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Message From The Angels: Your Entanglements Revealed!

Message From The Angels: Your Entanglements Revealed!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you have ever snagged your sweater on a chain or a necklace, had a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, or tried to wriggle free from an outfit that was too tight after a large meal, you understand the notion of "entanglement!"  

It is fairly obvious in the 3D physical sense. 

Most of you also know, from experience, that when you are entangled in your physical world, struggling with the situation often gets you more twisted up while relaxing and slowly removing yourself from the situation is often a quicker way to "disentangle."  For example, you can try to yank that chain off the sweater and break the chain or rip your sweater, or you can slowly work it free. You can gently scrape the gum off your shoe and get it off completely, or you can angrily struggle to wipe your foot on the ground while smearing the gum in every crevice on the sole of your shoe. You can breathe and slowly inch yourself out of your tight outfit, or you can struggle to force things and fall over.

The 5D world of energy has its entanglements, too, and you all feel them. 

If you are in a vibration of love, this entanglement becomes a wonderful experience of feeling love from all of creation and witnessing the synchronicities that occur as you dance in harmony with one another. You grow, and a loved one grows. You think of something, and your dear friend starts to talk about it. You think of someone you have not seen in ages, and they contact you within a week. You have a moment of appreciating your sleeping puppy, and they awaken and gaze at you with love.  You think of something you enjoy or wish for, and a video, website, or conversation on the subject pops up within minutes.  Your energies are all "entangled" in the vibration of love, and when you are in the vibration of love, you will enjoy a delicious dance with life.

The challenge comes when you get entangled with each other in the lower vibrations. Just as you can bring out the best in one another and the best from life in a vibration of love, you can also inspire others and life to present its lesser forms when you dance with one another in the lower vibrations.  You feel upset at life, meet someone who is also upset at life, and eventually become upset with each other. You feel angry and run into all sorts of things that irritate you as well. You focus for too long on something sad without reaching for love or comfort, and other reasons to be sad start to invade your thoughts.

You have all seen this principle in action. On a good day, you tend to see and, therefore, draw forth the good in others. On a day when you are rushed or upset, many around you will contribute to that out of their own upset or urgency.  Of course, everyone is responsible for their own vibration. You can't "make" someone feel happy or sad, nor can anyone "make" you feel a certain way. No one can think another's thoughts, but you all allow others to influence you, and to the degree that you do, you feel these entanglements.

Our wish for you is that you become less entangled with the world's lower vibrations and more aligned with the Divine. In this space, you can be in the world but not of it. You can witness the pain with compassion but not feel the pain. You can be the light and the force of love that lifts others who are willing to be lifted.

The Divine and your angels will only dance with you in an "entanglement" of love. We focus on your true, beautiful, radiant, loving self. We focus on empowering what you love and want to experience. We witness you when you find those lower vibrations, and we have great compassion, but we never engage in a lower vibrational dance with you. We don't send you "lessons,"  "tests," "rewards," or "punishment."  We only and always attempt to guide you along the kindest, easiest, and most loving path.  

The world, however, will tug and pull at you with a variety of vibrations, and you will always feel most strongly the vibrations that match your own in a given moment. You will always become "entangled" with the vibrations that match your own.  This is why we encourage you to reach for comfort, soothing, kind thoughts, good feelings, pleasing circumstances, etc. This is why we discourage you from focusing on the lower behaviors of others, the pain and problems of the world, and the thoughts that drag you down.  

In plain terms, you do yourself a loving service when you remove your focus from the things, people, and situations that drag you down and give yourselves permission to find and feel greater comfort, ease, grace, and joy. Trying to prove a point or educate those who irritate you only entangles you further with their irritating qualities. Trying to prove your worth to those who don't see it only entangles you further with their judgmental views. Focusing on the wrongness of another's behavior, no matter how right you are, only entangles you with those lower vibrations. Simply focusing too long on the things that drag you down can attract more of the negativity you are trying to avoid.

The good news is that you can shift just slightly to focus on anyone or anything that pleases you, anything you love, or anything that even gives you some comfort, and in that loving vibration, you open to the never-ending stream of love available to you at all times.

Dear ones, it is not so hard to open to love in a given moment. Look around you. Find something pleasing, right here and now. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Think a kind thought about it. Now, think a kind thought about yourself. Perhaps you can acknowledge yourself for attuning to love in this moment.  With something this simple, you have just opened yourself to the love that the universe is always sending you. The more you practice this simple act, the more you become "entangled" in the vibration of love, and the more loving your reality will become.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

The world is like a pool right now with a bunch of people splashing around, creating all sorts of currents. There is phenomenal love pouring into our reality, and as a result, the resistance to that love is felt so much more strongly. We feel any bits of stuffed emotion strongly as this love attempts to to vibrate us up and away from the past. We witness others who don't know what to do with these feeling getting a little nutty as they attempt to dump their negative feelings in old-practiced ways that aren't terribly healthy! It is a turbulent time, yet a time of great opportunity if we "entangle" ourselves with love.

A few weeks ago, after blessing my body and telling it I appreciated how resilient it was, a lovely mole appeared on my arm within hours. One hour it wasn't there. The next hour, it was a spot, then an hour later, it was growing rapidly. I've never seen anything like it. It was like watching time-lapse photography.

"Better out than in!" was my first thought. Something needed to come up and out. So I did what I do when weird things appear in my body. I sat there and sent it all the love in my heart, thanked it for revealing itself, and told it kindly it could go. Literally, "Thank you, darling, for coming up and out. Now you can go. Dear healthy cells, please dissect this into component proteins, use what you can, and eliminate the rest." That was it.  I put a few creams on it that help, put castor oil on it at night, and spent a minute imagining my healthy cells as little workers disassembling the unwelcome visitor. Then I said goodbye to it and went to bed. The next day, it was much smaller. The following day, it was only a spot, and by day 3, it was all gone. It was incredible. Entangling with love has its perks!

As I mentioned last week, a lot of dear people in my life had serious medical issues all at once. I managed to stay in a good space and tried to be as helpful as I could. One was out of the hospital quickly. One received incredible help from friends. The others will come through it, although not a fun experience. Everyone is still vertical, as a dear friend likes to say.

I stayed strong through the intense phase, but then last Wednesday night I had a moment of feeling very sad for the family member who had suffered through some unpleasant bleeding. "I hate to see them in pain," I thought to myself. That was an entanglement with the wrong thing!  Within a minute I felt something odd in my right eye, went to the mirror, and saw that the white part of my eye had turned completely red. How attractive!  A blood vessel had burst. My first thought was almost amusement. "That's new!" was the only thing I could think! I sent love to my eyes, thanked them for all they do for me, and blessed them for reminding me how powerful our focus really is!  I had to wear glasses for a few days but everything healed fine.  I live in a fast flow and can mess things up or correct them very quickly. Entanglements with various vibrations are becoming more obvious!

We have energetic entanglements with everyone and everything, and we can either vibe with the best or vibe with the rest!  I usually vibe with the good stuff in life. I craved cucumbers last week, and my cucumber plant grew delicious cukes within days. I looked so forward to my class last Saturday, and it was a magical time with amazing people—those who ran the center, the friends who helped me, and all of you dear angels who attended.

It is easy to get entangled with the no-so-desirable stuff in life. Angry or fearful people like attention, and they unconsciously tug and pull at us to give it to them with their misbehavior, often triggering our own upset. There are many painful things in the world that tug at our heartstrings... but that isn't so great for our hearts.  Instead of getting sucked into the dramatic plays offered by others or allowing the world to get you down, it is far better to get "entangled" with love. Even when you feel profoundly sad or upset, you can comfort yourself, take a nap, or choose something kind for yourself, and that will help you dance in the vibration of love, even in difficult times.

I do my utmost daily to vibe with love and to avoid getting myself all twisted up in the behaviors of others. It wasn't always this way. In my younger days I had a very hard time letting things go. I wanted people to understand me, like me, and know my heart. And when they didn't, I engaged in the same behaviors we all do when we feel some part of us is threatened—fight or flight.  "Fight" meant getting angry and trying to defend myself, if only in endless imaginary conversations in my mind. "Flight" looked like me curling up in a ball and crying.  

After one particularly hurting individual aimed a lot of hatred at me, I asked the angels how not to feel the pain and be upset.  Their answer surprised me. "Accept your upset!"  They continued,  "Bad food will never taste good and bad behaviors will never feel good. Look away."  They'd been telling me to focus on something better for months, but what set me free was allowing myself to feel my upset and dislike for this person's unpleasant and hateful behaviors. The day I  said to the angels, "You're right, I am angry!" was a day of freedom. "Of course you are," they replied. "How on earth would you feel good about that! Look away!" 

In that interchange I felt at long last permission to feel. Permission to stop entangling myself with the negativity being aimed at me. Permission not to like it. Permission to make it irrelevant in my life. That was the day I stopped trying to be a saint, stopped trying to like the unlikeable behaviors, and granted myself the grace to have human feelings. That was the day the opinions, judgments, criticisms, and hatred of anyone else became irrelevant. I know who I am and how I love. I know my strengths and I'm aware of areas that can be improved. The angels know who I am. God knows who I am. 

At long last I stopped getting entangled in the opinions of others. I stepped out of a sticky dance of wanting to prove myself, wanting to be understood, and wanting to justify my feelings, and just clearly owned the fact that I only wanted people in my personal life who knew how to manage their emotions, behave like adults, and take responsibility for their own happiness. Of course, my friends and I help each other through tough times, but not one of us would expect the other to be responsible for our feelings.

It has been a gift from heaven to, at long last, step out of the dance of negativity offered by the world and others and to "stay in my own lane," as the saying goes. I like entangling with love. I like entangling with the Divine, the angels, and the loving beings in my life. I like what happens when I live in appreciation, and while I am never "perfect," the bulk of my life is spent vibing with love. 

If the people who are upsetting matter to you, then find something you can love about them and focus on that with all your will on that no matter what they show you. If they don't, don't waste your time trying to force something that is not a natural fit. Move on or disengage as quickly as you can.

It does take practice to give yourself permission to let go of the focus on negative or unkind behaviors or unpleasant things we witness, but as we do, one moment at a time, we free up the light that wants to flow in us and through us and become a wonderful force of love and light in the world.

Here are a few pointers to help you free yourself from the entanglements with negative behaviors and focus more on vibing with love.

1.  Be Real About How You Feel

Little children—until they're trained out of it—are great at being honest with themselves and others without a shred of guilt. I used to sit and work outside by an in-ground fountain at an outdoor mall. Kids were allowed to play in the streams of water and their joyful squeals as they splashed and played were delightful. One day however, we had a little character in the fountain. This child would fill up his bucket and pour it over the other kids' heads. Some kids liked it and laughed. Some kids wanted more water poured over their heads. Some sprayed him back or engaged in a game of who could get the other wetter. And some kids did not like this at all. 

Regardless of whether they liked it or not they were honest. One little girl was hilarious. After having water dumped on her head, she stopped, turned around, and gave this little guy a glare that could have melted a grown man, proclaiming loudly for all to hear. "I DON'T LIKE YOU!" She turned and stormed off to play with kids she did enjoy. The little guy took the bucket and dumped it on someone more agreeable to his game. It was one of the most honest interchanges I have ever witnessed between two people who were clearly not a vibrational match!  Neither one of them spent a second more trying to get the other one to feel good about them. 

Give yourself permission to like what you do and dislike what you don't. Give yourself permission to disengage from behaviors that you find disagreeable. That may mean remaining silent while a coworker incessantly complains while you do your grocery list in your head! It may mean walking away in the middle of someone's diatribe, however "rude" that might feel to you. It may mean saying, "Goodbye, I have to get going," and hanging up the phone.

It might mean letting someone know you love them too much to argue and will be happy to talk when everyone is calm.

Being real about how you feel doesn't mean you need anyone's agreement or validation. You live in your own body. You know your own mind.

The only one who needs to "get you" is you.

If you can accept your own feelings, you won't have to get everyone else to agree. You can just do what feels best to you in a given moment and disengage from any negativity.

2. Stop trying to like what you don't

As the angels taught me, own your likes and dislikes. Discernment is not judgment. They like to say this:

Judgment says "no right to be."
Discernment says, "Not right for me."

You know what feels right to you and what doesn't.  There's no need to try to like what you don't.

Instead, try to focus on something better that you do like. Tune into a more loving vibration with something you can more easily love. The vibration you're in is the most important factor in what you will experience in life.

Do your best to find something to soothe, uplift, of comfort you. "Turn the other cheek," as Jesus once said, and turn your thoughts away from the negativity in life. 

3. Choose the stories you make up

We all make up stuff in our heads. We make up conversations justifying ourselves to those who don't get us. We make up stories about what people meant when they said something, or looked at us a certain way. We make a lot of things mean a lot more than they probably do. The angels often say, "If you're going to write a novel, write a good one!"

The negative stories we make up entangle us with undesirable vibes and undesirable behaviors in real life! The positive stories entangle us with love. When I imagined those healthy cells disassembling the unhealthy ones, I made that up! I made up a picture in my mind. I made up the story in my head that this was no big deal and the body would quickly self-correct. When I can honestly do that, things change quickly. 

So, if you catch yourself making up stories for which you have no real facts to back them up, stop. Even if you do have facts to back up a negative story that runs in your head incessantly, try to stop. If the story doesn't make you feel good, make up a better one. I'm not talking about sharing made-up stories with others and fibbing! I'm talking about changing the little mini-series we have in our own minds to more empowering ones.

Our good stories raise help us entangle with the good in life. Our negative ones entangle us with vibrations we really don't care for.

It was an intense week for so many people. My inbox flooded with dear souls dealing with difficult situations, some in tears, some angry, and so many going through difficult situations at home, work, etc. The angels lovingly encouraged people who felt tormented by the behaviors of others to look away, to focus on the good, and to give themselves permission to be swift and decisive about disengaging from any negative dance of egos.

After all, if we're going to get "entangled" with something, it may as well be with love!

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
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