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A Message to Light Bringers - December 23, 2022

A Message to Light Bringers - December 23, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

[This week's MTL is the message = the Collective offered on the December 13, 2022 Ashtar Legacy Call. To listen to the audio recording, go here.]

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again. And we welcome as well, all of the Forces of Light, all of the Nature elements, all of the aspects of the Nature spirits, which support Life, and that only ask that we support Life by supporting Nature. And we see all of you reaching out to Nature at this time with amazing, beautiful Love, and beautiful support and Compassion!

And the reason for that, is that in your sleep states, and even as you go about your day, you are learning the energetic language of Nature, of Gaia. You are learning what She has to say to each person and what She says to all of her elements, all of her children: the air, the water, fire, the ethers—everything. Everything that flows, everything that grows upon her, has its own energetic form of communication. And chiefly, it connects with the Light. Even if, one might say, it’s in a place which is dark, such as a cave, or under the ground—still, it’s that life that is there, that beautiful higher energy that is there, that is naturally Gaia’s, and which she is drawing in from the Sun, and drawing in from those extraterrestrials and interdimensionals who are flowing beautiful healing energies to Her—all of that! None of that beauty could exist fully, in such a healthy and balanced way, were it not in touch with higher Light, and speaking that language. Now, something interesting, is that most of the languages of the Native peoples are similar to Sanskrit—they resonate so beautifully! They have to do with the energy of the meaning of what is being spoken. And they are very nearly a form of telepathic communication, because of that.

Sing the Water Song: “Granddaughter, the water can hear you. The water has memory . . .”

Now, this beautiful Algonquin Water Song—it’s meant to be sung, as requested [by the songwriters] by every woman in the world ,to sing this song at least once in her life, singing it to the four directions: to North, to South, to East, to West.

Phonetically, the lyrics are: “Nee bee wah bow En die en Aah key mis kquee Nee bee wah bow Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho”

Now, this is a form of honoring water. Honoring every molecule of it. The beauty of it, as you see it flowing by in the stream or in the ocean, lake, or river or falling from the sky. Yes, the beauty of it and the importance of it. Because without water, the planet would really not survive very long, nor would you yourselves as human Beings. And those among us who have been human know you are 70 percent water, and you cannot do without moisture in the air, and moisture in your body.

So singing this song is an affirmation of your lives, as well as an affirmation of the planet’s life.

And you may be thinking, “Well, why go on about water now, when there is so much happening in the world that is so difficult?” And we’re going to call in your higher selves, and we’re going to listen for a moment to what they are saying. But just in response to that unspoken question, which is entirely fair, we are going to say that water can teach you so much about life! It flows so perfectly, unless it’s stopped up. Unless it’s held stagnant. Which is a kind of death for water, because there is nothing positive about stagnant energy.

And particularly water, with its love of flow and its love of self-expression. Particularly water needs to flow and needs to move forward. It needs to be protected and loved, and kept from contamination, such as from oil pipelines or from pollution or nuclear radiation, or what have you. It needs to be honored! It is a living force on your Planet! And it has a beautifully high intelligence, and all of you sense that. All of you feel it. You love to be in the shower. You love to throw water on your face on a hot day, because it revives you! Because it reminds you that you first came from this, that you came as a beautiful Being flowing out of the Universe or flowing and evolving up out of the sea and learning to express in energetic form.

And you’re beginning to remember that again, dear ones! You’re beginning to remember how to speak energy languages. And some will talk about Light language, and this is fine. But all of you in your sleep state now, in the etheric, are reaching out to one another and to these beautiful spirits, beautiful forms that are Nature, and called “the Elements.” You’re learning to speak to them, so that they understand that they are no longer isolated from you in your consciousness, and in the Universal consciousness. So, we’re going to listen to the higher selves for a moment, so we can speak to something that is particularly hard for you at this time, or particularly important to you. As we’re doing that, we’re flowing the energies of water through you. And we’re thinking of these beautiful wise, proud, strong faces of these wonderful grandmothers, pictured in this lovely YouTube video.

[The song is] called “The Algonquin Water Song.” [Video title: "Sing the Water Song"] The Algonquin are a northern tribe in what is now northern North America. But let’s just listen, as we’re flowing this energy to you, [to learn] if there is any stuck part of your life. Anything where you feel like, “Oh, my god, I can’t seem to get past this!” or “I can’t seem to get over this illness,” or “I can’t seem to get past this stoppage in the flow of Abundance to me,” or “in the flow of my understanding of a relationship,” or whatever it is. Just sit quietly now. Sit with palms facing up, ready to receive. And we’re just going to enter the energy of flow into all of your energies.

Just be receptive. Sit back and relax, breathe slowly. . . See a stream of Light flowing through you . . . Wonderful! And we’re listening to the higher selves, dear ones . . .

[Listening] All right . . . Wonderful! What they’re saying, as we’re continuing to move that flow through all of you, is that there is a question in most people’s minds now, particularly Light Bearers who are very aware and awake, and who can see what is happening in the world. You see that the old forms of living, the old ways of, say, earning money, or the old forms of medicine or education, even transportation, food, eating—all of these old forms are changing drastically.

And some of you are feeling, “Well, this isn’t safe anymore, and I don’t want to do this! I don’t even know what food to eat! I’m afraid it’s contaminated. “And what about the water being contaminated, and the air?” And you’re also wondering, “Is the whole of life on this planet going to change in a way that I’m not ready for?"

“Is it going to change so suddenly that there won’t be time maybe, for my soul family to come in and rescue me?” Or “Maybe there won’t be quite the level of intervention from our Galactic families, our Star Nation families, as we have desired and are calling in?” Or “Will I make it? Will I be around when NESARA is finally enacted and announced?” There are also questions on everybody’s mind, who is even slightly awake and aware, and it’s even on everyone else’s, such as: “What if life changes so drastically that I can’t continue as I have, and I don’t know how to adjust?" And we’re going to flow again this beautiful Light to you, dear ones! Fast flowing that beautiful higher Light. Now it’s coming from the higher realms. And it’s flowing down through your crown chakra. It’s flowing through every single part of your life. Even that which hasn’t quite arrived yet—relationships, forms of work, or self-expressions that haven’t quite shown up in outer terms. We’re flowing that Light through every inch of your Light Body, past, present, and future. It’s all present, but we’ll call that "past-present-future." It’s as if a gentle rain is flowing onto the Earth and reaching you as well, and all these fears, all these anxieties are being dissolved by that beautiful, gentle rain. Just allow that to reach you. If you want to put yourself in a beautiful stream or sparkly river of pure Light or pure water, walk into that now. Or put yourself into that beautiful open sea. And as each wave flows through you, you're releasing anxiety. You’re releasing fear. You’re releasing the "What Ifs." You’re releasing stress. Any disorder that has come into your body, mind, or spirit over the past year or two—you’re releasing it. Just open your hands and let go . . . Breathe out through the open mouth . . . And allow the healing property of this water to flow through you. It is conscious. It is alive! It understands you. All water on this planet is conscious and alive, but particularly this water, which is pure Light! It is pouring through you. And you see it carrying away bits of density and shadow. You see it carrying away maybe some old nightmares, old anxiety, old trauma. Just keep imaging that—any density, anything that’s dark and grey, if you see that it looks like a blockage. You are transparent to this water that is pure Light energy, and pure higher Love. And you know how wonderful it is to get into some water on a warm day—it feels even more refreshing than that!

These are things you don’t need, dear ones. This isn’t you. Your Angels are with you. They are directing the flow of density out of your body, out of your mind and Spirit, particularly out of the subconscious. There are things that you don’t even know about, that are there. You don’t have to know—that’s all right. That’s fine. Go ahead and just allow that flow. As you’re breathing out, as you’re relaxing, you’re releasing even more . . . Can you thank the water? Particularly in areas of drought, can you thank the water, that the essence of the water is with the land, and that the land is being fed from underneath, from inner Earth, even if it looks very dry on the surface? And can you see this beautiful flow of Light running through your entire planet, because there is much density to be released in the planet still? A lot has been released! There’s more to come yet, more to release, bless, and let go of. Wonderful! You’re healing your planet in this moment! You might want to image a gentle rain flowing onto greater Gaia. And She’s releasing the last vestiges of Her old density, the third dimensional density, and all the traps and chains, and prison sentences within, until She is utterly free. Our writer channeled for a video a month or two ago, when she was feeling a bit low, and she had to write this down, because it came in before she was channeling the video. But here the guides and Angels came in, and many of us came in as well. She was unsure about life in that moment, as so many are. We will read you what is said in that video, and it’s one of the smaller ones. And the channeling was: “This is not who you are, Lightworker—these fearful, mincing steps as you move into the new paradigm. Yes, the world has changed. Yet you yourself have prayed and commanded this forward! You move in leaps and strides. You are the true Light so many have desired, releasing the lies and misleading’s of the old era. Come forward now! Pull your sword from its sheath, and see it glint in the sunlight. Stand taller than you ever have, and know your true name, and your true nature. Claim this now, powerful Light Being! All the Angelics of the higher reaches are behind you, ready to assist.” Yes, indeed! That video is simply called Stand Tall, Lightworker: Claim Your Power!

And so we say also to you, dear ones, “Stand tall, Lightworker!” Because this sketchiness you feel isn’t really you. These are outside influences—the unsureness, the stress, the worry, the fear, the what-ifs—all that we mentioned—it’s not you! You come in utterly crowned with a beautiful higher Light that we cannot even begin to describe, as it’s so astounding!

This is who you are! This is who you’re meant to be! And what appears in the moment—what they call False Evidence Appearing Real—is not a representation of where your Earth is, or where you are.

In truth, every week there is more help coming in from the higher realms, and from the Cosmos, from your Universe. Some of these are Angelic Beings, and some of these are interdimensional or extradimensional beings. Some of them are higher dimensional ETs—and they’re all assisting, whether you can see them or not. Everyone is, as they say, pulling for you! No one is presenting what’s happening in the world now as potentially catastrophic or dreadful or awful, even though there are very difficult moments, we’re aware. They’re calling it a Changeover, calling it a Rebirth. They’re calling it in some ways, a regurgitation of the old density so that we can finally get rid of it! So, this is a positive thing, isn’t it? Because you’re ridding yourself of a very old vibration you do not need any longer. So we’re going to look at these beautiful higher selves one last time, and ask if there’s anything else they would like to add. And then we will have a wonderful quote from a Native chief. But let’s just see what else they have for the moment . . . [listening] What they’re saying [you should do], is something that no one can do for you. They want you to stand up straighter, and they want you to walk out your door every morning, or go about your day, if you stay at home, and claim your powerRealize, “I carry the power of the higher realms with me! I carry the power of Transformation. “And I’m transmuting everything within me and everything in my world that is of a lower order. Not by working hard. Not by trying to be perfect. “Just by being here and anchoring this powerful Light pouring in.” And you’ve heard of the Diamond Light activations, and the solar flares exhausting so many. Yes, there’s a great deal going on. But just as the dear lady said [in the video], “Concentrate on the fact that I AM Light. Just concentrate on that! Claim who you are!”

Chief Arvol Looking Horse has shared that “All life is sacred. We come into life as sacred Beings.” And he pointed out that people have abused the sacredness of life, and that that affects all Creation. Now, the reverse is also true, that if one blesses the sacred life that is within oneself, and within Lady Gaia, that too affects all of Creation! And “when one is helped, all are helped,” as the Law of One says. So, we’ve just been flowing Light to you, dear ones, for encouragement, for Love. That you let yourselves off the hook a bit, and just breathe, and relax into your power. It’s not something you work for. It’s something you remember and reclaim. Most assuredly, all of you are on that path. And we give great thanks, and we send much Love! Namaste, dear ones!


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