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The Angels: Do You Love Your Sweet Self?

The Angels: Do You Love Your Sweet Self?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We would wish for each of you to love yourself without condition. We would love for you to look in the mirror each morning and see the Presence of the loving Divine. We would sing for joy if you could build yourselves up when talking to self or others, rather than casually putting yourselves down.

We know you feel good about yourselves at times. We also see how easily so many you find fault with yourselves.

In the heavens, we see only your perfection. We see only your light. We beat witness to all you do that is kind and loving, and when you are having a less-than-loving moment, we see only the love beneath that is trying to emerge. We see you in your pure potential – a soul enlivened, healthy, happy, expressed, and in awe of oneself. We know you have many challenges. We know you don't always feel good about yourselves. We choose to feel good about you anyway. We choose to love what you love and support what you dream. We choose, dear ones, always to acknowledge and love the light within ourselves and within you. Before you focused your consciousness into your earthly reality, you did the same.

Little children, before they are conditioned, know self-love very well. They are proud of their "accomplishments" as well as their so-called "failures." They know – wise souls that they are –  that this life is a glorious dance of experience. They show you their art, whether they've colored inside the lines or not. Some revel in the messes they make with dirt or dinner. They fall, look around, and get up laughing, or have a good cry and move on. They show you their owies, their bandaids, and even their casts very proudly. You would never catch a child saying, "I look fat. I look ugly." They have no such notion before they learn it. They observe themselves in a mirror with fascination. They would never tell you they are stupid. They proudly tell you about all they've learned. They tell you all they are doing right. They do not judge, criticize, or find fault with themselves until others teach them to do so. They have no problems interrupting you in their zeal and passion to share life's joy, or in their requests when they feel need. They are neither arrogant nor vain. They are perfect and they know it.

While it would be easy to blame those who taught you not to love yourselves, it is wiser, more empowering, and certainly kinder to yourself to say, "I may have been trained out of self-love at an early age, but now I remember! The Creator of universes loves me! My angels love me. I am cherished! Revered! Adored! Perhaps I could treat myself more kindly. Perhaps I could acknowledge the goodness, truth, beauty, and light within. Perhaps I could stop blaming my parents, teachers, ex's and take ownership of who I am and how I choose to see myself in this present moment." Then choose to value yourself. Choose to acknowledge your light. Choose to love your ever-beating heart and brilliant mind. ChooseYour free will is your greatest gift. You can choose to see yourselves as the Divine does, or choose to see yourselves through the eyes of those who forgot how to love themselves.

We know it is hard to love yourself when others don't. We understand that it is hard to be kind to yourself when others won't. We know you have endured thousands to millions of less-than-loving interchanges throughout a lifetime – ranging from horrific abuse to unkind judgments, to being cut off in traffic.

However unthinkably bad the behavior of those around you (or even your own) nothing – nothing! – can diminish the light that you really are. Nothing and no one can rob you of the very essence of your being. Others can trigger you to forget. Others can trigger you to see yourself as less than light, less than perfect, less than pure. They can inspire you to wonder "what's wrong" with you when in reality nothing is wrong at all! You may have a harder time loving yourself when others don't, but always, you get to choose.

You can choose to love the light within you. You can choose to elevate yourself rather than put yourself down. You can choose to talk sweetly and kindly to yourself. You alone, dear ones, get to choose to acknowledge and love yourself exactly as you are. No matter who does or doesn't love you, you can choose to love yourselves.

You were not created to satisfy any criteria or pass any tests. You were not created to please others or even to make them comfortable. You were created for the joy of being you and if you are true to yourself you will shine a light for the world. You were created because the Source dreamt of a soul like you, imagined your absolute perfection, and the delightful expansion of love, and you came into being. You were created to be creators – to love yourself, your dreams, your desires, and your ideas enough to focus on them and thus, bring them into being.

Dear ones we pray for your joy! We long for your hearts to know the love that lives and breathes within you. We long for the day when you awaken to the fact that you deserve your own love, acknowledgment, validation, and your own reverence. You are magnificent beings!

Next time you look in the mirror, allow yourself to feel the incredible love that is peering out at the world through your eyes. Allow yourself to feel the love that lives within you. Wait until the judgments settle down, the self-criticisms settle down, and there is nothing but silence and presence. Then you will see who and what lives within you.

You are magnificent! You are unique. You are precious creations of love and never separate from it.

When you wash your face, you are washing the face of God. When you get dressed, you are clothing the temple of the Divine. When you work in any way you are allowing the Love that creates universes to express itself through you.

You are magnificent. We cannot say this enough.

Compared to the power that lives within you, your challenges are minuscule. Compared to the infinite, eternal, Love and Life that lives within you, the power of a virus pales by comparison. Compared to the Love and infinite compassion that lives within you, your anger and upsets seem like simple cries of pain when you feel pinched off from the experience of who you truly are.

Dear ones you are magnificent. Breathe that in. Receive it. Believe it.

Our love for you is without bounds and without end. You can sit, breathe, receive, and open to feel it at any time. What matters most, however, is that you choose to acknowledge and love the light within yourself.

Get up in the morning and say, "Good morning God, let us have a wonderful day together!" Look in the mirror and say, "Hello God, you are magnificent in this form and all forms." Congratulate yourself for every loving act or thought. Overdo this kind of self-love until it becomes a habit. For in choosing to love the light that lives and breathes within you, you open to allow the goodness, grace, and guidance, you truly deserve to flow into you life... and indeed into all manifest creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

In my twenties, I thought I loved myself. I held my head up high. I was smart – a quality that was valued growing up. I had a good job – another notch of "success" in my belt. I was married to a great guy – as a woman of my generation "should" be. I defined my worth by everything around me... until the truth came knocking on the door of my heart and I realized I didn't know who the heck I was. Needless to say, as life went on and the light within started to emerge and guide me to be the real me, rather than the me everyone else taught me to be, my life fell apart. It needed to. It was a life that belonged to a persona I created to be accepted and loved. It wasn't my own.

The process of learning self-love took me way beyond my conditioning. Like most of us, I learned conditional self-love. My parents did love me and I knew it but the culture at large sent some very strong unspoken messages. I was lovable when I did something "right" (according to someone else). I was lovable when I looked "right." I was lovable when I was smart, pretty, kind, earning a good living at a respectable job. I was lovable when I did what others wanted. I was lovable when I took care of others. I was lovable when I smiled even when I felt bad. The list of unspoken but demonstrated criteria went on and on. The bottom line was that I thought I was lovable when I was the person I was trained and programmed to be.

So of course when I started being the real me, one moment I felt like I could finally breathe and the next I felt horrendous guilt. Who was I to be happy when others weren't happy with me? Who was I to ask for a life I loved when others didn't approve? Who was I to enjoy being me when I didn't say what others wanted, look how others wanted, or have a career that others deemed acceptable? Who was I?

I know now. Who am I? Nothing less than who you are too – I AM. You ARE. We ARE the Light and Love that creates universes having an experience in bodies and personalities, given the power to create anything we desire if we can allow for it. The force within that moves us to choose Joy is the Source. The force within that moves us to live our own heart's calling is the Source. The force that moves us to move towards what feels good and away from what doesn't is nothing less than God living within and having an experience through us.

Love that light by being kind to yourself and accepting yourself no matter what, and you let it into every area of your life. Go for good and you'll feel God. Think thoughts that feel fine and you'll feel Divine. Listen to your feelings and you'll feel the Source of Life listening in return. Follow your heart and you'll play your part. Speak words like honey and you'll attract more money! The angels like to rhyme in my head :)

Seriously, the kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you are to the Divine. The more sweetly you speak to yourself, the more you acknowledge the goodness within. The more you compliment and congratulate, rather than criticize yourself, the more you allow for your own expansion. You can be having the craziest, hardest, most unthinkably, unbearable time in life, and a teeny-tiny self-loving thought can turn it all around.

Self-acceptance is the key to self-love.

The name God gave to Moses was "I AM who I AM." You are who you are. Choose to love yourself as if you were loving a child or a friend in whatever state you're in. If you are angry, you are who you are in that moment. Accept it, love that little angry part of you reaching for more kindness and a better life. Talk sweetly to yourself and soothe yourself, then reach for better feeling thoughts. If you are sad, you are who you are in that moment. Accept it, then reach for healthy comfort. If you are wildly happy but everyone around you fears for your well-being, you can be kind, gentle, and not defensive of course, but you are who you are. Allow for that.

Self-love has nothing to do with feeling better than others. That need is born of insecurity and feeling disconnected from the One that lives within us all.

Self-love has nothing to do with "liking" everything about yourself. Like is about preference. Love is about acceptance and knowing everything serves a purpose.

Self-love can be demonstrated with actions of course but it is not about the action as much as it is about an absolute reverence for the Divine within.

Self-love is a decision you make to accept yourself as you are, acknowledge the light of the Divine within, and treat yourself accordingly.

A single self-loving thought or act, coming from a true vibration of love can set your entire life on a new and better course. Think of being unkind to yourself as swimming upstream in a massive current of love that is trying to carry you to all you desire. It takes work. It is exhausting, and it runs contrary to the expansion of the universe.

The minute you think a kinder thought, take care of yourself in the smallest way, nurture yourself, soothe yourself, acknowledge yourself, and love the light within... you begin to turn around and face downstream once again. That's when things get better quickly.

A few weeks ago I got frustrated and didn't want to feel it, so I broke out in a rash. Interesting. Good guidance. I told the rash I loved it for letting me know I was stuffing a feeling. I acknowledged and accepted my frustration, then shut my eyes and welcomed the rash into my light. I imagined myself as pure light. I loved that light, and imagined the rash dissolving into the light since it had done its job. I was quickly able to turn my thoughts to the blessings all around. The rash disappeared within an hour.

It doesn't take years to learn to love yourself. It just takes a good strong willingness to change some old bad habits. Self-love isn't always a warm fuzzy. It is simply a choice to acknowledge who you really are and treat yourself accordingly.

Here are a few pointers to help you practice true self-love:

1. Give up the comparisons & Identify with Your Essence

True self-love is between you and You. It has nothing to do with feeling better, smarter, more enlightened, or more whatever than anyone else. It has to do only with loving the light within you, whether you're having a proud moment or an awkward one. The light is there regardless, and it is worthy of your love no matter how you "measure up" or "compare."

Tell yourself often, "It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. It doesn't matter if I measure up to others' or even my own expectations. I am no less the light and love that creates universes. I am one with the love that lives in all things and all beings."

Start to identify with your true essence.

2. Flip your self-criticisms to compliments

I thought this was a ridiculous exercise when the angels told me to compliment and congratulate myself for every little thing I would have otherwise criticized throughout the day. Of course, it was a game-changer. Try it. Challenge yourself to flip your self-criticisms to self-compliments. Ask your angels for help.

Self-Criticism: I'm so klutzy! I tripped in front of the whole class!
Self-Compliment: Brilliant! You were in a vibration to be supported. You didn't get injured! And look at the perfect timing! (True story - I tripped when asking people to give me their worst criticisms in a class, and landed right in front of a woman who had raised her hand to tell me she was klutzy! The whole class howled with laughter as I demonstrated that you could love yourself – coordinated or not!)

Self-Criticism: Oh no! I forgot to get back to someone!
Self-Compliment: Good job! You were doing what was in your heart so there must be a more divine time to talk. Excellent work in trusting your guidance and the universe's perfect timing!"

Self-Criticism: I just can't seem to get caught up.
Self-Compliment: Isn't it wonderful how many things you love doing? Isn't it great that you can help people and still want to do so much in your own life? Isn't it fantastic that you're not tired when you're happy?

You will likely feel pretty silly at times doing this exercise, but it can work wonders if done with sincerity.

We do it in some of my classes. One woman who had problems losing weight hated her hips. She shifted to appreciating them for their strength in carrying her children. She complimented them for their strength all week in fact. Without doing a thing other than shifting her vibration she lost five pounds the following week.

Another woman kept beating herself up for not having a job. She shifted to congratulating herself for creating a beautiful family and a life in which she didn't have to work As she flipped her self-criticisms to compliments, she realized that she didn't need a job, didn't want one, and in fact wanted to do more creative work. She got happy. The whole family was happier too. A little shift in thinking was a huge shift in self-love that shifted her entire life.

Yet another dear lady was guilt-tripping herself for wanting a vacation home. She felt it was too much. She started to tell herself she deserved it and complimented herself for dreaming bigger and allowing God to dream through her. The means and the vacation home showed up within six months and turned into a wonderful spot for family gatherings.

Self-love may sound airy-fairy, but it is a life-altering game-changer.

3. Acknowledge your goodness every night (and day!)

Every night before you go to sleep, sit and acknowledge all the things you've done well that day – all the simple acts of loving-kindness, the accomplishments you feel good about, and the times you chose joy, peace, or some higher vibe.

We can easily focus on what's wrong, and what we could have done better, but rarely do we take the time to acknowledge what we've done well. Perhaps you washed a dish and appreciated the sparkle. Perhaps you smiled at someone. Perhaps you let someone go in front of you in traffic, or maybe you didn't because you wanted to get somewhere on time and you didn't feel inspired to let anyone in. Perhaps you spoke authentically. Perhaps you made a change to honor the light and guidance within. Perhaps you read something that inspired you. Perhaps you did this exercise and are acknowledging your goodness right now...

Take time to honor and acknowledge yourself and your loving and learning moments, no matter how large or small.

Then when you can do that reliably each night, start catching yourself in loving words, thoughts, or deeds and acknowledge yourself throughout the day.

It is easy to be hard on ourselves. Most of us learned that well. However, as we begin to acknowledge the goodness, truth, beauty, and reality of the light that lives within us, we become kinder, gentler, and more compassionate with ourselves and others. We feel good and we feel God, and in that high vibe, things flow easily, kindly, and in ways that delight.

Have a beautiful week and give yourself permission to love your sweet self!

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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