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Adama: The Return of the New Divine Human

Adama:  The Return of the New Divine Human

Embracing Light and Ascension.

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Today we will close the comments about the book one of Telos with chapters 16 and 17.

In chapter 16, our brother Thomas introduces himself to you. I won't comment on it; I will comment on how many of us remember to have lived with you during the time of Lemuria. Many here crave to be with you again one day.

My brethren, this time draws near. Do not try to fit our words with your time, because all the planning depended a lot on the reaction of the inhabitants of the planet. We are only sure of one thing: You will rise, this planet will rise. We also know who will be part of this large group and be sure that everyone who is currently doing their part to reach the Fifth Dimension has a legion of Beings of Light around them, preparing the way.

Look back a little, at what you've already lived to get here. Many have had their lives completely transformed. Many do not recognize themselves anymore and why did all this happen? Because in the first place in your heart the desire for ascension has begun and your Higher Self has taken the reins of your path, because it knows that it is time for your ascension. And all the Beings of Light accompanying this whole process are helping each one of you.

But it's also important to stress that we don't just help those who are preparing to ascend. Every being on this planet is being looked after and cared for. We have been making infusions of Light in everyone's heart, through much mentalization of Unconditional Love. Making Unconditional Love grow in my heart for each one is the first step towards change, it is the first step for each one to want to improve, for each one to look at who is beside them in a different way.

Many spots on your planet are being filled by people who have returned to love nature; they worry about their hungry brothers; care about the actions of their governments. And these actions are not happening out of nowhere, they are happening because hearts are growing, Unconditional Love is vibrating in your hearts and your minds are expanding. So every day we can say that more and more people are preparing for ascension, even if they don't know it, even if they don't have this conviction. It may be that many of them you even come and say, "Are you preparing for ascension?", and she answers you, "What is that? I'm not doing anything,” because she still doesn't have the exact idea of ​​what she's doing. But within you, your heart and mind are being changed by Love and Light.

It is clear that there are those who do not accept the Light, there are those who do not accept giving up anything, who do not accept changing anything, but we keep insisting, we will not give up on anyone until the last second before the ascension. So my brothers, our great purpose now and our great anxiety is to be able to be with each one of you on the surface; it is to be able to review those who lived with us and who were so pleasant for us to live together.

Believe me, this moment is close, and it's not close in our time, it's close in Earth's time. Watch around. Everything is changing. Revelations are happening for those who are ready to receive them. It is not yet time for the final revelation, because when it happens, the whole process will be irreversible. So we need to capture more and more enlightened minds on the planet, so that at the crucial moment of the great revelations these minds are able to keep the planet as balanced as possible.

We need to make enlightened minds outnumber dark minds. This is the current job. This is the work of the Light right now: to create new hearts, enlightened hearts, and that you would still call “not awakened,” but that are hearts that are expanding every day. And that's what we need, for minds to expand, for minds to change their paradigms. We are not doing anything to force anyone. Everyone is making decisions from their hearts and that's what's important.

When you look to the side and see few people awake, don't think that they are not in the process, they are, but they still haven't realized the process they are going through, but there will come a time when they will wake up to how much they have changed from one time for here; how much they are thinking differently; and they will be able to withstand everything that will come even though they have not gone on a journey like you. Each is evolving at its own pace.

There are those layers of that building, and each one of you is at a height. Many, very close to the Fifth Dimension and when they get there, they will be able to live there for a while and return to Earth, make the path that we did in the time of Lemuria; go and come back. Your bodies will be ready for this, and it will be important because you will bring tangible things to those who cannot see anything. You are being prepared for this, to climb one more floor of that building every day.

Do not think that you are always in the same place. Never forget: We are all with you. How many beings of Fifth Dimensional Light are around this planet emanating Light and Unconditional Love for each one of you. So even if you do nothing, even if you don't take a step into your consciousness, you are being enlightened, your heart is expanding. And every decision you make, every idea, every step that you think would be interesting for ascension was not placed in your mind for nothing, it was brought by us, by all the Beings of Light that are around each one of you. you.

Fear nothing. Do not be afraid. Everything is being controlled by one's own Higher Self. What you need to go through will pass, because it will be up to you to learn the lessons, but always be sure, Beings of Light are around you, totally connected to your heart, increasing more and more the Light in it, so that you can go up one step at a time each day. small step to reach a new floor, a new level. But nobody is stopped unless you decide to go down. This for you is easy. Going down the vibration steps is very easy.

So, I just guide each of you: Don't get caught by the traps. And what traps are these? The people who try to throw you off balance. So every time someone says something or does something that you don't like, stop right now; don't fight back, don't fight back, don't turn back, just see your heart filling with Light, because that anger you felt, that disappointment will be encompassed by this Light, and this Light will not allow you to come down. Now if you let yourself be involved by anger, disappointment, annoyance or get into an argument or a fight, be sure, you will go down many floors, not just one, because the descent is very fast, now the ascent is extremely slow.

So learn to live with the outside, always filling your hearts with Light. If they shout at you: “You don't say anything else, you don't answer,” just look with eyes of Love, with eyes of Light and don't answer. You are not required to respond. The answer, the reply, the retort, come from the ego so that you are not inferior, but the ego will not take you to the Fifth Dimension. So just look at the person with eyes of Light, with eyes of Love, and answer nothing and immediately fill your heart with Light.

If you follow this advice, I guarantee you, you will never go down and you will be on a higher step every day.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


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