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Akatu - Solar Beings

Akatu - Solar Beings

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In Your Created Essence You BECAME… As Light Expressed Into Form!

You Carry Your Light Within As Well As Your Unseen Field Of Energy That Surrounds You!

You Are The Light Of The World And Your Power Will Be Known To You As We Shift To Sheen!

As You Move And Live, You Are Also Sustained By The Living Earth That Has Consciousness And Feels You!

Expressed By Intention From God Source, This Living Essence Provides Food, Water And Nature That Provide The Elements Of Your Created Form. As You Breathe In Oxygen And Breathe Out Carbon Dioxide, Living Trees Breathe In Carbon Dioxide And Release Oxygen For You In Photosynthesis.

Indeed, The Planet Earth Has Served You Well In All Waking Dreams! Your Vibrational Frequency Is Felt By A Tiny Leaf As Well As A Mountain. Everything Is Alive With The Consciousness Of Your Source!

The Sacred Sun And All Planets And Stars Are Part Of The One Expression Of Creation. Giving Sustenance To Various Types Of Life And Forms Is The Manner Of Infinite Creation! In Human Perspectives, There Must Be Water And Food As This Is Your Experience. Know Fully That All That Can Be Imagined, Is Thriving Somewhere On A Faraway Star!

In This Communication, I Will Discuss Solar Beings! The Powerful Sun That Warms Your Planet And Allows All Provisions To Continue Is Very Alive In Consciousness And Awareness. There Are Magnificent Beings Of Light That Thrive From The Intense Heat And Light. For This Is Their Very Essence!

These Beings With Souls That Are The Essence Of Love, Traverse The Cosmos As They Choose. Unable To Travel In Their Form Of Intense Heat And Light, They Were Given Power By Source To Become Part Of The Elements That Sustain You!

Each Solar Being Is Two Hundred To Three Hundred Feet Tall. They Walk Through Fire In The Intensity That Would Dissolve Other Life! They Thrive In Any Elements And Explore By Changing Form And Traveling Through Densities Undetected.

On The Mighty Sun Of Life, They Live And Communicate With A High-Pitched Frequency. Their Eyes Are Openings Of White Light! There Are No Other Features On Their Faces. They Absorb Nutrients Of Plasma And Heat As They Love One Another Unconditionally.

Created As One Race Of Light, They Know No Death And Have Never Procreated. Their Sacred Origin Of Being Has Existed Since The Creation Of The Sun In Preparation For Planets And Galaxies. The Earth Was Created After This Loving Process To Allow Life To Thrive And Continue In Many Waking Dreams!

Their Days Made Of Moments Are Spent Walking On The Heat Of Preparation For Life In Your Galaxy! Indeed, It Will Be In Expanded Consciousness For Any To Receive This Information. In Humble Power, I Chose To Bring This To Your Awareness!

These Beings Have No Name As Others We Have Brought Forth! But There Are None So Powerful As Those That Never Tasted Death In Any Manner! Indeed! Pleiadians Call These Beings ‘EEKAH’.

These Sacred Beings Were Created Before Elohim In The Vast Recesses Of Life In The Mind Of God Or Quantum Field. Here Is The Infinite Existence Of ‘EE AH’, Or Mother Father God.

For Many To Live In Form, The Infinite Field Was Extended To Include Stars That Would Be Home To Many!

Warmth And Provisions Of Water And Land To Be Discovered Were Thoughts In The Mind Of ONE.

In Elohim Came The Beginning Of Souls Without Form That Would Know Themselves In Color And Light. Breath Was Given And The Experience Of Self Projected Bodies And Abilities In Light! As Each New Moment Brought Travel To Stars, Galaxies Were Formed In Love!

Solar Beings Are The Light Of God Among You! While On The Sun, They Move In Powerful Bodies With Arms And Legs And Heads Like Yours But In Glowing Light That Would Blind A Man With Its Intensity! These Beings Of Love Dissolve Themselves Into Particles And Travel Through Densities To Cover You And Experience Your World. If You See Light From The Sun, Know That Each Ray Is Loving You! As You Feel The Warmth Of The Sun On Your Body, You Are Being Experienced By Solar Beings That Touch Your Essence!

Solar Beings Live To Serve You! They Travel In Frequencies To All Stars In The Galaxy And Anchor Worlds To The Love Of God While Asking Nothing In Return!

The Galactic Federation First Noticed This Powerful Light That Matched Their Own Light Within. Traversing Frequencies They Entered The Heat And Light Of The Sun With Their Most Magnificent Motherships And Landed With The Assistance Of The Solar Beings. There Has Been Communication In Frequencies For Thousands Of Years, Although Language In Words Has Never Been Spoken By Solar Beings. They Emit Frequencies Of Love Which Is Interpreted By Galactic Federation And Returned.

In Recent Years On Earth, Many Have Attempted To View The Sun And The Activities Surrounding This Massive Light That Is Suspended In Nothingness By God. Greater Technology Has Allowed Viewing Of Crafts In The Area As Well As Energy Around The Emissions Of Light That Surround The Solar Beings. The Galactic Federation Has Orchestrated And Allowed The Viewing Of Their Motherships On The Sun As The Intention Has Grown To Have A United Galactic Civilization.

NASA Has Taken Thousands Of Photos As Well As Lengthy Filming Of Areas That Show Movement, Color, Form And Crafts. Even Though Solar Beings Cannot Be Seen, Their Energy Is Detected With Special Cameras That Operate With High Technology. Indeed, Solar Beings Emit Color And Light!

The US Military As Well As Military Around The World Have Continually Sought Answers To Questions They Are Unable To Ask, Simply From The Lack Of Knowledge. Mankind Seeks Spiritual Answers From The Outer World Of Being And The Answers Are Ever Before Everyone In Consciousness!

You That Are Reading This, Are Also An Expression Of God! You Are Life Itself!

Look At All The Love And Attention That Was Designed In Perfection So You Could Live And Thrive!

Never Forget The Importance Of Your Being!

We Are ONE In Great Ways Of Light!

I Love You So!



Judith is Kab’s mother in this lifetime, and she is the human incarnation of Aya, Kabamur’s mother on Taygeta. Both Judith and Kab have incarnated together in this lifetime to share with the world about Pleiadians and about the coming Shift. Judith has fully activated clairvoyant abilities; remote viewing, astral travel, multi-dimensional sight, visions of past and future, interactions with Fairies and Angels, and ongoing telepathic contact with Pleiadian Guides. Their Taygeta family is at the forefront of operations relating to Earth’s coming Ascension.
“Kab” is the human incarnation of Kabamur, son of Elder Ikai of Taygeta and Aya, and brother of Laka, Neioh and Akatu. He has incarnated with Aya to share Pleiadian Messages and awareness of the Shift in the last days. Kab is one of many that will serve as Ambassadors when Pleiadians are introduced to humans following the Shift to Sheen.


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