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Ashtar Sheran - Accept Everything with Heart

Ashtar Sheran - Accept Everything with Heart

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I'M ASHTAR SHERAN!

I come with great joy, to bring you a little peace, a little calm. Let's just say that right now the surface of this planet is a little messy. Many bad things are happening; bad within your ability to understand what they actually are.

A lot of things are being changed. It's all part of the process. You may ask: “Are wars also part of the process?” I would say that any action that comes from any human is part of the process. Not that this needed to happen, but it is happening. And I can guarantee that there are ways and means for things to happen.

You need to understand. Each person who participates in each process made a choice: they attracted to be where they are or chose to be where they are. Nothing is coincidence or happens by chance. All reactions are the results of actions. Look carefully at everything that happens. We're not just sitting there looking. We have already intervened in a lot of things, and we can tell you: Everything could be much worse, if there had not been our intervention.

There is a limit to how far we can go. And we are respecting this limit. We cannot at any time, in the name of anything, invade humanity's free will. You make the choices; you reap the results. Just believe, what needs to be looked at right now is the internal transformation of each one of you.

It's time to look inside, to clean out those little cubicles where you've kept so many old and useless things, and clean them. But all this within you. It's time to put out everything that you still don't swallow easily, but this doesn't mean that putting it out is attacking a brother, it means that putting it out is putting that in your hands and you dealing with it.

The moment is now; It's about self-analysis. It's not self-punishment, because no one is punishing themselves. You did a lot of wrong things, that's a fact, but there's no point in crucifying yourself or judging yourself or harming yourself for doing what you did. The time is now to look at each thing, and let forgiveness act, because only then will these energies be dissolved.

You guys have no idea what you need to clean yet. Many think they are ready, that they are already perfect, that they don't need to do anything more, but they can't see the path behind them, the trail that their soul has left. And this path needs to be cleared, this trail needs to be erased. But how to do this? Looking at yourself, looking at your imperfections in small moments, looking at each moment your small defects, your small intransigences, everything that takes you out of balance.

Nothing is hidden. The trail is coming out, you just don't want to see it, you don't like to see it. They prefer to delude themselves, thinking that… “Everything is fine, I have nothing to do”, when in fact there is still a lot to be done. Ask the Higher Self of each one of you to help you understand and clear your path, to help you see with eyes of Love each error, each problem, and help you to resolve them, to bring them to an end. .

Each person's Higher Self is the Master who commands the soul, the Master who commands the journey. He knows everything and doesn't hide anything from you, you just need to ask to see it. So don't be afraid to see it. Don't be afraid to come into contact with your own mistakes. Don't be afraid of what is coming to the surface. Everything is to cleanse them; everything is to eliminate these old energies.

Be grateful for each point that you can see, because there is the path to solving each one. We are in your skies, intensely. Many see us every day, and many who did not believe we existed, today stop to look for us in the sky. And why is this happening? Because when we appear, we create a great current of Love, which is emanated to the planet, and when someone connects with one of our ships, they receive this Love entirely, and are able to understand with what intention we came. Just peace, help and Light.

Go back to being children. Remove from your minds so many rules, so many useless beliefs that have been placed on you. Believe what you see. Don't doubt anything. Everything exists. And a lot of what you call legends or fantasies is because they weren't accepted by everyone and because they had to be seen as magic as something evil, so you wouldn't connect.

But the elementals are there. Magic is on the planet. And whoever connects with it will be able to see the truth, the truth that was always hidden, the truth that was always hidden, the truth that was always modified so that you did not have access to it. Open your hearts. Connect with the Divine Presence, and at this moment be ready to see things that you have never seen, but that exist, and that are mainly of Light.

Believe my brothers, the ascension is happening, for Gaia and for all of you. Whoever catches this vacuum will be taken very far. Now don't be afraid. Do not be afraid of where you will be taken, because if fear comes, you will be thrown out. Just believe. This vacuum is Light, it is Love and it is a Spark of Father/Mother God. This vacuum is the path of ascension, which is fast and needs to be fast.

So let yourself be carried away by it. Surrender to him. Don't oppose anything. Go through everything with gratitude, because each point is a learning experience, and possibly the completion of something. Give in to all this movement. Feel whatever you feel in your bodies. They are also being changed, they will also go through some problems, but their doctors will not diagnose anything, because these are the changes that need to be made for ascension.

So just accept everything with gratitude and joy, because if you are going through this, it is a sign that you are on the path, and your body is being transformed, your path is being changed. So be grateful and be happy about it. Don't complain, don't think it's bad, just surrender, because this will all pass. Nothing is eternal. Everything will calm down.

So just believe that changes are happening on the planet and in you. And never forget, the journey is unique, it’s yours. The other person's path belongs to them, not to you. So take care of your journey, because each one at this moment is effectively reaping everything they sowed, or even, they are being taken care of in the choices they made.

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