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The Angels: Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender

The Angels: Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be gentle with yourselves. These are intense times upon your planet earth. A mighty force of love is cascading into your planet right now and it is stirring up all that was once stagnant, releasing all that was once stuffed, and pushing up against all the walls of your resistance to love.

This force of love is catalyzing the massive awakening that humanity, collectively, has prayed for. You are re-birthing yourselves, and birth can either be a glorious experience of surrender, or a tough process of pushing past the pains of resistance.

You may feel this birthing in many ways. You may find yourself thinking differently about what you want or who you want to be. You may feel outbursts of emotion – profound love, or sudden tears of anger or frustration. You may have physical conditions suddenly appear to be revealed and healed. These strong waves of love are purging you – mind, body, and soul – of all that no longer serves so you can become and experience more of what you truly desire.

Think of a seed. It lays dormant in the dark cold ground all winter. It is content within its shell until springtime. As the sun warms the soil, and the rain waters seep into the shell, the force and Source of life itself stirs within the seed, impulsing it to sprout. The sprout grows within the confines of its shell until, at long last, its desire for expansion pushes up against the shell. What once protected is now confining. The force of life within that sprout will summon a mighty energy to cast the resistant shell aside, so it can grow into all that it is destined to be.

So too, a caterpillar who was once content to crawl on the ground is suddenly impulsed to attach itself upside down to a plant, spin a cocoon, and surrender to its own process of death and rebirth. The force and Source of life is the impulse that guides it. The Source of life is growing and expanding into something greater within. Eventually, the cocoon that once protected becomes confining. The butterfly must exert a mighty force to reach past the resistance of its former security blanket in order to become all that it is destined to be.

Your mother earth is no different. As she stirs within her own heart and soul, she shakes, and suddenly the crust cracks and hot magma from within her beating heart rises to the surface creating new land, new soil, new life, and new opportunities for all that live upon her. A mighty force is required to overcome the resistance of the crust in order to allow the creation of new land. There would be no life on earth without this process.

A mother feels life stirring within her. Eventually baby and mother receive an impulse, and both must surrender to the contractions to allow for the birthing to occur.

You too are experiencing the impulses of the force and Source of life within yourselves. Many of you are feeling an urge or impulse to try something new. Some of you are feeling urges and impulses to do things you've long put off. Some of you are feelings the urge and impulse to simply rest and relax. Some of you are feeling the impulse to love yourself more by making healthier, happier choices for yourself. You might have an impulse to take a class, clean out your closet, take a nap, change your career, shift your relationships, create better boundaries, to share your heart with love, walk away from a situation with an awareness of how it once served as a protective shell from which you are growing beyond.

Moment by moment, this force and Source of life within impulses you to take the kindest, easiest, healthiest, and happiest next step on your path.

To the degree that you surrender to these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in each moment, you will feel better. To the degree you resist these natural impulses to create a more loving reality for yourself in the moment, you will feel worse.

While most of you were taught that feelings such as inner conflict, stagnation, and anger are the result of undesirable conditions in the outer world, we'd like to share a more powerful perspective with you:

All negative feelings come from resisting the loving impulses that are trying to guide you towards what you – yourself – have asked for.

The question is not, "does the outside world make it easy for you to feel loved and loving in a given moment" but rather, "Are you allowing yourself to feel loved and loving in a given moment?"

You learned, for example, to blame your inner conflicts on the external world. In reality, all inner conflict results from your mind being conflicted with your heart in a given moment. Give yourself permission to listen to your heart. Suppose you want a new job. You feel you should look for a job, but you want to rest or call a friend. The Source is guiding you to rest, or call the friend. Your mind is telling you to act. Surrender to your heart. Perhaps in your resting you'll relax and hear your guidance. Perhaps in calling your friend you'll get an idea or a tip on how to find the perfect job. Surrender to the force of life guiding you. Choose to trust in the unfolding journey, in your guidance, and in perfect universal timing.

Likewise, many of you have been taught to blame feelings of stagnation on external situations. In truth, stagnation results from you thinking that your feelings don't matter. They do. Care about how you feel. Choose a thought or action that feels a little better each time you can. If you are sad, that might be a good comforting cry. If you are upset, you might need to vent in a safe and healthy way. There is always the next best loving step to take. Drop into your heart and reach for it with your intention. Ask, "Heart how can I best love myself now?" Listening to your own heart's desire to feel better creates movement.

As well, almost all of you have been taught to blame your anger on others or external life situations. You say, "This made me angry," or "They made me angry. Nonetheless, without its human label, "anger" is the same force that causes the seed to sprout past the shell, the butterfly to climb out of the cocoon, and your Mother Earth to erupt in a volcano in order to create new life. It is the forceful push of the birthing contractions, and the push you sometimes need to expand, grow, and give yourself permission to shift your awareness into a kinder and more loving reality.

For example, you get angry at a person driving erratically in traffic. Of course, you don't like this behavior. Of course, you'd prefer kindness and sensitivity, but why the anger? Why not just roll your eyes and go back to enjoying your drive? In this case, the anger is a force saying to you, "Stop giving other drivers power over your peace and your life. You alone have control over your vibration. Take back your mind. Take back your power." Focus back on a wonderful song on the radio, a conversation with a friend, or the peace of the drive and suddenly anger is gone.

You would almost certainly be angry at someone who lied, cheated, betrayed you, stole from you, or abused you. The burst of anger is saying, "Of course you don't want this behavior in your life. Move forward as fast as you can. Stand your ground if you must. Speak your truth if you must. Take action for justice if you must, but after that don't give them another ounce of your precious life, attention, and energy. Let's create better!" Anger is a force propelling you forward into a kinder, more loving reality.

Dear ones if you can look at your feelings this way and realize that all positive feelings indicate a surrender to the loving impulses of the Source, and all negative feelings indicate a resistance to the loving impulses of Source, then you will more quickly move in the direction of your happiness, health, peace, serenity, security, harmony, and resonant connections.

In each moment, no matter who has done, or is doing what in your life, reach for the best feeling thought that you can. Be kind to yourself. Get the help you deserve when you need it. Listen to your body. Put good things in your mind. Accept yourself as you are. Love yourselves dear ones as you wish to be loved, for you are all worthy. Reclaim your God-given power to be happy and to create the life you truly want, one kinder thought at a time.

As you learn to surrender to being kind to yourself, and doing what is right for yourself, then the people who have wronged you, the ones you fear, and the ones you thought had power over you will simply become irrelevant to you as you move forward into your own loving life.

Your vibration is what is relevant. Your joy is what is relevant. Your relationship with the force and Source of life within is what is most relevant of all.

You are nothing less, Dear ones, than the power that creates worlds experiencing itself in countless forms. You are loved. You are guided. Your unique perspective and desires matter. We want for you the best of what you want for yourself.

Surrender to the loving, better-feeling impulses within. This is your guided, grace-filled path to the manifestation of your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I felt the force of life impulsing me strongly this week in so many ways. Some weeks I wait impatiently for a newsletter to arrive or try to make it happen. Some weeks when I'm truly surrendered to my own heart in other areas of life, it just comes flying out of me. This was such a week. I had a strong impulse last weekend to unplug and begin a huge household clean out and organization. After feeling fairly lazy on weekends for the last month or two I was ready to go. My heart sang. Time felt timeless. I found things I'd lost. I passed things that I no longer needed on to people and organizations who did. I put things in more useful places.

My office looks the same from the outside now, but in the closets, drawers, and files there is order and breathing room. Likewise, I may look the same from the outside but in my soul, I feel greater order and breathing room! It may take me another month to do the whole house, but I don't care. I surrendered to the impulse and it felt good. The newsletter came flying out one day when I wasn't even trying – the result of truly being in a grace-filled dance of life impulse and surrender. Then two days later the impulse to redo it arose and I surrendered to that as well.

It is easy to surrender to the loving impulses from Source when they align with our comfort zone. It is much harder to do when they fly in the face of our conditioning.

For example, like many of you, I was a born and bred people pleaser. Being "loving" used to mean "making everyone happy" at any cost to myself. The more people abused me, the nicer I tried to be until at long last I got really angry. I never took my anger out on anyone else but the things around me suffered. In my late twenties, I hurled a pair of scissors into a wall when no one was looking. Needless to say, I learned to spackle! I also learned that I didn't want to punch holes in my own aura with such outbursts. Another time I slammed a drawer and broke it. I learned to repair the drawer, but I also learned that my heart needed repair and TLC at the time too. I didn't want to slam that shut.

I felt very justified with my anger during those younger years. "It wasn't my fault! People should be kinder! I'm a good person. I deserve better! How dare they!" I argued with the angels until they finally, lovingly got me to understand that my anger was mine. No one else caused it. It just revealed the areas where I was not yet surrendered to loving myself.

As I cast aside the old protective shell of anger, and the old erroneous beliefs that I had to please everyone else, something magical happened. I started surrendering to the loving impulses within. I started listening to my heart and honoring my own feelings. I filled my cup and then authentically let it spill over. At first, it was uncomfortable. Change often is. Nonetheless, each time I chose to surrender to impulses of the Source within, I felt blissful.

I gave up my feelings of powerlessness and learned to manifest. I learned to love the light within myself, and therefore respect the light within all. My capacity to love and serve increased dramatically.

I still get angry now and then, but it doesn't last long. I know it is only an indicator that I need to grow and take responsibility for my own reality. If people are unkind to me, I focus on all the beautiful souls in my life. If someone cuts me off in traffic, I focus on how much I enjoy flow. My heart wants to feel good. The Source wants us all to feel good. It's a choice. This week when my printer broke at an inopportune time, instead of having a tantrum, I just surrendered to my heart, acknowledged the fact I was too busy to research new ones and ordered its identical used twin on eBay.

The reason we're talking about all this now is that the energy on earth is insanely intense at the moment. The waves of love are a mighty flood of energy that is pushing up within everyone, impulsing us to grow. Frustrations are flying as people face feelings they haven't faced in years, or sometimes lifetimes. We're all purging the old – either gracefully or not. Conflicts are running rampant as people still forget their power to create and act out their feelings of being powerless.

In order to surf these intense waves of love rather than resisting them, it is more important than ever to listen to the loving impulses within. It is more important than ever not to give our power to be happy to the external world and to take responsibility for our own joy. The world can have its anger and conflicts, but we can choose our peace. We can surrender to the loving impulses that are our guidance. We can choose to be happy and healthy, to rest when tired and act when inspired, and therefore to be in a harmonious and beautiful partnership with the loving Source within.

Here are a few pointers to help you surrender to the loving impulses of the Source that try to guide you at all times:

1. Don't fight your own feelings

The Source never judges you... ever. You feel what you feel. If you want to feel differently, surrender to that. "I am upset. I want to feel peace"." I am sad. I want comfort." "I am jealous. I want to know my power."

If you like how you feel surrender to that too. Keep accepting yourself as you are. Keep accepting the way you want to feel. Allow yourself to flow with the natural heart's desire to feel better and better. When you run into resistance, don't even resist that! Just observe it and accept a natural flow around it.

For example, you want to feel peace, but you resist. Something in you says, "No! I want to be angry. I have a right to be angry." So, make peace with your anger. Vent in a safe, healthy way.

Suppose you want to feel happy but you're sad. Be happy with your sadness. Congratulate yourself for loving something or someone that much.

Suppose you want to feel empowered, but you feel jealous. Be empowered about your jealousy. "I really want what that person has!"

Observe your feelings. Accept them. Acceptance is the opposite of resistance, and it will guide you towards a natural flow of feeling better and better, one more loving step at a time.

2. Be kind to yourself

The kinder you are to yourself, the more easily you will feel the loving impulses from Source. Rest when you're tired. Eat when you're hungry. Comfort yourself kindly if someone has been upsetting. Prioritize your joy and your feelings, knowing that in a higher vibe, the impulses from Source will be easier to perceive. Your feelings matter. You matter. Listen. Care for yourself as you'd care for someone you love. This opens you so much more easily to the graceful dance of creation.

3. Look for the path of least resistance

Water tries to move the boulders and if it can't it finds a path around them. We try to overcome our own resistance to love but when we can't on a given subject, we can find a way around it elsewhere.

When you find yourself resisting happiness – hanging onto anger, wallowing in self-pity, etc., don't judge yourself. Just try to find the easiest way around it. If you need comfort, be kind to yourself. If you're upset, get creative. Throw water balloons. Vacuum vehemently. Exercise. Weed the yard. Watch a great program. Take a walk.

You can, if you get creative, find the easiest way to inch yourself towards better feelings. The more you can surrender to feeling a little better, the quicker you'll feel a lot better. The natural flow will become unclogged, and you'll begin to feel your loving impulses once again.

It takes a bit of reprogramming to detach from the world's impulses and our conditioning in order to listen to the loving impulses within, but it is a wonderful thing to know that you deserve to feel the best you can in a given moment.

Impulse. Surrender... That is the dance of birth, expansion, and creation. Allow yourself to surrender to your desires to feel peace, love, harmony, joy, grace, ease, and abundance, no matter what others or the world is doing. "Birth," the angels once told me, "was meant to be orgasmic, not painful. It all depends on the degree of resistance"

Our spiritual birthing can be blissful too. The less we resist our desire to think loving thoughts so we can feel loving feelings, so we can emit loving vibrations, the more joy-filled and blissful our lives will be!

Love you all! Bliss be with you!

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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