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Change Your Focus Change Your Life - Message From The Angels

Change Your Focus Change Your Life - Message From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have, in recent months, been gently assisting and guiding you in shifting your reality from a 3D paradigm to the 5D – a reality in which energy is more important than effort or action. We continue to do so because it serves your soul, your joy, and your desire to create a happy experience of life no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

This will become increasingly important as all of you continue to explore your emotions, expressions, and the resulting life experiences. Even the divisiveness, upsets, and frustrations you witness are simply signs that souls are "coming out of the closet" so to speak, sharing their feelings and their personal truths. These expressions – whether hateful or kind – are steps along the path of maturing into more loving and authentic beings.

So how do you, in a world that currently seems so beyond your control, create the peace, love, joy, and all the other things you wish to experience in your own personal day-to-day life?

The answer depends upon which paradigm you espouse. In 3D you work, save, strive, manipulate, bully, plead, cajole, earn or DO whatever it takes to try to get what you want in life. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn't. In 5D you go within, create an inner reality that generates feelings, which emanate energies into your world, that magnetize the essence of what you want. You avoid jamming your own signals with doubt and fear. You allow your positive, expectant energies to go out into the world and be reflected back to you with faith and trust.

Imagine, for a moment, that the entire world lives within you. You might picture that your body is filled with stars, universes, or your Dear Mother Earth, with all her inhabitants. Imagine that all people live within you, all plants, and all species of animals. Use whatever imagery or imaginary scenario works for you. Perhaps you imagine everything in miniature within. This is just visual metaphor, but it will serve a purpose.

Now, imagine for a moment that the person you love the most lives within you. Feel their love. Imagine focusing your attention on that love, receiving it, reveling it, and appreciating it. Feel that love grow within you. If you were to do this often, you would start to notice more and more of that feeling of love being reflected back to you in all areas of your external life.

For just a moment, imagine that something you cannot stand lives within you as well. It may be an ideology, an individual, a political party, the squeaky door in your house, a food you dislike, or a situation. As you focus your attention on this inner reality, notice the difference in how you feel, both in your body and emotions. We don’t recommend spending more than a few seconds here! This is not an energy you would want reflected back to you in your external world.

Now, once again, shift your focus. Imagine shining an inner search light in this inner universe until you find something that ignites feelings of joy, love, peace, or contentment. Focus on this. Expand the good feeling. Allow it to fill you and spiral out from you. See if you can maintain this focus by keeping your attention on the good feelings for a minute or two. Notice that as you focus more and more of your attention on the things in your inner reality that please you, your personal experience of outer life will shift to become more pleasing as well.

In truth, the energies of all creation exist within you. You didn’t do a thing in your outer world as you were practicing this simple technique. You completely shifted your attention to the energies of the world within. Your “ego” or personality chose, from the vast array of life’s energies and offerings within you, the frequencies that resonate with you, uplift you, and inspire you. You noticed that it feels good to focus on what resonates and it feels unpleasant to focus on what doesn’t resonate with you.

This is a 5D tool that you can practice often. No matter what your outer world looks like, remind yourself, it is just a reflection of what you have paid attention to within. Since most of you pay attention to a variety of frequencies, ranging from those that delight you to those that disgust you, you witness a variety of reflections in your outer world. You argue with us at times, telling us you feel a certain way inside because of what is happening outside. While we understand this 3D paradigm, we know the greater truth is that you could walk in a crowd of loving and hateful people and you would find and focus upon the ones that match a vibration within you.

This doesn't mean that you are hateful if you attract hateful people, but it might mean you hate conflict, and focus on that discomfort until it finds you. It might mean you are intensely uncomfortable setting boundaries and thus attract people who don't like them either. It might mean that you love others more than you love yourself, and thus you attract people who love themselves more than you as well. Dear ones, this is simply the way the universe works. The external world mirrors internal energies – not beliefs, not actions, not words.

We are not making you wrong, for living in a 3D paradigm. We love you! You have great courage! You incarnated into that reality. We are, however, guiding you with great love to embrace a greater truth so that you can enjoy your life experience. We want you to learn that you can go into your inner world, focus on that which brings you delight and thus attract it into your life. Then when you bump into something or someone in your outer world that doesn’t resonate, you can dive back inward, quickly adjust your focus, and as Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.” You can quickly focus once again on that which gives you joy. The outer world, in its less pleasing aspects, just reminds you to do so.

Do your best. As you learn new 5D beliefs and energy management skills, it will take practice to make these part of your life. You will do well one day, and be challenged on others, but you have the capability inside of you. You are all created in the “image and likeness of God” in that all worlds, all things, and all beings live within you as energyLike a hologram in which every part contains the whole, so too, entire worlds exist within. What energies do you wish to support and empower?

You were given the gift of free will to explore this very question. Through your focus on energies within, you attract experiences without. You look at them, learn, grow, and adjust your focus until your personal outer reality, no matter what the rest of the world is doing is beautiful and filled with light and joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

Years ago, the angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon, a remarkable trance medium, said to me, “Ann the entire world exists within you. You choose what you bring to the surface.” It has taken me over a decade to truly understand that. If I want something in my life, I focus on it inwardly, feel it, enjoy the feeling, look forward to it, and then the essence of it comes. If I don’t like what I see around me, I shift my focus.

For example, when we were on lock down earlier in the year I hadn’t been out of the house in over three weeks. I was intensely focused on helping clients with Coved. I was going inward every night, finding them in my inner world, and focusing on their light. In every case they started getting better. At one point however, I grew weary from a tough day and got frustrated with the feeding frenzy of fear around coved.

That night I awoke with a scratchy throat, a cough, and a glassy feeling in my lungs. There was no biological possibility I had been exposed. It was all vibrational. I knew that energy. It has tried to knock me down before when I wasn't fully in my light. "Pucker up buttercup. This is a space for love," I said, half aloud, while still half asleep. I went within, focused on my light and God’s Love. After about ten minutes I felt my body jerk as the energy left and all symptoms completely and immediately disappeared! That’s how vibrational we truly are.

What you focus on inwardly is not always reflected literally, but rather energetically in some form. For example if you focus on a kind person in your life you’ll see more and more kind people and the ones who aren’t will “bounce off you” with compassion. If you get worn down and start feeling beat up for any reason, then you’ll attract that vibration in many forms.

I got sad about the anger in the world a few weeks ago. It had triggered past life fears of mobs and uprisings, and I was working hard to shake it when a series of angry people began to show up in my life. Total strangers wrote in via the website for help and became scathing and unkind, when I offered them vibrational tools rather than the personal validation and attention they were seeking. I deleted the emails and prayed that these souls find those whose calling was more aligned with their desires.

External reality was simply showing me that I needed to shift my focus before I attracted more. So I went within, and focused once again on nature, on the beauty of the season, my family, friends, clients, and the love that lives in all souls. I searched for and read beautiful stories of people with beautiful hearts doing beautiful work. I meditated, prayed for the upliftment of all souls, and most importantly simply sat in connection with the Divine and marinated in that love. It didn't take long before I was in my joy once again.

Feelings about the outer world are our internal barometers. They show us where we need to take responsibility for, and refine our focus in the inner world. If you focus on a politician with anger, you might never meet them in person but you’ll start noticing all sorts of things and people that bother you in a similar way. If you focus on fearing a virus we can actually weaken our immune systems. Conversely if you focus on one beautiful thing in your life over and over, or better yet, all that you can authentically love and appreciate, then you’ll see more and more to love and appreciate with each passing day.

In 3D we are victims of the external world. In 5D we are conscious creators. In truth we are and always have been, but as we – collectively – awaken to this, we have the ability to influence our external world to become a kinder more loving place, and if not the entire world, at least your personal experience of reality.

Here are a few tips to help you refine your inner focus.

1. Practice using your tuner

Practice every day. Set a timer to remind you every few hours and when it goes off, stop whatever you are doing or thinking as soon as you can. Shut your eyes. Imagine a whole earth and cosmos within you. Focus on one thing or one being that you absolutely love. It can be a person, a pet, chocolate, a memory, or a fantasy.

Feel your love and more importantly your resonance with this thing or being. Feel the harmony as you think of it/him/her. Expand this feeling of love within you. Imagine it growing until you feel wonderful. Give thanks for the resonance, the joy, the upliftment. Give thanks to yourself for choosing good feelings. Do this for a minute or so until you feel really good. Imagine then expanding this light outward from you into the world.

2. Use your feelings as your barometer

When you feel good, you are choosing to focus on things that make you feel good. When you don’t feel good, your inner “tuning” needs refinement. This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything bad or wrong. We are here as conscious creators made in the image and likeness of the Source, learning to reclaim that power. We are all a work in progress.

When something doesn’t make you feel good, especially if it is something in the external world, take the first available opportunity and dive within. Find something in your inner world that resonates with you – puppies, laughter, fresh produce, nature, your kids, anything or anyone. Repeat the exercise above until you feel wonderful. Intend to send that good feeling out to the world. Before you even attempt to figure out what "to do," go within and remember who you want "to be."

3. Release the addition to drama and victim hood

All of us have had times when we forget that we can choose a kinder focus, and instead become obsessed with things that bother us. Like a dog with a bone, we hang on to our problems. We think we need to "fix" the external world so we search for solutions, often while emanating a frustrated vibration that doesn't support real solutions.

Our brain chemistry can actually get addicted to the chemicals released in anger and frustration, but if we retrain our focus it can just as easily get addicted to the chemicals released with positive emotions. It is just a matter of using our willpower to practice refocusing on what resonates.

4. Help the world with your joy

Since the whole world lives within you as energy, you can easily become a vibrational contribution. Your wholeness elevates the whole. Your willingness to receive love from the heavens (sit, breathe, receive) is a willingness to share love with the entire earth. In a resonant reality, we also know how to serve our external world, where to serve, and whether to serve via action, prayer, or vibration. We are guided by our inner compass towards service through joy.

There are many tugs and pulls right now in the outer world. There are many in the external who will encourage us to take sides or validate their understandings of reality. You will resonate with some and not with others. The angels are asking us now to give up battling the external, and to simply go within – into that reality in the inner world where all exists – and choose to focus on the realities that resonate with us.

The inner world is beautiful. It is a symphony of frequencies from which we get to choose. As we learn to choose more consciously, reality starts to shift in magical ways, first inside of our own emotions, then in our personal experience, and eventually spiraling out into a kinder, happier world.

Love you all!

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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