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Message From The Angels: A Moment is Enough

Message From The Angels: A Moment is Enough

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have been working with you for some time to help you raise your vibration and trust your feelings as indicators of your guidance. As you move forward upon your earth, this will become increasingly important. You are learning to calibrate your energy, so you will clearly and quickly know what matches your vibration and what does not.

You are learning to be like a finely tuned radio, willing only to receive your chosen station. As you know, signals from many diverse sources bombard your radios – news broadcasts, weather, propaganda, opinions, music, entertainment, gardening, and so much more! However, if the radio is clearly tuned to a specific channel, then that is all it will receive and share

Similarly, you will receive and broadcast the vibrations you attune to. If you are attuned to joy, you will receive more joyful ideas, bump into cheerful people, and emanate joy. If you are attuned to sadness, you will attract others who may comfort you but not necessarily help you move toward joy. It may be challenging to connect with or benefit from those in a happier state. As you choose one more soothing thought at a time, you will shift out of this sadness into a more hopeful and helpful space.

If you are attuned to the vibration of dis-ease, physical or emotional, you will find plenty of information about how to heal. Without the clear guidance that comes with a focus on well-being, these options might trigger more stress and exacerbate the dis-ease. If instead, you are focused on anything that feels better, eagerly looking forward to what you can do when you feel well, or even just soothing yourself, you will be able to sort through the options and intuitively feel those that can help you the most.

Likewise, if you are attuned to hate – such as hating a particular political ideology – you will attract people, ideas, and articles to support and amplify the discomfort of your hate. By contrast, if you adopt a "live and let live" philosophy and attune yourself to loving the political ideals you love, you will attract people, ideas, and articles that help you promote these ideals in your world.

We want to clarify something here. The heavens and your angels can only support your loving vibrations. We never send you unpleasant people, ideas, thoughts, or situations. The world and other people do that quite well on their own. Instead, we send you joyful, soothing, or inspiring thoughts, love, and people with whom you can interact positively. We steer you toward helpful souls. If you are tuning in to even a little love, we can support that with all our hearts.

So, dear ones, ask yourself frequently, "How do I feel? How does my soul see this moment? How can I focus on things that feel better?" As you do, you consciously and deliberately use your minds as the tuners the Divine intended them to be. You start to take charge of your thoughts and thus your feelings, your vibrations, and your reality.

When you are in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. When not, defer making critical decisions and drawing conclusions until you are. Nothing is more crucial than slowly and gradually improving your vibration, for this alone determines the degree of flow, grace, and guidance you can receive.

Don't beat yourself up when you're down. Self-criticism won't elevate you. Instead, you can do something to change your mood and your situation. Reach for a soothing thought. Consider your options. Ask for assistance.

For example, if you feel stuck at the bottom of a stairway, you could say, "I am at the bottom," do nothing about it and stay there, or you can take the first step. Perhaps you are disabled and can honestly say, "I am stuck here. I cannot walk up the stairs." However, you can call a friend, ask for help, find the elevator, ask someone else to run your errand upstairs, or ask others for assistance to create a better space on the first floor if this is a living situation.

There will always be valid reasons to feel bad. The world offers them freely. You may have inadvertently created difficult conditions in your life to deal with. Others may have made decisions you wish with all your heart they had not made. You can remain stuck feeling down. We understand. We certainly don't judge you. Or, you can take steps, one little thought at a time, to feel better. You can remain disconnected from grace, flow, and guidance or ease your way into it, one thought at a time.

Whether you do or not, we love you. We offer steady guidance, hoping you will be open to receiving it, even for a moment. You might feel miserable, but you can still listen to a small positive desire to stop and get a glass of lemonade. When you take that first sip, memories of carefree summers may come flooding back, and in that one moment of a higher vibe, we can get a thought through to you about how to solve your serious challenges.

Take heart, dear ones. You don't have to exist constantly in a high vibration, although the more you do, the better you feel. Reach for those moments of good feeling, openness, and moments that remind you how deeply and dearly you are loved. It only takes a second of being in a higher vibe to receive the guidance that can turn your situation around.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone!

Practicing high-vibe living definitely has its perks! You receive unexpected surprises and delights at every turn.

I went to the Tuscon Gem Show this year. For those unfamiliar with it, it is one of the largest gem and mineral exhibitions and trade shows worldwide. You'll find smaller pieces and museum-quality specimens big enough to be focal points in a hotel lobby! To those who love rocks, it is a heavenly playground of frequencies and an international bazaar with wonderful souls from every corner of the world. I love it!

This year a friend and I were making our way through the endless rows of booths and vendors when I had to stop. I gasped with delight! The most beautiful aquamarine I had ever seen stood in a small case high on a shelf above my head. It was about a foot tall, six to eight inches wide, and crystal clear. It was ocean and sky, Atlantis and heaven, beauty and awe in one stone. I stood there in sheer reverence for this incredible piece of God's creation.

The gentleman who owned the booth came rushing around the counter. "You have to see this!" he insisted. "You have to hold it." He began to work the key in the lock of the glass case. It's worth $450,000, he told me. The glass case shook as he jiggled the key in the stubborn lock. I watched this unfold with disbelief. A very tall woman came by and helped steady the case as the lock finally gave way. This incredible man retrieved the rock worth more than my house and proudly offered to let me hold it.

"No, it's OK. I don't have to hold it," came flying out of my mouth! "I can't afford it. It's worth more than my house." The gentleman looked at me with the kindest expression and firmly said, "No. I am not trying to sell it to you. You respected the stone. No one else has even stopped to look at it. I insist." I was near tears by this time as I felt something much deeper and more beautiful going on. I compromised. I'd hold it if he set it down on the counter. I didn't want to risk dropping a stone of that value!

So this beautiful man put the stone worth more than my house on the counter, and I held it. I felt pure love flow through it, into me from the angelic realms. The energy emanated outward in all directions. I felt a merging of the stone's energies with my own, which I can still connect with today. Words flew out of my mouth. "I talk to angels. I am going to bless you and your family. I will pray for you and ask that this stone find its rightful owner." Without thought, I put my hands on the stone, invoked the heavens, and prayed.

The heavens opened up further. Angelic energy poured into me and through my hands out to all in the center, and out to the earth. We all felt it. We all knew we were in a space of higher love. They thanked me. I thanked them. Soul to soul, we recognized this exquisite moment of pure connection. Later that day, I sent them a thank you, and they responded with incredible kindness.

I experienced more love in that high-vibe five-minute interaction with total strangers than in all the "relationships I had attempted to create from a lower vibe in earlier years. It is just one example of the sheer beauty and magic that can unfold in a moment of allowing yourself wonder, joy, or appreciation.

This commitment to feeling good still takes work and discipline. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of daily opportunities to feel bad. Every day, I talk to people who are hurting for valid reasons. I wake up to emails from people in challenging situations who need help. I stub my toe, have to work out un-fun tax issues with my accountant, know people I love who are sick, and had two very beloved clients transition this week.

When I witness suffering, I choose to love rather than worry. It keeps me in a vibe where I feel good and can contribute. When I stub my toe, I give thanks for the healing the minute after I gasp. When I have an un-fun tax issue, as I did this morning, and find out I will have to pay for checking the wrong box on a form out of ignorance, I have one moment of hissy-fit, then get over it and give thanks because now I know better. Lesson learned. Move on. Get back to joy. On the day I'm writing this, I'm looking forward to completing the amazon page for my first children's book! That is so exciting for me. I'm not allowing challenges and interruptions to dim my excitement.

I'm still human. Some days I have to indulge myself in an almighty rant. However, that usually leads to laughter as I witness myself being a child! Some days I have to feel sorry for myself and wallow in a glorious pity party, which inevitably leads to tea, cozy blankets, and feelings of comfort. Some days I have to roll my eyes at destructive human behaviors, but that will eventually lead to compassion because "they know not what they do." The more I practice feeling good, the more quickly I can get there.

Here are a few tips to help you find high-vibe moments even when something not-so-wonderful is going on...

1. Play the Gratitude Game

When you catch yourself feeling bad, think of three things to be grateful for fast as you can. At first, this may seem stupid because these things may not be related to the topic causing you discomfort or pain, but they will help raise your vibe.

Here are a few examples from my life:

I discovered I owed more money on taxes because I checked the wrong box on a form last February. "Fooey. How could I have been so stupid!? How could I have known?" I started to berate myself and got fussy. "OK, three things... I'm grateful for my eagle-eyed accountant. I'm so grateful for the beautiful weather! Oh, this coffee with whipped cream is delish!" Sigh of relief. "OK, I can deal with this."

I hear that a dear one is sick and may have to cancel a trip they wanted to take. Worry. Concern. Prayers. "OK, three things. I'm grateful they're alive. I'm grateful I can envision their health. OMG! I get so happy thinking about my children's book." Sigh of relief. We can do this. I gently encourage them to take it one day at a time. Things are moving in a good direction.

I learned that two very dear souls whom I love passed this week. I will miss them. I care about their loved ones who are hurting. "OK, three things. My lunch is delicious. I want to appreciate every moment of life. I love my cozy sweater. This soap my friend just gave me sitting on my desk smells like heaven." I breathe a sigh of relaxation – a sure sign that I've released resistance to love. I shut my eyes and ask to feel the bliss of these dear ones, and heaven floods me with ecstasy for which there are no words. I cannot feel sad in this reality.

Vibration is always more important than the topic. Do what it takes to tune :)

2. Do something nice for yourself

Years ago, I had a huge problem. I can't recall the problem, but I'll never forget the angels' advice as I stewed over it. "Ann, go get a pedicure." I ranted at the time. "How is that going to solve anything?" "Clearly," I thought, "they didn't understand the problem!" In truth, I needed help understanding the idea of vibration vs. topic. They continued, like good friends encouraging me to treat myself well. "Just go treat yourself." This seemingly crazy and unrelated advice continued until I decided, "Why not?" I went and got a pedicure. At the nail shop, the ladies around me were cheerful and laughing. I got caught up in their joy. I mentioned my problem, and they consoled me. I left feeling very soothed and able to deal with the situation.

So while you can't always solve your problems immediately, you can always do something kind for yourself. You can wrap up in a nice blanket, take a nap, have a cup of tea, or whatever you like. You can look at the sky, breathe the fresh air, pet your dog, or enjoy a soft pillow. You can doodle or listen to a song you love.

Anything kind that you can imagine doing or thinking will help lift your vibe. While it might be totally unrelated to the problem, you will be more open to guidance and human help, too, as a result.

3. Do something nice for someone else

Most of us feel better the minute we do something for someone else, as long as we do it from love rather than duty. When I used to feel lack, taking my friends out for dinner made me feel abundant, and money would start to flow.

On my first Valentine's day as a single woman, I called a friend who had been through a lot and invited her to go rock hunting with me! Not only did we refocus and have a blast, but I also found "cupid's" arrowhead made of quartz in the dirt!

When I've been sick or in pain, and I'm able, I focus on loving people and helping where I can. Even if I can answer a kind email or two between sleeping and care for myself, I feel better.

It feels good and raises your vibe whenever you can authentically do something kind for another.

Love, whether it flows to you, through you, or from you, for any reason whatsoever, will raise your vibe and improve the quality of your life. We can't undo deaths or earthquakes. We can't go back in time and un-check boxes on IRS forms. We can't change years of focus that led to an illness.

But right here, right now, in this very moment, we can start to turn it all around. We can seek those high vibe moments and give spirit a crack into which they can insert their love until we release our resistance to it and open even wider to receive more and more!

Have a blessed week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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