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Message From The Angels: God Wants For You

Message From The Angels: God Wants For You

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In every heart there lies a wealth of knowing. Deep within you are all the answers you would ever seek.

What is the next step in your life? Why are you here? How can you relate to others who don't relate too well? All the answers lie within dear ones. Far more powerful than your search engines or your computers is the Infinite mind to which you all have access.

When something is bothering you, take a breath, drop into your heart, and ask one simple question, "Dear God, what do you want for me now? The answer may come as simply a quality the Divine wants to share with you – peace, relaxation, love. It may come as a message of love. It may come as a simple thing for you to do that would feel wonderful. "Dear God, Dear Divine Source, what do you want for me now?"

The Divine wants nothing from you, and everything for you. Mankind has created the notion of a demanding deity. The Divine wants you to know the love that breathes life into you. It wants you to relax into that love, and aim that love with your thoughts toward what you wish to create. The Divine wants you to have the most harmonious, loving, and kind experience of life. The Divine wants you to feel inspired, passionate, connected... and when you do not, the Divine loves you still the same. The Divine always wants to guide you along the kindest, most loving path.

You were not put on this earth to suffer. Suffering comes from disallowing love. You were not put on this earth to find one "right" way to be. All ways are right for the soul living them. Even in the deepest, darkest moments, there is a longing for more – a reaching, however awkward toward love.

You don't have to suffer to desire the experience of love. You don't have to have an agreement to have the experience of love. You don't have to do anything, earn anything prove anything, or justify anything to experience love. It is given freely, yours for the taking, or rather tuning to be more accurate. Love is the vibration that lives within and sources all creation.

You are in the middle of a huge shift in human understanding. So few of you were taught that a slow, steady, ignoring of one's own heart, even in the tiniest ways can gradually lead to suffering, or that a torrent of self-deprecation can bring it on quickly. So when you're suffering, be it with the stress of getting to work on time, or the death of a dear one, don't beat yourself up. Love yourself first. Be kind to yourself. Soothe yourself as much as you can for in this reaching for love you allow healing, you allow grace, you allow guidance.

The way out of any suffering – be it minor stress or an agonizing life event – is to choose one kinder thought, one more loving or soothing action, and one more moment of allowing yourself to feel good after the next. You can take a breath and appreciate the beautiful day. You can temporarily take a moment away from the stress and enjoy a good song on the radio. You can momentarily shift from grief to a happy memory of your dear one, for love and pain cannot exist in the same nanosecond although it is very common to swing back and forth quickly.

With every tiny bit of kindness to yourself, you allow love to return you to a kinder state of being. In every small moment of appreciation, you contribute to the greater good upon the earth.

Dear ones we know there seem to be big problems on the earth. As we see it, these conditions have always been part of physical reality throughout time. For centuries, there have been human misunderstandings and so there have been wars. For centuries there has been a disallowing of love and therefore disease. For centuries the fires, floods, and earthquakes have simply been part of your mother earth's cycles of cleansing. You see these things more easily now with your incredible technology. You can, if you wish, use technology to share the advances in love. There are people all over the world doing so much good – cleaning up the oceans, loving populations of animals that were contemplating extinction because their experience on earth was no longer pleasant. You can use your technology to send messages of love, hope, and inspiration.

You can, dear ones, use all things – be it technology or your own minds – to allow, share, or disallow love.

Choose love dear ones, as often as you can. Choose it one moment, and then the next. When someone angers you first love yourself and be kind to yourself. Refrain from the need to justify or defend your position. You know who you are. God knows who you are. We know who you are. Then, choose love again. How might you be kind to yourself? How might you stretch a bit further and "forgive them for they know not what they do?" Do your best. If you can't choose to love another then "turn the other cheek" and look to someone or something you can love.

Think of choosing love as a game. How often can you choose it in the smallest ways throughout the day? Can you appreciate a tress in your neighborhood? Can you take a delicious whiff of your coffee, tea, or smoothie and pause for a moment to enjoy the wonder of it being there, from a source far away, in your hands, delighting you now? Dear ones, there are so many ways, so many tiny ways, that you can plug into the vibration of love. The more you practice, the more time you'll spend there.

Whether or not you are attuned to love, we love you. In our eyes, you are already good, already loving beings, already birthed from and returning to, love. It doesn't make you any more "good" to stay in love. Your soul is already good. It does, however, give you a wonderful experience of life, and it does motivate you to experience more love, express more love and create a life filled with love.

No matter what the world is doing no matter what others are doing; no matter who agrees with you or not, you all deserve this love. You came worthy. You are worthy. There is nothing that could disconnect you from this worthiness.

"Dear God, what do you want for me now.... " Ask. Trust. Relax into this love and enjoy a more loving experience of life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I'm laughing. I just channeled the angel section of the newsletter and decided to ask, as they suggested, "God what do you want for me now?" The answer was clear, "To relax this evening, enjoy a nice dinner then come back and finish the newsletter as you desire."

I no sooner heard the answer when I heard "Ding!" The oven timer rang. Dinner was ready. It was delicious too – oven-baked cod with pesto, garlic, tomato sauce, and a side salad. Mm. I have the inspiration and energy now to write my article.

I was raised in the "you have to earn love" paradigm, as most of us were. It took years of working with angels to unlearn the old programming. It almost feels like cheating to know you're loved no matter what, especially if you've been raised in the paradigm of earning love, being rewarded for pleasing others, and being punished when you don't.

I'll never forget having a discussion with the angels about the topic. "You mean you love me as much when I'm thrifting as when I'm helping everyone else in my work?" "Yes." They answered very directly. "But what value does it serve? I could be helping people?" "You're helping to keep things out of the landfill. You're being guided to interact with strangers in delightful ways. You're in love with creative inspirations. Shall we go on?" I had to let it all sink in.

It took me many years to understand that doing one thing is not more "holy" or helpful than the next, no matter the appearance. "Isn't feeding the poor better than having a party and feeding friends," I once asked. "No, unless you are being guided to feed the poor. There is no action better or worse than another," they continued. "What matters is the vibration. What you do matters less than the love with which you do it. If everyone honored their hearts, the appropriate givers would be perfectly paired with appropriate receivers. You would all be happy. You would all be a contribution."

To this day, every now and then I catch myself feeling a twinge of guilt when I'm really having fun, knowing that I could be helping the countless people who write me in need. I have learned, however, to be more authentic and balanced. I answer emails when I have the delight to do so, so I can not only share words but more importantly the energy of love and healing. I take weekends off to "be" in the silence and re-strengthen my connection with God and self. I have been doing fewer "to-do's" and more of my paper arts. I've been really, really happy, and still able to help a lot of people. What purpose does making embellished, hidden paper clips, before bed serve?

It delights me to layer paper and laces and hand-dyed papers with inspiring words. It makes me happy to do something silent, creative, and colorful before bed. It thrills me to think of the people who will receive these little cuties and know they are loved even when they're clipping together a few pieces of paper. I get so inspired I contemplate opening an Etsy shop in the future with digital, downloadable journal kits. I think of a lot more I can do with these to assist people in their growth and evolution. I go to bed excited to wake up, tune into Spirit for my clients, and write a newsletter. I want to share more love.

It isn't the actions that have value... it is the love.

I have talked to so many beautiful souls lately who are in need of balance and who are starting to take better care of themselves too. Many report feeling guilty for doing things they love or resting, in lieu of pleasing everyone else. The angels remind each and every one that pleasing one's own heart is pleasing the Divine within. That is our first responsibility, if we have one, but then again the angels remind me that God wants nothing from us and everything for us. The Creator wants us to enjoy our journey here on earth. In our joy and in a vibration of love, we naturally and authentically want to contribute more in our own sphere of influence.

Here are a few pointers to help you move into the new paradigm, a greater truth about the Source – you are loved no matter what.

1. Change your Notion of God...

I grew up Catholic. As part of the preparation for the sacraments, we had to study catechisms. I remember thinking it was weird to have categories for sins. If you died with some sins on your soul, you'd go to hell. What if I missed confession by a day? What if there was a sin in the grey area between "venial" and "mortal." I actually thought about those things. It just seemed odd that we were taught that the omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (in everything) God would judge, condemn, and love some more than others. That wasn't "Omni" in my book. When I prayed I felt love.

Still the notion of judgment rooted deeply. Most of us grew up in a similar paradigm, where God was both creator and judge. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God is the ultimate lover and provider. God is the ultimate nurturer, cheerleader, soother... friend. God is the one who always celebrates your victories, soothes you in your tough times, loves you without condition. We need to change our notions of God from a "Judger" to a "Lover" – unconditional at that.

Next time you wonder if a prayer is heard, remember this new notion of God. I am asking for help from the one who loves me more than any human ever can or will. I am reaching out for love and this self-love is celebrated. I am asking for a more loving reality which God wants for me...

2. Tell yourself often, "I am loved!"

As silly as it sounds, and even after 26 years of talking to angels, they've been encouraging me lately to indulge and luxuriate in the thought, "I am so loved." They've been encouraging me to say it, think about it, and revel in it often. When they offer me exercises, even silly ones, I usually give them a try because I know they know the easiest and most fun way to bring us higher.

And so I look at the blue sky and think, "I am so loved!" I put my whipping cream in my morning coffee and think, "I am so loved!" I go to the thrift store and find the exact craft supply I was asking for two days ago and think to myself, "I am so loved." Someone criticizes or attacks me and I think to myself, "I am so loved," and because I've practiced it when easy I feel it when hard.

God is the parent we all dream of, the lover we all fantasize about, the friend who can't ever see anything but our truth. We are all SO loved. Try this silly exercise. Tell yourself often, "I am so loved," and see if you can believe it about the Divine... no matter what the people around are doing or not.

3. At the end of the day appreciate your moments of love

Many have a gratitude practice before bed. It can be expanded to appreciate yourself for all the little ways you've loved today. I cleaned house and organized some craft supplies. That was self-love. I helped a woman who lost her son. That was love. I appreciated the little zucchini and two cucumbers from my garden. That was love. I enjoyed my strawberries, yogurt, honey, and pepitas for dessert, that was love. And oh yes, I found a box of Godiva Chocolate someone gave me last Christmas in my stash and nearly fell over the moon with appreciation for their taste and texture. That was love. I read a sad story about the fires in Europe and prayed for all involved. That was love.

You get the idea. These are not big things most days. We love in so many wonderful and tiny ways but as we focus on it, we feel good. We go to sleep feeling good about ourselves, and then that means we'll wake up more kindly too. Let yourself appreciate your acts and thoughts of love – no matter how small. It shifts your vibe wonderfully well.

Lately, the angels have been working diligently to get the message out in a more tangible way – we are loved. In that love, the world can't drag us down, make us weary, or suck the joy out of our lives. In that love, even in the deepest grief, we're lifted so we can access our loved ones. In that love, even when we've got an illness, we can rest assured it is on the way to healing. That love is there all the time, just waiting for us to tune in, in even the smallest of ways. I like playing the game of "how much can I love in a given day." I feel the positive, upwards spiral it creates. I wish this for all :)

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on crystalwind.ca. All rights reserved.
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