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Message from The Angels: Disengaging From The Darkness

Message from The Angels: Disengaging From The Darkness

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are in a constant dance with the energies of life around you. You are all empathic beings, capable of feeling anything you tune into. 

You can feel the feelings of others. You can feel the resonance of life around you. You intuitively understand what frequencies are compatible with you in a given moment and which are not.

If you are happy and having a beautiful day, you might still run into an angry person, but if they don't match any frequencies within you, they won't disturb you. They're not compatible with your loving vibration and can't drag you down. You'll have compassion, look at them curiously, or simply decide to avoid them.

If you have some upset lurking within you, they might "trip your trigger," but, having practiced tuning your energy, you can quickly find your way back to joy.

If, however, you are already in a space of upset, such a person would resonate with you, amplify your own anger and upset you even more.

Likewise, if you're sad, you might not want to be around someone emanating joy unless you are reaching for that frequency. If you are feeling empowered, you might not resonate with someone in a victimized mood, and if you are feeling victimized, you might not want to hear someone preach about how you can be more empowered unless you are reaching for that frequency already.

As your saying goes, wherever you go, there you are.

This ability to feel life around you is one of the many reasons it makes sense to love and accept yourself even when you're down. You will attract and resonate with those who have similar compassion.

It makes sense to reach for the best vibration you can find so you'll be able to feel your higher guidance and resonate with others in these higher spaces who can amplify your own good feelings and receive higher guidance.

As you choose to love yourself and find reasons to feel better, you will find that you no longer have any desire to engage in the dances of density and darkness.

There are those upon your earth who live in such fear that they demand your agreement, often in unloving ways. There are those who take their anger out on the innocent. There are those who learned in early childhood to get their way by being endearing, seductive, demanding, or manipulative and still keep engaging in these behaviors into adulthood. There are those whose pain is so great they cannot find a way out except to take it out on others.

These are not horrible souls. All souls are made of one light. However, these are souls who are lost, at least for a time, in the denser energies. Don't drive them further into the darkness with your hate, dear friends. Remove your attention from their bad behaviors and pray for them, with the hope that one day, your prayers will help lift them into greater light.

We are not asking you to like unlikable behaviors. We are not asking you to feel good about bad words. We are not asking you to fall in love, in the human sense, with those who hate and hurt. We are simply saying this - you do not have to fall into density because others around you want you to join in their pain.

You can remain in your light, your joy, and your loving vibration no matter what others choose.

We know this isn't easy, but it is the path to your deepest freedom. You may have to live with them, work with them, or get on the bus with them, but you do not have to engage in the energies they emit, for they are calling for attention in unloving ways. You do not have to give them your attention.

You get to choose where you place your focus. You get to choose what vibrations you empower. You get to choose if you will get sucked into the argument, become defensive when attacked, or feel a need to justify your goodness to those who couldn't see it, even if your light was blinding in the moment.

Dear ones, we love you. Most of you have not been taught to exist in a space of soul-level love. You have been trained to make nice, defend your honor, demand respect, or despise those who are unloving to you. None of this is necessary. Life can be so much easier. You can live without letting the negativity and drama into your emotional space.

You can choose, and choose again, not to dance with the darkness, no matter who offers it to you or how vehemently they offer it.

Not everyone is in a space to understand your love and your good heart. Not everyone is in the space to communicate kindly. Not everyone is able to learn and dialogue in their present moment rather than demanding agreement. Not everyone is in a space to behave in a decent way on your planet, and yet that does not mean you need to engage.

When those lost in darkness cry for love and attention in unloving ways, give only their truth your attention. Give only good behavior your attention. Give their light within all things your attention, but withdraw your focus from hurtful words and behaviors.

If someone betrays you, don't betray yourself. Give yourself love and kindness, seek soothing and healing, and then move on. Don't give them further power over you, with your attention to their unloving behavior. You don't need to defend your right to be treated with honesty. Of course, you deserve honesty. Not everyone is in a space to offer it. Withdraw from those who can't, or at least ignore their lies.

If someone speaks to you in anger, either speak back in kindness or don't say a word. Don't respond. Let them sit in your silent presence with their own unpleasant vibration and then walk away when you can or change the topic. Their anger isn't about you. Their anger is about their disconnection from their own loving spirit.

If someone attacks your character, embrace your true character. No one can damage your reputation to those who think for themselves! Others can only make you look bad to those who also look for what is negative. These aren't the people you want to impress anyway.

Let your dignity, love, and good character speak more loudly than any words you could possibly offer. Let those who must think ill of you take responsibility for their own unpleasant feelings while you choose to feel good about yourself. Speak the truth of your own character only to those who can hear it.

"Don't cast your pearls before swine" simply means that it is useless to offer your pearls of wisdom and truth to those who cannot recognize them for what they are.

It is time for you, dear lightworkers, to disengage from the denser energies that have tried, often successfully, to bring you down for lifetimes. It is time to stop dignifying the denser behaviors with your attention. A parent who peacefully sends a misbehaving child to their room with a loving but firm attitude is far more effective in teaching the child than one who hits, hurts, screams, and punishes. Likewise, when you send adults who are unkind "to their room" symbolically by remaining firm, loving, and refusing to dance with the bad behaviors, you are far more likely to have an impact than if you get knocked out of your own loving space.

When we, in the heavens, look at those you would call the most loathsome of all human beings, we see their souls. We remember their light. We pay attention to and amplify through our love anything good or kind they do, no matter how small. We do not dignify their density with our attention. When they wage war, either literally or figuratively, we gently whisper to their soul, "Remember. You are light. You are love. You want love. You want to feel safe. You want to feel right inside of yourself. There are kinder ways to go about this. Remember." If we were to offer them only hatred and reproach, it would drive them deeper into their darkness. Our desire is to help all souls find their way home to the love that you are.

The paradigm of punishing those in darkness has never rid them of their darkness. The paradigm of defending your honor instead of just standing in such an honorable space that those who have the eyes to see it will see it has never convinced those who can't. The paradigm of insisting that those who don't respect themselves enough to be loving should respect you has never worked. An eye for an eye has never helped either party see clearly how to find and feel love once again.

Instead, you can stand so firmly and powerfully in a space of knowing your own goodness, light, and beauty that the unkind behaviors and actions of others will not find a way "under your skin," so to speak. When you know who you are, you don't require the validation of others. When you know how you should be treated, you walk away from those who don't. When you respect yourself, you don't need to lower yourself to dance with those who can't. When you live and abide in the truth that you are precious, unique, and loved by your Creator, the opinions of those who are disconnected can no longer sway you.

You can withdraw, either literally or energetically, from the tugs and pulls of those who want to engage with you in the lower dances. You can remain silent, pray, send love, or simply focus on anything and everything that feels better.

Alignment with love is alignment with the power that breathes life into all creation. Whenever you focus on the simplest thing with love — your coffee, your spouse, your dog, the light filtering in through a window, a beautiful thought — you exist, in that moment, in alignment with the Creator. Stay there as often as you can, for in this space, the power that creates worlds will guide you with impulses of joy, grace, and ease.

Don't fight the darkness, dear ones. Don't engage with it energetically, no matter whose mouth or behavior it comes through. As often as possible, focus on that which you can love, for love is the only true power in the universe. When you empower love, the darkness cannot exist in those spaces.

We know your loving hearts. We know your light. Heaven knows who you are. Rest assured that if you rest in this love as often as possible, then those lost in darkness will have no power over you, and you will become powerful beacons of light for those who are reaching for a higher and happier reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

The last few months, the angels have been powerfully asking people to disentangle their energies from those who want to pull them into an argument, attack their character, knock them out of their light.

This isn't the easiest thing to do. Our biology has a fight/flight circuit that was originally intended to turn on when we're faced with a physical threat. In the modern world, however, we have been conditioned to view people's opinions of us as threats to our identity. In our desire to please others and avoid their negative opinions of us, we spend a good deal of our lives in biological stress. How much easier it becomes when we listen only to the Divine within!

Like many of us, I used to get very upset when someone was unkind to me. I used to get defensive or cry in agony. I got sucked into arguments I didn't want to have. I worked harder to please people who were not pleasable. As a result, I spent countless hours in unnecessary drama inside my own head!

Angels being angels, they helped me see that although my feelings were triggered by other's words and behaviors, there were my feelings — and therefore mine to endure or change. It wasn't easy at first. I really wanted to do what I was conditioned to do and blame others for my mood!

I argued with the angels at the time. "You don't understand..." They did. They lovingly persevered until, at long last, I understood that my happiness, health, security, well-being, and abundance depended only on one thing—how aligned I was with my Creator, with the pure love that wants all good for all of us. My unhappiness stemmed from the fact that I was not aligned with the energy of love. The angels see us as far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. They won't ever believe us when we argue for our limitations. They lovingly hold fast, like a parent who sees their child's potential even when the child argues for their limitations.

I learned to withdraw my attention from people who behaved badly, and amazingly they often left me alone, sometimes dramatically disappearing the minute I stopped focusing on their negative behavior. As I learned to look for the good in people, no matter what they aimed at me, I often had the privilege of watching good emerge. As I learned to pray for and focus on the kernel of light deep within the ones whose behaviors wouldn't change, I felt the powerful beauty of love flowing through me. It feels good to be the loving souls that we truly are. It feels horrible to get sucked out of that space.

Living in a flow of love and choosing not to engage or battle with darkness does not mean we become weak or "doormats" to be stepped upon. Quite the opposite is true. In love, we are guided, firm, and clear. In battle, we become weak and give control to those trying to upset us. We give up our happiness when we give others in lower spaces the negative attention they want rather than focusing our positive attention on the things we want. It isn't the dance we really want to do.

Any two-year-old knows that if they upset their parents, they have the power. The two-year-old also knows that the tantrums don't work when they're around adults who lovingly and firmly refuse to give in. The crying child and barking dog will cry and bark even louder if you get upset around them. If you stand in a space of offering real love or calmly withdraw your attention, they will eventually calm down.

I know a grandmother who has an extremely beautiful and loving relationship with her grandchildren. When they were young, she did not give in to the tantrums. The kids would turn on the tears, and she'd smile cheerfully and say, "That might work at home, but not here. Come tell me what you want, and we'll figure it out." If that didn't work, she'd distract the kids with something pleasant, and everyone moved forward more happily!

To help me learn this skill of being loving, calm, and firm, the angels guided me to watch two television shows—"The Dog Whisperer" and "Supernanny." Although in completely different genres, each exemplified the energy of someone who was loving and yet whose firm and clear energy created positive change for all involved.

The ability to stand in a loving, clear, and firm space when confronted is a profoundly useful skill. It feels like being the loving rock that won't roll no matter how hard someone tries to drag you into the unloving or unpleasant space they're in at the time. It feels better to be in a vibration of love than a vibration of anger.

You don't have to "like" what is unlikable. A hose doesn't have to feel great about the parched earth, but it can allow the water to flow nonetheless and feel the good feeling of the soothing waters within. The parched earth may not absorb the water at first, but that does not diminish the hose's experience of the flow. Likewise, others may not recognize the energy of love you choose to allow through you, but you will feel better for it.

Over the years, I've had many opportunities to practice standing in my loving center and not taking things personally! It wasn't at all easy at first. My first programmed reaction was to react. Thanks to the angels, I learned to breathe, remain silent, and then imagine light flowing through me to the person who was upset or to flow love towards an easier target! I learned to say nothing rather than argue.

The world offers us a buffet of behaviors and words. As the angels like to say, we wouldn't stand at the food buffet and obsess about the foods we don't like. We'd move on and pick the ones we do! We can do the same in this great buffet life with all of its various behaviors and words to choose from. I no longer "chew on" or "stomach" the things I don't like. I move my focus towards what is in alignment with love and remove my attention from what is not. It feels better and enables me to stay out of the world's dramas and focus my attention and energy on more loving pursuits.

Here are a few pointers to help you stay loving, calm, and firm even when others aren't:

1.  Breathe. Use your biology to calm yourself.

You can learn to operate your biology to stay calm in the face of adversity. A large portion of our reactions can be avoided by simply breathing the moment something shocks or upsets us.

For those of you unfamiliar with the vagus nerve, it is the nerve that runs all the way down the spine, starting at the back of the neck. It goes to every major organ bundle. It is known as the rest and digest nerve because when you trigger it, it calms the body. It gets you out of the fight/flight mode. It is the nerve that, when activated, tells the body you are safe.

Here's the good news. The easiest way to activate it is to breathe in slowly and breathe out extremely slowly allowing the air on the outflow to slightly vibrate the back of the throat. You don't even have to think about it. Just breathe out like a balloon slowly, slowly deflating. In slowly, Out verrrrry, verrry, boringly slow—as slowly as you can. If you keep this up, you will learn to trigger the vagus nerve, and you'll feel everything in your system relax. If you practice this often, you'll develop what is known as "vagal tone," and you'll be able to relax with only a few breaths.

Om'ing also trips its trigger by vibrating the back of the throat. Singing does the same. The old wives' tale of putting a cold compress on the forehead to calm a child also sends signals along the facial nerves that trigger the vagus nerve. Ends up, a lot of our tried and true methods of calming our system have an actual biological reason to them.

So next time someone starts to upset you or you start thinking of something upsetting, breathe in slowly. Breathe out as slow as possible. Repeat until you feel yourself calm.

2. Once centered, ask some good questions

You are a loving, light-filled soul. No matter what the world or others are doing, it feels better to be your true self. Although there might be a reaction to get upset, defend, justify, or argue back, once calm, you can ask yourself the simple question the angels gave me, "Is it worth it?"

Is it worth defending your honor to someone who isn't even in a vibrational space to acknowledge it?

Is it worth it to demand respect from someone unwilling to give it?

Is it worth it to be upset about the state of the world or others' behaviors when you can't directly control it or them?

How much do you value your peace of mind?

Just asking these questions can help you choose where to place your focus. Rarely is losing your peace of mind worth the argument, justification, defense, or upset.

While being angry might give us a temporary high as the brain releases chemicals that make us feel powerful, it isn't the deep, centered, peaceful, loving power that feels like home.

3. Starve the darkness

If all else fails and you find yourself getting sucked into the upset, remind yourself to starve the darkness.

When you choose not to get into an argument, you starve the person of the fight they want.

When you choose not to get upset at the world, you starve the vibrations that feed off our stirred-up energy.

When you don't need to justify, defend, or explain yourself to someone being unkind, you have the energy to feed the good things in your life.

I often think a little humorous thought: "No anger nuggets on the menu! Only love and light served here!" It just feels better

The angels don't often spend time talking about folks offering lower behaviors. They see us all as souls reaching for the light. Nonetheless, they are aware of the challenges we have as human beings when others want to draw us into a negative dance.

They have been helping a lot of people lately to disengage from upsetting behaviors offered by others because they want us to be healthy, happy, and to exist in a vibration of love so powerful that we can be in the world with all its diversity and have beautiful, loving, light-filled, happy lives no matter what.

So next time you find yourself getting upset or wanting to defend or justify yourself, breathe. What feels better? Is it worth it? Don't you deserve to aim all that precious life force at what you want to empower and experience?

I now think of my energy as a resource more valuable than money and do my best to invest it wisely in loving thoughts that attract a loving reality. I hope this helps you too!

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers, www.VisionsofHeaven.com
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