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Dancing in Harmony in a Diverse Universe - The Angels

Dancing in Harmony in a Diverse Universe - The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It might be hard to imagine, in a world of vastly diverging opinions and perspectives, that you can find harmony. Nonetheless, all of life – including yourself – exists in a beautifully synchronized dance of vibration. Harmony is what you experience when you surrender to the natural impulses that arise within you – when you are in harmony with your own deeper Self.

You will find evidence of this harmony and order In every facet of the natural world. Within universes, galaxies, solar systems, ecosystems, and your very own human bodies, the diversity of life and perspectives is beyond human comprehension. Nonetheless, each of these systems operates in a perfectly orchestrated dance that supports both the good of the individual components, as well as the good of the whole.

Breathe. Right now, within your very own body, you have an orchestration of life in a countless, miraculous diversity of form! Trillions of cells are interacting with one another, sending signals via nerve channels. There are millions of chemical reactions in a given moment, and electro-magnetic waves pulsing in unison that your science will someday come to understand.

Within every breath – in every micro-moment – this universe of tiny beings that make up the body that you call "you," are dancing together in an unimaginable harmony.

Just breathe for a moment.

Contemplate the miracle that is you...

Feel the life within you...

Imagine the trillions of cells, signals, chemicals, and countless other forms of life living within you, comprising you, and keeping you alive...

Feel the diversity of life humming, vibrating, communicating, and dancing within you!

You are a Magnificent, Miraculous, Diverse, and Harmonious collection of beings and interactions with diverse purpose, passion, and perspective!

You are an ecosystem in and of yourself.

You are a universe of life, and a vibrational symphony that pulses and weaves itself throughout all of creation!

Can you feel the miracle of the communities within you? Can you feel their cooperation? Use your imagination at first. You can tune into this harmony in the diversity of life at any time. It lives within you.

If this exercise feels too challenging, look at any ecosystem. Study it. Learn how a fallen tree feeds the fungi, that act as nervous signals beneath the forest floor to help the living trees thrive. Learn about the insects that feed the birds that eat the seeds that fly to new locations and plant new trees. Dear ones your life and all life is an intricately, interwove matrix of miracles – a symphony of diversity operating in a coordinated dance beyond your wildest dreams.

So too, the human race was designed to be infinitely diverse, and to operate in harmony as part of the ecosystem of life upon your planet earth. Just feel that for a moment. Feel the rightness of your place within the whole. Feel the importance of you, here and now. Feel the energetic contribution you are, as you emit varying degrees of love, and feel how those signals weave into the fabric of the vibration of the human race!

You are never, ever without purpose and value. You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. Your desires matter, for these very same desires are the signals that activate the universe to guide your steps in the dance of life itself.

So next time you find yourself disagreeing with anyone – be it with their own actions, their beliefs, their perspectives, even their treatment of you – remind yourself, "I only need to be concerned about my own place in this dance! I only need to signal the universe with my own desires, and follow my own inner compass, and live according to my own heart, and my own feelings, and my own beliefs!"

In so doing you can rest assured that all you have to do is be you, and that everyone else can find their place in the dance according to their own desires. Like a cell signaling the body for help with health and well-being, you can signal the universe that you want health, happiness, joy, abundance, peace, and whatever else you choose to create – no matter what anyone else is doing, thinking, believing, or being!

You are the signaler, the tuner, the allower, and therefore the creator of your own personal reality and as you signal what you desire, tune into what you wish to feel, allow it to come to you be getting out of the way (discarding your fears and doubts and shifting your focus to success), you will experience the reality you wish to experience.

So, we implore you, for the sake of your own joy, your own peace of mind, your own well-being, your own prosperity, become like every other wonderful and beautiful part of nature and live naturally – according to your own inner nature.

You need not think about what action to take next if you act naturally based on your heart's natural urgings.

You need not worry about how you "should" feel if you allow yourself to feel as you do, and then love yourself through it until you naturally return to love.

You need not worry about what anyone else is doing because in your natural state of allowing yourself to think thoughts that feel good, to choose joy when you can – you will be naturally guided to your place, according to your own desires, in this beautiful dance of life.

You were not all meant to interact with everyone else. You were meant to be true to self and in so doing to allow life to sort you into groups of like mind and like heart. Some of you are like organ cells, congregating together for a common purpose. Some of you are like nerve cells, sharing messages between differing perspectives. Some of you are like the catalytic enzymes in the human body. You all have a place in this beautiful dance of life.

Just be you, dear ones. There is no need to over-analyze what that means. Breathe. Relax. What comes naturally, lovingly, kindly to you now? What feels more like love right now? What thoughts feel best to you? You have been trained in ways unnatural to your very being, and yet Love, which is your essence, is always there, rising up within you, and guiding you on the most natural path in a Divinely orchestrated dance of life and love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

When I keep my vibe high – by focusing on thoughts that feel good and listening to my natural urges – I experience a harmonious flow to life. I enjoy win-win relationships, grace, ease, and everyday miracles.

When I let my thoughts dip or ignore my natural guidance... that's a different story! For example last week I shared how I banged up my knee when I was ungrounded. My natural urge in the moment, was to rest a minute before my next client, but instead I tried to fit in one more thing while I wasn't fully in my body. Splat! Down I went onto the hard tile. Ow.

It took only seconds to recover my high vibe, and soon I was back to experiencing myself in a glorious, loving, dance with life. My shoulder healed completely in two days and my knee was already so much better I could bend it most of the way and walk on it easily after only a few days. I was even able to do 8 hours of construction with a dear friend who came over to help me build ten large garden boxes this weekend. (Power tools can be fun!) I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of what I call "super-dirt" so I can grow more veggies. So much fun!

My garden has been a wonderful teacher about life's natural harmony. Years ago I planted a rosemary bush. It's a strong, beautiful plant that gives generously. I enjoy rosemary chicken with garlic, rosemary mushroom lasagna, rosemary olive oil roasted potatoes, and muddled rosemary with blueberries and honey in sparkling water. The list of deliciousness goes on.

Last year I planted mint. At the time I didn't realize that mint is a passionate, invasive herb on a mission to take over every square inch it can inhabit! Very quickly my 2" mint plant took over the entire side of my house and 3 ft outward, growing happily amidst the cattails that had strangely planted themselves in my Phoenix desert garden.

Mint tried to encroach on rosemary's space, but rosemary, who was well-rooted in her own being, held her ground. Mint simply grew around her. They both thrived. Meanwhile my peppers held their ground too, leaning heavily on the sturdy cattails while the mint circled around them as well. It was an odd but a beautiful dance of life.

Eventually by autumn last year, the mint had become so greedy for water and soil that its roots became a tangled mat and it started to choke itself off. I no longer enjoyed the mess, so I transplanted the peppers, had the soil churned up, placed cardboard over it to kill off the stragglers in certain areas, and joined the garden dance with my own desires. Rosemary was relieved. Mint started popping up again in a more contained area. I weeded the spots where it wasn't welcome and left it growing where it was. We are once again in a harmonious dance in my own little backyard ecosystem, even in spite of seemingly conflicting desires.

So how does this apply to life? Sometimes you want to grow and expand but you feel thwarted or blocked from what you desire. What to do? Listen to your impulses. Like the mint growing around the rosemary, you'll be guided to go around perceived obstacles, so you can have what you really want at a deeper and more meaningful level.

For example, I've talked to many people over the past year who have felt oppressed by the many restrictions imposed on them, such as quarantine. As we dig deeper however, they've told me that their natural urges have guided them around this seeming obstacle towards something that will ultimately be more freeing. They've felt like resting for the first time, which has caused them to focus on how they truly want to live. As a result they've made happy changes in their lives and routines. They've gone out in nature more, breathed the fresh air, and felt more free in their physical bodies.

Some have started new businesses, thus granting themselves greater freedom to be who they want in the future. Many have released relationships that weren't so kind or respectful to begin with, thus freeing themselves to create newer and more harmonious dances. In each case, they were naturally guided towards a freedom much greater and longer-lasting than the superficial freedoms that were temporarily withdrawn.

At other times you may feel someone pushing up against you. People may attempt to impose their political ideas upon you or their views about health care. In these cases, your natural loving urge, like the rosemary, may be to quietly stand your ground without argument and live life as you wish. Be polite. Allow for other perspectives, express yourself kindly if you wish, but continue to follow your own inner compass.

The most important part of this discussion is that the entire natural world, including us, has natural loving impulses in any given moment. In a high and loving vibe, these natural urges are the guidance that help us to authentically be ourselves, and to move peacefully around perceived obstacles. In harmony with your loving self, you feel good. You find yourself flowing easily in harmony towards people and situations that easily resonate. The rest of the world can be in chaos and conflict, but we can live in a glorious dance of love, harmony, and order.

Here are a pointers to help you attract a harmonious dance with life:

1. Appreciate what resonates / Remove your focus from what does not

In my college days I loved to go out dancing. Inevitably someone would come up on the dance floor with whom I had natural harmony. Those dances were a joy. Then there were others who, no matter how hard we tried, were not a natural fit and took way too much effort. Inevitably we gave up and turned to more suitable partners.

Likewise in life there are people and characteristics that you naturally resonate with. Rather than focusing on what you don't resonate with, make an effort to constantly appreciate the people, situations and characteristics of others that are naturally harmonious. Even if you don't care for a person there are good traits that you can appreciate. Focus there.

In this fashion you'll draw more harmonious people and situations to you. The angels constantly remind us, "You will always see more of what you look for."

2. Remind yourself often – "My experience of life is my creation"

The angels constantly remind me that no one and nothing has more power over me than my own vibration. When it appears that someone else, or some situation can negatively affect your reality, dive in and go back to imagining and feeling the energy of your desired outcome.

For example I used to get really upset when people tail-gated on the highway. I asked the angels what I could do about it, since I drive a great deal. "Focus on enjoying your drive. Look at the scenery. Send them love." Feeling quite victimized at the time and misunderstood, I argued with the angels. "But they could kill me! How can I enjoy the drive?" "Do you really think they have more power over your life and death than you and God, Ann?" I got it. I started sending the tailgaters love while enjoying the drive. Magically most of them back off now, and I enjoy a kinder and more harmonious flow while on the road.

When we reclaim our power to create, by focusing on desired outcomes, we are in harmony with our own soul. The external world will find ways to mirror that back to us.

3. Follow your own inner compass

Listening to the natural instincts and impulses that feel resonant and good to you will always feel harmonious and good because, when you do so, you are in alignment with the Divine within.

There's no need to "get "others to understand you, as long as you understand you. You can listen to other perspectives with respect, express yourself kindly, and still do only what you are guided to do.

There is wonderful energy coming into the planet, stirring up the truth inside of each individual. Those who listen to their natural, loving impulses will find their place, dancing in harmony with resonant elements and people, in a natural flow of grace and ease.

Have a happy week!
Love and joy,

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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