courage, Clarity, and Stealth Soul Skills is at hand.  We have referenced in many previous transmissions the Light, Faith, Fortitude, and Soul Sight of others who stood in Union with Source in their biblical timelines and in their life journeys.  The serpent does a marvelous job of making those courageous souls transform into characters in story books, that feel inaccessible or contrastingly ~ so utterly heroic that they are mythicized in humanity’s consciousness to be other-worldly beings; And therefore their deeds and their feats appear impossible in any present timeline and modern day and age experiences.  We are here today to say to you . . . that that is part of the Greatest Illusion ever sold to a global civilization so convincingly.  For who benefits from a disempowered human collective?  The Biblical Serpent.  What does the Biblical Serpent wish for you to believe?  They you have absolutely no power to change the course of world events at this time of God’s Epic Earth Emancipation and Mother Earth’s Extraordinary Planetary Ascension.  Its quite a ride, isn’t it, dear ones?  Living in two worlds, two earths, and many of you knowing this as more events in this spiritual battle play on and play out.

This is why we bring into your conscious awareness the stories of Noah, the journey of Moses, and the choice-points of Adam and Eve.  For they were souls just like you facing this abominable serpent, and from an initial lens of Human Mortality, Human Disempowerment, and Human Distortions.  For in every human being, is the collective ocean and thus memory of all of the Collective Karma ever lived.  Talk about a Living Tsunami of Truth that exists just under the surface of Humanity’s “Noses.”  Every choice, every thought, every feeling, every negative experience, every suffering, every challenge, and every pain, dissonance, and discord that has been felt through time through all of the casts of characters in this 26,000+ year age and cycle of Separation Consciousness is Known Deep Within the Collective Soul of Humanity.  And when Humanity is not awake to these Reserves and Archives of Stored Memory . . . they are open to attack from within by this Nefarious Biblical Serpent . . . who steadily weakens the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit of each human being from within . . . and who also weakens the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit of the Individual and the Collective with continuous streams of disempowerment, fear, lack, and struggle narratives . . . so much so that humanity believes that they are that story.  So much so that humanity unconsciously believes they must perpetuate that story, because its all they know and it’s all their inner records of energy patternings remember as well.  

We are here to say you have the Strength of David in your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit, dear ones.  Do you remember David?  David is a soul, a man, a divine being in human form who faced an epic giant in his day.  Moses faced an epic giant in Pharaoh.  Noah faced an epic giant in the Great Flood, along with facing humanity’s pervasive forgetfulness of their divinity codes.  Christ faced an epic giant in roman and religious leaders of his day, as well as the separation and cognitive dissonance in humanity that would rather kill a messianic messenger than believe The Living Word that Love Heals All.  Love Unifies All.  Love Liberates All.  Well . . . David is another character in your story books and biblical tales who was a True living soul in human form.  Yes, he had the same egoic messages, faults, fears, and foibles in his day as you have in yours.  Sure, the technology of the day was different than it is today.  The propaganda was different then than what it is today.  The biblical serpent’s infiltration of human souls and egos was different than what it is today.  But it’s the same energy at its core.  And the unique signature, fingerprint, or serpent-print of this darkness infiltrating this world was there then, just as it is now.  And we wish to tell you the story of David, for those that aren’t familiar with David and for those who believe they Know David as well.  

David was a young shepherd boy who grew up at a time of spiritual battles between his land of Israel and the Philistines.  The Philistine’s Army was formed around a prized and praised Giant named Goliath.  Goliath of Gath.  One day, David was sent by his father to deliver food, water, and supplies to his brothers fighting in this war.  He first tended to his flock and made arrangements for their care in his absence.  He then went on foot to bring these provisions to his brothers and the Israelite army.  Upon arrival, he heard the countless taunts of the arrogant, egoic, and gargantuan Goliath.  At this time, David heard the giant not only desecrating and mocking the Israelites themselves, but he was attacking their God, their Source, their Creator of Creation.  Goliath was egging them on with taunts, tricks, and jeers saying that the Israelites’ God would not be able to help them or be effective in this battle. David decides to fight the Giant and stand for his Faith in God and to stand for God’s Light and Almighty Reign in an epic twist of events.

Here is a shepherd boy who is not yet a man standing up to not just a man but a GIANT.  The King of the Israelites at the time offers David the best suit of armor money or wealth at that time could provide.  But David intuitively knows that he is fighting for God, with God, and with the tools of God.  And so he declines the King’s offers of earthly armor.  Instead, David connects with his inner armor.  He listens to his Guidance System Within and is moved to go to the river and collect 5 stones.  Four of those stones he puts in his pocket.  And the 5th he positions in his slingshot.  He is aware of fear, but he does not wear it.  Not in his heart, not as his armor, not as his fuel for the fight ensuing.  Instead, he turns his full conscious attention inward to the Protection of God/Source/Creator.  And he turns his attention and inner focus to Full On Faith, and standing United With God, as he meets Goliath for this epic battle.  

Goliath is armed with brute size and strength.  Goliath is armed with cognitive and ego distortions from a separated heart consciousness . . . and fires off more taunts and ridicules and mockery, all in an attempt to usurp David’s Power, David’s Faith, and David’s Divine Fortitude.  David in turn stands United With Source Within, aligned with the Living Life Force and Guidance System of Source Energy, and guided by Clear Soul Sight that emanates from Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed amplified to the Power of God Infinitely and Exponentially.  Now in Goliath’s Egocentric Arrogance, and Serpent Infused Instruction Manual, Goliath sees only the match for this battle as one of Physical Strength and Brute Force.  Of course, that would be Goliath’s Sight.  He had no other way of perceiving his life, this battle, or anything else in his world.  The Serpent had infiltrated his consciousness and his sight completely.  And in the Serpent’s Mind’s Eye, he had the battle wrapped up before it even started.  

Goliath’s confidence and arrogance were seeded in Serpent Energy.  David’s confidence and clarity were seeded in God’s Power, God’s Guidance, and God’s Strength and Might.  David rebukes Goliath’s offerings to tempt him into fear.  Fear is spiritual weakness, and the biblical serpent knows this.  David saw the fear and claimed deep within his Armor of Faith.  His Knowing of God on Full Power and Guiding Everything Inside Him from Within.  He takes the stone in his slingshot, and he aims.  He fires that one stone across the bow of the Giant’s limited perception and weak spiritual root system . . . and it strikes Goliath . . . where?  In his forehead.  We might even say, his Third Eye.  Which we can now say was also a strike against his Limited Soul Sight. So, while it wasn’t fear that killed Goliath, nor initially a sword, it is his Egoic and Serpent Manipulated Limited Sight that failed to see the True Might of David, and the True Might of Source, as having Greater Substance, Greater Fortitude, Deeper Stealth and Strength, and Clearer Might and Sight than anything Goliath’s pea-brained and pea-sighted perceptions could imagine.  

God sees from a Much Bigger Picture Vision.  Source Knows the Power of Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed. Eagle flies and thrives with the Gifts of its Clear Soul Sight, its Powerful Wings and Wingspan, its Determination, and its Talons.  And we might even express the Talons as Talents, for it is a Deep Divine Talent to tear away the Ego’s Illusions, the Serpent’s Taunting’s, and the Goliath-Like Manipulations and Mockeries when fear is running rampant all around you . . . and to fly above those frequencies into a Higher and More Fortifying Faith, Prana, and Sight.  

And David thus triumphs over the Goliath with this Faith (in God the size of a mustard seed) and with his Union with Source, and with his ability to listen within to his inner Guidance System.  Goliath falls with that single strike to his Forehead and thus to his Third Eye, effectively messaging to all of us that the Serpent may think he is big, bad, and unstoppable like his projected and created minion, Goliath, had been.  But God is ultimately in control through Source Omnivision, Omnipresence, Omnifaith, Omni-fortitude, and Omnipotence.  God/Source/Creator is the Biggest Believer in the Heart of Creation to always return to the Light and to always align with the Living Light that all ultimately is in All of Creation.  Source models this to us in all of these stories, in all of these human trials and tribulations, and in all of these epic moments throughout time and now today as well ~ where it looks like the “Giant” will once again win against “we the people,” or the collective humanity.  That it is often when Divinity Rises in its True Light inside each and all of you . . . that the darkness is conquered, vanquished, cleared, and the Light is restored to reign again on your world.  And not before.  If David had not committed to Stand For and With God/Source/Creator, in Faith and Fortitude, and in Divine Sight, it would have been an entirely different battle and an entirely different outcome.  

But he did.  He did unify with Source.  He did unify with the Breath.  He did unify with Faith in God and in his Divine Inner Guidance System.  And thus, the outcome was one of victory.  It wasn’t the King’s armor that was offered to him that would have left David, a shepherd boy, fighting the earthly giant, Goliath, in a test of physical strength and might.  No.  It was David’s alignment with Divine Listening that cued him to put on the Armor of God (FAITH) and align with his Inner Guidance System (Fortitude, Clear Soul Sight, Fearlessness, & Divine Union) that gave him an other-worldly strength and victory that could only be achieved With God, in Union With Source, and God’s Vision for the Ultimate, Best, and Highest Good Outcomes.  

David was a real person.  He was a real shepherd.  David battled the Goliath present in his day.  In his biblical time.  And his first instinct and intuition was to Align with Source.  To stand with Source.  And for Source to be his Armor, his Guidance, his Sight, and his Light that led him to Victory in that timeline.

Does that sound familiar?  Did Noah have to align with Faith the size of a Mustard Seed with the Heart of Source to receive his Divine Instructions to build that boat?  To create that ark?  Years in advance of the Great Flood?  Amidst the mocks and jeers of peers in his day?  Yes.  Did Moses have to align with Faith the size of a Mustard Seed with the Heart of Source to receive his Divine Instructions to lead his people to freedom and out of the clutches and enslavement program of the Pharaoh of the day?  Amidst the reality of Pharaoh’s army and wicked ways?  Yes.  Did Christ have to align with Faith the size of a Mustard Seed with the Heart of Source, His True Father, to receive his Divine Instructions and Knowings to teach his messages here in his biblical timeline?  And to transcend Death, only to rise and manifest the Christ Consciousness Timeline in a world and humanity that had previously long separated from it and their very own timeless eternal Divinity Codes?  Yes.  

David is yet another Epic Avatar and Hero in your story books.  In the Bible.  And in some of your awareness.  But how deep does your awareness of these Epic Heroes go inside you?  Are they mere characters?  Fictional beings?  Who are part of epic story-tales?  With lessons to impart?  But who aren’t real in any kind of biblical, divine, timeless ancestral way?  David is your brother.  Your soul family.  Your lineage.  As is Moses.  As is Noah.  As are many others in your history books.  And their energy is within you today.  In your DNA.  In the God Codes you carry within.  In the Christ Consciousness you each and all carry in the Etheric Seeds of your Divine Energy Fields that are not physical in nature but that are in fact Divine in every sense of the word.

You have all of their Faith and Fortitude within you.  As your own Divine Avatar and Expression of Source/God/Creator.  Clear Soul Sight is essential in this journey now.  Heart Connection and Deep Inner Listening is essential for Ascension now.  

They are not merely characters in a story.  They are real living Divine Beings flying into these transmissions, much like Eagle came through in this last transmission.  And David is like Eagle now today.  Eagle is this symbol of God’s Country and A Living David Frequency that is Fighting Goliath in an Epic Spiritual Battle taking place right under everyone’s noses.  Goliath today is represented in that 100-Headed Snake we referenced in the most recent transmission as well.

Is Eagle listening to God Within now . . . for the Inner Guidance Needed to Take Out the Goliath on your world in these times?  Yes.  Will Eagle’s Talons tear way the illusions and expose the poison of the Serpent’s Seed and Attempted Complete and Utter Dominion over God’s Domain and Divine Design?  Yes.  Does Eagle have a stone and a slingshot prepped, positioned, and ready to strike with precision in a single shot and spark across the world?  Yes.  Is Source working with many Divine Eagles, many Divine David’s, in your timeline today . . . to strike at the heads of this 100-headed serpent that has poisoned nearly every aspect of creation at this point in time?  Yes.  

Is it a good time to be prepared?  Yes.  Is it a good time to put on the Armor of God?  Yes.  What is the Armor of God?  Faith. Fortitude.  Inner Listening. Clear Soul Sight.  Union with Source.  Conscious Breathing.  Prana that fills Conscious Breathing.  Attunement in your Sacred Chakra Systems.  Love.  And the Living Light filling your perceptions and a willingness to be a Divine Vessel now to your Holy Purpose in these times. 

The Breath of God Is Becoming One Again Within the Hearts of One and All.

It May Not Seem Like It.  But God’s Miracles are unfolding.

When the Eagle Strikes, when the Lion Strikes, when all of God’s Instruments Rise and take their Rightful Place in the Acuity of Awakened Soul Vision, will Goliath fall?  Yes.

Mainstream media, central banking, many world religions, medicine, education, industries, governments, and much more are your biblical timeline’s GOLIATH.  Is it 1 Goliath or Multiple Aspects of The Energy of Goliath?  It is a Goliath Multiplied, but with the same core.  One Single Biblical Serpent, infiltrating through the din of separation consciousness, and using puppets like Goliath, like Pharaoh, like the Mainstream Media, many corrupt officials, bankers, and business owners etc. to pull the wool over people’s eyes and trick Today’s Children of God, just like Adam and Eve were Deceived!  Or Dis-Eved.   

You are Adam and Eve now today.  You are Noah now today.  You are Moses now today.  You are David today.  You are Christ Consciousness rising from the dead and ashes of your Lowered and Infiltrated Divinity Consciousness . . . and into the Risen Glory of Re-Unified Light and God’s Might once more.

Can you stand against this level of an epic Goliath as one David? As one Noah?  As one Joan of Ark?  As one Moses?  As one Christ?  Yes. But will you be more holistic in your Victory if you stand with God as ONE IN CHRIST?   As ONE IN UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?  As ONE WITH THE STRENGTH OF 1000 Central Suns Shining God Consciousness and Union Together?  Yes!

The Crest and Culmination of October is nigh.  And yet much more will unfold before this transmission releases in the first few days of November.  November is a David and Goliath Month dear ones.  Eagle is flying and already striking the heads of these poisonous serpents across the globe.  Humanity is summoned to find their Divinity in these times and to rise like the Great Epic Avatars of other timelines, now, within your own Ancient and Infinite Divine DNA and your own Inner Awareness of Faith, Fortitude, Grace, and Union with Source while Fear is Triggering in Epic Ways as this battle for Human Consciousness and this Chess Game for the Soul of Humanity plays on and plays out.   

If Rome wasn’t built and won in a day, nor is this Grand Ascension Process unfolding in 1 single event or moment in your timeline right now.  But are there are series of epic events unfolding?  Have they already unfolded?  And are they still yet to unfold?  Yes, to all 3 of those living vibrational essences.

It is Time to Fly Like Eagle.  It is Time to Stand in your Power and Courage Like Lion.  It is Time to Know Your Faith as your Greatest Divine Armor that can power up your Clear Soul Sight, and help you to stand with Eagle and Lion, in this time of Biblical Harbingers and this Timeline of Biblical Emancipation from the Serpent’s Clutches on the Soul and Life Force of Humanity.

Wake up, dear ones.

Rise up, dear ones.

Open your heart centers.  Open your eyes.  Open your Divine Lantern within to light the way forward and see more clearly your power, your presence, your purpose, your frequency, and your role in these times.

God Is Summoning Every Star Seed, Every Talent, Every Gift, Every Breath, and Every Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed in all beings worldwide to connect with Source in the Breath, in Faith, in the Heart, and in Clear Soul Sight to partner together AS ONE . . . FOR ALL OF CREATION . . . Under God, Indivisible, With Knowings of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice For All.

In November, the Scales of Justice will activate in Epic Ways to Reset and Restore What is Good, What is Godly, and What is Godliness in your world today once more.  The United States of America is a symbol for God’s Justice.  For the Re-Balancing of the Earth and All of Creation into God’s Creation and Garden of Eden once more.

Rome wasn’t built in 1 day.  But through a series of eventful victories that led to the Ultimate Victory.  You are in The Timeline of God’s Ultimate Victory. 

Justice will prevail.  Eagle Is Rising, Soaring, and Serpent Neutralizing at this time.

You, dear ones, one and all, are summoned to rise like Eagle and Lion, and WITH Eagle and Lion, and with your Divine Ancestral Lines of your Divine Codes knowing God, partnering with God, and Standing Victorious with God, because you UNIFIED WITH GOD and with The LIVING Breath and with the Living Word of God at this time, for these times, and FOR ALL TIME, in all directions of time.

God Has Already Won.  The Light Has Already Won.  Faith Has Already Won.

It is Time to Align with Source and with the Winning Side of Creation, that Is Truth.  Light.  Justice.  Sovereignty.  Abundance.  Peace. Joy.  Well-Being.  And Christ and Unity Consciousness shining through All Beings in All Realms in All Time.

It IS Time. 

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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