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The Angels: Are You a Reactor or Creator?

The Angels: Are You a Reactor or Creator?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time upon your earth to ask yourself, "Am I a reactor, or a creator?" Are my feelings based on reactions to what I see around me in my external world, or are my feelings based on the kinder, happier thoughts I choose to embrace in my inner world?

Do I live in the 3D paradigm and feel my fate is determined by external conditions and how I manage to control the external world? Or am I willing to embrace a 5D reality wherein I value my focus in my inner world, knowing that as I emanate a vibration I draw unto myself the very same?

If you are a reactor dear ones, you hear the news and you feel controlled by it. You see something you don't like and you feel helpless to feel anything but sad or angry. You see someone doing something you don't like and you react in fear, sadness, or anger. You can at times be elated when you see what you like, but you will be equally disappointed or upset when you don't.

As a reactor, you will feel victimized, or enslaved to conditions around you. You will believe that others or situations "make" you feel a certain way, whether good or bad. This is indeed the paradigm in which the majority of you were raised, and the paradigm that the majority of people on earth embrace at this given moment. It is, however, a paradigm that disempowers you. It makes you feel limited to endure what you experience in this time, this space, under these conditions, with the human beings around you, dealing with virus and those variants, this supply chain, that politician, this relative, that boss, and we could go on and on forever. As a reactor, you give your power away to the world around you.

As a creator, you know that the vibration you emanate is what attracts or allows like vibrational things, people, and situations to you. When you vibrate with love, you see love, allow love, and attract love. And if by chance you bump into the souls whose personas and behaviors you don't like, you know you can choose to feel good by turning your thoughts to loving the light within them, or that failing, by turning your thoughts to anything else, real or imagined that you do love. You do this dear ones because you want to be in charge of how you feel. You want to decide how you vibrate. You want to attract or allow only the vibrations that you choose to attract or allow into your life.

We hear your very understandable objections. "I am loving but not everyone loves me back. I focus on winning the lottery but I can't pay my bills.! I focus on kindness and tolerance but there are so many souls I can't stand in this world." Dear ones, we hear you. Nonetheless, in these very statements, you vibrating with the things you do not want to attract. You are upset. You are angry. You are frustrated and blaming the external world for your feelings. You have been taught, conditioned, and validated in this belief system, and yet we are working as diligently as we can to help you learn a new way of being – a way that is kinder, more empowered, and more beautiful. We are helping to usher you into a new paradigm wherein you take your place as nothing less than magnificent beings – creators, not reactors.

As you focus on the kind people in the world, you will notice more and more kind people. You will feel better and better. As you imagine and feel, kind and loving interactions in all areas of life, more of those will be drawn into your reality. At first, you will only feel better due to your own thoughts, but those better feelings are an indicator that you are vibrating at a higher level. Soon, in this vibration, your outer world will start to mold itself around the inner.

As you focus on appreciating all you have and appreciating the thought of all you dream of having, you start to feel good. You start to feel abundant. These feelings are your first indication that you are vibrating at a higher level. Soon, in this abundant vibration, your outer world will start to mold itself around the inner.

What you love and appreciate will always multiply, even if you love your complaints! Far better to love and appreciate all that you enjoy, or even all that you enjoy thinking about!

If you want a loving partner, treat yourself as if you had a loving partner. Treat yourself like the love of your life. Look forward to what you will share, how you will uplift them, how you will luxuriate in their love. Enjoy the thought of your future love until it becomes so real and so beautiful that you find yourself emanating love, vibrating love, and in love before you even meet. Then dear ones in that high vibration you will feel delicious, and you will know beyond a doubt that you are attracting a beautiful relationship.

Don't look around a be a reactor. "He/she isn't here! I did that but they're not here!" Stay in the space of being a creator, "I feel love so strongly they can't help but find me! It will be icing on the cake when it comes because I'm in love now! Life is beautiful! You'll see couples in love and instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you will be a vibrational match to love and you'll think to yourself with great delight, "I am going to have that because I've decided to create it!" This is a huge contrast dear ones from being a reactor, who wants someone to react to so you feel better, and who reacts to the fact that no one has shown up. You can feel the difference as you read our words. Choose the ones that empower you.

Your world is in a state of extreme contrast. This birthing is a long one dear friends. Humanity with its tendency to react has prolonged many situations in your world that need not have been so prolonged. Yet you are still heading for greater love, greater tolerance, greater freedom. Sometimes change takes longer due to the fact that so many react!

There are many things you disagree with. There are many people with whom you will disagree. That is OK. But ask yourself often, "Am I a reactor or a creator?" If you catch yourself reacting in a way that makes you feel good, that's fine! But when you catch yourself reacting in a way that does not inspire make feel good, remind yourself, "I am a Divine Creator! I get to choose how I feel! I get to choose where I focus! I get to choose to imagine a better world and feel good about it, or at least a better world for myself. No matter what the world is doing, I get to be happy. No matter what problems I see, I get to focus on solutions! Whether or not I get my way in a given moment, I can find a way to be happy even if I am only imagining better! No matter what anyone else is doing or saying, even about me, I get to decide how I feel and what I think about me!"

Dear ones, it is nothing less than the spark of Divinity within you reminding you of these very truths. You don't have to insist the world agree with you. You don't have to defend or justify your views. It is nothing less than the spark of the Divine within you inspiring you to think the thoughts that feel better, to choose the feelings that feel better, and to always move ever closer to the love, joy, abundance, freedom, and empowerment that you seek.

While it is a fact, you were conditioned to react,
We would lovingly debate, it is kinder to create!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The last few lines of the angel message had me howling! I have a few rapping/rhyming angels that work with me. It cracks me up. I get "rhymes all the time" when I'm plugged in :)

Back to the point of their message, one of the things I love most about my job is seeing people who, like me, were raised to be "Reactors" pop into the paradigm of being a "Creator" and make their own miracles.

Just last week I talked to a very dear client. Deb has been working diligently the last few years to choose her own thoughts, feel her own feelings, and create her own reality. She has worked hard to master her vibration and it led to a brilliant manifestation.

She and her husband had put love, sweat, tears, and a lot of money into a fixer-upper vacation home, and knew it was time to sell. The realtor didn't think they could get anywhere near their asking price. In fact, she didn't even like the house! Obviously, this wasn't such a great formula for a good sale if you look at it from the old "reactor" paradigm.

That didn't stop Deb. She put all her love in that house. She blessed the house, thanked it for the good memories, imagined someone else loving it and paying the price she wanted. She decided that was going to happen. The realtor, a very good person, was reacting to the market in that particular area, but Deb was creating from the inside out. She continued to emanate such a high, confident, positive vibe, despite every external obstacle that came her way, that the realtor got drawn right into it! The realtor went along with her request to play up the good points of the house, rather than apologizing for the things she perceived her clients wouldn't like. They staged the house beautifully. They imagined it filled with light. You know the end of this story. Wonderful people, who paid the price she wanted, bought the house in a timely fashion! Great Vibe = Great results!

Another woman I know and love had to sell a house last year. She imagined a very realistic price, but she was such an angel – almost always in a loving, kind, high vibe, that the house sold for a lot more than she asked.

I know people who manifested a loving partner in the middle of covid, not because they were scouring the dating sites or out running around looking but because they developed a loving internal relationship. One dear lady decided God was going to be the love of her life and while feeling the bliss of being in love with God, she met another man who was too, and now they're in love with each other!

I've seen people manifest money in crazy ways too, not because they desperately focused on what they needed (reacting), but rather because they chose to look at what they had as abundant, with appreciation. They know how to vibrate abundantly by choosing to think abundant thoughts. One man that I've worked with over the years, did well but always had a little fear of not doing well. Understandably like most of us, he learned to react. When jobs were coming in, he felt abundant. When they were not, he felt fearful. We worked on this and it clicked. He started to give thanks for all he had and started to really appreciate and enjoy his life. Guess what? You guessed it! Jobs started streaming in. He had practiced the vibration of abundance so thoroughly that he developed great confidence and even started to turn away jobs that didn't feel fun! He became a creator, not a reactor.

So this stuff may sound airy-fairy, but it works. How can just feeling good and emanating love change your finances, help you navigate supply chain issues, financial insanity, political insanity, and so much more? How can feeling good help you stay up even when people judge you and criticize your choices? How can enjoying a movie make room in your mind, for an idea that guides you to a new job? How can focusing on the beauty of life cause your aching body to instantly feel better? In a 3D reactor paradigm, this sounds like insanity which is why most of us have a lot of resistance to learning the new way of being.

In the 5D creator paradigm, feeling good is an indicator of being in a high vibe, and in a high vibe, you are a vibrational match to all the love that the heavens always want to pour into your life.

Here are a few pointers on how to be a creator, not a reactor...

1. Catch yourself reacting then Stop/Switch

We're conditioned to react. We've done it for decades. So don't beat yourself up when you do it. Just catch yourself. When you feel your mood changing due to an external circumstance, and you don't like the way you feel, say to yourself:

"Stop! Shift! I get to choose my focus. I get to choose my feelings. I get to choose my vibe!" Then, focus on anything that feels better as quickly as you can. Recall a wonderful memory. Daydream of something sweet. Look around for something beautiful or pleasing. Give thanks for someone you adore. Think of happy puppies or smiling babies, or in my case, the smell of fresh pesto or the taste of stone ground dark chocolate... Stop and Shift.

When I started doing this I had to stop/shift a thousand times a day. I would turn my thoughts to a better direction and my mind would turn back, and I'd turn my thoughts upward, then my mind would turn downward. Stop/Shift. Stop/Shift. Stop/shift.... ah!!! The shift finally sticks and you feel SO good. LIfe starts working again! Don't give up on yourself. Practice makes it so much easier.

Here's my rap angel again interrupting my writing with some of his wondrous wording:

Practicing the "Shift" is so much better
than experiencing a word with one less letter!


2. Have some "Instant Uppers" available

When we start reacting and we want to raise our vibe we can't always go straight from irritation to joy, problem to solution, etc., but we can always think of something better. It is SO useful to have some "Instant uppers" in your arsenal of spiritual tools – thoughts that feel amazing, things that delight, quotes that inspire, music that uplifts, drives that feel amazing, etc. You get the idea – any thought or thing that can instantly uplift you.

Some of my Instant Uppers, in no particular order, are:

  • Thoughts of God's love
  • Thoughts of beautiful places in nature, esp standing knee-deep in the creek
  • Autumn leaves
  • Homemade Trader Joe's Gluten-free pumpkin muffins
    (I overbuy and hoard this mix every year – amazing with extra spice!)
  • Beautiful quotes
  • Robin MIller's song "Dancing with Angels"
  • Gazing
  • The smell of night-blooming jasmine or citrus blossoms
  • Laughing babies on youtube
  • Remembering the time my spaghetti sauce container fell on the floor and I was manically scooping up the meatballs I could save before they sank through the sauce onto the floor, while exclaiming loudly, "Ooooh my meatballs!" My friends never let me live that one down :) It triggers uncontrollable laughter every time we think of it.

Make a list of your "Instant Uppers" – things that make you feel good feel soothed, or laugh no matter what mood you're in. Go to this list when you need to shift your vibe.

3. When you catch yourself being a reactor, change to being a creator

Things that trigger out upsets are marvelous logs on the fires of our loving passions! The very things that trigger us to react also motivate us to create.

For example, during the Great Depression, when people were freaking out, selling off their fortunes, and losing money – basically reacting – others were looking for opportunity and creating their fortunes.

Many people have founded companies based on complaints. One of my favorite stories is about Sara Blakely, founder of the Spanx shapewear company. She was going to be a lawyer but didn't score well on the tests. She worked at Disney world for a bit, then as a stand-up comedian, then in sales. She couldn't stand pantyhose but liked the top half that made her shapelier. She turned her complaint with the hose into a multi-million dollar business!

So when you have a complaint, ask yourself, "What do I want to create?" Then imagine it, feel it, look for examples of it, or dream it into existence.

In these super-charged intense energies with everyone bringing strong opinions to the surface and "all that has been hidden shall be revealed" causing the sparks to fly, it isn't a lot of fun being a "reactor." Even if it means developing new habits, give being a "Creator" a try. Practice high-vibing as often as you can. Happy creating!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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