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Ashtar: Dealing with Opposite Resonances

Ashtar: Angel Codes 4-4-4 & Power Saint Michael

Full Moon: Frequency & Shift


The full moon of February 24, 2024, causes opposing situations. Positive and negative come your way and sometimes fight each other, it is up to you how you deal with it. The question is, "Does this cosmic wave flood you or can you surf the next wave?'


The moment you are attacked by lower energies, you act as a mirror in which the other is reflected.

When you absorb all the aggression and take it purely personally, you weigh yourself down and go under. Time and time again try to view the setbacks in a different way. Otherwise, be prepared for the next wave. When your heart resonates purely with love, the Divine Source of Creation, it carries you to the point of meeting.


The dark moments turn out to contain the best lessons afterwards. The depth of the shadow can be very tiring and you may be temporarily unable to function. You sink to go into the depths and then in the depths of the depth there is a point of revelation. Like a light in the night, a new door is opened. This is the purpose of all the shadows that loom in your life. Look through it and break through your shadow field.

This is not an Attack

It is a convergence of certain energies in duality that have arisen from anxious thoughts, but what can you do about it?


Working out many faults that are now passing by will ensure that you get knowledge of an underlying layer. Do not run away from it, but dare to look at the invisible energy. Embrace this and welcome this opportunity. Whole yourself and see it as a good way to shed the 'much too heavy layers. Apparently there are still fears working in your system. Solve it and turn it over. It is very hard work, but every time you have a breakthrough again and the light is embraced, you know it is correct.

Ultimately, you will understand that Ascension is not only born from the light, but that it is precisely the shadow that teaches you to transcend everything. When you face a fear of death, your situation becomes very dire. But redemption is in the depths. You can now see the button of conversion, it comes up.

Divine Portal

This natural process purifies the mind, thoughts and heart. All this is necessary to function properly again at a higher frequency. This year, gates are opening that are sacred. The Divine energy immediately enters the earth and you are now being prepared for that. A large portal will have a huge impact on everything that lives and it will create a major shift in consciousness.

4-4-4 Portal

The first three months of 2024 are the most intense, as the 4-4-4 portals cause minor shifts and prepare for the big shift. Your system reacts violently here because the fear codes are converted. These are the preparations that make you firm for what's to come. Be guided by the 4-4--4 portals that place you step by step in a healing frequency.

In February, the 4-4-4 portals are on February 2 and February 20, 2024. Around these portal days, a new frequency shifts in your system, so you resonate very differently. These shifts take place in the cells, the atoms, and in your DNA.

Divine Sparkling

Every being has a Divine spark. Open this Divine sparkling and connect it to the universe: the Divine Source of Creation. You are part of a cosmic energy that flows through you. Everything that happens in the cosmos also happens in you. The large waves of light provide an illuminated state of being, but the black holes play a very important role in this. Connect with these waves of higher consciousness.

Stay firmly on your energetic surfboard to overcome the new waves. Sometimes you falter and sometimes you can fall, but find yourself again. Find the current of the high frequencies and start again. Feed you with love and strengthen your aura with pure colors.


You are a piece of God and from this Divine knowing you can now break free from oppression. Decide for yourself which route is good for you and get up! You are a Divine being of Light. Do not always be fooled by lower thoughts, oversee duality. Now take the helm in your own hands, do what resonates deep in your heart with your passion.

Strengthen yourself by helping others. (Service to Others)

Get out of the victim role and disconnect from the slave codes, because when you navigate right through all the shadows you will encounter all fears.

This is why so many unstable situations arise. You can now uncover the heaviness of the fear. The light rises and you may stabilize these two opposites in the heart. Know that it is only a dark night through which you travel, and the light comes back to the surface like the sun.

In the original reality, there are no dark creatures, no negative aliens. All this has been put down to keep you captive and build a new veil of illusion. This is the illusion where fear suppresses everything and shows itself in a new form over and over again.


Service to others, this is going to help people live out of compassion and open their hearts. It has an effect on your health and also on the immune system. It will strengthen you in all layers. Because when you spread love and attention, you will receive it back. These are the laws of the cosmos. Physical and energetic.

How is that possible?

The movement that arises from love is recognized by the cosmic waves of sound, color and movement. You now become part of the cosmos and your mind resonates with the rotation of the planets. Universal knowledge comes to you and new challenges arise. The cosmos is love and this love energy wants to purify all fear in your system. The fear still stored in your system is recognized and when you become part of the cosmos again, other special forces come into effect.


Praying from lamentation is not necessary, these are prayers born from fear. Break the slave coding, be one with the universe and connect to the Divine Source of Creation. Focus your attention directly on God, from a loving power of thought and broadcast the codes of paradise and this creates communication from unity.

Manifestation is about to emerge and you will be amazed how this works, take the first step towards enlightenment and the forces from the cosmos will suddenly work with you. The resonances are recognized and fed by everything that lives. The 'Manna' that is everywhere will now communicate with your energy.

It is like a dance of joy!


Arthura Hector

©Arthura Hector www.ashtar-rose.com All rights reserved.


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura

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