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Message From The Angels: Riding the Waves of Inspiration

Message From The Angels: Riding the Waves of Inspiration

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you put so much pressure on yourselves to "get moving," "be productive," or "do something worthwhile" when you might otherwise want to rest, ponder, and dream. 

You might not yet understand that in your rest, pondering, and dreaming, you are taking time to recalibrate your vibration into a higher and happier space. You are leveraging energy vs. action. It is wise to listen to these urges when they arise.

The tendency to be harsh with yourself when you are not producing is unnatural. It is not native to the soul to judge itself for any reason. You learned to use external criteria to evaluate your worth. Your soul already knows you are worthy. You learned to "make things happen by the sweat of your brow," whereas your soul knows all possibilities already exist in the world of energy, or the "mind of God." Your soul sees you as a human tuner who can tune into any possibility to call it forth into your physical universe.

Do an experiment this week. Pick something you enjoy – lemons, kittens, a necklace you liked, a scent, a song, or a movie. Anything you enjoy thinking about will work. Perhaps you'll choose a childhood pet or someone you love who is in heaven. You can choose something you want to experience, such as a tropical vacation or some extra money. Choose the first thing that pops into your mind.

Now think about this person, thing, or situation with great love. Think about it or them with appreciation. Think about interactions you've enjoyed in the past or ones you'd love to have. Imagine tasting that wonderful meal, wearing that necklace, petting those kittens, or feeling the presence of your loved one in heaven.

The only criterion is that your thoughts must please you! They must make you feel good. If you can't find ideas that feel good on your subject, choose a new one. Luxuriate in your good-feeling thoughts.

Then write down the object of your loving attention and let go. Go about your work. Stay as positive as you can. See what shows up. See for yourselves how the universe begins to deliver the essence of what you desire with only a little energetic attunement and absolutely no effort on your part. See what happens. If you don't get any evidence this week, wait and let the universe work its magic. Your first indication that you are drawing something to yourself is that you feel good thinking about it. If that is already happening, you're done until you receive an inspiration to act.

You just spent a few moments being incredibly productive. You just saved yourself minutes to a lifetime's worth of effort. You just set the entire universe in motion to bring you more of what you desire. If you need to act, you'll feel inspiration. If not, relax. Enjoy your day.

Creation, as we know it, is a process of imagining new ways to experience or express love. It involves attuning your vibration to these desires by thinking of them with love and then taking only inspired and guided action.

Sometimes, the action you are inspired to take will be minimal. What you desire can sometimes appear in ways that are hard to explain. Problems often take care of themselves. Schedules will reorganize themselves as if by magic. Elegant solutions will pop into your mind.  

In other cases, you'll have to put forth significant effort to manifest a dream or solve a challenge. However, if you act only when inspired, your work will be effective, efficient, and meaningful. Inspired action from a loving vibration will never feel like a struggle. It will be a joy. It will feel wonderful.

The most productive and worthwhile thing you can do is to spend time loving your ideas, dreaming your dreams, and enjoying the anticipation of your desires. Then and only then, act when inspired.

Time spent attuning your energy to a loving state of being is priceless, productive, leveraged time. If we were to write a book on productivity, the message would be short. "Dream your dreams. Find ways to love life. Act when inspired." We do indeed find long-winded ways to convey this message, and we repeat it often because we are working to take you beyond your conditioned struggles into a joyful reality that has always been there but is very new to much of the human race.

You don't need to push, bully, or criticize yourselves to be productive. Negating or judging yourself by superficial standards is not helpful. Instead, remember that you are energetic beings living in an energetic universe where actions taken from a loving energy are efficient, productive, inspired, and effective. Acting from any other space rarely works well.

You can see so many examples of these principles. Some people attract relationships easily. They live and act from their own joy. Other people are delightful souls, but they live and act from a place of feeling unworthy or trying to get others to love them. As a result, they find relationships a struggle. If you want someone to love you, love being you.

Some people attract money easily. They focus on their abundance of ideas or a loving service they wish to offer. They feel abundant and therefore attract abundance. Others can give unceasingly, but with a focus on lack, there can be no return.

Some people seem "lucky." They count their blessings, look for the good, and see opportunity. As a result, "luck" finds them. It isn't luck, of course. It is just vibrational law. The so-called "unlucky" tend to focus more on what doesn't work. They have come to expect frustrations and obstacles, and as a result, their energy does not allow for the flow, ease, and grace you call luck.

We understand that external life can trigger you to focus in undesirable ways. Ultimately, you get to decide what you think, where you place your attention, and how much time you will give to any topic. You get to decide to use your mind or to allow it to use you. You, dear ones, can choose struggle or choose ease. Instead of pressuring yourselves to "get going," try "being." Focus your energy on feeling good and thinking thoughts that uplift you. 

The most productive, effective, efficient action will always be that which you are inspired to take when you are in a vibration of love.

Remember, dear ones, from heaven's view, everything you do or don't do, as long as you do or don't do it in a vibration of love, is worthwhile.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

It took years for the angels to help me understand the value of leveraging energy vs. action. I used to judge myself on what I produced. I was proud of my accomplishments but always felt I should be doing more, being more, sharing more, giving more, etc. The "not good enough list" went on for miles! I would not have called it the "not good enough" list! I argued with the angels when they suggested I create a little more space for myself and told me it was only unworthiness that prevented me from doing so!

"I like being productive!" I ranted. It was true. "I like giving." That was true too. They weren't trying to talk me out of doing what I loved. They were trying to talk me out of equating my worth to what I did, so much so that I got on the gerbil wheel and forgot my own heart until an accident in 2004 grounded me for five months. The break (literally and figuratively) was a gift. I learned to listen to my heart, make my own desires part of my life, and prioritize vibration over action.

Constantly working to keep my vibe in a higher space has been a saving grace. It enables me to help thousands of people, answer hundreds of emails, work full-time, write newsletters, teach classes, and spend hours connecting with family each week. That's during the day!

Being in a high vibe has enabled me to achieve things I've wanted to do for decades in the past two months! I used to fantasize about a creative outlet "someday, somewhere." This past year I sprung a creative leak and can't stop! It started one night when I needed rest. I plunked down on the couch, turned on YouTube, and proceeded aimlessly (or so I thought!) to select videos on subjects I knew nothing about.

I saw a video on making junk journals (handmade mixed-media art books), and I was hooked! One minute I'd never heard of them, and the next, I took a deep dive into this art form. The passion for paper reignited a desire to doodle. That led me to make mandalas, create a coloring book, and as a result, feel the joy of seeing people I love who are loving the book! (Thank you, by the way, to those of you who wrote me and left such kind reviews on amazon. Your generous hearts touch me so deeply!)

More ideas started pouring into my mind during the coloring book creation. After wanting to write one for years, a children's book just appeared. I had to run to the computer to record the stream of ideas. Within a few hours, I had a story I absolutely adored! My inner three-year-old went wild with joy.

Sometimes, when you're in a high vibe, solutions and inspirations really do get handed to you as if by magic. Other times the inspirations require effort. Nonetheless, as the angels often say, inspired action feels like play.

Writing the book was a classic example of something being literally handed to me. The illustrations, on the other hand, were an example of inspired action that required significant effort on my part – and it was fun!

The minute I received the story, images came to mind. Since I've been teaching myself "prompt crafting" (figuring out how to tell the computer to draw what is in your head) I set out on an inspired quest to create owls that looked like chicks, bunnies, and lambs, and ones that were purple, pink, or Easter grass glam! Oh, my word! I got some of the most mutant, crazy-looking things I've ever seen. I learned so much!

I spent several very late nights and a few all-nighters generating thousands of images to create a collection for the book. It would have been easy if I had been satisfied with something simple, but I wanted a certain quality and was willing to learn what I needed to get it. Finding the correct prompts wasn't the finish line, however! I had to take a much deeper dive into Photoshop to fix six-toed owls and five-legged lambs! AI art is hysterical at times. I knew that if I missed any of those details, my little readers would not! I remember what I was like at that age.

I feel like I am in a fast, fantastic, and wildly fun flow. The creative inspirations are coming so fast I can't keep up. I have one wonderful idea, and ten more pop into mind. I want to offer art, t-shirts, downloadable junk journal kits, and write a more serious book! I may never get to do all of these projects, but there is great joy in picking one that sounds fun and just seeing where it leads.

I trust Divine inspiration, not only for my happiness but also to satisfy my very deep desire to serve humanity in an uplifting, inspiring, and joyful way.

Take the new book. I loved every minute of creating it. I laughed out loud, squealed with delight, and felt immense love throughout the process. I dream of little ones saying to each other,

The very best thing you could ever be,
and the very best thing you could ever do,
is to be yourself,
Sweet Wonderful You!

I sent the first copy of my book to my parents to give to their dear neighbors. The family next door to them is a lovely young couple with two little girls. They help my folks, and my parents adore the kids. It just felt right. I had no idea how right it was. As usual, God did.

I received an email from the mom the following day. She told me that the week prior, her little angel had been crying because she wanted to look different than she does. Mom said it broke her heart that this sweet girl was already having thoughts like that at such a young age. She told me she immediately started searching online for books that help teach kids to accept themselves the way they are, and then she said, "Bam!" My mom gave her a copy of "Annie the Wannabe Easter Owl." Her little daughters grabbed it the moment they saw it. She sent me a delightful photo of these two sweet angels snuggling on the couch, enjoying my book. I'm still teary-eyed over that. It was worth every late-night hour if it helped that one little girl accept herself.

These silly projects aren't so silly. They're adding love to my life and others' as well. My youngest niece loved the Optional Owl exercise at the end to "think of as many things as you can that you love about being you." From what I hear, she is still working on her list! So cute!

As if God winked, the dear soul who runs the "

" on YouTube (who also digitizes my angel messages!) sent me a link to a "live owl cam" the week I began my book. She didn't know I was writing it. Watching these sweet little souls in the nest while creating my illustrations was an absolute delight! The day I sent my e-blast out to all of you – the very day my own little owl flew out of my heart's "nest" into the world – the last baby owl flew from hers as well. More tears of joy. I pinch myself often. Life is crazy amazing these days.

I'm working on an Easter activity book for kids to go with the book, and we'll all see if I get it done in time for this year's holiday! Editing chicks, lambs, bunnies, eggs, and owls is taking long than anticipated :) I trust the journey.

The moral of these stories is simple. Do what you love. Don't do what you don't unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, find something to love anyway. I'm still getting a tax issue resolved that is way more work than it "should" have been – all because I checked the wrong box on a piece of paper in ignorance earlier in the year. So be it. Sometimes we love the idea of simplicity enough to do the complicated and un-fun stuff! I follow my bliss when I can and when I can't I bring my bliss to the table.

I have seen many people struggle to "figure out" how to get what they want. People who want relationships push themselves to get on dating sites, "get out there," and meet others. That's fine if it inspires them, but far too often, they approach it with as much joy as interviewing job candidates. You can guess the results. Meanwhile, I've seen many more people give up the desperate search for love, decide to live and love their own lives, and suddenly, presto! The love of their life – who also love their life – appears without effort.

I have also seen many people start businesses while striving to figure out what to do, what to sell, and how to market. While that is all useful sometimes, when done from a lack-mentality, it causes burnout and mediocre results. On the contrary, I've seen people do what they love, and businesses just spring up and grow around them.

So do your best to find thoughts that feel better, then you can ride the waves of inspiration when they arrive.

After all, there's hard work, and then there's heart work. I choose the heart work :)

Here are a few tips to help you ride the waves of inspiration...

1. Get your energy right before taking action

If you can raise your vibe and be patient enough to wait for inspiration, you won't have to be patient for long. I "spin up" often. I take my mood and challenge myself to rapidly and progressively think better-feeling thoughts. Here is an example:

First thought (feels bad!) I have a tax issue that requires more phone calls, all because I checked the wrong box on a form last February. Darn it. What a waste of time.

Next thought - Well, thank God my accountant caught it.
Next thought - thank God we can talk to people who know better
Next thought - I'm sure God will guide me to a solution
Next thought - I can share love with everyone helping me
Next thought - It might be fun to talk to all these wonderful people
Next thought - this is no big deal
Next thought - I sure love working on my book, can't wait to get back to it.
Next thought - I'm having so much fun
Next thought - Life is good; this is really not a big deal. I'm so blessed.

As you can see, I just choose better thoughts. I make them up. I get silly, playful, and seek out ideas that feel better. And while it might seem crazy, it works! The upshot is that we found a solution and are just waiting for the paperwork to be finished. When I was in "problem mode," I was told there was no solution. Go figure!

Calibrate your energy to a higher vibe first. Then your actions will be inspired, efficient, and effective.

2. Let yourself "be" literally

Sometimes you want to avoid doing anything. You may need rest or time to recalibrate. You may need to have a good, comforting, and soothing cry. I no longer make excuses or apologies for my feelings. When I'm sad, I get a bath towel, soak it with tears, feel better, and get on with my day. When I'm upset, I ask the angels to get out the composter (their love!) and have an unholy rant. I just let myself "be." When I'm happy, I indulge in the joy of it by getting silly and going on and on about how marvelous the tomatoes look in the garden or how much I enjoy my cup of tea! I am who I am right in each moment. So are you.

As we allow ourselves to "be," we permit ourselves to rest and to be "lazy" or "unproductive." It's best not to criticize yourself. Science shows boredom leads to creativity, and downtime leads to more energy. The angels subscribe to that truth too, and as well point out that anything – even Netflix time! – in a loving vibration IS productive and valuable. There are monks living in caves in the Himalayas that "do" nothing but "be." Their powerful vibrations of love and peace have helped to prevent world wars and assisted in the evolution of humanity.

Let yourself "be" as you are. Accept yourself as you are. Doing so is one of the most powerful tools for both healing and productivity

3. When you feel inspiration, ride the wave

Inspiration comes in waves. You get an idea to learn something. Do it at your earliest convenience. You feel drawn to a video. Watch it. You feel like calling someone. Do it. You feel like ditching the chores and taking a walk. Put on your sneakers and get outside. You feel like sitting down and just shutting your eyes but don't have much time. Set a timer for ten minutes and rest. You feel like getting up from your desk and stretching. Listen to your body. The half cup of coffee you've just enjoyed no longer tastes good. Dump it. You're craving tomatoes. Eat them. You feel like rearranging your desk. Go for it.

No matter how illogical the inspiration feels, ride the wave. See where it takes you. Keep recalibrating to what feels inspiring. I was inspired to wake up and garden last weekend. As a result, I have a fridge full of cilantro pesto. I was inspired to cut up and compost a pumpkin a friend gave me last Halloween, and I discovered it was still fresh, so I was inspired to bake it, and my body is loving delicious pumpkin dishes in spring! I was inspired to call a friend, and it ended up she needed a pep talk. I have been inspired to learn odd things only to discover clients who need the info two days later!

These things might seem small, unimportant, or outright illogical. So did publishing a book about an owl that wants to be a chick, a bunny, or wear "Easter grass glam!" But then again, I don't know best. God does. That little owl helped a little girl feel good about herself. That's good enough for me.

The waves of inspiration are waves of love from the source itself, sent to support our deepest desires. When they come, grab them and go.

If you, like my past self, ignore waves of inspiration, don't look back. There will be plenty more. I've ignored many ideas that others have later capitalized on. So what? So be it. There will always be more. Love never ceases to flow. Inspiration will always be there when you elevate your vibe.

Ride the waves, and if you miss one, wait for the next.

We continue to learn how to live in a new paradigm of an energetic universe. Our generation is the one in-between old and the new. Young people aren't satisfied with lives that don't feel happy. The folks in generations past assumed that was "just life." We are the bridges, learning new ways to live and be in a higher and more beautiful, loving reality.

We don't have to justify our feelings. We don't have to be "productive" or "purposeful" in the old conventional sense. Nothing is more purposeful than being in a kind or loving vibration. Nothing is more productive than basking in a loving vibration or taking action based on inspiration.

Whether the inspired action is napping, starting a charity, expanding a business, calling a friend, or just breathing and enjoying the beautiful day, you can count on the fact that it supports your dreams and sends massive waves of love into the cosmic pool!

Have a blessed and beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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