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Message From The Angels: Key Connection That Will Change Everything!

Message From The Angels: Key Connection That Will Change Everything!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is a time on earth to deepen your relationship with the Source in whatever way you choose to do it. 

Some of you may do this in terms of practicing traditional religions. Some of you will have your own private spiritual practices or meditations. Some of you will find this Presence in nature, and others will find it in the sanctity of family. However, whenever, or wherever you feel connected to love, you will bolster your spirit, open to the steady stream of love that is ever-present, and receive help in rising above the conditions around you.

The Creator is your source and supply. The Source emanates a love infinitely more powerful than any you could find on Earth. The Divine has the power to heal, comfort, soothe, uplift, and guide, but you were granted free will, and you must attune to a vibration that allows you to receive this infinite broadcast. It is there, as surely as the sun is always shining, but one must open the windows to see the sun and open the heart to receive this love.

You open to this love even in your smallest choice to reach for comfort or a kind thought. In the smallest kind word, you open to allow this love to flow to you and through you. In the simplest act of being kind to an animal, you allow this love to circulate through your mind, body, and soul. While grand gestures of love are wonderful and feel good for all involved, they are not required to allow this love to flow to you and through you. As you sit and take a moment of appreciation for a beautiful day or even a conscious breath, you open to this love.

The reason it is so hard for so many of you to sit and receive this love easily is that so many of you were taught about a God that is more a projection of human ideologies than a Source of infinite love. Most of you were raised with the idea of a Creator who has certain criteria, judges, rewards, condemns, or has mercy.  Humanity has projected its own image onto a Presence far greater.

We know that most of you reading are words no longer embrace the human idea of a judgmental and condemning God. Many of you have felt this loving presence. Many more of you wish to do so more often.

Your experience of this love starts with accepting one simple truth:  You are loved. Always. Forever. Without condition. You are loved whether you behave as you think you should or not. Whether you feel it or not, you are loved. Whether you deem yourself worthy or not, you are loved. Whether you have prayed for years or been enraged at some false notion of God, you are loved. 

Dear ones, you can barely imagine the nature of this unconditional love that will not waver in its view of the perfection of your spirit, no matter what you do or don't do, say or don't say, feel or don't feel. The Creator does not require even your love in return, although there is pleasure in seeing you love because it benefits you.

So ask yourself occasionally, "If I know this infinite love exists, why do I behave as if I must work for it? Why do I think I must earn it? Why don't I just sit and bask in the goodness I can find around me and feel it? Am I willing to set all those reasons aside, breathe, and receive it?" 

We know that many of you would give us very good explanations of how others have taught you to earn their love or prove your worthiness. Sadly, many of you could make a list of those who have persecuted you or put you down until you no longer believe in your own worthiness. Other humans can topple you out of your truth... if you let them.

However, no matter what happened in your past, you can choose to reach out for connection now. You can sit and breathe with an intent to receive. You can find a healing practitioner who comforts, soothes, and assist you. You can read books that provide inspiration or encouragement. You can watch videos that offer ideas and upliftment. You can sit quietly in a mindful pleasant state of being—whether deep meditation or not—and open to the flow of loving energy.

When you feel scared, sit with your Creator and unburden yourself of your fears. Talk to this Presence of love and give your problems to the Source. You can speak out loud or in your own heart. When you are angry, come as you are and release your fury to the power that will burn up the pain in the light of love.  When you are sad, cry as you rest in the arms of the one whose love you cannot lose.

We know you can't always feel this. We know that the 3D world of your senses is very compelling and feels very real. However, the more you reach for love in whatever way you can, the more you will start to perceive the "real" reality — the world of love, abundance, inspiration, synchronicity, and guidance. The more you go to your Creator for help and truly release your prayers to this love, the more you will notice the "coincidences," signs, and indications of this loving Presence.  

Dear ones, your prayers are not necessary for the Creator, who knows your heart and is already trying to answer even the ones you have not yet spoken. They are for you - a declaration of your worthiness, a vibrational offering that says without words, "I love myself enough to ask for what I desire. I believe, at some level, that you hear me. I am open." The Divine is trying to answer your prayers the moment you feel them, even before you articulate them. Your prayers help you open to receive the assistance.

We encourage you to engage in any practice that helps you feel more connected to this infinite love, no matter how short or long the duration, traditional or not.  It need not even look "spiritual."  It could be as simple as taking an exhilarating ride in your car or on your bike and enjoying the scenery. It might be baking bread once a week and marveling at the powers that make the dough rise. It might be taking a morning or evening walk and appreciating the miraculous chorus of the birds.  It might be sitting in a quiet spot that feels holy to you. The more you open to feeling this love, the more you will see it permeate every area of your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

The people I know who have a good relationship with the Creator, no matter how they find it, are happier, more secure, and more stable in their responses to life. They pray or ask and expect help. They give up their problems and understand there may be solutions they do not yet see. Rather than giving the world power over their lives, they give it to the loving creator and have a lot less fear than those who don't embrace this Presence. 

Their connection with the Source of life isn't to be "holier than thou" or to prove their worthiness. It is because they want to reap the rewards of being aligned with the force that lives and breathes in all of life, knows 8+ billion people from the inside out, and can guide them in every aspect of their lives. They want the love that is offered freely to us all, and they're willing to receive it.

Many of us learned about our connection with Creator in some sort of traditional religious paradigm. For some, that was a beautiful experience; for others, it was terrible. In many cases, the old teachings didn't satisfy our inner awareness that God is love. After all, how could a loving Creator set up rules by which to judge us and then condemn us to hell. It never made sense to me. 

I left the church of my upbringing, without any ill will, in my twenties after realizing that the direct wisdom I received from the angels gave me a deeper understanding of spiritual truths. Life became my church. Nature became my cathedral. I worshipped by appreciating the majesty of creation in all things great and small wherever I went. I started to see the Love of the Source in a gazillion different forms. This was a Creator I wanted to relate with. After spending my thirties searching for love in all the wrong places, I realized I had the love I wanted all along, and it was everywhere, free for the taking.

We have been so deeply ingrained in the mentality of no-pain / no-gain that we find it hard to simply receive. We have had to prove our love or earn love in human relationships, so we project those ideas onto our Source.  We've seen hypocrisy in so-called believers and have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, as the saying goes.  When subject to too many rules and criteria, our relationship with God ceases to be a relationship and instead becomes an attempt to avoid punishment. This isn't the God I know. The Presence I have experienced and who comes through the angels is pure Love.

Many years ago I had just finished a livestream in which I was surrendered to the Presence and sharing this energy with viewers. The studio's cameras and lights were turned off, except for a few bright ones in the ceiling. Suddenly, a pinpoint of light appeared just beyond and above me. It opened up and started gently swirling. It got wider and deeper. At first, tendrils, then beams of light began reaching towards me. It looked as if it was breathing, and with each out-breath, the beams came closer. It was alive and so compelling I could not look away. I wondered if this was "it" because I'd seen that light in visions and the stories of near-death experiencers. There was little time for thought. 

As the first beam touched me I felt a love so strong it was beyond words. The light went into me. It knew me. It read me. It found things in my memory from days when I was so young I had forgotten all about them. As it "scanned" me for lack of a better word, I recalled times from my past, like when I was in kindergarten and told a little lie. In this love, I felt temporarily ashamed until a wave of comfort and acceptance, unlike anything human, passed through me. Incident after incident, I saw those areas inside of me that I would have judged and received nothing but love and acceptance. A minute seemed forever. As I got overwhelmed with the ever-increasing waves of love, the light faded. It didn't withdraw. I just stopped seeing it. I burst into tears and cried for weeks—not because it was "gone" but because I've never felt anything like that. In that moment, I understood how loved we really are. 

I asked the angels later how I got so lucky, why it happened, and so much more. Their answers, as usual, were much simpler than my questions. "You are completely present in that moment to love. If that moment, after doing your healing transmission you had no resistance to love at all. You had no thoughts of pain, problems, or anything less than appreciation and love for yourelf and life. It is always there. You just temporarily stopped blocking it. 

What a revelation! It is always there. I believed that before, but until this incident, I didn't realize how "always there" this love really was. Apparently I was simply in the right space to see it while alive. In death, we are relieved of our resistance to it, but it is possible, at times, to surrender so completely to love in the moment we can perceive it while alive.

The experience was a game-changer. When I occasionally feel less than worthy, I know now that it is not the Divine judging me but rather me pushing that love away.  When I feel frustrated, I know God isn't "testing" me, but rather I'm experiencing "disconnection."  When I am concerned about others, I sit and surrender my concerns to a higher power by "delegating up!"  When I am frustrated, I sit and breathe and vent my frustrations to the almighty and the angels, who simply receive them with love and send back only compassion.

At some point in our lives, we have to stop clinging to the well-practiced thoughts about the people who were unloving and focus on the invisible love that is always there. Do that long enough, and you will start to see evidence of that love in your life. At first it might be little synchronicities and helpful thoughts. Given enough practice, you will start to anticipate and look forward to the help you know is coming—not because you have blind faith but because you've seen lots of little bits of evidence that you are loved.

This connection to the Divine need not be formal. The Divine can be found in the temple, church, mosque, or synagogue, in a garden, a forest, or in the quiet of your own home.  More often than we realize, we experience this connection to the Presence of Love every day. As we become more willing to see it in the small ways, we witness it in greater measure.

You can feel the Source's love in a loving glace with someone you care about, or even when your eyes connect briefly with a compassionate stranger. You feel this connection with love in the first warm sip of your moring beverage, the wagging joy of your dog, the purring of your cat, or the feel of soothing lotion on dry hands.  In so many small ways, we feel our connection with love, which IS our connection with the Creator.

So, whether you worship in a formal holy place, find quiet solitude in nature, or take a few moments each day to breathe consciously, nurturing this feeling of loving connection will bring you strength, grace, guidance, and all manner of goodness.

Here are a few pointers to help you connect.

1.  Create small do-able rituals

Whether you play a happy dance tune in the morning as you get out of bed, light a candle and sit in your favorite chair after work, go to a service weekly, sit in nature, chant, pray, meditate, or do anything else that helps you feel and connect with this love, these small rituals are a gift of connection that you give yourself.

These things are not "shoulds" that are required by a conditional God. They are things we do for ourselves to feel our connection, our truth, and our worthiness. These little rituals help us fill our well so we can share with those around us. They soothe us when we're upset, comfort us when we're down, and help us find stolen moments of peace and Presence. To me, they are as important—if not more so—than the food that fuels my body. They fuel my soul.

Whatever works for you find small do-able rituals that help you feel connected to this love - small things that temporarily distract from the world's pain and problems and remind you of the love that is ever present.

2. Jump in the flow...

Flow states are achieved by embracing what feels natural and good in the moment.  They're achieved by listening to your feelings little by little and learning to trust them by giving yourself a chance to act on the simple, good-feeling ideas—one small step at a time. You'll see your life get easier as you do. You'll experience the orchestration of the loving Creator.

A few months ago, I got off work an hour early. I had planned to write the newsletter, answer a few hundred emails, open the week's mail, and more, but suddenly, I felt like getting air put in my car tires. It was an odd, random thought, given the rest of my to-do list, but I just got up and drove to the tire place and did it. Good thing. I had a nail in the tire that was slowly leaking and had committed to drive several friends a few hundred miles the next day.  The tire was easily repaired while I enjoyed a cup of coffee and made a few calls. Back at home, feeling blessed, everything else was achieved easily. Following the flow of natural instinctive feelings saved me a lot of trouble.

We often ignore our natural instincts and discover that while the Divine cares about every detail of our lives, we don't always listen! I listen for a living and still sometimes talk myself out of my feelings. For example, I once put a pot of water on the stove to boil eggs. I went to answer emails, which felt natural at the time. In the middle of my emails, I had the thought, " I really should check those eggs." I had lost track of time. I reasoned (not felt!) that I could answer just a few more emails.  The thought came again, this time stronger, "I really should check those eggs."  I argued with my own feelings.  Just a few more emails... I ignored my instinctual thought again.  

A few minutes later, I heard what sounded like gunshots in my kitchen. Bam! Bam! Bam!  "What?" I jumped up by instinct and ran to the kitchen, where I discovered why I should have checked the eggs!!  The water had boiled all the way out of the pan. The eggs had heated up to the point at which they exploded and shot to my ceiling, where they were now stuck and dangling like little white and yellow ornaments!  As I stood there laughing so hard my belly hurt and contemplating the sheer wonder of they physics behind this, it occurred to me that following the natural, instinctual flow would have been a lot easier! 

These are small examples, but the same principles apply to the big things in life. 

A person I know who had been receiving internal warnings about dying soon was inspired to attend an event that required a long drive. At this event, they received help from others who voluntarily connected them with health care practitioners who kept them alive.

Another client got the urge to call a financial institution that she believed owed her a small check. Instead, she received a larger one. LIstening to these instincts is like listening to whispered answers to your prayers.

As you learn to listen to your natural feelings and instincts in the moment, you will find a moment-to-moment flow in which the universe guides you to navigate life in harmony. You will feel and experience the connection with the Divine as you witness life guide you into one helpful circumstance after the next.

3. Sit in silence for a few minutes a day

Find a place where you can sit and quiet your mind. The birds might be singing. There might be background music or the hum of others at a distance, but any place that feels peaceful to you will work. Breathe and be present with your own body. Scan it and notice how it feels. Feel your feet. Pay attention to your posture and adjust. Give your mind a little mental relief from all that bombards us during the day. If you do this regularly, you'll start to see that as the mind turns off, you perceive the spiritual energies more easily. The connection with Love can be felt powerfully in this space.

Many of you have heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza, who teaches people to meditate and breathe, go into no mind, and receive miracles. His work is both spiritual and scientifically sound, and people who do it have reversed genetic disorders, rid themselves of incurable diseases, and have had massive life changes. He teaches what the angels preach in a very step-by-step system, and it works.

Sit, Squeeze, Breathe, Receive. These are my words for his work.  The squeeze part is from an ancient Kryia yoga technique where as you breathe up the spine you squeeze from the root up and force cerebral spinal fluid up the spine. It assert a slight pressure on the pineal gland and makes the little calcite crystals in the pineal stand at attention! Sounds like a spiritual antennae to me! You can read more about that in his book, "Becoming Supernatural" if you're interested.

No matter how you connect with higher power, it benefits you.  As we allow this love into our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls, it is allowed to work its miracles. 

These are wild times.  The world is stirred up and half crazy it appears, but honestly there is still more good than bad, still more people loving than not.

As we strengthen our connection with the Source we find ourselve more naturally drawn to see, feel, and connect with that good. When you open to Divine love, you feel secure. When you connect with that love, you feel joy. When you nurture that relationship, you feel lovable. It spirals upward into bliss.

And all it takes is the dedication to seek that which soothes, to look for what feels like love, and to give yorueslf permission to enjoy the good life has to offer... in this moment, and the next, and the next. What begins as allowing trickles of love into life results in a mighty flow that can carry you forward.

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
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