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The Angels: The Freedom to Live & Let Live

The Angels: The Freedom to Live & Let Live

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath and promise yourself that this year you will grant yourself permission to be happy no matter what the world around you is doing. Grant yourself permission to feel free in your spirit no matter the restrictions you witness in your world. Grant yourself permission to know what you know when you know it, no matter who or what is trying to convince you to think as they do.

You are uniquely you, and you didn't come to be or to please anyone else. Neither did anyone else come to earth to be or to please you. There are those with whom you will naturally fit with and those with whom you will not, and this is exactly how your earthly life was designed to be.

Make it OK inside of yourself to be different in your opinions about life situations. Make it OK to be unique in your perspectives about what is right or wrong for you. Make it OK for others to be themselves as well. You didn't come into this world to create or experience "same-ness."

Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing only one fruit, one vegetable, one meat, one milk, and one brand of one of each item. There would be no contrast, no diversity, no choices from which to explore the unique palette that is solely yours. You would be soon bored with your food, bored with your lack of choices, and you would never come to know the full, glorious range of recipes and meals that you could create. You would never know what you like in contrast to what you don't. There would be no room for creative expression or diverse experience.

Life is like that grocery store. You knew there would be vast diversity of thoughts and opinions and you were excited about that before you were born. You knew that you would walk into this life much as you walk into your grocery stores and have a vast variety to choose from. You would "sample life," so to speak, and from that exploration, you would come to know better the unique and precious soul that you are.

You knew you would hear a diversity of opinions. You would be presented with a diversity of thoughts on right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy... and through your explorations, you would come to know what is good for you, what is right for you, what is healthy for youThrough your explorations of the contrast, you would create new ideas, new recipes, new ways of living in harmony with one another and the planet.

Through your exploration of contrast, you knew you would naturally gravitate towards some people, places, and situations and naturally move away from others... and this is exactly how life was designed to be.

So as your world strives to coerce you into sameness, allow yourself to listen to your own internal compass. In some areas, you will coincide with the opinions being presented to the mass consciousness. In other areas, you will disagree. That is OK. Live and let live. No one can steal your freedom to tune your vibration to any reality you wish to live. No one can control your mind unless you let them. No one can tell you how to feel because that is your right to decide and yours alone.

You are perfect, precious, and unique as you are, even as you expand into greater awareness. We love each and every one of you in your vast diversity of expression, awareness, and opinion, for you all contribute to the beautiful and rich diversity in this tapestry of life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I hope your new year is going well! I felt such a lightness encircle the globe as I was praying in the New Year. Each New Year's, collectively it seems that humanity breathes a sigh of relief for what is behind and looks to the future with hope. The energy on our planet at this time is lighter, brighter, and more conducive to change. Of course, we don't need the world's permission to feel good, or to change, but it certainly is a little easier when the collective is in a lighter space.

That feeling is not guaranteed to last of course. We go back to work, get back to old habits, and sometimes lay hope by the wayside in our daily routines of life. But we don't have to do that. We can remain hopeful, optimistic, and look forward to a brighter future, knowing that as we do so, we create it.

This year it remains very important to focus on our own energy, rather than worrying about what anyone else is doing. It is important to listen to our own guidance. The world's vibe is tugging and pulling us in all different directions. There are voices crying out that we're likely to die sooner if we don't get vaccinated and voices crying out that we're likely to die sooner if we do. The spiritual perspective is that each one of those voices is right - for themselves!

Over the years, I have had people share all sorts of opinions with me about who I should be, what I should do, how I should market myself, and so much more. People have told me (and probably you too!) what I should think about various political parties; that I should get vaccinated; that I shouldn't get vaccinated; that I should eat this, and shouldn't eat that. I've been told what to believe, how to dress, how to speak, and how to act. I'd venture a guess that most of you have had many very well-intentioned people share the same with you.

And, if we're honest, we've all been on the other end too – overstepping our bounds and trying to push our opinions on others. In my younger years, I was overzealous about helping people, to the point of being pushy. I learned quickly that this was not welcome behavior and that if I wanted to be truly helpful, I'd offer suggestions kindly and just let go and love people as they chose to be. A dear family member helped me see this years ago when I barraged her with helpful suggestions and instead of feeling relieved, she burst into tears. She told me she was overwhelmed and needed to do just one thing at a time. I now ask if she needs help, advice, or assistance, before assuming my way is helpful. Our relationship has grown more beautiful. I no longer feel responsible for her happiness and well-being, and she is free to find her own way.

I've had quite a few over the years who have assassinated my character, called me names, and have been hateful because I couldn't remain true to self and show up in their lives the way they wanted. The haters used to sting... until the angels showed me that it was only an old vibration within me that thought I had to be all things to all people that allowed their energy into my field in the first place. It was on me, not them, to change so I could feel better. It was on me, to shift my energy into a solid space where I now feel only compassion for their pain. It is an unhappy reality to be bound to your own anger when others won't meet your demands or conform to your expectations. I suspect we've all been there at one time or another in our lives.

In fact, most of us have experienced a time in our lives when wanted others to change so strongly that we've been upset when they wouldn't. I've been there. I've had plenty of people in my life who didn't give me what I needed or act the way I wished they would. They too were my teachers too, reminding me that I needed to stop placing expectations on others and go to God for my needs. It is fine to ask others for help. It is fine to ask others kindly if they're willing to do something or to change, however, when our asking turns to demands, tantrums, and upsets when they won't, we're only hurting ourselves. Now I go to the Source who knows 7.8 billion people and who can always guide me to the help or assistance I need. If someone I want doesn't "come through for me" the Divine knows several who can.

The idea of "live and let live" seems so easy... until we really want someone to change, or until someone really wants us to change. That's when we learn through trial and error to truly live and let live. We learn to kindly stand in our own center, listen to our own guidance, and communicate from our own hearts. We learn to let others do the same and to be honest enough with ourselves about who resonates and who doesn't. We learn not to make ourselves – or others – wrong for BEing, truly BE-ing who we/they are, and we learn to give ourselves permission to release with love, people, situations, and vibrations we don't want active in our field, and to select the vibrations we do want.

We weren't all meant to agree. We never will. We weren't all meant to think alike. We aren't all meant to take or avoid vaccines. We weren't all meant to be Republican, Democrat, or any other faction or party. We were born unique, with a path that we wanted to walk, and things that we wanted to learn, experience, and contribute that are uniquely ours. We incarnated with bodies that have different health conditions and different dietary needs. We have an inner compass guiding us moment by moment along this path to all we desire. So does everyone else. It is ridiculous to assume we know what is best for another soul's evolution that spans lifetimes. They get to choose. So do we.

So during this coming year, attempt as best you can to accept yourself as you are, even as you grow. Attempt to let others be who they are. You may be surprised that the more you let go of trying to control anyone else the more life flows for you. Live and let live as nature does in a forest, or the oranges and apples do for one another on the grocery store shelves :)

This is the path to real, true, lasting freedom, and a deep, abiding happiness. It is a path that does not depend on the behaviors, beliefs, or actions of others. We won't be perfect in this freedom, but with every moment that we do "live and let live," we feel more motivated to attune ourselves to our original desired, delightful, vision of a soul, experiencing freedom and joy upon this magnificent, amazing, sometimes crazy, and always diverse reality called earth.

Here are a few reminders to help you find the freedom to "live and let live" in 2022...

1. Accept yourself first

It is not possible to accept others as they are until you've accepted yourself "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health." When you can say under any circumstance, "I am pure light of the Divine having an experience," no matter what, you've truly embraced your beautiful essence. You've embraced your innocence. You've looked at yourself with compassion for the human experience which isn't always easy!

When you can say, "Ok I'm angry because I hurt, so I think I'll be kind and compassionate to myself," then you can have compassion for others. When you can say, "I'm sad, I'll allow myself to cry and find some kind comfort," then you won't fear the sadness of others and will have compassion for them too. When you can forgive yourself for an unconscious lane change in traffic, perhaps you can forgive the next one that cuts you off. And when you can allow yourself to disappoint others rather than compromising on the Divine guidance within you'll be able to let others disappoint you so they too can follow their own guided path.

All acceptance starts with self-acceptance.

2. Release others from the bondage of expectations

None of us love it when others put pressure on us to be or do something we don't feel like being or doing. So it is only fair and right for us to release others from the bondage of our expectations.

When we expect something of someone that they don't want to give, do, or be, they'll resist you even more strongly. Even if we don't communicate our unmet expectations with someone, they feel it, and often, they'll avoid you if they can. No one wants to be made wrong for "being" who they wish to be. We sense these things.

When you release otheres to their own guidance, either they'll want to be around you and meet you in the middle more often, they'll be kinder, or someone else who resonates more strongly will show up.

I've talked to so many clients recently who released themselves from the bondage of their own expectation that they should please someone difficult in their lives. They stopped trying to please the difficult person and said very kindly something like, "I can't change this. I can't be who you want, but I love you and truly hope you can find happiness." Guess what? The cantankerous souls they were dealing with settled down and became kinder. While it doesn't always work that way, often it does.

When you release pressure on others, others release resistance. When you release your resistance to someone else's pressure and simply ignore it, they often stop pressuring you.

3. Go to God for What you Want and Need

It is so human to want specific people to do or be specific things for us, and it is fine to ask if they're willing, but if not, don't despair! The Divine wants you to have what you want even if it comes in a different form. So say you want your boss to acknowledge you but your boss isn't willing or able. Ask the Divine for a job in which you feel acknowledged and valued. Imagine what that would feel like. Go in and give yourself that acknowledgment. Value yourself quietly without having to do or say anything different externally. Watch the world shift around you.

When someone isn't able to give what you want, go to God who lives and breathes in all beings and knows the perfect matches for your every need and desire.

It isn't always easy to live and let live. Most of us would love more agreement for awhile, but in truth, we'd never learn a thing. I love learning from my friends who see things a little differently at times, who do things a little differently, who have different recipes, and hang out with different people. I love reading different people's perspectives when I have a challenge to solve. I randomly watch youtube videos at times just to hear a new view on something in life.

And while I don't like the behaviors of people who are unkind and cruel, I can acknowledge that they too are on their path and learning what they need to learn. God will greet them with only love and like Dr. Phil's mantra, they'll know "how that was working for them" when they stand in a greater light.

So this year, do your best to live and let live, and allow yourself the freedom and joy that come with a life of desire without expectation as to how your desires will come about, and who has to fulfill them.

Have a beautiful week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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